Cake "Black Forest" according to the classic recipes of German confectioners. Various variants of the cake "Black Forest" with cheese, cream, cherry


The Black Forest is not a scary place, but a fabulous German cake. You can also find the second name of this dessert - Schwardzal forest. So it is styled in Germany, where the dessert first appeared.

Black Forest Cake - General Cooking Principles

Cakes for the “Black Forest” are always preparing chocolate. In the classic recipe they are baked one at a time, but more and more often you can come across a simplified method. It makes a general cake, then it is cut with horizontal plates, usually three of them. You can do more, but not less. Cakes smeared cream, cheese or any other similar cream.

In the classic cake, in addition to the cream, cherry is used for the filling. Canned or fresh berries can be used, but they require pre-treatment, usually cooking or evaporating the syrup. Sugar, liqueur or brandy may be added to the filling. The same ingredients are present in the impregnation. Decorate the cake with icing, grease with ganache or simply sprinkle with chocolate chips after pre-coating with cream.

Classic Black Forest Cake with Cheese and Cherry

The cream for this cake “Black Forest” is prepared with cream cheese “Philadelphia”. Delicate layer perfectly complements rich chocolate cakes.


• 0.18 kg of white sifted flour;

• 100 ml boiling water;

• 220 g sugar (brown cane is better);

• 20 g of cocoa;

• 50 g of oil;

• 160 g fat sour cream;

• 1 egg;

• 1 tsp. soda


• 0.25 kg of cheese;

• 0.1 liters of cream (fat for whipping);

• 60 g of powder.


• 50 g high quality chocolate;

• 100 ml of cream (take at least 30%);

• spoon of butter.

You will also need canned cherries with juice (berries about 250 g), a little starch, a spoon of liqueur for impregnation.


1. The cake is baked in three forms, but small in diameter, 18-20 cm is enough. We immediately lubricate them and turn on the oven 180 degrees.

2. First, combine all the bulk ingredients for dark cakes: cocoa, flour, soda, salt. Then parts add eggs, sour cream, introduce softened (but you can also melt) butter. Stir. The last moment is boiling water. Pour it in a thin stream and quickly stir the mass to smoothness. 3. Divide the dough into 3 parts, lay out in the form, align and send bake. Cook until dry chopsticks. Since the cakes are thin, it will take a little time, on average, 10-13 minutes. Cool the base.

4. Whip cream for cream. We pour some powder on a spoon, then we combine this mass with mashed cheese.

5. At cherries we take out the stones, put them in a saucepan, add starch and 1 spoon of syrup or just water. Warm up on fire, cool.

6. In 100 ml of cherry syrup or compote we part a spoon of liqueur or brandy. You can use as a base water with sugar.

7. Putting “Black Forest”. Soak cakes soaked with syrup, do not need much water. Lubricate the cake half cheese cream, distribute half of the cherry. Repeat. We press down the last cake and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

8. For half an hour you need to cook ganache. We mix all components, we warm up in a water bath.

9. We get a cake that already had to “grab” a little and get stronger. Grease chocolate mass. “Schwardzal forest” is decorated with fresh or canned cherries.

Black Forest Cake with Cream on Milk

Another variation of the German cake "Black Forest". The recipe is not only simplified, but also cheaper.


• 50 g oil rast. without smell;

• 2 eggs;

• 240 g cherries in syrup;

• 70 g of powdered sugar;

• 50 g of cocoa;

• 5 g ripper;

• 160 ml of milk;

• a little chocolate topping or grated chocolate (40-60 g);

• 0.4 liters of cream (fat from 30%);

• 0.2 kg of sugar;

• 0.14 kg of flour.


1. Combine eggs and sand, take a blender and whip together until a white foam. Then pour milk into the dough into the future, followed by vegetable oil. We throw a pinch of salt.

2. Mix cocoa, flour, throw ripper. Pour into the first mixture, stir.

3. The dough can be baked in parts, but here it is more convenient to shift into one form. Baking at 170 about 45-50 minutes. Leave to cool.

4. Spread the cherry in a saucepan. If the berries with pits, then remove. Put on the stove, evaporate the remnants of the syrup.

5. Cream whipped in a lush foam. After the mass increases and becomes thick, we introduce a little powdered sugar. 6. Cold chocolate cake cut into three horizontal plates. We try to make them the same thickness.

7. Getting to the assembly. Sprinkle cakes with the same syrup, in which there were berries. Lubricate butter cream, scatter cherries. Repeat.

8. Top crust lubricated with whipped cream with powder, sprinkle with chocolate.

Black Forest Cake with Fresh Cherries

A variation of the “Black Forest” cake, which uses fresh cherries. Cakes are also different, they are prepared with a large number of eggs.


