Snacks from pita with canned fish - simply and effectively. Hot cake and cold rolls of pita with canned fish

Snacks from pita with canned fish - simply and effectively. Hot cake and cold rolls of pita with canned fish

Thin lavash is a special type of flatbread, replacing bread in the east. He entered European cuisine for quite a long time, and enjoys appreciable popularity.

Thin Armenian lavash is an excellent basis for countless snacks and dishes that are prepared in minutes. Many different fillings have been created for him. These can be mushrooms, meat or fish mince, fresh vegetables, cottage cheese and countless more products and their combinations. Simple and spectacular fillings with canned fish.

Try to make the simplest roll, cake or hot pita from pita with canned fish, such a snack is remarkable for its speed and simplicity of preparation and will be desired on any table.

Pita with canned fish - general principles of cooking

• On sale thin pita comes in various shapes and sizes. For snack dishes, it is preferable to buy rectangular sheets. The size is not so critical, a large sheet of pita can always be cut.

• Roll, pie or cake — canned fish is used in the filling for any such pita snack. And the type of fish does not matter. It is possible to use both the simplest canned food, for example, from sardines, and from delicacy varieties - salmon, pink salmon, salmon. The main thing is that the bank indicated that the fish was preserved exactly “In oil”, and not with its addition.

• Before using the fish in the filling, ridges are removed from it and then kneaded. It is extremely rare to use canned food as a filling, fish, as a rule, is supplemented with other products. It can be fresh and boiled vegetables, melted or hard cheese, eggs, greens. They are laid out in layers or spread over the surface already mixed and filled with mayonnaise. Use and oil from the can.

• All types of snack dishes from pita with canned food can be divided into hot and cold snacks. For example, a pie is a hot dish. After formation, it is baked, placed in a hot oven, and served immediately upon readiness. Rolls and cakes are placed in the fridge so that they are soaked and served cold. But there is a small nuance - if you like crunching snacks, roll slices can be lightly fried. • The serving of a dish depends on its type. Snack cakes and pie served on a platter, pre-cut into portions. After impregnation, the roll is cut into chunks, which are laid out in neat rows on a flat dish. Its bottom is usually lined with lettuce leaves.

Lavash roll with canned fish, eggs and melted cheese - “Triple”


• pink salmon in oil - a jar of canned food;

• three thin pita;

• three boiled hard boiled eggs;

• liquid low-calorie mayonnaise;

• two processed cheese;

• nutmeg, ground in powder.


1. Prepare the greens. Carefully inspect the twigs and remove the unsuitable sheets. Wash, lay on the canvas and leave. When dry, shred small.

2. Get the pieces of fish from the jar, breaking, remove ridges. Mash pinking fork.

3. Spread one of the pita bread. We put on its surface a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle with greens. From above, rubbed on a small grater, evenly distribute the eggs. Fold the pita bread in the form of a thin roll.

4. Unfold the next leaf of pita, and also thinly lubricate the surface with mayonnaise. On it in a uniform layer, lay the mashed pink salmon. Put the roll on the edge of the first pita bread and roll it up, not too tight.

5. Like the first two, grease the third pita bread and finely rub it on processed cheese. Then, with a knife or a large spoon, as thin as possible, level the entire surface of the sheet. Season the cheese layer with pepper, put on its edge the “double” roll, which we already have, and fold again.

6. Triple roll rounded with food film and placed in the refrigerator for 60-80 minutes.

7. Serve, cut into pieces of two-centimeter thickness, and served in a plate on salad leaves. We make slices of fresh tomatoes and thin cucumber slices.

Lavash roll with canned fish, cheese and carrots


• 240 gram jar of any canned fish in oil; • three thin layers of lavash;

• bitter onion head;

• 150 gr. “Poshekhonsky” cheese;

• two boiled carrots;

• bunch of onion feathers;

• 100 grams of medium-fat mayonnaise;

• spoon of sugar;

• two eggs;

• spoonful of food vinegar.


1. Untreated, well-washed carrot and boil eggs in advance and separately. We cool eggs, having lowered in cold water, and we leave carrots on a table, in a plate.

2. Cut the onion into thin half-rings, fold into a small bowl and fill with boiling water. After 30 seconds, drain the water, and pour the onion into a colander and rinse with a water jet. Well dried, shift back to the bowl. Add sugar, vinegar and, carefully mixed, set aside.

3. Clean the carrot, rub in a large bowl. Add eggs, chopped in the same way, and cheese.

4. We get the fish and, by removing the ridges, break open into pieces. Cut the onion feathers into rings and, together with the fish, transfer them to the bowl. Here we lay out the marinated onions. Stirring, we fill the fish filling with mayonnaise. Remove the sample and adjust the taste by adding salt.

5. We expand the sheets of pita bread and apply a prepared filling on each thin layer. Wrapped in the form of rolls and wrapped separately film. For impregnation stir for an hour in the fridge.

