Simple cherry pie - quick and tasty pastries. Cooking a simple cherry pie: the young housewife can handle it

Simple cherry pie - quick and tasty pastries. Cooking a simple cherry pie: the young housewife can handle it

In the warm summer season you can enjoy plenty of fresh fruits and berries.

Their natural taste and juiciness do not cease to amaze and delight. After eating a lot of ripe fruits of the garden, you should think about whether you should diversify your diet and make a simple pie with some tasty stuffing, for example, cherry.

This beautiful and delicious berry is widely used in many cuisines of the world. Jam, compotes, liqueurs are made from it. And of course, it serves as a sweet filling for dumplings and baking.

Cooking a simple cherry pie does not take long. In less than an hour, and its appetizing aroma will fill the house and invite everyone to the table for a cup of tea or coffee.

Simple Cherry Pie - General Cooking Principles

Prepare a simple dough for the cake, which does not need to be left in the fridge for a few hours. In its composition must include flour, sugar and eggs. For variety, we can use kefir, sour milk, sour cream and butter.

Cherries choose ripe and fleshy. They need to thoroughly wash, remove the bones and pour into a colander so that they are freed from water and juice. This will prevent the disintegration of the cake.

To improve the taste, you can add cinnamon, lemon juice or cherry liqueur. Cherry is not against such a neighborhood. Berries roll in sugar, starch, or send to the pie in its natural form and sprinkle with sweet ingredient on top.

We bake a cake in a mold, which we grease thoroughly with butter. It is possible to lay the bottom of baking paper.

Preparing a dish not more than half an hour at a standard temperature of 180 degrees.

In the process of cooking at hand should be a mixer, rolling pin, a sharp knife, several deep pans, spoons and a whisk.

Recipe 1. A simple homemade cherry pie


• 450 gr. flour;

• 0.4 kg pitted cherries;

• a glass of sugar;

• 0.2 ml sour cream;

• four eggs;

• l. tea baking powder;

• bag of vanilla sugar;

• third l. tea salt. Cooking Method:

Three eggs break into a deep bowl, add half the sugar and beat.

Add vanilla sugar, salt, baking powder and sour cream. With the help of the corolla everything is well stirred.

Flour add a little. Prepare a light dough.

Lubricate the mold. 2/3 of the test is conveniently placed on its bottom.

Spread half the cherries on top and sprinkle them with 1/2 of the remaining sugar.

Roll out the dough and cover them with fruit. Be sure to pinch the edges.

Beat the last egg together with the remaining sugar and pour the cake.

We bake a dish at 200 degrees for about forty minutes.

Recipe 2. Simple cherry cake “Gift to mother”


• a glass of sugar;

• 200 gr. flour;

• four eggs;

• one spoonful of c. Cinnamon;

• five gr. baking powder;

• 0.3 kg of cherries.

Cooking Method:

Beat the eggs into a deep container, add sugar and beat for about one minute.

Add half the flour, cinnamon and baking powder. Beat the mixture and gradually add the rest of the flour. The result is not very thick, but not a batter.

Pour it into the prepared mold and distribute evenly over the entire surface.

Top lay out the cherries. You can arrange them in circles. Since the dough is watery, all the cherries are slightly buried in it.

Cooking the cake for about thirty minutes at a standard temperature.

Recipe 3. Simple cherry pie on kefir


• 0.2 kg pitted cherries;

• cup of kefir;

• three eggs;

• a cup of flour;

• 1.5 liters. tea baking powder;

• a glass of sugar;

• two dining l. powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

Whip sugar and eggs in a deep platter until small bubbles appear. They will help the cake to become higher.

Pour kefir. Whisk stir the egg-milk mixture.

In the sieve combine the flour and baking powder. Gradually sift the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and whisk it. It turns out the dough, like pancakes.

Pour it into the mold. Spoon on top of the cherry. Sprinkle them with half the icing sugar.

We bake the cake at a standard temperature of about half an hour. Top sprinkled with the remnants of sweet powder.

Recipe 4. Simple Cherry Pie “Quick and Tasty”


• for an incomplete cup of sugar and flour;

• one tea l. soda;

• half tea l. salts;

• a glass of milk;

• 0.3 kg cherries;

• one l. dining starch;

• 100 gr. sunflower oil;

• two l. table vinegar (6%).

Cooking Method:

All the dry ingredients - sugar, flour, soda and salt, poured into a large bowl. Mix everything thoroughly with a whisk.

In another bowl we combine milk, sunflower butter and vinegar.

Pour the dry ingredients into liquid and stir everything until you get a homogeneous and watery dough.

In a bowl of cherries pour starch and stir.

Pour about half the dough into a baking pan.

Top smooth layer decomposed cherries.

Fill the berries with the second half of the dough. A simple cherry pie is baked in a preheated oven in a standard way.

Recipe 5. Simple French cherry pie


• half a kilo of cherries;

• 10 gr. butter;

• 0.1 kg of flour and sugar;

• one and a half tea l. baking powder;

• three eggs;

• one l. including vanilla extract;

• 30 ml of cherry liquor;

• 30 gr. almond petals;

• a glass of milk.

Cooking Method:

In a deep bowl break eggs. Add flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla extract.

Pour in milk, liqueur, put the softened butter and beat everything with a mixer until a homogeneous mixture resembling a pancake dough.

Put the cherries in the silicone mold and pour the dough on top. Sprinkle with almond petals.

Cooking the cake for at least half an hour (200 degrees).

Pie usually served warm. But it is no less tasty and appetizing and cold.

