Chicken in cream sauce in a pan - you and I will love it! Chicken recipes in cream sauce in a pan with garlic, mushrooms, cheese

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan - you and I will love it! Chicken recipes in cream sauce in a pan with garlic, mushrooms, cheese

White sauces blend perfectly with chicken. They well impregnate the bird, give a delicate flavor and emphasize the flavor. The basis can be made from milk, cream, but sour cream is especially popular. It allows you to carry out experiments with yourself, easily accepts any ingredients, it goes well with any side dishes from boring buckwheat to the famous Italian pasta.

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan - general principles of cooking

For cooking chicken in a pan more often fillets are used, but you can also take pieces with skin. White meat is cooked faster than shins or thighs, which is why mixing is not recommended. For stewing in a sauce, poultry is better to cut into small pieces so that the sour cream penetrates well into the fibers. Sometimes fillets are pre-marinated, this recipe is a little lower.

Sour cream for sauce can be used in its pure form or diluted with water, broth, soy sauce. It is undesirable to use an acidic product, it will degrade the taste of the bird. Better to send him to baking. Sour cream sauce can be added immediately to the pan, but more often they put the fried pieces of poultry in, so the taste of the dish is better.

What can be added to the dish:

• different vegetables;

• mushrooms;

• dried fruits, nuts.

Spices are added in the middle of cooking or at the very end. In addition to salt, black pepper, curry, sweet paprika is perfect for chicken. From greens it is better to give preference to dill, it is better not to add parsley. Bay leaf - a controversial addition. It perfectly refines the dish, but keeping it in a hot sauce for more than 10 minutes is not recommended.

Chicken in sour cream sauce in a pan (with garlic)

For such a chicken in sour cream sauce in a pan, use chicken fillet. The dish will be cooked in just 20 minutes, not every garnish can boast.


• 400 g chicken fillet;

• 250 g sour cream;

• 3 cloves of garlic; • 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 150 ml of water;

• a little dill, salt;

• 25 ml of oil.


1. Cut the washed fillet into strips, about half a centimeter thick. We spread on the table, sprinkle the top with two spoons of flour, stir the chicken with your hands.

2. Heat the oil.

3. We lay out the chicken breaded in flour. Fry over high heat for about five minutes. Water should not come out of meat, the dish should not be stewed. Stir.

4. Combine sour cream with minced garlic, season with spices, dilute with water. Stir well.

5. Fill the sauce to the chicken, evenly distribute the pan, stir.

6. Cover the pan and simmer the white meat for about 10-12 minutes. After boiling you need to turn down the heat.

7. Fill the dish with dill, turn off. You can throw a small bay leaf from above, but only for a while, then it is better to take it out so that the bitterness does not appear on the sauce.

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan with mushrooms

A very popular dish of chicken and mushrooms, which is also prepared in the pan. It is perfect for Italian pasta, boiled potato side dishes, as well as buckwheat. This recipe also uses fillets.


• 300 g chicken fillet;

• 250 g of mushrooms;

• a glass of sour cream;

• onion head;

• oil, spices;

• garlic clove;

• 15 g flour.


1. Pour some oil into the pan, send to warm up on the stove.

2. Dice the chicken, as in the last recipe, sprinkle with flour, spread it in butter, fry the bird for about five minutes until golden brown appears.

3. Spread the chicken out of the pan. If the oil is low, then pour a few spoons.

4. Cut mushrooms, it is best to use mushrooms, they are prepared quickly, no pre-boiling is required. Fry for about ten minutes.

5. Cut the onion, add to the mushrooms. Fry for a few minutes together, return the fried chicken fillets to the pan.

6. Mix sour cream with salt and add half a glass of water. You can pepper sauce.

7. Fill mushrooms with chicken, bring to a boil. 8. Making the fire slightly below average. Simmer the dish under the lid for about ten minutes.

9. Two minutes before the end of the quenching, we throw a minced clove of garlic. And before you turn off the stove, season the dish with greens.

Marinated chicken in cream sauce in a pan (with nuts)

A terrific chicken recipe in cream sauce on a griddle. Nuts are used only walnuts. Bird requires pre-marinating.


• 2 chicken fillets (0.5-0.6 kg);

• 2 tbsp. l walnuts;

• 200 g sour cream;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• 15 g butter.


1. Cut the chicken into 20 gram pieces. Put in a bowl.

2. Add one chopped clove of garlic, salt, in general seasoning, you can use any, an excellent solution - ready-made mixture for poultry.

