Fill the pantry - grape jam with pits. Enrich your recipes with grape jam and pits

Fill the pantry - grape jam with pits. Enrich your recipes with grape jam and pits

Choosing all the bones from honey grapes is a very difficult task. There are dozens of berries on each bunch of berries, and hundreds of grapes will go to a modest bowl of jam.

But fortunately, sometimes grape preserves with stones are even an order of magnitude better — there is no need to choose grapes according to only the “boneless” trait.

So, take the one that is more fragrant, sweeter, or, if you prefer, more beautiful!

Grape jam with pits - general principles of cooking

• Recipes for jam made from grapes with pits are not so few. Most often it is cooked in special basins or thick-walled pans for several receptions, which takes a lot of time. But there are recipes that allow you to cook jam in a shorter period of time, and for this purpose use the slow cooker or oven.

• They use both dark and light grapes, the main thing is that its berries are large, with a dense skin and at the same time unripe. It is better to take even slightly immature, in this case, the jam will not require additional preservatives.

• Before use, grapes are picked from sprigs, carefully choosing litter and cobwebs, which are collected on tassels. Wash thoroughly, using as much as possible using warm water, removing cracked, soft, and very green berries. Dried selected grapes, spread out on a linen towel or in a colander.

• If grape jam is cooked from whole berries, then they are necessarily pierced in several places so that they do not burst during cooking. If desired, remove the bones, for this the grapes are cut. Then proceed according to the recipe.

• Often the grape jam is boiled with nuts (almond or walnut), often flavored with vanilla, cinnamon or other spices.

• When harvesting according to the following recipes, jam from grapes with stones for the winter you must strictly follow the rules of canning. Jam is poured into sterilized jars only hot, immediately after preparation, and hermetically sealed them with special caps.

• Glass containers are pre-washed in hot water with baking soda and sterilized over steam or in an oven. Metal covers for seaming must be boiled and dried on a clean towel. • Seals are cooled upside down, wrapped tightly with a warm blanket.

A simple recipe for jam from grapes with pits and citric acid


• one kilogram of grapes;

• kilogram of sugar;

• teaspoon of “lemon” crystals;

• a glass of drinking water;

• 2 gr. vanilla powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the sugar into a suitable saucepan, pour water into it and cook over a slow syrup over low heat.

2. Remove the container from the heat, put the grapes into the hot syrup and, gently shaking the pot, set it aside for an hour and a half.

3. After that, bring the jam to a boil and leave to boil on minimal heat. Boil one hour, remove from heat and cool. Then bring it back to the boil, not too fast, boil again for at least an hour and just leave heat to full cooling.

4. After re-cooling, boil the grape jam again and make it ready for half an hour with minimal boiling. Three minutes before the readiness add “lemon” and vanillin immediately after it.

5. Each time carefully remove the surface of the pop-up stones and foam.

Recipe for grape jam with stones (with walnuts)


• light or dark grapes - 1 kg;

• 1 gr. vanilla;

• 100 gr. walnut hearts;

• one kilogram of sugar;

• 70 ml of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the sugar with water and, putting the container on a small fire, boil the syrup.

2. Pour about two liters of water into a separate large saucepan, you can add a little more and boil.

3. After going over the dried grapes, put them on the gauze, connect its edges so that the bag is similar, and dip it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Remove and place the berries in syrup.

4. Once the grapes are cooked in the syrup for five minutes, remove from the stove, cover the container with a lid and leave for eight hours. This is done so that the grapes are well soaked in sugar syrup.

5. After that, bring the jam to a boil over low heat, add the walnut halves and vanilla. Boil for ten minutes and pack up the cans that have been processed over the ferry, roll up.

Recipe for jam of grapes with stones in the oven with grape juice


• grapes of any sweet white variety - 1.2 kg;

• clarified grape juice - 200 ml;

• half cinnamon sticks;

• 600 gr. - sugar;

• 2 star anise;

• Almonds, peeled - 100 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the processed grapes into a large bowl, pour in the measured sugar and mix gently.

2. Gradually raise the temperature in the oven to 150 degrees.

3. In a deep pan or any other suitable fire-resistant dishes shift the grapes, sprinkled with sugar. Add cinnamon, anise, pour over all the grape juice and place on a grid set to a medium level in the oven. Tomit jam, stirring occasionally, for at least three hours.

