Cola's Passion: recipes for pies, ice-cream pancakes, jelly and main courses with cult soda. Coca-Cola can not only drink!

Cola's Passion: recipes for pies, ice-cream pancakes, jelly and main courses with cult soda. Coca-Cola can not only drink!

The famous American soda has a unique invigorating taste - so individual and expressive that no rumors and conjectures can deprive it of its global popularity. Not a single respected gourmet can pass by this unique product: the drink perfectly combines with a variety of products, which generously endows you with a touch of its originality. Make sure your Cola's talents are personal!

Chicken in an unusual marinade

Product Set:

• Chicken thighs (6 pieces)

• Peeled pine nuts (1 handful)

• Bulb (1 large)

• Dried oregano, turmeric, curry or blend of Provencal herbs (added to taste)

• Coca-Cola (1 can)

Interesting chicken recipe:

1. Wash and dry the chicken legs. Redden on both sides in vegetable oil (it is recommended to choose olive oil), then put it on a plate.

2. In the same pan, without changing the oil, fry chopped onions. Add nuts and continue cooking for another five minutes with occasional stirring.

3. Put the chicken and the contents of the pan into the pan. Salt, season with spices to your liking and pour in soda.

4. Set the dish on medium heat and wait for boiling. Then the pot should be covered with a lid; bring to final readiness within forty minutes. Serve recommended with rice.

Coca-Cola Pie

Product Set:

• Soda (145 milliliters)

• Chicken eggs (2 pieces)

• Sugar (150 grams)

• Cocoa powder (45 grams)

• Icing sugar (about 50 grams)

• Ghee (half cup)

• Baking powder (2 tsp) • Flour (3/4 cup)

Cooking Baking:

1. Combine sugar, flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa and loosening powder.

2. Beat a couple of eggs. Add ghee and half a cup of cola, whip the dough until it is completely even.

3. Pour the mass into a heat-resistant form (it should be covered with parchment beforehand). The cake is baked in 180 degree mode.

4. After cooling, baking should be covered with glaze: mix the remaining sparkling water, a spoonful of cocoa and sweet powder.

Coca-Cola Jelly

Product Set:

• Gelatin (1 pack)

• Cream Cheese (80 grams)

• Freshly squeezed lemon juice (30 milliliters)

• Cola (1 cup)

• Thawed pitted cherries (50 grams)

• Cherry juice or compote (optional)

• Walnut kernels (100 grams)

How to make cola jelly:

1. Grind cherries in a sieve. Combine the collected juice in a saucepan with the purchased one (the total volume of the liquid should be about one and a half cups), set on fire and slowly bring to a boil.

2. Dissolve the gelatin and continue heating the composition until the lumps are completely dissolved.

3. Combine soda with lemon juice. Pour into gelatinous mixture, let it cool.

4. Add chopped cheese and chopped nuts. Mix well, put the mass in molds and put in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Pancakes on soda

Product Set:

• Milk (300 milliliters)

• Sifted flour (300 to 400 grams, depending on the desired thickness)

• Coca-Cola (700 milliliters)

• Salt (half a teaspoon)

• Eggs (3 pieces)

• Vegetable oil (90 milliliters)

How to bake delicious pancakes:

1. Beat eggs with salt and a half cups of soda.

2. Start to add flour in small pieces. Stir, eliminating the lumps, if necessary, add a little more cola. To make the structure perfectly homogeneous, it is desirable to rub the dough through a sieve. 3. Add oil and remaining sparkling water. Stir thoroughly.

4. Bake the pancakes in a hot, greased pan. You can serve with sour cream and jam, the curd fillings are also very successful.

Ice cream with cola. Ice Cream Recipe

Product Set:

• Granulated sugar (quarter faceted glass)

• Gelatin (7 grams)

• Cola (3 cups)

• 33 percent cream (quarter cup)

How to make ice cream from Coke:

1. Soak the gelatin in half a glass of cola. Once it is swollen, place the bowl in the microwave and warm it twice for 15 seconds. (maintain defrost mode).

2. Enter the cream, continuously stirring the composition. Combine with the remaining soda (2.5 cups) and sugar.

3. Put the mass in the ice cream maker. The cooking process is laid in 1 hour.

Cocktail for adults

Product Set:

• Canned pineapple (30 grams)

• Cognac (1 tablespoon)

• Coca-Cola (incomplete glass)

• Ice cubes (3 pieces)

• Lemon (half fruit)

Coke Cocktail Recipe:

1. Squeeze the juice from half citrus. Pour into a tall glass with cognac.

2. Chop the pineapple as small as possible (if available, you can take fresh fruit instead of canned). Add to previous ingredients.

3. Put ice cubes and pour in soda, filling the glass to the brim. Serve the drink with a cocktail tube.

Enjoy your appetite!

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