Recipe 6. A simple cherry pie with sour milk


• six cups of flour;

• three eggs;

• a pinch of salt;

• two cups of sugar;

• three cups of sour milk;

• two teaspoon teaspoons;

• one spoon of Art. starch;

• 300 gr. cherries

Cooking Method:

If the milk was not used on time and sour, it does not matter! It can be successfully used to bake a simple cherry pie. Pour the sifted flour into a large bowl, beat the eggs and fill the sugar with salt.

Put soda in sour milk and mix. Pour it into a bowl of flour.

Stir the ingredients thoroughly. We get a soft and slightly thin batter.

Pour it on a baking sheet and smooth smoothly.

Sprinkle the cherry with starch, mix and send to a colander. When excess juice will drain, we shift it to the dough.

Bake the cake in the usual way.

Recipe 7. Simple cherry cake “Mother's gift”


• 200 gr. butter;

• two cups of flour;

• three pinches of vanilla;

• tea l. salts;

• Art. l sugar + half a cup;

• three l. table water;

• 300 gr. cherries;

• lemon;

• two l. table milk;

• one yolk;

• one l. dining starch.

Cooking Method:

Cut the cooled butter into four pieces and grate.

In flour, pour vanilla, salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Stir thoroughly.

Combine dry ingredients with butter. Spoon mix everything.

Add some water and stir again.

Further preparation of the dough will be carried out on the table. Sprinkle it with flour.

Knead dough until it turns soft and soft.

Separate the third part from it. We roll up both pieces in the plastic wrap and send them in the freezer. Let them lie there until we prepare the filling.

Cherry poured with sugar (half a cup) and squeeze lemon juice. Then mix everything up.

In a small saucepan, dilute the starch with water and pour the cherries. Add milk. Heat the cherry mixture, but do not bring to a boil.

Roll out a piece of dough, the one that is bigger. Spread it on the mold so that there are bumpers. Pierce with a fork in several places.

Pour into the future of the pie cherry filling.

Roll out the second piece of dough. Cut it into strips two centimeters thick.

Cover the cake up and down. Get nice little squares from the pieces of dough.

Bumpers lower down and pinch them with stripes.

Stir the yolk and grease the top of the baking dish.

After forty minutes you can enjoy a fragrant and fragrant simple cherry pie.

Recipe 8. Simple cherry tart “Sweet dessert with sourness”


• 150 gr. sugar;

• two eggs;

• 100 gr. flour and butter cream;

• two glasses of cherries;

• half tea l. salts;

• One spoonful of baking powder;

• whisper vanilla.

Cooking Method:

Pour the baking powder into the flour. Add salt, vanilla and sugar. All mix.

Melt the butter and add it to the dry ingredients.

Lightly beat the eggs. This can be done with a conventional plug.

Add the egg mixture to the future dough. Stir, turning it into a real soft dough.

Put the cherry and mix it very carefully and carefully.

Move the dough into the mold and level.

Forty-five minutes will not pass - and the fragrant cake is ready.

Recipe 9. Simple Cake with Favorite Recipe


• 180 gr. butter;

• 180 gr. sugar;

• four eggs;

• salt on the tip of a spoon;

• 200 gr. flour;

• l. tea baking powder;

• two pinches of vanilla;

• 300 gr. cherries

Cooking Method:

Using a mixer, beat butter with sugar.

In a small plate break eggs, salt and slightly razpoltaem them with a fork.

Add two spoons of table flour and egg mixture to the mixer bowl. Beat for two minutes.

In the remaining flour pour vanilla and baking powder. Stir.

Send half of the flour into a blender and lightly whisk. Repeat the procedure with the remaining flour. The dough is reminiscent of the consistency of thick sour cream, ready.

Fill it in the mold.

Put the cherries on top of the dough. We press it a little with our hands.

Send the cake to the oven and bake for about half an hour at the usual oven temperature.

Recipe 10. Simple cherry and nut tart


• half a kilo of flour;

• 0,200 kg butter (soft);

• a glass of natural yogurt;

• 0,400 kg of cherries;

• l. tea soda extinguished;

• 1/2 tsp. salts;

• a cup of walnuts;

• half a cup of sugar + four spoons of art .;

• l. tea cinnamon;

• one egg.

Cooking Method:

In the sifted flour, poured into a deep plate, add slaked soda and salt. Stir. Put the butter and thoroughly grind it with flour.

Pour yogurt and knead soft and cool dough. Divide it into two pieces and send in the fridge.

In a blender, chop the nuts with sugar (half a cup).

Separate the white from the yolk, pour the cinnamon and a little razpoltaem spoon.

Add chopped nuts with sugar and mix everything.

Roll out one piece of dough and cut into seven or eight centimeters wide strips.

On each lay out a cherry. Spread it generously with sugar. Wrap the dough in the form of sausages and place on the mold.

Roll out the second piece of dough, cut it into the same strips and fill them with nut mix. Roll up sausages and put in shape.

Prepare the cake at ordinary temperature for about forty minutes.

Simple Cherry Pie - Tips and Tips

  • Do not be lazy and use wholemeal flour. This will significantly worsen the cake, make it thin and thin.
  • If the dough is naughty, constantly sticks to the hands, then it should be sprinkled with flour.
  • In order for the cake to rise in the baking process and at the same time be dry, it is necessary to sprinkle its bottom layer slightly with starch. Then the filling is laid on top.
  • The dough is sticky and soft is easy to roll, if you cover it with baking paper. You can use a bottle instead of a rolling pin, filling it with cold water.
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