3. Add sour cream. Stir the fillet. Cover the bowl, leave the bird to marinate for an hour. If the chicken lasts longer, it is better to put the bowl in the fridge.

4. Melt a piece of butter in a skillet, put the chicken along with sour cream, bring the sauce to a boil.

5. Reduce heat, cover pan simmer for fifteen minutes.

6. Chop walnuts, should make two full spoons. Pour onto a dry frying pan, fry for a couple of minutes until rosy color.

7. Sprinkle the finished dish with nuts, cover and turn off. Give the bird in sour cream to brew for about ten minutes.

Chicken in cream sauce in a frying pan (wings)

One of the options dishes from chicken pieces with skin. For sour cream need a little ketchup, you can use any tomato sauce of arbitrary sharpness.


• 10 wings;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• oil, seasonings;

• ketchup spoon.


1. Wash the wings. If you can see feathers, then they need to be removed. We cut the extreme phalanx, which has no meat. We don’t need a bone, we throw it away. Next, cut the wings in half. They can be cooked whole, but they will not form compactly in a pan.

2. Heat up a thin layer of oil in a skillet, put wings, fry over high heat until golden brown. 3. Combine sour cream with ketchup, pour in 100 ml of water, stir well. Add spices to the dish, squeeze the garlic.

4. Fill the fried wings with sauce, simmer until cooked under the lid.

Chicken in cream sauce in a frying pan with onions and soy sauce

A variant of the amazing cream sauce in a pan with chicken. The dish gets an exquisite aroma and a very pleasant taste due to the addition of soy sauce.


• two chicken fillets;

• two onions;

• a glass of sour cream;

• 0.2 cups soy sauce;

• butter, greens, flour.


1. Starting with a bow. We clean the heads, cut in half and cut the half rings. If the onion is large, then you can cut it again. Thin pieces do not need to do, otherwise they will burn.

2. Put in a heated pan with 2-3 spoons of oil, begin to fry.

3. Quickly cut the chicken into strips, powder with flour, but without it. Sauce will turn thicker with flour, and a crust will appear on the fillet.

4. Shift to the side of the bow, which began to become transparent. We spread the chicken, cook for three minutes, stir.

5. Combine the onions and chicken, stir in the pan together. We make fire a little less than the average.

6. Cooking fill. Combine sour cream with soy sauce, throw a pinch of pepper, stir well. If sour cream is oily, then you can pour 80-100 ml of water.

7. Fill the chicken with onions, stew until soft, but do not overdo it. Otherwise, the fillet will be dry, tough.

Chilli beans in sour cream sauce in a pan

For this recipe, you can take frozen or fresh green bean pods. In the second version, they should be cut into pieces no more than 5 cm.


• 300 g beans;

• 300 g chicken fillet;

• onion head;

• 250 g sour cream;

• spices, oil;

• Sweet pepper.


1. Boil the water, throw the beans, boil after boiling for four minutes. Throw the pods in a colander.

2. Cut the onion into strips, put in a heated frying pan, add the butter. Fry a minute. 3. Cut the chicken fillet in the same slices as beans. Add to roasting onions. Cook together for about five minutes.

4. Put the beans to the chicken, mix well.

5. Pepper cut into strips, add to dish.

6. Mix sour cream with salt, add to vegetables, stir, cover the pan. Simmer for about seven minutes.

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan (with cheese)

A variant of a very quick and simple dish that does not require a large number of ingredients. You can change the taste with all sorts of spices.


• 400 g chicken;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 150 g sour cream;

• 60 ml of water;

• 40 g cl. oils.


1. Cut into strips or in small cubes washed, dried with kitchen napkins chicken fillet.

2. Melt a piece of butter, add the bird. Fry until half ready on medium heat. It takes about six or seven minutes.

3. Mix sour cream with water, rub cheese and add to sauce. Pepper and salt to your taste.

4. Fill the cheese mass in the pan to the fried filet. Stir.

5. Cover, cook chicken in cheese sauce for about five minutes on the smallest fire.

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan - useful tips and tricks

• If sour cream is not enough for the sauce, you can add some mayonnaise or cream.

• Dilute sour cream with optional water. It is better to use chicken or mushroom broth for this purpose, and vegetable decoction will do.

• If the sauce turned out to be thin, you can pour the flour, slightly dissolved in water or in milk, boil the dish for a minute. Also make a thicker cheese that needs to be melted.

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