Stew with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat stew.

Stew with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat stew.

A dish called “stew” came from France, where it was used as a snack and served at the beginning of the meal.

The composition of this dish can include both vegetables in its pure form, and fish, and mushrooms, but the most appetizing and tasty stew is obtained from meat.

For beef, pork, lamb or poultry you can add all sorts of spices, spices, sauces and, of course, fresh or frozen vegetables and greens. Serve stew and can be as a separate dish, and as a side dish. It is usually served hot, but in the cold it is no less pleasant to the taste.

Stew with meat - food preparation

All products before cooking should be thoroughly washed, the meat separated from the bones, fatty layers and skin, clean the vegetables. Further, all cut into medium pieces. Some recipes provide for preliminary roasting of meat, while in others it is recommended to stew it immediately.

Stew with meat - preparation of dishes

To prepare the stew, you will need a saucepan of a suitable volume in which vegetables and meat will be cooked or stewed. For pre-roasting meat will be needed pan or saucepan with non-stick coating.

Recipe 1: Bulgarian style beef stew

This dish has a bright aroma and taste due to the presence in the composition of the ingredients of dry wine. Fans of true Bulgarian very sharp taste can add black ground pepper to taste to stew.


1 kg of meat (low-fat beef)

100 ml dry white wine

1 table. a spoon of flour

2 medium carrots

250 g green beans

3-4 medium potatoes

4 table. spoons of vegetable or olive oil

salt, black pepper, greens (to taste)

Method of preparation

Peel the bulbs and finely chop them, fry them in a frying pan with added vegetable oil until transparent. Wash meat, cut into pieces, add salt and fry in a skillet over high heat until half cooked. After that, add a little water or broth to the saucepan, and then pour the wine. In a separate pan, fry the flour until golden, lay out to the meat, remove the heat to a minimum and then simmer the meat until ready. Boil carrots, beans and potatoes in a saucepan (cut everything into slices). After that, put all the vegetables, including onions, in a saucepan, mix, sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe 2: Beef, Pork and Lamb Stew with Brussels Sprouts

This recipe is attributed to Belgian origin, possibly due to the use of Brussels sprouts in it. The finished dish turns out very tender, appetizing and fragrant. Due to the wide variety of meat types used in it, it will easily lead the menu of a hearty dinner or lunch.


300g beef brisket

250 g of lamb (shovels)

100 g low-fat pork

250 g pork sausages

500 ml chicken broth

100 g swede

5 medium onions

250 g Brussels sprouts

6-8 medium potatoes

1 medium carrot

200 ml sour cream

salt, pepper, bay leaf (to taste)

Method of preparation

Wash the meat, cut into medium pieces, put in a large saucepan or saucepan and pour over the broth. Add 500 ml of boiled water, bay leaf and salt to taste. Bring to a boil over medium heat, removing the foam. Then reduce the heat to low and cook the meat for about 2 hours.

Wash vegetables, peel and cut into cubes, Brussels sprouts to disassemble the hands on the inflorescences, add to the meat. Simmer for about 30 minutes.

10 minutes before being cooked, put the sliced ​​sausages into the stew. After the dish is cooked, you need to put the meat and vegetables in a separate container, and add sour cream and ground pepper to the broth. Evaporate the mixture at 2/3, then pour it on the meat with vegetables and mix gently. Salt to taste.

Recipe 3: Ragout with chicken, peas and mushrooms in “baskets”

This dish is not only very tasty and satisfying, it also looks very elegant on the table due to the special serving in puff or sand "baskets", which are easy to buy ready-made in the store.


400 g boneless chicken

3-4 table. spoons of green peas

100 g of noble forest mushrooms

1-2 medium carrots

1 egg

1-2 table. spoons of flour

a handful of raisins

250 ml chicken broth

150 ml of white dry wine

2-3 table. spoons of grated hard cheese

1 lemon

salt, pepper, herbs (to taste) ready-made “baskets” of puff or shortbread dough

Method of preparation

Rinse the chicken, add salt and lemon juice and remove for 1-1.5 hours in a cool place. After that, cut into slices, put in a saucepan and fry in vegetable or olive oil over high heat until golden brown.

Wash mushrooms, carrots, peel, chop and add to the chicken. Fry on medium heat for 10 minutes, then put the flour in a saucepan. When the flour turns golden, slowly pour in the broth, stirring constantly.

Bring to a boil and put the rest of the ingredients (peas, raisins, herbs and wine) into the stew. Boil another 10-12 minutes.

Then remove from heat, cool slightly and add egg yolk. Stir gently, remove the meat and vegetables with a skimmer and spread out in “baskets”, sprinkled with grated cheese on a fine grater. Pour the remaining sauce into the saucepan and serve separately.

Stew with meat - useful tips from experienced chefs

1. For stews, you can use previously cooked meat or boiled vegetables left over from other dishes. They just need to chop, put into the pan, add a little broth or water, stew for 15-20 minutes and the stew can be considered ready. It only remains to salt it to taste, pepper and add your favorite spices and herbs.

2. Any recipe for stews can be easily diversified by replacing some components with others. For example, instead of Brussels sprouts, use cauliflower, instead of sour cream, add cream, in general, cooking stews is an excellent occasion for culinary fantasies.

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