Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization: easy! Recipes of different salads from tomatoes for the winter (with sterilization)

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization: easy! Recipes of different salads from tomatoes for the winter (with sterilization)

Sterilization of vegetable salads for the winter makes it possible to savor a tasty snack within 2-3 winters.

Warming up the lettuce right in the bank destroys microorganisms and bacteria; hermetic closure makes it possible to preserve vegetables for more than a year.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - general principles of cooking

Sterilization - treatment with high (90-100 degrees) temperature of empty cans and filled with lettuce.

Warming up need snacks, salads, sliced ​​from fresh vegetables.

A tomato salad for the winter with sterilization is stored for 1-2 years, provided that the covers are completely tight.

The process of preserving tomato salads for the winter with sterilization:

1. Banks are washed under running water without using detergent.

2. Salad - chopped fresh or roasted - is placed in a jar “by the shoulders” - not reaching the neck by 1-2 centimeters.

3. The lids are boiled in water for a maximum of 5 minutes, and then they are covered with cans.

4. Salads in cans are set in a large metal container with boiling water and are heated for a while at a low heat. Put a piece of non-synthetic fabric on the bottom of the pan.

5. Then the banks are removed (it is desirable to use a special metal grip) and rolled.

Sterilization time varies depending on the volume of the container with the salad:

• 500-750 milliliters - 10 minutes;

• 1 liter - 15 minutes;

• 2 liters - at least 20 minutes;

• 3 liters bottle - half an hour.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - Bulgarian

In this tomato salad for the winter with sterilization, it is optimal to use slightly immature tomatoes. Adding green beans makes the dish useful and vitamin.


• greenish tomatoes - 5 kg;

• young green beans - 5 kg;

• large carrots - 1.3 kg;

• parsley (roots and leaves) - 200 g; • granulated sugar, vinegar (9%) - 150 g each;

• Onion - 1.2 kg;

• vegetable oil for frying;

• extra-salt - 3 tbsp. l or a little more to your taste;

• ground black pepper, red powder - 20 g (you can change the amount).


1. Rinse all vegetables, remove the stalks, seeds, leaves.

2. Beans can be cut in half or skipped through a meat grinder.

3. Onion fry rings to transparency.

4. Grate the carrots, crush the parsley in a mortar and skip the roots in a meat grinder and add to the onion, fry.

5. Tomatoes cut in half or slices, if they are large. We extinguish on oil without smell, adding water if necessary, about 15 minutes.

6. At the end, add the “fry” of onions and carrots, salt, sugar, seasoning - pepper and vinegar. Remove from heat after 3 minutes.

7. Fold the mass in cans (1 liter), cover with lids and sterilize for at least half an hour. Roll up.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - in Korean

Spicy snack can be eaten fresh. In order to try the savory dish in the winter, the tomato salad for the winter with sterilization must be properly prepared.


• cream (tomatoes) - 3 kg;

• garlic - 2.5 medium-sized heads;

• 4 fragrant peppercorns (can be black for sharpness);

• rustic vegetable oil - 160 ml;

• regular vinegar, sugar - all 150 g;

• parsley - 50 g;

• salt extra - 2 tbsp. l .;

• sweet pepper - 150 g.


1. Wash and dry all components.

2. Chop greens and peppers.

3. Crush the garlic and pepper (second half) in a mortar.

4. Separately prepare the marinade - mix the butter, finely ground salt, sugar and vinegar.

5. Tomatoes divide with a knife in half.

6. We put in jars (1 liter) in layers: a layer of tomatoes, a layer of garlic mixture, again a layer of tomatoes - a layer of parsley with pepper.

7. Fill the marinade “over the shoulders”, cover with lids and sterilize for 20 minutes each jar.

8. Then turn them over, cool them, remove them for storage in a cold room.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - jelly

A marinade for a salad with gelatin adds spice to this dish. Snack is spicy and aromatic. It can be used as a separate dish, as well as a spicy side dish for meat and fish delicacies.


• tomatoes - 900 g;

• sweet pepper - 900g;

• young cucumbers (without seeds) - 900g;

• a bunch of parsley;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• 3 onions;

• pepper and peas - 14 pieces;

• sugar - 5.5 st. l .;

• 2 liters of boiling water;

• Odorless oil - 5.5 Art. l .;

• 90 ml of vinegar 9%;

• gelatin - 75 g;

• salt - to taste.


1. Wash the ingredients, remove any unwanted seeds and debris.

2. Boil water. Separately, dissolve the gelatin in a glass of cold water and let it swell. Already after 20-30 minutes, pour it into boiled water, add sugar and salt there and heat the mixture over low heat until the grains dissolve (do not boil!).

3. Slice the vegetables: chop the onion and pepper into straws, chop the tomatoes and cucumbers, finely chop the parsley and garlic with a knife or skip in a meat grinder.

4. Spread layers of washed jars (1-1.5 liters): tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, parsley with garlic. Repeat the layers to the top of the jar.

5. Pour warm mixture with gelatin, add vinegar, then vegetable oil.

6. Cover the jars and sterilize for at least 20 minutes.

7. Roll up, turn the salads and cover until cool, and then store for storage.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - fish

The original appetizer with herring, tomatoes and beetroot is a non-standard dish, but no less tasty. Ideal to use such a tomato salad for the winter with sterilization with mashed potatoes or boiled rice.


