Recipe "Fairy Tale" cake: a dessert that can not be forgotten. Tips for cooking cake "Fairy Tale" with raisins, poppy seeds, nuts - how to combine old and new?


This cake was “born” in the Soviet Union. His “biography” is much shorter and more modest than that of other famous desserts. But the cake “Fairy Tale” managed to become a national favorite, thanks to the rare combination of availability and low cost of the ingredients that make up it, as well as an unusual shape and exquisite taste.

Biscuit roll with a layer of cream “Charlotte” - a simple but tasty idea of ​​the cake. The top of the sweet “logs” is still being decorated with mushrooms and flowers from butter cream, chunks of marmalade or jelly. Drawing on the surface of the cake and at the enterprises of the Soviet food industry, and at modern confectionery production is applied arbitrarily: sometimes you can observe in different cities of the country the characteristic handwriting of confectioners, by which you can determine exactly where the cake was made.

Looking through the pages of various culinary sites, you can confidently say that the cake “Fairy Tale” remains at the peak of popularity. Moreover, he already claims the title: beloved, original, and so on. The fact is that the inexhaustible fantasy of home confectioners has decorated the classic recipe of the “Fairy Tale” cake with poppy seeds, nuts, raisins, and the dessert has changed beyond recognition. Of course, many famous cakes appear this way, but “Fairy Tale” with new ingredients is no longer that “fairy tale”, but rather “Fantasy”, “Fiction”, a loose retelling based on a well-known plot.

In any case, it is - interesting, and worth a try.

Cake "Fairy Tale" - the basic technological principles

To modify any cake, it does not hurt, for a start, to become familiar with its original recipe.

The basis of the cake - biscuit. The recipe of the basic sponge dough, as usual, consists of sugar, eggs (egg powder) and flour. Nothing complicated, but to change the composition of the dough by adding other components, you still need some knowledge of the biochemical processes occurring during its kneading and baking. Biscuit dough becomes fluffy, thanks to the chipping of egg white. During the mechanical preparation stage, air molecules are embedded between the egg proteins, and during the subsequent heat treatment (baking the biscuit) they expand, and the biscuit increases even more in volume.

When whipping egg white is transformed into “threads”, which, bonding to each other, retain air bubbles. But air bubbles are much lighter than, for example, the smallest particles of flour. Therefore, ready-made biscuit dough must be baked immediately after its preparation: so that the heavier flour molecules do not force out the air, and the dough does not settle.

The vegetable protein (gluten) of the flour is also incorporated into the structure of the dough, but for the most part during the baking process, since the flour has almost no time for the gluten to infuse and swell: air bubbles must be preserved in the dough. If other, heavier ingredients (raisins, poppy seeds, whole nuts) that do not contain binding elements are added to the biscuit dough, they will settle to the bottom of the container, and the structure of the dough will become non-uniform, the quality of the finished semi-finished product will deteriorate.

Therefore, it is better to experiment with the addition of ingredients to the cake “Fairy Tale” in the preparation of cream, impregnation, and leave the dough unchanged.

But this is not all about the biscuit cake. The original cake “Fairy Tale” is shaped like a log, for which, after soaking and smearing, the biscuit cake is rolled up. It is this stage that seems difficult to many beginning confectioners.

There is one secret that will help roll a sponge cake into a beautiful roll, without tears and cracks: the standard recipe of sponge dough needs to be slightly modified to slightly increase the elasticity of the finished semi-finished product:

Replace part of the eggs with water;

Reduce the amount of sugar in the dough. Sugar contains a large amount of moisture, but after baking it evaporates, and the remaining solid crystals form a ruddy crust and quickly dries the finished product;

Corn starch add to the flour, proportionately reducing its quantity: starch absorbs water faster than flour and holds it well. Accordingly, the biscuit will turn out more loose and wet; Considering that the composition of the standard biscuit dough with the addition of moisture will change, and it will become a little heavier; so add baking powder so that the baked biscuit has a more lush structure.

If you do not decide to change the composition of the dough, then bake the biscuit in a semi-cylindrical form, according to the basic recipe, and after cooling, cut the semi-finished product into 3-4 layers of the same thickness, soak them with syrup and add cream.

