Baked ham in the oven in foil: step-by-step recipes for meat delicacy. Baked pork recipes in foil with step-by-step description

Baked ham in the oven in foil: step-by-step recipes for meat delicacy. Baked pork recipes in foil with step-by-step description

When planning home celebrations, housewives with anxiety consider every hour to prepare dishes for the festive table. Meat dishes are very difficult to exclude from the traditional ceremonial menu. However, in actual fact everything turns out to be not so difficult, for example, one should not ignore the step-by-step pork recipes in the oven in foil. Not so often the guest will meet, who will not be tempted by a piece of juicy baked meat.

You can also decorate a festive table with boiled pork, and there is a place for it in the everyday menu. Natural homemade meat is much tastier and healthier than purchased sausage.

You do not know how to cook a tasty, juicy, soft and fragrant baked ham in the oven in foil? Step-by-step recipes will reveal the secrets of meat delicacy.

General principles of cooking ham in the oven in foil using step-by-step recipes

• For a good baked ham, you need to select a large piece of meat without bones and veins, with thin layers of fat, which will determine the succulence of the dish. It is considered the most juicy pork ham from the ham or the cervical pork carcass. The optimum weight of pulp is from one and a half to three kilograms. Ideal chilled or fresh meat. It is undesirable to use fresh, such a piece will have to stand for some time in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to use frozen semi-finished product on a baked ham, which loses part of the meat juice when thawing.

• Production of baked ham in the oven in foil according to step-by-step recipes takes place in several stages. Meat should be thoroughly washed with cool water, cleaned of excess fat and lived. After that, the pulp is carefully dried with towels to make it convenient to work with.

• Next, pork is stuffed with vegetables, rubbed with spices, stuffed or marinated in a liquid marinade. This stage of preparation depends on the recipe, because there are many technologies for softening meat fibers and variants of seasonings so that the baked boiled pork does not turn out to be dry and tasteless. • Prepared meat is carefully wrapped in foil. It should be folded at least in three layers so that the accidentally damaged layer is covered next. The seams of the foil tuck and pinch - the package should be as tight as possible. Sometimes the pulp is first wrapped in parchment and only then in foil.

• Bake the boiled pork in the oven on a baking sheet or form. Baking time depends on many factors: the type of meat, the initial preparation, the size of the piece. Usually the process lasts from one and a half to three hours. The baking temperature in each recipe is specified separately. Sometimes they use a special temperature regime, first they cook the baked ham with maximum heating, and later they switch to a lower temperature.

• Serve boiled pork in the form of cutting after complete cooling and even additional curing in the refrigerator. Although, if you really can not wait, you can let try a piece of warm meat.

Baked pork in the oven in foil: a step-by-step recipe for tender, injected pork

Roasting in the oven a large piece of meat is possible in dozens of only separately similar methods, starting with mashing and ending with marinating. Not all of them are suitable, in the marinade, the meat needs to be kept for a certain time, and the mashed meat is not liked by everyone. We offer a step-by-step recipe of boiled pork in the oven in foil, involving the injection of meat with cream. Gentle cream with a thick needle is inserted into the piece, which makes the meat more juicy. Instead of cream, any marinade, wine and even beer will do. Not bad it turns baked ham with pomegranate juice, cranberries and currants.


• kilogram of selected pork pulp;

• garlic;

• a spoonful of a mixture of non-hot peppers;

• 100 ml of cream of low (up to 10%) fat content;

• A spoonful of aromatic spices, such as “Italian Herbs”;

• fine salt - a teaspoon with a small slide.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the garlic. There is no limit to the number, you can use less or more. For a given amount of meat, for a bright garlic flavor, it is enough to take five middle teeth. 2. Press the garlic into the bowl with a press, add a mixture of herbs, salt, aromatic peppers and rub well. Pour the cream into the bowl, stir well and leave for a quarter of an hour. Cream, it is desirable to withstand at room temperature, then they are easier to absorb all the flavors.

3. Strain the mixture through layers of gauze, the remaining spices are not thrown away. Strained cream, fill the syringe and put a needle on it with a wide lumen. We pour two spoons of the infusion to the thick of the spices and mix.

4. Having washed a piece of meat with water, we cut off all that is superfluous from it: veins, films, excess fat. We pierce the meat with a needle, as far as the length allows, and gradually removing it, squeeze the cream out of the syringe. We make such punctures as tightly as possible across the entire surface of the piece.

5. We spread a piece filled with fragrant cream on a large sheet of foil, we coat the meat on all sides with the left ground and wrap it in foil. We fold the foil on the seams so that when baking, meat juice does not run out of them.

6. Place the package on a baking sheet and set it in the middle level of the oven, of course, warming it up to 180 degrees in advance. Bake for an hour and 40 minutes.

7. Chill the pork, not getting out of the foil, then for another 4 hours, place, without unpacking, in the refrigerator.

Baked pork in the oven in foil: a step-by-step recipe from pickled pork belly

Now try to cook the bacon. In order for the baked meat, according to the step-by-step recipe of boiled pork in the oven in foil, turned out to be juicy, it must first be pickled. Marinade is prepared by mixing all the ingredients and applied to the meat in a thick layer. The duration of marinating is two hours at normal room temperature, in a hot time it is better to place the billet in a refrigerator overnight.


• 750 gr. pork (brisket);

• two spoons of pure sunflower oil;

• small onion head; • a quarter of a small spoonful of ground chili;

• ground laurel leaf - 1/3 tsp;

• five teeth of garlic;

• 0.5 spoons of black, freshly ground pepper;

• spoon of salt;

• 30 gr. ketchup or fresh tomato puree;

• a small pinch of ground thyme.

Cooking Method:

1. Cooking for marinade meat. Chalk onions, put in a bowl and lightly rub hands. Through the press we press garlic into the onions, add chili peppers and all the spices. Add the oil, lay out the tomato and mix well.

