Bagels with jam - the taste of childhood! Simple and original recipes for bagels with jam from shortbread, yeast and curd dough

Bagels with jam - the taste of childhood! Simple and original recipes for bagels with jam from shortbread, yeast and curd dough

Bagels with jam are prepared quickly and always look original.

They are good with compote and with milk, with hot tea or cooled juice. Decorate a children's party, serve as a dessert in a working afternoon snack and remind you of a house on a long trip.

Bagels with jam - the general principles of cooking

• Bagels with jam baked from various types of dough. Most often kneaded shortbread on kefir or sour cream, yeast or curd. Also often use ready-made - puff yeast.

• Jam for such baking should be taken thick, so that it does not follow. It is best to take a loose, “lumpy” jam, it does not respond to high temperatures. In addition, it is easier to work with him.

How can I make products

• The prepared dough is rolled out in circles of up to 25 cm in diameter and cut into seams by diameter. The more pieces, the smaller the bagels.

• You can roll out the dough in one rectangular layer, cut it into squares, and cut them in half diagonally. The size of the products with this method of cutting can be adjusted by the size of the square. The bigger it is, the bigger the bagel will be.

• The easiest way to cut - knead the dough into small pieces and roll each slightly into triangles.

• Spread out the jam on a wide edge and fold it neatly, not too tight.

• The resulting blanks spread on a baking sheet, always moving away from each other, so that they do not stick together and do not interfere with the rise. On a baking sheet it is necessary to put a thin layer of sunflower oil or lined with oiled parchment.

• Bake bagels with jam at 200 degrees and place only in an oven heated to the required temperature. Baking time depends on the size of the products, on average it ranges from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Delicate bagels with jam from cottage cheese dough


• 150 gr. fatty cottage cheese; • one egg;

• granulated sugar, refined - 75 gr .;

• 250 gr. baking flour;

• 65 ml of refined vegetable oil;

• baking soda - 1 tsp;

• apple jam.


1. Grind the cottage cheese with a meat grinder, add a pinch of fine salt, add all the sugar and pour in the egg.

2. While stirring, bring the curd mass to homogeneity and gradually introduce sunflower oil.

3. Mix flour mixed with soda on a sieve, add to cottage cheese, knead the dough. Divide it into several pieces and roll it out in small thin circles.

4. Cut each layer in diameter to make eight identical triangles. On the outer, narrower side, put a little apple jam and gently roll into a straw. You need to fold from the edge on which the jam was placed so that it wrapped itself in the dough.

5. Spread the products on a greased baking tray, slightly receding from each other, and brush them with a beaten egg on top.

6. Place the baking sheet on the middle level of the preheated oven and cook for 20 minutes.

Crumbly bagels with jam on kefir - “Nyashki”


• white baking flour - 450 gr .;

• 200 gr. butter, sweet cream;

• full glass of kefir;

• teaspoon baking soda

• thick jam.


1. Put the butter on a small plate, cut it into pieces and leave, let it soften a little.

2. In a wide, convenient for this purpose bowl, cross the flour, mix it with soda and add lightly melted butter.

3. Intensively, manually grind the contents of the bowl until fine crumbs form. Pour in kefir and knead just as quickly.

4. The resulting elastic dough, roll a rectangular layer, up to half a centimeter thick, no more. Cut the same rectangles and cut each into two pieces diagonally. The result will be triangles, on the edges of which lay a little jam and roll, forming bagels.

5. Spread the blanks on a parchment-lined baking tray and bake until tender golden staining, about 20 minutes.

Fast bagels with jam and nuts from yeast dough - “Delicious”


• fresh pressed yeast - 100 gr .;

• five glasses of flour;

• 400 gr. homemade butter;

• three eggs;

200 gr. thin cream;

• two small sachets of vanilla sugar;

• two thirds of a teaspoon of salt;

• thick apple or peach jam;

• three large spoons of sugar;

• walnut kernels.


1. About half an hour before cooking, put the butter out of the package on the plate, cut it into pieces and leave on the table.

2. In a small bowl, mix the sour cream with the crumbled yeast, stir until the yeast completely disperses.

3. Smash two eggs into a cream-yeast mixture, add soft butter, salt and whisk until smooth.

4. After that, add four cups of flour and start kneading with a spoon. Then go to the manual batch, pouring a little flour remaining.

5. Divide the finished dough into six equal parts, arrange into individual packets. Put the “packages” in a bowl and place them in the freezer for half an hour, then transfer them to the general refrigerator compartment so that it does not heat up.

6. Finely chop the walnut kernels with a knife and place them in a small plate.

7. Remove one piece of dough, roll it around, about 0.4 cm thick and cut it into 12 triangles.

8. On the edge of each, put a little jam, sprinkle it with finely chopped nuts and roll. You can not chop the nuts, and put on top of a quarter of the nucleolus jam.

9. In a wide small bowl or deep platter, let loose one egg, and in the second pour the same sugar. Brush some vegetable oil on the bottom of the pan with a brush.