For the cake “Fairy Tale” there are two types of cream - white butter and “Shalott”. Of course, a brighter and more memorable taste has a custard with chocolate flavor, which is lubricated with biscuit cake mix. White cream, with a neutral taste, is used for the external decoration of the cake - it is applied to the surface under a biscuit crumb and for decor, tinting also in pink, yellow and salad color.

Adding nuts, raisins, poppy seeds and other ingredients to the recipe of the cake, you definitely need to focus on chocolate Charlotte, since the combination of flavors is the basis of cooking and confectionery. Nuts and raisins are perfectly combined with the taste of chocolate, but as for poppy, here it is worth thinking: traditionally, baking uses its combination with milk, honey, dates and other dried fruits; from spicy spices - cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg. Given that poppy seeds are small and light enough, they can be added to biscuit dough after processing.

1. Sponge cake for cake “Fairy Tale” - original recipe (according to the textbook for confectioners-technologists, 1984)


Flour 350 g

Eggs (D-1) 580 g (6 pcs.)

Sugar 345 g

Essence 4 mg

Yield: 1000 g

Syrup for impregnation 100 g

Biscuit crumbs 80 g

Fruit or candied fruit 30 g

Humidity of the finished semi-finished product: 25%

Technological map:

Beat whites and yolks separately for dough. Add sugar to the yolks and continue to beat until completely dissolved. Add the essence to the yolks. Combine the yolk mass with whites, which are beaten up to a stable foam, adding one spoonful of yolks and continuing to beat. Set the mixer aside and continue working with a silicone spatula. Sift the flour into the egg mass gradually, while simultaneously mixing the dough from top to bottom. Immediately pour the dough onto a pre-prepared baking sheet (lay out a greased parchment with a thin layer) and bake the sponge cake in the preheated oven for 7-10 minutes. Cool ready-made semi-finished product on the work surface. Remove from the pan together with the parchment and turn the paper up. Using gentle movements, separate it from the biscuit and shift it to the bottom. Soak the sponge cake.

2. Cream “Charlotte” for cake “Fairy Tale” - the basic recipe

For cream:

Milk, whole 250 ml

Egg 70 g (2 yolks)

Sugar 190 g

Vanilla powder 2 g

Cognac or dessert wine 2 ml

Butter 210 g

Yield: 500 g

Technological map:

The first method: pound the yolks with sugar, carefully perebite mass. Pour a thin stream into the hot milk (80-95? C), quickly mixing with a whisk. Boil the cream in a water bath, 10 minutes from the moment of boiling. Cool to 20? C, add cognac and vanilla powder. Then beat with butter until creamy consistency.

The second method: sprinkle yolks with a small portion of sugar (50-70 g) until white. Pour the rest of the sugar into the milk and boil. Pour the milk in a thin stream into the egg mixture, whipping the mass with a whisk. Strain if lumps form. Boil the resulting mass until thick. Then proceed as indicated in the first method.

3. Basic cream cream for cake “Fairy Tale” with nuts


Icing sugar 90 g

Butter 265 g

Vanillin, crystalline 3 g

Condensed milk with sugar 100 g

Cognac 2 mg

Nut weight 50 g

Yield: 0.5 kg

Technological map:

For the cream, use any nuts to taste. They need to be fried (dried), cleaned from the coating and crushed in a mortar or very finely chopped.

Beat the butter with the powdered sugar until white. Continuing whipping, add a little condensed milk. After add vanilla, cognac. At the end of whipping pour the chopped nuts into the cream and mix with a spatula.

If you want the nutty taste to be brighter, add another piece to the biscuit crumb, which covers the side surface of the Tale cake with nuts.

4. Sponge cake with raisin - the second way


Flour 100 g

Raisin, light small (“Kishmish”) 80 g Sugar 90 g

Eggs (d-1) 240 g (4 pcs.)

Water, warm 30 ml

Essence 4 mg


Cooking Technology:

Beat the eggs, separating the whites from the yolks. Beat the cooled proteins in a larger container, without sugar. Add sugar and a small pinch of salt to the yolks, pour warm water at the end of the beating. Combine both egg masses, adding the yolks to the whites in small pieces, mixing the mass with a spatula. Add a little sifted flour. Put the dough on a sheet sent out with oiled paper and bake at 200? C for seven minutes.

After cooling, turn the biscuit semi-finished product with the paper up, remove it and soak it with the syrup.

