Stews, rolls and national dishes of stewed pork in a slow cooker. Is it like - stewed pork in a slow cooker?

Stews, rolls and national dishes of stewed pork in a slow cooker. Is it like - stewed pork in a slow cooker?

Gentle pork pulp and so delivers less worries than other meats, and if you use newfangled devices like a multicooker, then everything is very simple. Well, the taste of the dish will depend on the selected recipe, the exact adherence to it and, of course, the quality of the original products.

Pork stew in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

• Pork before stewing should be properly prepared. The pulp is washed in cold water in one piece. After that, dry and carefully inspect. It should not remain small fragments of stones. Then cut all the films and tendon residues with a sharp knife. Fat can not be cut. Make cutting according to the recipe, but if there are no clear instructions, cut at your discretion. To make the pork slices softer, cut the meat perpendicular to the fibers.

• You can stew pork in a slow cooker both independently and with other products. Often vegetables, pineapples or mushrooms, both fresh and dried, are added to the meat.

• The “Quenching” mode on a slow cooker is used not only to prepare pork for a side dish, but also for stand-alone dishes, such as stews, chinakhs, or snack roasts. In a multi-cooker pressure cooker, you can prepare a homemade stew.

• “Multicard” allows you to extinguish meat without much hassle. All that is required for cooking: food, a knife, a cutting board and a few extra pans. Pasteurized stews in cans can be made in a slow cooker on “Stewing”.

Braised pork in a slow cooker with vegetables and mushrooms - “Ragu”


• pork pulp - 800 grams;

• two spoons of plum jam;

• onion head;

• 40 gr. dry mushrooms;

• 120 ml of red wine (dry);

• one large carrot;

• petiolate celery - 230 gr .;

• garlic - 3 slices;

• a spoonful of flour;

• set of “Provencal herbs” - 1 tbsp. l .;

• a teaspoon of cumin seeds;

• five tablespoons of olive or high-quality refined oil;

• paprika ground, sweet - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the pulp and dry wipe the piece with a paper towel. Cut the pork into small cubes, put in a bowl. Sprinkle with “Provencal herbs” and sweet paprika. Pepper, add salt to your taste. Stir the pieces of pulp and set the bowl aside for a while. 2. Rinse the mushrooms well and fill them with warm water.

3. Cut the celery into thin rings, garlic slices, and carrots into small strips. Shred the onion as small as possible.

4. On the “Fry”, slightly warm half of the olive oil and fry the chopped vegetables in it until softened.

5. Put the vegetables in a separate bowl, and pour the remaining butter into the bowl and fry the pork in it.

6. Soaked mushrooms, squeeze well and put to the meat.

7. Add browned vegetables, cumin seeds and pour all 500 ml of hot water.

8. Turn on the slow cooker for 1 hour and 50 minutes, changing the “Frying” mode to the “Quenching” function, and cook under the lid closed, occasionally stirring the contents of the bowl. 20 minutes before cooked, add plum jam and wine.

9. At the end of cooking, sprinkle with flour, stir intensely, but gently, and quickly bring to a boil.

10. Serve with any side dish.

Pork stew in a slow cooker - “Snack beer roll”


• a pound of pork pulp (neck);

• 150 gr. walnut hearts;

• fresh champignons - 150 gr .;

• two bulbs;

• 50 ml of soy, necessarily dark, sauce;

• fatty cream - 60 ml;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 100 ml of dark beer;

• two spoons of wheat flour;

• two small pieces of ground coriander.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the pork neck, dry well. Cut the meat perpendicular to the fibers in thin layers and beat each culinary hammer.

2. Transfer the battered pieces of pork to the bowl, lightly sprinkling and pouring each soy sauce. Place for half an hour in a cold place.

3. Finely chop the onion and fry in a bowl in sunflower oil until soft, cool.

4. Chop the walnut kernels with the finer possible. Cut the champignons into small pieces, the smaller, the better.

5. Mix cooled onions with mushrooms and nuts. Add minced garlic. Lightly salt, add coriander, flour and mix well all the ingredients.

6. Remove the pork from the refrigerator and place the pieces on the table in a solid layer. Between the pieces should not be gaps.

7. Distribute the filling evenly over the meat. Wrap the roll and pull together in several places with a culinary thread or twine. 8. Transfer the roll to the brew bowl, pour in the beer and start the “Quenching” option for one hour on the slow cooker.

9. Put the finished roll on a serving dish, remove the thread and cut into thin circles.

Stewed pork in a slow cooker with vegetables in Georgian - “Chinakh”


• pork (pulp with lard) - 500 gr .;

• one medium sized eggplant;

• bitter onion head;

• 450 gr. potatoes;

• one sweet pepper perchina;

• four garlic cloves;

• several cilantro, parsley, dill, basil sprigs;

• three ripe tomatoes;

• seasoning - to your liking;

• 72% butter - 30 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the flesh into small pieces. It is not necessary to cut the fat, it is enough to remove the thick films and the remnants of tendons.

