Unusual Turkish soup: on yoghurt, milk, meat broth. Recipes Turkish gourmet soup with meat, cereals, vegetables

Unusual Turkish soup: on yoghurt, milk, meat broth. Recipes Turkish gourmet soup with meat, cereals, vegetables

Turkish cuisine has recently become very popular in Russia. This is understandable: the last decades, the All-Russian Visa-Free Health Resort introduced its compatriots not only to the concept of “all inclusive”.

The Russians liked the national cuisine of friendly Turkey. But especially liked the light variety of Turkish soups.

Turkish soup can be very different: light and nourishing, thick and transparent, white and red, meat and lean. And it is incredibly useful, fragrant and easy to prepare. Adapting the dish to Russian realities is practically not necessary: ​​bulugur, lentils, rice, yogurt, tomatoes, katyk, noodles, mushrooms and meat, thank God, we have.

Turkish Soup - General Cooking Principles

The varieties of Turkish soup that have taken root in Russia are mainly puree-soups. For their preparation, cereals (red, green, brown lentils, pearl barley, rice, bulougur), vegetables (onions, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin), dairy products (yogurt, milk, cream) and meat (lamb, chicken, veal) are needed.

Groats need to cook in advance. Cooked broth from meat, boiled together with a bone for greater richness. Vegetables cleaned from dirt, pelts, husks and finely chopped. Since in almost all the recipes from will have to puree, the shape of the cutting does not matter. The only condition: and carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, and other vegetables should be cut, not grated, so as not to spoil the taste of the dish.

Well, if the kitchen has a blender. This eliminates the need to mash the soup base by hand, wiping vegetables and cereals through a sieve or a fine grater.

Turkish soup “Yoghurt yayla”

The most popular Turkish soup, chorbas or yayla, has another name — hasta chorbas, that is, “soup for the sick.” Indeed, natural yogurt is very useful. The dish has a delicate creamy texture, thin sourness, it turns out pretty sharp. Mint, fried in butter, gives the soup a stunning aroma. Ingredients:

• a glass of natural unsweetened yogurt, if possible thick;

• one and a half liter of water or prepared meat (chicken) broth;

• half a cup of white rice;

• A spoon with a bit of white flour;

• yolks of two eggs;

• lemon;

• tablespoon butter;

• teaspoon of dried peppermint;

• salt;

• Pinch of chili.


In the ready boiling broth, throw the rice, cook for about twenty minutes until soft.

Prepare a yogurt base.

Separate and beat the yolks.

Pour half a cup of warm boiled water into the yolks, add flour and mix until homogeneous (without lumps) state.

Introduce yogurt into the egg-flour mixture, mix well.

Carefully scoop a little broth out of the saucepan with rice, pour in the yoghurt mixture, mix again.

Pour the mixture into the saucepan with the prepared rice. It is necessary to mix it constantly and vigorously so that the egg yolk does not curd


Bring to a boil and stir for three minutes.

Dissolve a spoonful of butter in a pan, fry mint and chili on it (literally half a minute, otherwise there will be a burnt flavor).

Pour the peppermint oil in a saucepan, stir well.

Squeeze a spoonful of juice from lemon, pour into the soup.

Serve with croutons or crispy baguette.

Turkish cream soup with broccoli “Cheese”

Delicate creamy taste of Turkish soup with melted cheese, broccoli and spices will surprise you. All the more so from budget products you get a real gourmet treat.


• packaging of high-quality processed cheese (150 grams). “Yantar”, “Hochland”, “President” will do;

• three medium potatoes;

• medium carrot;

• seven broccoli bushes;

• small onion;

• half a lemon;

• half a spoon of dried basil, thyme, mint, etc .;

• oil for the pan;

• Bay leaf;

• salt;

• black pepper.


Fry chopped onion in hot oil until transparent (do not fry!).

Grate carrots.

Put the carrot in the onion, continue frying. Put sliced ​​potatoes in a saucepan, pour hot boiled water so that the cubes are completely submerged.

Slightly salt some potatoes, boil after boiling no more than five minutes.

Put the bay leaf into the broccoli pan, cook for about ten minutes until the potatoes are cooked.