Lavash roll with canned fish and vegetables without mayonnaise


• “Sardines in oil” - a jar of canned food;

• one sheet of pita;

• one fleshy tomato;

• two boiled eggs;

• two small sweet peppers;

• onion feathers.


1. Wash eggs from the shell with water, wipe well with a towel and cut into small cubes.

2. Cut Perchin along, remove the core and seeds. Cut the pepper into small slices. Also grind and tomato.

3. Mash, removing the large spinal bones of the fish, small chop onion feathers.

4. Put all the prepared ingredients in a deep bowl. Add a little salt and the remaining oil in the jar, mix thoroughly. 5. Apply the resulting filling in a uniform layer on a sheet of pita bread and wrap it with a thick roll. We shift in the package, leave for half an hour.

6. After that, remove the roll from the bag and, cut into pieces, lay out on a serving dish.

Snacks of pita with canned fish


• “Saira in oil” - one jar;

• a large sheet of pita;

• eggs - three pieces, hard boiled;

• two small boiled carrots;

• two tablespoons of vinegar (apple);

• small onion head;

• mayonnaise;

• 100 grams of Kostroma cheese.


1. Shred strips of onion with short stripes and pour vinegar. After waiting five minutes, we recline on a colander.

2. We expand the pita bread and, using the plate as a template, cut out four circles.

3. Put one of the circles on a flat dish, grease with mayonnaise, rub the carrot on top and level. Thinly put another layer of mayonnaise.

4. Cover with the next round layer and rub eggs on it. Do not lubricate!

5. Place another round billet on top and apply mayonnaise on it with a thin layer. We spread mashed tinned fish and level it so that it completely covers the whole pita.

6. On top of the fish lay out the onion dried from vinegar and cover with the last leaf of pita. It is also well lubricated and sprinkled with large cheese shavings and finely chopped onion feathers.

7. For impregnation, we place the snack cake in the cold for at least half an hour.

Lavash roll with canned fish, melted cheese and Chinese cabbage


• “Druzhba” processed cheese, 100 g;

• fish preserved in oil - 1 jar;

• garlic;

• a couple of sheets of pita;

• sparse mayonnaise - 80-100 gr .;

• two eggs;

• 100 gr. Peking cabbage.


1. Place the processed cheese in the freeze and keep in it up to a quarter of an hour.

2. Fill eggs with water, put salt and set to cook. After boiling for about seven minutes from boiling, remove from heat, place under a stream of cold water. 3. We clean the cooled eggs from the shell and rub it on a small grater. Knead with a fork or with the help of tolkushki canned fish. Small shred cabbage.

4. Put the mayonnaise in a small, wide cup, and crush into it two cloves of garlic. Add some pepper and mix thoroughly.

5. Lavash leaf, which will be the first, grease half garlic mayonnaise dressing. Evenly, rubbed on a medium grater, put on it melted cheese and sprinkle on it part of the cabbage.

6. Cover the next sheet and press it tightly. Put on it the mashed fish, sprinkle with grated eggs and lay the rest of the cabbage on top.

7. Carefully, on the long side, wrap the pita breads in a thick roll. Cut into two parts and wrap each film. Remove before serving in the fridge. Served by slicing two centimeters wide.

Quick snack pita from pita with canned fish


• “Russian” cheese - 70 grams;

• 50 gr. sour cream, fat content up to 20%;

• canned fish of any kind, blanched or in oil;

• two thin pita;

• 1/3 cup of mayonnaise;

• three boiled eggs and one raw.


1. Put the canned fish together with butter in a deep plate. Breaking the pieces, select the ridges, then knead and mix with butter.

2. Slice the peeled eggs, grind the cheese with a large grater.

3. Lubricate one of the pita bread with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise and place it in a rectangular shape, the size of which corresponds to the shape of the baking bread. We put so that its two opposite wide edges equally hung out of the form. Second pita bread cut into rectangular sheets, about the size of the bottom of the form.

4. Spread some fish on the already greased pita bread, then the same by the weight of grated eggs and cheese. Close the filling with a rectangular sheet of pita bread and grease with mayonnaise sour cream dressing. Top lay the filling and close it with another rectangular sheet. Repeat until all the filling and pita bread cut into rectangles is gone. The last should be cheese. 5. Fold on the top layer of the filling, loosely hanging edges of pita bread, lubricate the surface with loose egg and place in the oven to bake. Cook at least 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

6. Can be served hot or completely cooled.

Pita bread with canned fish - tricks and cooking tips

• Do not pump a lot of mayonnaise on pita bread. A thin base quickly absorbs it and during the stay in the refrigerator it can get very wet. And this is not the best impact on the taste of the dish.

• If slices of lavash roll with canned food are kept in a grill pan, over low heat, they will quickly grab a crispy crust. Oil pouring into the pan is not necessary. You can use the electric grill.

• To prevent the roll from turning, place it in a bag or wrap it in film. For these purposes, you can use foil.

• If you need to fill the filling with mayonnaise with the recipe, choose lean or do not add canned oil. It may become overly fat.

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