• six large chicken eggs;

• 0.24 kg of sugar;

• 45 g potato starch;

• 45 g of cocoa;

• 0.14 kg of wheat flour;

• 10 g (one standard bag) of the ripper;

• 60 ml of oil.


• 0.65 liters of cream (for whipping);

• 120 g of fine sugar powder.


• 0.5 kg of cherries;

• 0.2 kg of sugar sand;

• 50 grams of starch.

For syrup: 0.1 kg of sugar, 80 ml of brandy, 0.16 liters of water.


1. Prepare a large form and immediately turn on the oven. Pour starch with flour, cocoa powder and ripper into the sieve. We skip everything together in a bowl.

2. Eggs until cool foam, beat with sugar, add chocolate flour with rippers, stir and add vegetable oil. Bake at 180 about 35 minutes. We cool for at least three hours and only after that we plaster horizontally into three flat cakes.

3. The cream is prepared simply: whip the cream with powder.

4. Free the cherries from the bones, put them in a saucepan, add sugar and boil in your juice for about five minutes. Dilute starch with a small amount of water, add to the berries, quickly stir, heat and cool.

5. Impregnation also does not require high culinary skill: dissolve sugar in hot water, cool it and add starch.

6. Assembling the cake: soak the cake with brandy syrup, lubricate with cream, spread out half of the cherry filling. Repeat. Top lubricated with cream, but you can cover with chocolate or just sprinkle.

Black Forest Cake with Bananas

For this cake cakes are baked in any way, and a regular chocolate sponge will do. Feature. Bananas and mascarpone cream cheese are. Ingredients

• 500 g Mascarpone;

• 400 ml of cream;

• 210 g of powder;

• 6-7 bananas;

• 130 ml of water;

• 70 g of sugar;

• 4 spoons of brandy;

• lemon;

• 65 g chocolate chips.


1. Beat cream until frothy with half powdered sugar. Combine the second part with mascarpone cheese or similar. Combine both masses, put in the refrigerator for thirty minutes.

2. Mix boiling water with sand, cool, pour brandy.

3. Squeeze out all the juice from the lemon. If it is large, half citrus can be used.

4. Cut the bananas in small plates just before assembling the cake, sprinkle with lemon juice.

5. Now, according to the classical scheme: put one cake on a dish, soak it, a third of the syrup should go. Next, lay out the cream, bananas on it. Putting the second layer in the same way.

6. Top grease, sprinkle with chocolate chips or decorate in another way, but not with bananas, they will darken.

Black Forest Cake with Caramel Cream

Another variation of the “Black Forest” cake with cherries, but with caramel cream. Boiled condensed milk is used, which you can buy or cook yourself. Cook the cakes according to any recipe above.


• 1 jar of condensed milk boiled;

• 250 ml of milk;

• 1/3 chocolates;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 120 g of oil;

• 2 yolks;

• 250 g canned cherries;

• 100 ml of cherry syrup;

• 2 tsp. cognac.


1. Stir raw egg yolks with flour, add whole milk to them, put an plate, brew. Remove the cream from the heat and immediately add the boiled condensed milk. Stir quickly. Now enter the softened butter and beat for about five minutes with a mixer at high speed.

2. Mix syrup and brandy.

3. Cherries are out. If the berries are large, then cut into halves or quarters.

4. Soak the cake, smear it with caramel cream, press the cherries into it and cover with the second stuffing. We act in a similar pattern.

5. Cover the top of the cake with the remnants of the cream, decorate with berries, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Black Forest Cake with Chocolate Cream

Another variation of the German cake, the cakes for which we bake according to any recipes above. But the cream is making chocolate. Ingredients

• 300 g canned cherries;

• 350 ml of cream;

• 90 g dark chocolate;

• 3 tablespoons of powder;

• 2 spoons of brandy;

• 110 ml of cherry syrup or compote.

For decoration a little cocoa or grated white chocolate.


1. Break the chocolate into pieces, put in a water bath, melt.

2. Place pitted cherries in a saucepan, pour in 100 ml of syrup and evaporate the juice so that the berries are not too wet, but they are saturated.

3. Beat cream and powder, add melted but slightly warm chocolate to them. Mix.

4. Combine the ingredients that remained for impregnation.

5. Cake put on a dish, sprinkle with brandy syrup, then chocolate cream and cherry berries, which are better to press.

6. The second layer is collected in the same way.

7. Top lubricated with cream, you can sprinkle with cocoa powder or make a contrast and use grated white chocolate for decoration.

Black Forest Cake - Tips and Tricks

• If the cherries are large, you do not need to lay them entirely, the cake will be a curve. It is better to immediately cut the berries in half or quarters.

• Any cream will decorate vanillin. But this is not the case. In the “Black Forest” is better to add liquor or brandy, with them the taste is much more noble.

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