Recipes for chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker - elementary! Cooking chicken drumsticks in a multicooker in Italian and Armenian

Recipes for chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker - elementary! Cooking chicken drumsticks in a multicooker in Italian and Armenian

Having appeared as a separate semi-finished product, in our trade chicken legs were very much loved by the hostesses and their households.

Relatively inexpensive, tasty, allowing you to write dozens and dozens of recipes. Chicken meat allows for various cooking options, including very fast, combined with most of the available spices and simple marinades. Chicken legs are also convenient because nature itself is divided into portioned parts.

One of the favorite foods of children, and adults are not averse to gnaw a chicken bone. And if you cook this product in a slow cooker, then all the fantasy is limited only by affordable products.

Chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

To make chicken drumstick dishes tasty, you should choose high-quality fresh meat. The skin should be light, without hemorrhages and spots of different colors, white fat with a slightly yellowish tinge.

When buying chilled chicken meat in a package, pay attention to the presence of excess moisture. Her presence indicates that the product has already been frozen and unfrozen.

The shins are washed under running water, removing feathers and excess fat from the skin. After that, the meat is laid out on a towel to dry or wipe, removing excess moisture.

The cartilage from the lower part of the bone is removed, chopping off with an hatchet or knife. Skin for stuffing is removed with hands to avoid its damage.

Chicken drumsticks better rub with spices and salt, and not sprinkle on top.

The cooking time depends on the size of the legs available and can vary within a small range.

Chicken drumsticks in the “Sloechka” multicooker

A few legs, half a kilo of finished dough, and a little cheese - that’s basically all the main ingredients. Simply? Of course! Quickly? Highly! Yummy? What are you, amazing!


• Shins - 6 pcs .;

• Non-sharp hard cheese - 300 grams;

• Mayonnaise - 150 grams;

• A half a kilo puff pastry;

• Spices - black pepper, white, ground cumin; • Salt to your taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Hard cheese finely rubbed on a grater.

2. In the prepared legs lift the skin. Place the cheese between the meat and the skin.

3. Thighs slightly smeared with mayonnaise mixed with salt and spices.

4. Wrap the legs in a spiral strip of dough two fingers wide.

5. Lubricate the bowl with butter and put prepared shins in it.

6. Cook in baking mode 3/4 hours.

7. Fans of spicy food are recommended to pre-marinate the legs in the marinade from a mixture of cooked mustard, freshly squeezed lemon juice, paprika.

Chicken drumsticks in a multicooker, kefir marinade

Why invent complex sauces and marinades? One of the best is a simple, low-fat kefir. Do not even need a marinator, just soak the meat a little longer in kefir and the effect will be the same


• Kefir - 1 l;

• Chilled thighs - 1 kg;

• Salt;

• Seasoning for roasting chicken, or curry.

Cooking Method:

1. Loosely put the legs in the multicooker containers.

2. Sprinkle plenty of chicken seasoning and salt.

3. Pour kefir and leave to marinate. Kefir should cover the legs completely.

4. After three hours, select “Baking” for cooking for 50 minutes.

Chicken drumsticks in a multicooker with potatoes

Multicooker is good for its versatility, once invented just for cooking rice, it has turned into a universal food processor by the imagination of our housewives. Try with us to make a full roast chicken with potatoes and cheese.


• Potatoes of medium size - 10 pieces;

• Two bulb onions;

• Mayonnaise - 250 gr .;

• Shins;

• Hard soft cheese - 200 gr .;

• Fresh greens;

• Non-spicy spices;

• Salt at your discretion.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled potatoes as your heart desires: rings, half rings, straws.

2. Onion cut into rings and separate them.

3. Onions, potatoes, drumsticks marinated in mayonnaise, each ingredient in a separate container. Add salt and spices to the marinade.

4. After 2 hours in the bowl lay out marinated products in layers: • Potatoes

• Onion

• Meat.

5. Cook in cooking mode for 50 minutes. Sprinkle with mixed greens and shredded cheese, bring to readiness until cheese melts.

Chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker, in Armenian

Spicy, spicy and low-calorie foods, and such dishes can be made in a slow cooker. For example, the legs with the Armenian flavor. And do not worry about the smell of garlic, by the end of cooking there will be only a light aroma and a faint taste.