Prepare the raisins. Wash it, steam it with boiling water for 10-15 minutes, then drain and dry on a napkin. Spread the raisins evenly on a layer of butter cream prepared according to the basic recipe, but without adding nuts (No. 3) applied to the biscuit cake mix. Roll the roll. Top the sides of the cake with Charlotte cream. Sprinkle the sides with a biscuit crumb, and place candied fruits on top, apply a pattern with white butter cream.

White cream for decoration, if desired, divided into 3 parts of 50 g, each of which is painted in green, red and yellow.

5. Biscuit cake mix for cake “Fairy tale” with poppy


Confectionery poppy 50 g

Flour 100 g

Fine salt

Sugar Refined 40 g

Corn Starch 20 g

Powdered sugar 80 g

Essence (honey + apple) 4 mg

Cinnamon 1.5 g

Eggs of the highest category 5 pcs.

Baking Powder 5 g

Warm water 30 ml

Syrup for impregnation 100 g:

Apricot liqueur 50 ml

Sugar 125 g

Water 100 ml

Cream “Charlotte”

Apricot jam

Butter cream

Cooking Technology:

Poppy and sugar for biscuit dough blender in mush. Mix it with sifted flour, starch and fine salt. Beat yolks with sugar, adding warm water, essences. Beat whites until stable and increase in volume by 5-6 times, then combine them alternately with yolk and flour mixture. Further actions - in accordance with the technological card in the recipe №1. To make a syrup, boil the sugar with water over low heat, until the volume is reduced by 25%. In a warm syrup pour brandy, dessert wine or apricot liqueur. To the biscuit with poppy seeds ideal impregnation with liqueur "Amaretto".

After impregnation, soak the biscuit, at least 3-4 hours, covered with a cotton napkin, and before applying on it white cream, smear with apricot jam. This combination will give the fairy tale cake with poppy seeds an unusual and bright taste. Chocolate cream “Charlotte”, in this case, apply to the surface. For decoration, use a little white cream, with the addition of dyes, and candied fruits.

6. Cake "Fairy Tale" with poppy seeds - an unusual recipe

For test:

Condensed milk 250 g

Oil 90 g

Baking Powder 15 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Mack, confectionery 70 g

Honey, liquid 120 g

Almond essence 5 mg

Flour 240 g


Boiled condensed milk 250 g

Vanilla sugar 6 g

Oil 210 g


Honey 100 g

Milk 70 ml

Cognac 50 ml

For surface and decor:

Cream “Charlotte” 330 g

Candied fruit 50g

Biscuit crumbs 100 g

Cooking Technology:

Beat the honey with the eggs, add water. Separately, beat the milk with butter. Combine both masses, and, continuing the beating, pour out gradually the mixture of poppy, baking powder and sifted flour. Add flavoring to the batter, pour onto a greased sheet and bake on medium heat.

In the warm boiled milk, add honey, brandy and, moving, soak the cooked syrup with the cooled biscuit cake mix.

To prepare the main cream, beat the butter with the addition of vanilla white-hot, gradually adding boiled condensed milk. Grease the sponge cake soaked in milk-honey syrup and roll it into a roll.

To decorate the cake, prepare the Charlotte cream according to the recipe number 3. First, grease it from the outside with chocolate custard with nuts, and then sprinkle it with crumb. Top with cream “Charlotte” and candied fruit to taste.

Cake “Fairy Tale” - useful cooking tips

To biscuit cake mix easily rolled into a roll, without tears and faults, add a little less sugar to the dough. Biscuit will bake a little longer, but retain plasticity. When baking, sweet dough is fried more strongly, and the finished product dries faster. No need to worry that the cake will turn out to be unsweetened: there is also impregnation and cream in it, which also contain sugar. Please note that only special food-grade industrial paints are added to butter cream designed for decorating confectionery products: beetroot, carrot and spinach juices will not work for this purpose - they do not mix well with milk fat and the cream will spread.

Cake "Fairy Tale" is often decorated with mushrooms, making the legs of white butter cream, and the caps - from biscuit dough. How to cook mushroom caps? Pouring dough onto a sheet, leave a couple of spoons of dough. Put it in the pastry syringe, and using a flat nozzle, without teeth, drop small drops of dough on paper into a separate form. Roast in the oven. Decorations blanks can be baked in a conventional heated pan, after having been lubricated with grease. Remember that the dough will increase in volume after baking, so the droplets should be as much smaller so that the caps for the mushrooms were neat, the right size.

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