4. Soak the almonds in boiling water for ten minutes. Remove, peel it off and break the kernels into halves.

5. Dip the almond “petals” into the jam, after two hours of soaking in the oven, and soak at the same temperature for another hour.

6. Remove the prepared jam from the grapes from the oven, remove the anise with cinnamon and pour into prepared sterile jars, roll cans.

Recipe for grape jam with stones and spices


• one large lemon;

• 100 ml of filtered water;

• sugar - 800 grams;

• carnation - 3 umbrellas;

• a small piece of cinnamon sticks (1 cm);

• kilogram of grapes without twigs.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the lemon well and dip it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then cut, squeeze the juice and filter it from the remnants of the pulp and bones using gauze or a sieve.

2. Pour freshly squeezed lemon juice into sugar, add water and mix thoroughly. On a slight heat, keep stirring, boil the syrup and put the spices tied into it in a gauze bag.

3. Pierce clean grapes in a few places with a thick needle and dip them into a slightly cooled syrup.

4. During the day, heat the jam four times to about 70 degrees, but do not boil! Then the grapes will absorb the syrup well and will not burst.

5. Eight hours after the last warming, bring the grape jam to a boil and let it stand for another day. 6. Boil again and continue cooking at the lowest possible heat until it thickens.

7. Hot lay on the banks, and roll up boiled dry lids. Before filling do not forget to remove the spices.

Recipe for grape jam with pits - “Isabella”


• enumerated grapes “Isabella” - 1.5 kg;

• filtered drinking water - 300 ml;

• five glasses of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Measure 300 grams of sugar and pour it into the pan. Pour in water and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. To keep the sugar grains in the water well, adjust the flame level to medium. With fast boiling, sugar may not completely dissolve.

2. In the boiling sugar syrup, lower the washed grapes, gradually, not too quickly, bring to a boil, then lower the flame level again and boil the berries for 5 minutes. in syrup. Slowly cool.

3. Immediately after cooling down, put on a moderate heat again, add the rest of the sugar, and, stirring occasionally, boil until it completely disperses. After about half an hour, the jam will be ready, it can be packaged in sterile containers and rolled up.

Recipe for grape jam with stones - “Five minutes”


• kilogram of any grapes with stones;

• 200 gr. Sahara;

• filtered drinking water - 150 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil a clear syrup over low heat from the specified amount of sugar and water. It should not be grains, so constantly stir the sugar during cooking.

2. In the finished boiling syrup, lower the washed well-dried grapes and, gently mixed, leave to simmer over low heat. After five minutes, add a little temperature and boil the jam for another five minutes. Be sure that it does not boil.

3. After that, place the hot grape jam on clean cans and seal with a zakatochny key. In order not to ferment, lay only in dry containers and cover with boiled lids.

The easiest recipe for jam from grapes with stones in a slow cooker without water


• pound of sugar;

• kilogram of large grapes. Cooking Method:

1. Remove the colander from the ridges into a colander, rinse well with warm water and dry on a linen towel. If you do not want bones in the jam, cut the berries and carefully remove them.

2. Put the prepared grapes in the brew bowl, add sugar and start the multicastry on the “Quenching” by setting the timer to 2 hours.

3. After the end of the program, pour the jam into pre-prepared jars and securely seal them.

Quick recipe for jam from grapes with stones - “In Georgian”


• dark grapes - 1 kg;

• one glass of water;

• kilo of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the dried dried grapes in a large container.

2. In a separate bowl, prepare a syrup from the specified amount of sugar and water. Hot pour it to the grapes and leave to stand for half an hour.

3. After that, put the dishes on a slow fire and, stirring occasionally, boil until the syrup becomes moderately thick.

4. Do not stir often, so as not to damage the grapes. The berries in thick syrup should remain whole, not spreading.

Grape jam with stones - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Do not be lazy to remove the foam formed during cooking from the surface of the jam, otherwise the blanks will not stand for long.

• In order not to burst whole berries, be sure to pierce them in several places after drying.

• For faster sterilization of cans, use the oven. Set the washed jars on the grid and soak at 150 degrees for a quarter of an hour. Then cool with the door ajar and pour jam into the already cooled container.

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