Amber tincture of apples at home. The best recipes for tincture of apples at home and cooking tricks

Amber tincture of apples at home. The best recipes for tincture of apples at home and cooking tricks

Many people faced a problem when after the fruitful season a lot of sweet ripe apples were gathered - at home they stand in boxes and packages on the balcony, in the refrigerator, on the floor in the kitchen, and are distributed to all friends and acquaintances as a present. Familiar with this situation?

Some of the apples you can dry, a few kilograms will go to the daily charlottes, and the rest ... No, you do not need to throw away! The rest of the apples, both carefully picked and slightly crumpled, darkening and already quite ripe, can be used to make tincture of apples at home.

Any hostess can make a delicious apple liqueur, tincture, apple balm. It does not require a moonshine with a large room with a hood and the apartment does not smell of alcohol. In this article you will find some simple and proven by housewives recipes for delicious apple tinctures at home.

Technological features of apple tincture

Most alcoholic beverages can be prepared at home - tinctures, liqueurs, balsams. If earlier this required special equipment, now there is an opportunity to purchase ethyl alcohol and dilute it to the required concentration (strength), or buy good quality vodka.

It is also very important to pick up apple varieties - take ripe and fragrant varieties, pick apples for a sweet and sour taste. If you prepare the tincture for the first time, and on the site you grow different varieties - this is a great reason for tasty experiments. For the tincture of apples at home, the wounded and fallen apples will go well - you will need to spend a little more time cleaning them. To clean the skin of an apple or leave it is up to you: as a rule, more fragrant beverages are obtained with the skin.

You can adjust the strength of the finished drink yourself - dilute alcohol with water and prepare a low-grade tincture of apples at home (up to 20%), or strong (20-50%), this option is more like for men. In our recipes there are options for both weak infusions and strong liqueurs from apples. If you are afraid that you will not be able to get the necessary strength of the drink from the first attempt - get alcohol of the strength and sweetness you need - not only vodka, diluted alcohol and moonshine, but also ready liquor, balm, brandy, brandy or rum.

Recipe 1. Apple tincture on vodka (classic recipe)


3 kg of apples (if beaten, then 4-5kg)

Vodka - 2 liters

Water - 1 l (cooled)

Sugar 0.5 kg

Cooking Technology:

Vodka is the most popular ingredient for making homemade tinctures from various ingredients. It is worth choosing high-quality alcohol, the taste of the finished tincture depends on it. Apples for this recipe can be taken as fresh and beautiful, and with dents and spots. Rinse apples, remove all stains, wormholes, core with stones. The skin can not be cut off - it will give a piquant taste to the drink.

Cut into small slices / cubes, the resulting products (it will need to be weighed, it should turn out 2.5 kg) we put in a bottle (or in glass jars) and pour vodka. Vodka should completely close the apples. Hermetically seal, insist in a dark room for 2 weeks.

Drain vodka into the pan (preferably enameled), squeeze the apples. They are no longer useful to us, but they can be reused for the next portion of tincture.

From sugar and water, cook traditional sugar syrup. Allow to cool to room temperature, gently mix with tincture and insist 4 hours. Filter the drink once through a cotton filter or cotton pads. Further, the drink can be poured into convenient containers, stored in a cool dark place for 10-12 months.

Recipe 2. Spicy recipe for tincture of apples at home


Ethyl alcohol 40-50% diluted with water - 2 l

Ripe apples - 2.5 kg (mashed 3 kg)

Vanillin - 1 tsp. no slide

Cinnamon - 1 stick or 2 tsp.

Cooking Technology:

If suddenly you could not find ethyl alcohol - you can replace it with home brew, brandy, brandy. Apples, as in the first recipe, completely clean the flaws, cut the core and cut into small cubes. Transfer to a glass jar, add vanilla, cinnamon. Pour alcohol above the level of apples. Tightly cork, shake, send for storage in a dark room for a week and a half.

After this period, filter the resulting tincture through a cotton pad. Pour into small beautiful containers and store in a cool, dark room.