• Shin - 6-7;

• 8 large cloves of garlic;

• 4 medium sized onions;

• Hot pepper - two pods;

• Ripe tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• Two pods of Bulgarian pepper;

• Salt;

• Mix of herbs;

• Vegetable oil, can be olive.

Cooking Method:

1. Cooking marinade. Mix chopped garlic, finely chopped hot peppers and onions, oil, a mixture of herbs, salt.

2. In the capacity lay out the legs, pour the marinade. Turning them every twenty minutes, we endure for about an hour.

3. We start cooking in the “Quenching” mode.

4. After 25 minutes, the rest of the onions, tomatoes and sweet pepper, cut into half rings, spread on top of the legs and continue to cook in the same mode for about half an hour.

Chicken drumsticks in a multicooker with almonds

What are we all about simple, but about simple? And let's check what our miracle pot is capable of, with the simple name “multicooker”! Only a little non-trivial products and such simple and homemade chicken drumsticks turn into a salon class dish!


• Chicken legs - 700 gr .;

• Garlic - two heads;

• Onion bulb;

• Potatoes - 2 pieces;

• 1 head of garlic;

• Two medium sized tomatoes;

• Natural butter, or thick homemade sour cream - 100 gr .;

• Tablespoon flour;

• Almond - 60 gr .;

• Dry white wine - 80-100 ml .;

• Bouillon cube;

• Milk - 80 gr .;

• Carnation - 3 umbrellas;

• Cinnamon - pinch;

• Salt to taste;

• Parsley - 3-4 stalk.

Cooking Method:

1. Roll the legs in a mixture of flour and salt. Fry in a pan with hot oil until golden brown. 2. In the same oil, fry the potatoes cut into small pieces.

3. Put the potatoes in the bowl.

4. Finely chop the tomatoes and chop the onion and garlic. Prepared vegetables together with peeled almonds are laid with potatoes.

5. Salt to taste, add cloves, cinnamon, chopped parsley.

6. Pour a cube, milk, wine, diluted in half a glass of boiling water, and bring to a boil, setting the “Soup” mode.

7. Then lay out the already prepared chicken.

8. Cook in baking mode for about 1/3 hour.

Chicken drumsticks in a multicooker in Italian

Do they like chicken in Italy? It seems - yes! But, even without asking this question, we take the spices, typical for the Mediterranean and prepare a flavored dish. Your family will surely like it, and if by chance an Italian walks in, ask his opinion.


• Chicken legs - a kilogram;

• 3 bulb onions;

• Tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• Neutral to taste white table wine - 150 ml;

• Carrot - 1 thing;

• Salt;

• Olive oil;

• Thyme, rosemary, black pepper, hand-ground.

Cooking Method:

1. Rub chicken meat with a mixture of salt, rosemary, black pepper and thyme.

2. Fry in the “Hot” mode for 8-9 minutes, put on a plate.

3. Spasseur to a golden color sliced ​​onion half rings and carrot chopped into slices.

4. Put the fried drumsticks on top, pour in the wine.

5. Enable “Quenching” for one hour.

6. After 25 minutes Pour chopped peeled tomatoes, rosemary, thyme.

Chicken drumsticks in a multicooker “Gift”

In the kitchens of many European nations, the taste of ginger is associated with the Christmas holidays, so we called our recipe “The Gift”. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you will prepare it for the holiday, or decide to please yourself and loved ones just like that, on an ordinary weekday - make everyone a gift, we hope it will be appreciated.


• Chicken drumsticks - 700 grams;

• One medium sized lemon;

• Ginger root 5 cm long;

• Garlic - 6 teeth;

• Hot pepper - pod; • Olive oil;

• Honey - 1/3 cup;

• Cognac - 100 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. In a small container put the chicken meat, grated with chopped garlic.

2. Fill with freshly squeezed lemon juice, mix everything well and marinate for half an hour.

3. Heat oil in the bowl, brown the legs on each side.

4. For the sauce, rub the ginger root, chop the hot pepper, melt the honey, pour brandy, a little olive oil and mix everything thoroughly.

5. Lightly preheat sauce pour legs, add some salt to taste.

6. Cooking in the “Baking” mode for 40 minutes.

Chicken drumsticks stuffed with mushrooms and vegetables in a slow cooker

The method of stuffing is very laborious, but attractive by the delicious results of the resulting dishes. Take a shank to cook our recipe, ask someone to help. Time will not be wasted, especially since the multicooker will cope with its part of the work, as always almost with lightning speed.