• 850 g tomato;

• 450 g of herring (capelin, fresh-frozen sprat);

• 150 g burgundy beets;

• 350 g carrots;

• 170 g onions;

• sugar - 2.5 tbsp. l .;

• fine salt - 1.5 tbsp. l .;

• fresh vegetable oil for frying;

• 2 tbsp. l vinegar 9 percent. Preparation:

1. Clean the onions, cut them into rings and fry until half cooked on low heat, adding oil.

2. We shift it to the quenching tank - a cauldron, a slow cooker, just a large saucepan with thick walls, a bottom.

3. Rub carrots and fry, add to onions.

4. Grind the beets in a blender and fry them separately until half cooked, combine them with the rest of the vegetables.

5. Finely cut the tomatoes or grate three, add to the cauldron, stew for about 20 minutes. If necessary, add a little water, stir constantly.

6. While the mixture is stewing, prepare the fish - we remove the insides, fins, heads, and tail. If the fish is large, cut into pieces.

7. Add the fish to the vegetables and stew for another half hour.

8. Then lay out the banks (0.5 liters) and sterilize 10-12 minutes.

9. You need to store such a salad at a temperature of no more than 8 degrees, optimally - on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - assorted

The classic combination of vegetables - tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, carrots - makes this salad versatile. Salad from tomatoes for the winter with sterilization is suitable as a side dish, dressing for first courses and additives to meat.


• 2 kg - cabbage, cucumbers, ripe cream tomatoes;

• 0.5 kg - red pepper (sweet), carrots and onions;

• dill - 50 g;

• bitter pepper - 2 peas;

• bay leaves - 4 pcs .;

• aromatic oil - 200 ml;

• salt - to taste;

• 9 percent vinegar - 2 tbsp. l


1. Wash vegetables and chop cucumbers into circles, tomatoes - into slices (halves, if they are small), chop cabbage. Cook the onions, peppers and carrots as a fry for borsch (fry in oil).

2. In washed 1 liter jars we place layers of lettuce: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, zazharka, spices.

3. Such layers should alternate until the entire bank is filled.

4. Pour salt, sugar and vinegar into a jar, pour boiling water and cover with a lid. 5. Sterilize for 20 minutes and cork, turn over, wrap. As soon as the banks cool, transfer to cold.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - honey

This vegetable platter turns out to be gentle, completely non-sharp. Honey notes make this snack an ideal addition to the main and daily dishes of the family.


• ripe tomatoes - one and a half kg;

• sweet pepper (preferably red fleshy) - one and a half kg;

• 100 ml of vinegar (it is permissible to use apple);

• salt - 0.5 tbsp. l .;

• honey - 100 ml;

• black peppercorns - 10 peas.


1. From the pepper, remove the seeds and legs, cut into thin strips.

2. Rinse the tomatoes and cut into quarters.

3. Separately mix liquid honey, vinegar, salt and pour vegetables with this mixture, mix. Leave for an hour until the tomato juice starts to stand out.

4. Then place the pan on the fire and stew the salad for 10 minutes.

5. Spread the mass in the cans almost to the top, cover with a lid and place in a saucepan for sterilization. Keep in boiling water for at least 15 minutes if the banks are half-liter.

6. After roll up and cool.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - mint

Adding fragrant mint to this salad makes the dish unusual and very fresh. In addition, this tomato salad for the winter with sterilization looks very nice in the bank and on the plate.


• tomatoes - 1 kg;

• parsley and dill - in one bunch;

• mint - about 6 leaves;

• sugar, salt - 1 tsp. (with a slide);

• Vinegar - 5 g (teaspoon).


1. Rinse the greens and tomatoes.

2. Tomatoes divide in half or on slices, if they are large.

3. Chop mint, dill and parsley finely.

4. Put tomatoes and greens in layers in prepared half-liter jars.

5. Sprinkle with sugar and salt on top, pour in vinegar.

6. Fill the salad with boiling water and cover.

7. Sterilize for 12 minutes each can, then roll up the lids and cool the salads.

Tomato salad for the winter with sterilization - tricks and tips

The process of sterilization of any vegetable salad for the winter is simple, if you follow simple recommendations:

1. Warm up water in a pan, the height of which is several centimeters more jars of salads.

2. At the bottom always lay a piece of cloth so that the banks do not burst.

3. The fire during sterilization should be small, so that the water barely boiled.

4. Banks should be in boiling water to the level of laying the vegetables, but not leaking inside the salad.

5. Cover the snacks with sterilization.

6. Do not place the jars too tightly to each other. They should be freely removed from the pan.

7. In order to get the banks, use a special device - scissors-grip. This will help prevent burns.

Storage Preparation:

• after sterilization, turn all the cans upside down - so you will see where the lids are tightly closed and you can roll it until the salad has spoiled;

• if you hear a hiss or a marinade or juice flows out from under the lid, open the jar, stew for a minute or two of the salad, rinse the jar, refill and sterilize with a new lid;

• You can wrap the cans with a blanket, but if you did everything correctly, additional sterilization (with slow cooling) is not necessary.

To store a tomato salad for the winter with sterilization should be in a cool - no more than 10-15 degrees - indoors. The ideal place for this purpose is the cellar, basement or balcony.

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