10. Dipping the top of each bagel, first in the egg, then on the same side into the sugar, place the products on the baking sheet. Lay out, leaving a little free space between the blanks, as they greatly increase in volume.

11. Bake bagels at 200 degrees for about a quarter of an hour.

Laminated thrifty bagels with sugar-free jam and yeast


• high-quality flour - 200 gr .;

• teaspoon of ready baking powder;

• 100 gr. condensed cream;

• 150 gr. strawberry jam;

• sour cream medium-100 gr.


1. Combine the flour with the ripper and double cut through the sieve. Divide into two equal parts and pour into separate bowls.

2. In one, add sour cream, and in the second, soft, slightly melted in air, butter and knead two types of dough. Then roll them onto a flour-rich table in two circles, approximately the same size.

3. Place an oily layer on a smetanic layer and lightly roll them with a rolling pin, giving a rectangular shape. Fold the envelope and roll it again with a rectangle, which again fold into an envelope. In the same way, roll out and fold the dough three more times, then put it in a bag and place it in the common compartment of the refrigerator.

4. After half an hour, remove, roll out a rectangle half a centimeter thick and cut into squares, then cut into triangles.

5. Put a little jam along the widest edge and carefully wrap the dough in the form of a bagel. Put the products on the oiled parchment lined on the baking sheet, and put baked. After about 15 minutes baking will be ready.

Sweet yeast bagels with jam


• two eggs and one yolk;

• 40 gr. white sugar;

• incomplete teaspoon of fine salt;

• a pound of wheat flour;

• 50 ml of non-aromatic sunflower oil;

• tablespoon of cow's milk;

• 15 gr. pressed yeast;

• 150 gr. thick weighted jam;

• 180 ml of drinking water.


1. In a deep and wide enough bowl, pour in the slightly warmed water and dissolve the sugar with yeast in it until complete dissolution. Break one egg into the mixture, add yolk and salt, sweeten. Pour in vegetable oil, stirring with a whisk, bring to homogeneity and knead the dough that does not stick to the hands, gradually pouring the flour.

2. Cover the bowl with a clean cotton or linen cloth and leave to sit for an hour and a half. Divide the increased dough into ten equal pieces, roll them into balls and leave to "rest". Be sure to cover with a towel so as not to become airborne. 3. Jam cut into blocks of centimeter thickness and width.

4. After that, with a rolling pin, roll the balls in the form of triangles and make four three-centimeter slits with a sharp knife from the side of the nose.

5. On the opposite side put a strip of jam and gently wrap it in the dough.

6. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the paper and spread the bagels. Cover the product with a towel and let stand for about an hour.

7. Beat the chicken egg with milk, brush with the mixture the bagels of the distance on the baking sheet and place in the preheated oven for 25 minutes.

Puff bagels with jam - “Double”


• pasteurized milk - 200 ml;

• dry high-speed yeast - 8 gr .;

• natural butter - 85 gr .;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of salt;

• two small spoons of dark cocoa powder;

• semi-finished puff yeast dough - 500 gr .;

• plum jam - 200 gr .;

• 100 gr. sugar.


1. Slowly melt using a 50 degree water bath. oil, cool. Do not put the remaining piece in the refrigerator; leave it on the table, laying it out on a plate.

2. In a warm, not hot milk, pour in yeast with 80 grams of sugar and mix thoroughly. You can pre-dissolve dry yeast in a small amount of slightly warm water, but then take more flour.

3. Add cocoa mixed with flour, salt and knead the chocolate dough. Cover it with a dry, clean cloth and allow it to rise slightly, placing it closer to heat.

4. Lay the frozen puff pastry out of the package and place on a chopping board, lightly sprinkled with flour. As long as the puff pastry is thawed, the yeast chocolate will double.

5. Melt the deferred oil in the microwave. From puff and yeast dough roll out on a 25-centimeter circle.

6. Grease chocolate sheets well with melted butter and just sprinkle with sugar. Carefully place the puff pastry circles on them and cut them into eight segments (triangles). Be sure to cut the outer side of each triangle to make it easier to roll a bagel. 7. At the very cut, place some plum jam and wrap in light dough inside. You can wrap half of the blanks inside the dark dough.

8. Put the bagels in the oven, oiled, and leave, covered with a cloth, for 35 minutes for the distance.

9. After that, grease the surface of the products with the remaining melted butter and bake for 25 minutes.

Jam bagels - cooking tricks and useful tips

• If the acquired jam turned out to be watery, add a little starch or flour to it, they thicken it, and the filling will not leak out.

• For baking, it is best to harvest the jam yourself, during the ripening season of various berries and fruits. This will greatly diversify the taste of baking, and you will know exactly what it is made of. Sly modern producers often prepare jam from the cheapest fruit, to be more precise from apple marriages, and mix it with flavors and preservatives. The result is the same jam, but with different tastes.

• In order for the surface of the croissants with jam to have a beautiful golden color, be sure to lubricate the products before baking with a beaten fresh egg.

• You can decorate such baking with powdered sugar, cutting it through a small sieve onto slightly cooled bagels or sprinkling with poppy seeds after smearing it with an egg.

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