What spices are needed for meat, and which in no case can not be used?

What spices are needed for meat, and which in no case can not be used?

Once they paid for spices with gold. Cherished sacs with fragrant contents were exchanged for horses and camels. It’s good that those days are gone. Now in the shops, in the markets, on the Internet you can buy any spices. But this does not mean that they need to be hard added to the dishes. It is important to understand what is combined with what, otherwise you can just spoil everything. It is especially insulting when meat does not work. Let's go without a miss?

Universal spices for any meat

There are spices that should definitely settle in the house, but not a vegetarian. They are combined with all kinds of meat, they will often be used, you can safely add without worrying about compatibility. By the way, seasonings are introduced into boiled and stewed dishes (soups, stews, roasts) at the very end one or two minutes before switching off the plate. If the meat is baked, pickled, fried, then rubbed with spices, soaked, they are added immediately.

What is perfect for any meat:

  • Pepper. Seasoning of all times and peoples. Pepper is fragrant, black, white, cayenne, pink, chili. This can also be attributed to sweet paprika. Despite the difference in species and origin (some peppers from seeds, others from pods), you can safely add to any meat.
  • Bay Leaf. In general, it is added to soups and roasts. sauces In the second and lumpy dishes laurel can be used in a crushed form, but carefully, on a pinch.
  • Ginger. It is ideally combined with any meat, gives a spicy aroma and light sharpness. You can use dry ginger or fresh root.
  • Turmeric. This spice has a slightly sour taste with sharp notes and a beautiful shade. It fits well not only in fried meat, but also stews, sauces, can be poured into mincemeat for meatballs, dumplings, cabbage rolls.

In addition to these spices, vegetables are ideal for meat: onions, garlic, carrots. They also give the desired flavor, emphasize the flavor of other seasonings.

It is important to understand that the amount of spices in a dish is a purely individual matter. Each person has their own taste preferences. Also, the spices themselves have different properties. Seasoning bags from the usual supermarket are usually inferior to counterparts, bought in special shops in the markets. But only ground herbs and seeds are much more fragrant than pre-prepared powders.

The best spices for pork

Pork itself does not have a pronounced flavor and taste. This is the freshest meat that can be. It has a lot of fat, soft fibers, the dishes are tender and very tasty, but under the right seasoning. Therefore, you can safely add different spices and in a rather large quantity, so long as they suit the taste.

How to fill the pork:

  • Rosemary. These are fresh twigs or dried grass. Ideal for any pork dish. You can simply put the twigs under the pieces of meat or next to the form, they will certainly share the flavor.
  • Saffron. Another perfect spice for pork. It is undesirable to use it with a large number of other seasonings.
  • Oregano. Spice with excellent aroma and economical consumption. One pinch of oregano will change the flavor of the dish, give it an Italian flavor.
  • Basil. Another spice that is especially loved and respected in Italy. But basil is combined not only with pasta or mozzarella, it is ideal for pork, can be used in marinades and sauces.
  • Fennel. It also has a bright aroma, interesting taste, ideal for baked or stewed meat.

Do not mix all these types of spices at the same time. It is enough to add one or two spices to the pepper, add salt, you can squeeze the garlic.

The best spices for beef

Beef itself has a strong taste, the meat is rich, bright, it does not need too fragrant additives. But it is advisable to use spices that soften coarse fibers. Unlike pork, beef cooks longer and marinates.

What spices to add to beef:

  • Thyme. He is thyme. Strengthens and improves the taste of beef, does not interrupt the natural meat. Ideal not only for main dishes, but also rich broths.
  • Tarragon. He is tarragon. Gives a pleasant fresh flavor, can be added to marinades, stews, put in the form of pork, add to roast.
  • Coriander. Suitable seeds or powder. This spice will give meats spicy oriental notes.
  • Mint. A few leaves of fresh mint or a pinch of dry grass will have a positive effect on the taste of beef.

In addition to spices, you can safely add soy sauce, mustard, honey to beef. These ingredients will speed up the preparation of meat, give juiciness and unusual flavor.

Spices for lamb and goat meat

Mutton and goat meat are not loved by everyone for their unusual flavor. But these are very tasty types of meat, it is only important to learn how to cook. Often they are supplemented with bell pepper, onion, eggplant and other vegetables. But what spices to fill?

What to add to lamb or goat meat:

  • Rosemary. A pair of twigs in the marinade or at the bottom of the lamb tray does not interfere.
  • Nutmeg. It is better to scrape a small amount just before use. The crushed nut from the bags has almost no taste.
  • Kumin. It is possible to add goat or lamb stews to stews, but this spice is also ideal for kebabs.
  • Basil. It interrupts the aroma of goat meat and mutton a little, but it also goes well with the meat of these species.

Mutton, goat meat must be filled with allspice, chili. These types of meat imply the presence of spicy ingredients. Onions with garlic will not be superfluous either.

What spices do not need to put in the meat

Not with all spices it turns out tasty and fragrant meat. Some can just spoil it. It's a shame, it's annoying, but it's better not to allow this.

What you should not add to the meat:

  • Carnation. Some housewives love its aroma, but it is better to use fragrant stars in vegetable dishes, marinades, sauces, pastries. In meat, even ground cloves are difficult to distribute. And if you overdo it, then the dish will have a frankly unpleasant taste.
  • Cinnamon. This spice is for sweet dishes only. In the East, it is added to fish, but only in combination with other seasonings. For meat, it does not fit.
  • Badian, anise. They are often confused, considered one and the same, but these are different spices. In addition, neither one nor the other with the meat is not combined. Badyan can still give bitterness. In rare cases, it is added to marinades for piquancy.

Another important point is the combination of different spices. Do not simultaneously mix more than five bright and spicy seasonings. They will clog each other, the flavors will mix, the taste of meat will be lost.

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