2. Put the pork in the brew bowl and sprinkle the meat with spices to your taste.

3. Cut the tomatoes on the side of the stem crosswise. Scald with boiling water and gently peel. One tomato cut into medium-sized slices and shift to the meat. Crush the other two in the same way and put in a separate bowl.

4. Start the “multicastry” in the “Quenching” mode for one hour and cook the pork with the lid closed.

5. As you can smaller cut all the greens and garlic, mix. Add finely chopped onion, softened butter. Salt lightly, pepper, you can add a few spices “For meat”.

6. Cut the eggplant across into two pieces and cut across each again, but do not cut to the end. In the cuts lay the stuffing of green, how much will fit.

7. Cut the seeds, peeled from the seeds, into large pieces, chop the remaining onion into strips. Slice the potatoes.

8. After an hour of stewing, lay a layer of potatoes on top of the meat. On it, lay out the onion, the remaining eggplant stuffing, sweet pepper. Lay the eggplants and tomatoes aside.

9. Close the lid again and turn on “Quenching” for one hour.

10. Mix the prepared dish well and sprinkle liberally with finely chopped greens.

Pork stew in a slow cooker with prunes for garnish


• 800 gr. pork (pulp);

• about 60 ml of soy, only light, sauce;

• one large carrot; • sweet peppers - 2 pcs .;

• bitter large onion;

• Spice mix “For meat dishes”;

• 200 gr. prunes without stones.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed, wiped and dried piece of flesh into medium-sized pieces.

2. Rinse the prunes well and cut each berry in half.

3. On a large grater, rub the carrot. Peeled seeds and pepper and chop the bulb rather narrow half rings.

4. Mix half a liter of filtered drinking water with soy sauce. Add spices. Do not rush to salt, first remove the sample. Usually the salt contained in soy sauce is sufficient.

5. Pour two tablespoons of non-aromatic vegetable oil into the cooking pot. Put the pork in it. Put onions with carrots, Bulgarian pepper and, last of all, prunes on it.

6. Fill everything with water mixed with soy sauce and spices and close the cover of the “multicastry”.

7. Select the “Extinguish” option on the panel, set the timer to one and a half hours and turn it on.

8. Serve the ready dish with any side dish. Pork stewed in this recipe goes well with potatoes, pasta, rice or boiled cauliflower.

Pork stew in a slow cooker with pineapple and cheese


• pork neck - 600 gr .;

• canned pineapple mugs - 4 pcs .;

• 150 gr. “Russian” cheese;

• half a large spoon of boiled mustard.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the pork across the fibers so that there are four pieces. Fight off each well, put in a bowl and pour syrup from a jar of pineapples. Put the load on top and clean in the cold for forty minutes.

2. After that, place the pieces of meat on the bottom of the cooking bowl and place pineapple on each one. From above, rub the cheese into a large crumb.

3. Dissolve the mustard in half a glass of water. Fill the meat with the mixture and cook on the “Quenching” one hour.

Braised pork in a multi-cooker-pressure cooker - “Homemade stew”


• one and a half kilograms of pork pulp (boneless);

• three leaves of laurel;

• ten black peppercorns;

• one and a half teaspoons of fine salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly washed meat cut into small pieces. Be sure to pre-cut from the pulp the remnants of the films and tendons. Thin layers of fat can be left. 2. Transfer the pork to the slow cooker, add the washed leaves of Lavrushka, peppercorns and salt, mix.

3. Lower the lid and lock the handle. On the panel, set the cooking mode “Beans”. Set the pressure level to 3, the timer stops after 2 hours.

4. After stopping the program, open the lid and put the stew in sterile glass containers, which cover with boiled lids.

5. Wash the pot and place the filled containers in it. Hold the container with the lid closed for 40 minutes to extinguish.

6. Then carefully remove and roll up tightly. Put the jars on the blanket with the covers down and wrap tightly. Keep so until cool.

7. Store homemade stew in the refrigerator or cellar.

Pork stew in a slow cooker - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Even long-term quenching in a slow cooker will not soften rough films and tendons left on the meat. Therefore, try to remove all unnecessary as best you can. If you like lean dishes, remove fat.

• Mushrooms can be replaced with any fresh mushrooms: oyster mushrooms or forest mushrooms.

• Dry mushrooms can not soak, and boil for a quarter of an hour. After that, they should be well decanted mushroom decoction and slightly squeeze.

• If you need to add water to a cooked dish, you can replace it with broth or vegetable broth. It will have a richer taste.

• Prepare home cooked stew only in sterilized cans and cover with sterile caps before pasteurization. If the containers do not fit in your multicooker, pasteurize the stew on the fire.

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