Remove lavrushka, mash the contents of the pan without removing.

Add soft melted cheese to the cabbage-potato puree, turn on the heat again and, stirring, dissolve the cheese.

Squeeze a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

Season the soup with juice, dried herbs, and pepper.

Insist under cover for fifteen minutes.

When serving, pour lemon juice (literally half a spoonful per serving).

You can decorate with greens as desired.

Turkish Traditional Lentil Soup

A very nutritious and healthy version of Turkish soup merdimik chorbas, which the Turks cook only from red lentils (so beautiful and tastier).


• two hundred grams of red lentils;

• litere of water;

• medium bulb;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• average carrot;

• half a spoonful of red pepper;

• tablespoon dried mint;

• salt;

• lemon.


Finely chop the carrots and onions.

Dissolve the oil in a thick-walled pan and fry the vegetables for about five minutes.

Wash the lentils and pour it to the onions and carrots.

Pour all with a liter of water, turn on the middle fire.

After boiling, simmer the soup on a slow fire under a closed lid for about fifteen minutes.

Salt, season with pepper and mint, boil for another minute.

Slightly cool the soup and puree in a blender.

When serving, fill right in the plates with freshly squeezed lemon juice (spoonful per serving).

Turkish red lentil cream soup with potatoes

Another version of this Turkish soup, but with potatoes and tomatoes. Very tasty and simple.


• a glass of red lentils;

• medium bulb;

• two small potatoes;

• small carrots;

• two tomatoes (or two tablespoons of tomato paste);

• lemon;

• dried mint, basil - half a teaspoon; • one and a half liters of hot water;

• oil for the pan;

• black pepper, salt;

• a pinch of ground chili.


Heat the oil in a thick-walled pan.

Fry shredded carrots and onions on it. Vegetables should be soft.

Washed lentils fall asleep in a saucepan.

Fry together with vegetables for a minute.

Remove the skin from the tomatoes, grate the pulp or chop finely.

Finely chop the potatoes.

Add tomatoes and potatoes to lentils.

Pour water into the pan, put on medium heat.

As soon as the soup boils, remove the fire to a minimum, cook the soup for half an hour under the lid.

The contents of the pan from time to time to stir.

Once the lentils are cooked, mash the soup.

If it seems too thick, you can slightly dilute with boiling water.

Squeeze a spoonful of juice from a lemon.

Season the soup with pepper, salt, mint, basil, a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Bring the cream soup to the first bubble of boiling, turn off and insist fifteen minutes.

Serve with croutons and a transparent quarter lemon slice.

Turkish green pea cream soup with cream

Baselle chorbasa is a Turkish soup with green peas in cream. Peas can take any: canned, fresh, frozen. The most delicate taste, simple cooking - what could be better?


• a pound of peas;

• a glass of 10 percent cream;

• four glasses of boiling water or ready-made chicken broth;

• two tablespoons of butter;

• three tablespoons of white flour;

• half a spoonful of dried basil, mint;

• lemon;

• salt, pepper any.


Peas pour a little water (if you cook canned vegetables, take the liquid from the jar) and puree.

Rub the mash through a fine sieve to separate the skins.

Dissolve the oil and fry the flour so.

Pour in a little cream, constantly breaking up lumps. It should turn out completely homogeneous mass.

Mix peas and flour sauce.

Pour all the hot broth or water, salt. Season with herbs, pepper, juice, mix.

Protracted over low heat for about ten minutes, preventing boiling.

Insist another ten minutes.

Serve with toast or croutons, transparent quarters of lemon slices. You can pour fresh lemon juice, it turns out very tasty.

Turkish Pumpkin Soup

Delicious Turkish pumpkin soup tastes amazing due to pre-roasting ingredients.


• 700-800 grams of fresh pumpkin pulp;

• two medium carrots;

• large onion;

• three small potatoes;

• dill fresh (ordinary bunch);

• spoon of butter;

• pepper and salt;

• two cloves of garlic.


Dissolve fresh butter in a griddle.

Fry the finely chopped potatoes until an appetizing crust forms.

Put the potatoes in a saucepan.

Add more butter and some vegetable oil, fry the sliced ​​pumpkin - also to the crust.

