Strawberry jam: how to cook strawberry jam correctly

Strawberry jam: how to cook strawberry jam correctly

Strawberry jam - general description

Strawberry jam is a wonderful dessert that can be used with baking and on your own. Strawberry jam, as well as strawberry jam, has a positive effect on the body if it is not abused. The fundamental difference between strawberry jam and jam is that there is no need to preserve the shape of the berries when making jam. In addition, gelling products are often added to the jam, so that its consistency is as viscous as possible.

The benefits of strawberry jam due to the fact that it includes strawberries. After all, strawberries are wonderful both in appearance and in taste. It is used not only for making jam and jam. From it make ice cream, jellies, syrups, drinks, confectionery. It is added to baking and used even in the manufacture of medicines.

Like all vibrant berries and fruits, strawberries contain many antioxidants. They, for example, vitamin C, as well as phenolic compounds, flavonoids and organic acids, which are rich in strawberries, will help to avoid many diseases. Potassium contained in strawberries will help normalize intraocular pressure. And this factor is very important for vision.

Strawberries help maintain joint mobility. Daily use of this wonderful berries will protect the body from the occurrence and development of tumors. Iodine, which is also in strawberries, will help older people to save their brain and nervous system from showing signs of aging.

Everyone knows that excess salt intake can trigger an increase in blood pressure. Potassium and magnesium in strawberries will counter this phenomenon. A number of vitamins belonging to group B, which are also present in strawberries, help the effective functioning of the heart muscle.

In order for the beneficial properties of the berry to be most fully preserved in the jam, it is important that it undergo as little thermal treatment as possible. For a delicious and healthy jam, you need to select only the most ripe strawberries.

Strawberry jam - preparing dishes

To the berries retain their beneficial properties, and unpleasant additives do not fall into the home-made, you should not make jam in copper or aluminum basins. To make preparations for the winter truly safe will help the basin of stainless steel. If it is not available, you can use enamelware. She is also safe when cooking jam. But when applying it you need to be as careful as possible so that the enamel does not break away. It is necessary to stir the jam with a wooden spoon or a special spatula.

To store brewed jam should properly prepare the banks. They should be thoroughly washed with hot water and soap. Clean jars need to be sterilized. There are several ways to do this.

For example, you can sterilize jars over steam. To do this, pour water into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. Place a colander on top of the pan, put it on the jar with the neck down. Steam will flow from the pan to the jar, sterilizing its inner surface. For such processing liter cans five minutes is enough. Next, the bank should be carefully removed, setting in its place next. The finished jar is put on the table, the neck is covered with a sterilized lid.

The caps are sterilized by boiling in a small container. It is important that the caps are completely covered with water during the sterilization process.

Strawberry jam - preparation of fruits

Strawberries before cooking jam should be thoroughly washed. To do this, it must be put in a sieve or colander and immersed in a bowl of water. It is better to rinse in several waters. The berry must be absolutely pure. Sepals, stems and damaged berries must be removed.

Before combining with sugar, strawberries should be chopped. Make it necessary in any convenient way. You can knead the berries with your hands, skip through a meat grinder, use a blender or crush. Cutting the berries into small pieces with a knife is also a good option.

Strawberry Jam Recipe 1

In the prepared kilogram of strawberries, zest the 2 lemons and add the juice from the same lemons. The mixture is brought to a boil and boil for no more than five minutes. Next, add warmed sugar to the mixture. The jam is brought to a boil and cook for 20 minutes on low heat, constantly removing the foam. Ready jam is kept for 10 minutes, then they are filled with warm sterilized jars and closed. After two weeks, you can remove the sample from the workpiece. Why sugar needs to be heated and how to do it correctly, read at the end of the article.

Strawberry Jam Recipe 2

A kilogram of prepared berries is poured with boiling sugar syrup, which is boiled at the rate of 0.8 kg of sugar per 0.3 kg of water. Next, the jam is cooked until tender, mixing and removing the foam. Boiling jam is packed in dry hot jars, which are hermetically sealed and, turning upside down, are left to cool.

Strawberry Jam Recipe 3

Ready berries (1 kg) put in an enamel pan. Add a pound of sugar. Next you need to leave the berries to let the juice for 16 hours. In the resulting mixture, add another pound of sugar and cook the jam until fully cooked. The fire in the cooking process should be strong, so you should not forget to constantly mix the jam and remove the foam. If instead of a kilogram of sugar to use 1.2 kg, it will turn out even more tasty. Jam packaged hot, close the jars and leave them to cool.

Strawberry Jam - tips from experienced chefs

In order to keep the jam longer, you can pasteurize it. To do this, pour hot jam into warm, dry jars, cover them loosely and put them in a large saucepan, the water in which is already warmed to 70 degrees. For proper pasteurization, the water temperature in the pan should reach 95 degrees. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes for half-liter cans and 25 minutes for one-liter.

During the entire time of pasteurization, the pan should be closed. Water should not reach 3 cm to the neck of cans. At the end of the process, close the cans finally and let them cool without turning over. To make real jam, sugar, pectin and acid are necessary. Pectin is released from the berries in the process of heating, lemon acid retains the color of the product and makes its taste not cloying. Sugar is better heated before use. Cold sugar may dissolve worse and lower the temperature of the product. You can warm it up if you pour it on a baking sheet and hold it in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees.

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