Recipe 3. Home Calvados (imitation)


Apples - 2 kg

Vodka - 1 L

Sugar - 200 g

Water - 150 ml

Vanillin - 10 g

Cooking Technology:

True Calvados is made from cider, but we offer a masterful recipe for tincture of apples at home, very closely resembling the taste of an elite drink from France. Apples are better to take different varieties of sweetness, the weight is indicated for the already peeled pieces.

Apples wash thoroughly, cut the core, pits, bumped parts. Cut into small cubes. Fold the raw material in a glass container, sprinkling with vanilla.

Fill the apples with vodka, completely closing the apples, tightly seal the lid and send to a dark warm room for 2 weeks.

Pour the resulting tincture through the filter into the pan, squeeze out the remaining pulp and also filter. Make a syrup out of sugar and water according to the classic recipe, cool it and pour it into a saucepan with tincture. Stir, pour into glass containers of the desired size, tightly cork.

Finished products to store up to three years in a cool room without access to sunlight.

Recipe 4. Fragrant tincture of apples at home with “smoke”


Apples - 1 kg

Homemade moonshine - 1.2 l

Granulated sugar - 150 g

Cooking Technology:

In this recipe, we will tell you how to make a delicious drink from fresh apples, but you can also make a smoky tincture using ready-made apple dried fruits.

Rinse the apples, cut the flaws and the core, leaving the skin. Cut them into rings. For drying, you can use the oven or electric grill. At a low temperature, we podvyvali them to the state of "chips". Transfer the resulting dried fruit into a glass jar, sprinkle with sugar and pour over the moonshine by closing the apples. Shake and leave to infuse for 2 weeks in a dark warm room.

Readiness tinctures can be identified by the amber color of the drink. You will need to filter the liquid and pour it into beautiful bottles by hiding the finished drink in a cool dark room.

Recipe 5. Apple liqueur

Apples of fragrant varieties - 1 kg

Vodka - 0.5 l

Sugar - 300 g

Water - 0.5 l

Cooking Technology:

Rinse apples, clean from dents, beaten spots, cut out the core with stones, remove the skin if desired. Grate the grated apples, transfer the resulting mass into a glass jar.

Fill with vodka, shake, put on a warm place (on the window sill for example), leave for 2 weeks.

Filter the resulting liquid, pour it into a saucepan. Prepare a classic sugar syrup from the water with sugar, cool, pour in our tincture of homemade apples and mix.

Fill the resulting liquor in a glass container and leave for another 1 week. After precipitation, we pour the drink into a new container without sediment, seal it tightly and place it in a dark, cool room for storage.

If the liquor does not seem to you enough degree - you can take ethyl alcohol with a higher degree and slightly reduce the amount of sugar syrup.

Recipe 6. Apple tincture with honey


Fresh apples - 2 kg (or fallen 2.5 - 3 kg)

Vodka - 1.5 liters

Water - 1.5 L

Sugar - 1 cup

Honey - 2-3 tbsp.

Cooking Technology:

Such a drink has a sweet taste and a good strength, so it can be safely called apple balm.

Rinse apples, clean from bruises, dimples, leave the skin (to taste), cut into thin slices or cubes.

Fold in a glass jar, pour vodka on top until the apples are completely dipped and cork tightly. Insist in a dark room for 1.5 - 2 weeks.

After that, strain the resulting drink through a cotton pad, pour into a saucepan. Cook classic sugar syrup from water, sugar and honey. Cool, pour in the tincture and mix. Leave on for 4 hours, re-strain through a cotton filter and pour into beautiful glass bottles. Store in a cool place for 1-1.5 years.

Useful tips for making apple tincture at home

1. Do not forget that tinctures also have their shelf life. Yes, it is much more than that of non-alcoholic fruit infusions, but it, as a rule, does not exceed 1.5-3 years of storage in certain conditions (tightly closed containers, a cool dark room).

2. The lower the degree and less sugar (it is a preservative), the lower the shelf life. Please note that some tinctures of apples are stored at home for no more than 9-10 months.

3. Carefully select glass containers for final infusion of tincture. In no case do not use metal or plastic containers - tincture in it can deteriorate and there is a risk of poisoning. Rinse the glassware well before use. If suddenly a precipitate appeared on the bottom, alcohol became turbid or acquired a strange taste - do not risk your health, dispose of the spoiled product.

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