• Chicken drumsticks - 5 pieces;

• One large carrot;

• Any fresh mushrooms - 400 grams;

• Two chicken eggs;

• Light breadcrumbs - 4 tablespoons;

• Pepper ground;

• Spices for roasting chicken, or curry;

• Salt;

• Mayonnaise 67%.

Cooking Method:

1. With each leg to remove the skin, gently, so as not to tear.

2. The part of the bone with skin attached to it is chopped off.

3. Cut off the meat from the severed bone, chop it with a knife.

4. Finely chop the onions and mushrooms.

5. Grate carrots.

6. Mushrooms, carrots, onions spasserovat on oil in the “Frying” mode.

7. Mix spasserovanye vegetables, mushrooms, breadcrumbs, raw eggs, meat, spices and greens.

8. Salt at the discretion and slowly knead thoroughly.

9. Stuff the skin with minced meat, fixing the edges with a toothpick.

10. Smear the stuffed drumsticks with mayonnaise and place on the oiled surface of the bowl.

11. Cook for 45 minutes by setting the “Baking” operating mode.

Chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker, stuffed orientally

In the kitchens of Arab countries, poultry meat takes pride of place, and it would be strange if the cooks from these places were not familiar with such an exquisite method of cooking, like stuffing. We change the composition of the filling and on the table is an aromatic, slightly sweet Oriental dish. Ingredients:

• Chicken legs - a kilogram;

• A mixture of raisins, prunes, dried apricots - 200 grams;

• A glass of boiled rice;

• Spices, salt;

• 67% mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the mixture of dried fruits in warm water for forty minutes.

2. Chopped dried apricots and prunes to the size of raisins.

3. Prepare the drumsticks for stuffing: remove the skin, separate the meat from the bone and chop it with a stuffing knife.

4. Salt mince, pepper.

5. Mix boiled rice with dried dried fruits, meat.

6. Stuff the skin with a mixture, forming a shin, pinch it with a toothpick or sew with thread.

7. Lubricate with mayonnaise, lay out loosely in the multicooker container. Cook for 45-50 minutes on “Baking”.

Chicken drumsticks in a crock-pot with pineapples under a cheese “cap”

Well, if you go further in our experiments and combine sweet pineapple and salty spicy cheese? Believe, it will turn out just great! Chicken meat is very friendly to any accompanying taste components.


• Chicken drumsticks - 7 pcs .;

• Sliced ​​canned pineapples in a syrup - can of 450-550 grams;

• Two large onions;

• Garlic - 4 cloves;

• Cheese - 250 gr .;

• Mayonnaise - 100 gr .;

• Spices;

• Salt;

• Olives for serving.

Cooking Method:

1. Lay the legs on the oiled surface of the bowl.

2. Salt, season with spices to your taste and choice.

3. Pineapple slices evenly over the legs.

4. Mix the grated cheese with mayonnaise, add grated garlic.

5. Onions to form thin rings and lay out on top of pineapples.

6. Top with a mixture of cheese and garlic, garnish with olives.

7. Cooking time one hour in “Baking” mode.

Chicken drumsticks in the multicooker “For the male company”

If a male company is going to - talk about business, or about sports. Just meet with friends, or discuss the upcoming raid on nature - offer a simple and brutal dish to the table - chicken drumsticks stewed and baked with beer.


• Chicken legs - 8-10 pieces (by the volume of the multicooker);

• Spices; • Salt;

• Dark live beer - half-liter bottle.

Cooking Method:

1. Put spices in shredded salt with shins in a slow cooker.

2. Pour beer.

3. Cooking time fifty minutes on “Baking”.

Chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker - tricks and tips

  • To get a golden crust, after cooking is finished, you can change the mode of multicooker to another, allowing you to get the desired result.
  • Adding a small amount of butter to meat cooked on “Hot” will make the legs juicy and give the dish a more delicate creamy taste.
  • Many manufacturers pump poultry meat with a special jelly, which changes the quality and flavor characteristics of the cooked dish. When buying a finger press on the pulp, if the dent quickly disappears, the higher the likelihood that the product is without unnecessary additives.
  • Piercing the legs with a knife in several places can speed up the marinating process.
  • If the sauce in which the legs were prepared was not thick enough, it is required to hold the dish with the lid closed until it cools, turning off the slow cooker. You can also fry a little flour in a pan, until light color, cool, mix with a small amount of water, pour into the prepared dish 10 minutes before being cooked.
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