2. After washing with water a piece of meat, wipe well with a paper towel and place it in a bowl with marinade. We rub the spicy mixture from all sides, tighten it with a film, let the meat stand for two hours.

3. We tie a well-marinated piece of pulp with string, spread it on the foil spread out on the table. From above we grease meat with the remains of marinade and we densely pack. Watch the seams especially carefully, if you tuck them badly, meat juice will leak out.

4. Place the meat package in the low-sided form or on the brazier and set in a hot oven. Cooking a boiled pork in foil, keeping 190 degrees for an hour. Then we carefully cut the top layer of the foil, we part the edges. Put the meat back in the oven for about ten minutes, turn it upside down and turn it over the same time.

5. We give the cold boiled pork to cool, and remove the thread, cut into slices and serve.

Juicy pork in the oven in foil: a step-by-step recipe for roasting meat in double packaging

Himself a step-by-step recipe for baked ham in the oven in foil is simple, the process is quite long. Meat must first be marinated, then baked for two and a half hours, then, waiting for it to cool, stand for at least six hours in the refrigerator. It is important to remember - depending on the weight of the piece, the duration of baking may vary. In order not to dry the meat, you need to accurately determine the time. To this end, divide the weight of the selected piece by “3” - one third of the mass of meat in kilograms is equal to the length of time, in hours, during which the baked ham should be baked at the maximum temperature. Ingredients:

• pork, a piece of fattening - 2.5 kg;

• ground sweet paprika;

• pea black pepper, ground in a mortar;

• garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Drain with disposable towels a piece of pulp washed with water. From all sides we rub it with salt and sprinkle with pepper.

2. We clean the large head of garlic, grind the teeth with a grater and coat the meat on all sides.

3. Put the pork in a bowl, tighten the film. Maintain meat for three hours on the table or all night in the refrigerator.

4. After marinating, rub the ground paprika into the pork. It is not necessary to regret the seasoning, it gives the meat a color and light taste.

5. Prepared meat with cooking twine and tightly wrapped with parchment paper, spread on the foil and wrapped in it. Check the seams, the packaging should be sealed.

6. Put the package on the brazier and place it in an oven heated to 250 degrees. Having set the baking sheet at an average level so that the meat is cooked evenly, bake the baked ham at the temperature indicated above for 45 minutes, then reduce the heat to 200 degrees and continue cooking for another hour and a half.

7. After baking, we do not reach the boiled pork, letting it cool down slowly in the oven off. After that, we get a baking sheet, and do not turn the meat until it cools well. Well, that's not all. After cooling to room temperature, unfold the boiled pork and quickly repack in clean parchment. We put it in the fridge so that the meat would rest in it for at least 6 hours.

Fragrant baked ham in the oven in foil: a step-by-step recipe with mustard marinade

Garlic stuffed with garlic baked ham in the oven in a foil according to a step-by-step recipe is pre-rubbed with spices and mustard. The meat is aged in highly carbonated mineral water, which speeds up pickling. Mustard softens fibers well and makes the pork soft and juicy, garlic plates add a sharp taste and aroma. Ingredients:

• one and a half kilograms of pork (ham or neck);

• 3 spoons of cooked spicy mustard;

• large head of garlic;

• two spoons of cardamom;

• one spoonful, oregano, coriander and rosemary;

• two spoons of sweet paprika and coarse salt;

• carbonated mineral water.

Cooking Method:

1. In a small bowl, mix all the dry spices, spices and salt. Put the mustard into another similar container and finely grind two large garlic cloves to it. Stir, and cut the remaining garlic with longitudinal plates.

2. Put the dried meat on a chopping board, with the edge of a knife with a long, sharp blade, pierce the flesh and slightly cut it. Remove the knife, and in the resulting cavity lay a plate of garlic. We stuff the whole piece with this method.

3. We rub the future boiled pork with a mixture of spices and spices, we coat it well with mustard mass. Spices are not fully consumed, leave half the mixture.

4. Put the smeared meat in a deep bowl and pour soda. Give stand for at least half an hour.

5. We get a piece, we erase the remains of mustard with disposable towels and again carefully rub with spices. We wrap in three layers of foil, fasten the seams tightly so that the juice does not leak out, and lay out in a form with low sides.

6. Fill the form with 3 cm of cool water, set for an hour and a half in a hot (180 degrees) oven. Periodically open the door and check the water level, topping up with boiling water if necessary.

7. Not earlier than one hour after the beginning of roasting, we cut the foil package from the top and spread the edges well. A piece of baked ham must be completely open. Put the form back in the oven, bring the boiled pork to readiness at the previously set temperature. Do not forget to follow the water.

8. Release the hot boiled pork from the foil, put a piece on the grill, and under it put a suitable dish. We put a wooden plate on the meat, on top of it a small load. When the cold boiled pork comes to room temperature, we remove the load, and wrap the meat with parchment and place it in the fridge until it is completely cooled.

Tricks of cooking boiled pork in the oven in foil using step-by-step recipes

• If wooden sticks (skewers) are put on a baking sheet or meat, and a bundle of meat is placed on them, the bottom of the ham will not burn. But if the pan has high sides, it is possible to pour water into it for 3 cm, the level of which is maintained throughout the entire process, adding boiling water as it evaporates.

• After baking, boiled pork should be kept in foil until completely cooled. Even if the prescription foil was opened, the hot boiled pork must be wrapped tightly in foil again.

• Do not put the meat in a cold oven, it must be preheated beforehand to the required temperature.

• There is such a recommendation - before you wrap the future boiled pork with foil, you must seal the meat juice inside the piece - quickly fry the meat on all sides in the pan with a minimum of vegetable oil.

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