Transfer the pumpkin to the potatoes.

On the third time, fry the onion until transparent softness.

While the onion is fried, chop the carrot finely.

Add carrots to onions, fry everything together for five to seven minutes.

Put the carrot-onion fry in the pan.

Pour the water over the vegetables to cover them up a little.

Salt, turn on medium heat.

When the soup boils, remove the fire to a minimum, cook until ready (about ten minutes).

Cool the soup slightly and mash it.

Bring to boil again.

Chop garlic.

Season the soup with pepper, garlic, add salt if necessary, turn off the heat, cover the soup tightly and leave for twenty minutes.

Post traditionally: with lemon and crackers.

Turkish soup with tomatoes and noodles

The meat version of the Turkish soup is cooked from chicken, tomatoes and noodles. If there are no fresh tomatoes on hand, canned ones will do. The taste is saturated, sour, spicy.


• large chicken breast;

• three tomatoes;

• one hundred grams of fine gossamer vermicelli;

• two cloves of garlic;

• oil for the pan;

• lemon; • pepper, salt;

• some fresh greens.


Boiled chicken disassembled into fibers.

Chicken broth thoroughly drain. It takes a little less than three liters.

To remove skin from tomatoes, grate pulp.

Heat oil in a thick-walled pot.

Finely chop the garlic with a knife and fry a little in oil.

Just a minute later, throw the tomatoes, fry for five minutes.

Pour in broth, let it boil.

Throw vermicelli, boil a few minutes.

Put the chicken fibers into the tomato soup, add salt, bring to a boil, turn off the heat.

When serving, garnish with chopped herbs and a slice of lemon.

Turkish soup with lentils and meat balls

Rich, nourishing, tasty version of Turkish soup, which can be offered to the whole family for lunch.


• beef meat bone;

• three hundred grams of ready beef or any other stuffing (with onions);

• four potatoes;

• half a cup of lentils of any kind;

• average carrot;

• small bell pepper;

• medium bulb;

• oil for the pan;

• salt, black pepper or a mixture of peppers;

• a bunch of fresh greens.


Cook the beef broth from the bone and one and a half liters of water.

Stir fry the onions, carrots and peppers until the onions are translucent.

Put vegetable frying in a plate.

Rub the griddle with a paper towel, add oil and reheat again.

Minced balls form small balls no more than four centimeters in diameter.

Fry the balls on all sides.

Broth strain.

Potatoes finely chopped.

Rinse lentils.

Dip meat balls, lentils and potato cubes into beef broth.

Salt, season with pepper.

After boiling boil for about ten minutes.

Add vegetable fry, boil for another ten minutes, turn off the fire.

Cut the greens, throw under the lid, insist soup.

Turkish Tomato Soup on Milk

A very unusual version of the Turkish soup - a gentle, moderately spicy, with a delicate creamy note. Prepares elementary.

Ingredients: • two tablespoons of thick tomato paste;

• two tomatoes;

• tablespoon white flour;

• liter of fresh milk;

• spoon of butter;

• salt, black pepper;

• fifty grams of cheese.


Dissolve butter in a thick-walled pan.

Fry the flour.

Put the tomato paste in the flour, fry for another half a minute.

Pour in the milk, stirring all the lumps, turn on the middle fire.

Grate the tomato without skin, puree.

As soon as the milk boils, put the tomatoes.

Season with salt, pepper, simmer for ten minutes on low heat.

Grate finely cheese.

When serving, sprinkle some cheese into each plate.

Turkish Soup - Tricks and Tips

  • When cooking yoghurt soup, you need to remember some secrets. They will help prevent yogurt from rolling up. Salt the dish should be ready, and the cover during cooking does not close. The fire must be strong.
  • Instead of lentils, you can put bulugur, round rice, pearl barley, chickpea and even beans in the soup.
  • Lemon and crackers are mandatory for the traditional Turkish soup serving. Turks in general, almost all dishes are flavored with lemon juice.
  • Delicious soup croutons can be made by yourself. Slice fresh bread into thin slices, brush with garlic butter, sprinkle with any herbs and spices that you like, cut into cubes and dry in the oven.
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