Salad with pineapple and ham: for a holiday with a hint of exotic. Recipes harmonious combinations in a salad with pineapple and ham

Salad with pineapple and ham: for a holiday with a hint of exotic. Recipes harmonious combinations in a salad with pineapple and ham

It can be said without exaggeration that salad is the main dish of the planet. No one knows how many different salad recipes actually exist at the moment. But this dish is prepared by millions of people every day, from everything that is near the home of Aboriginal people or more civilized farmers, behind huge windows of luxurious supermarkets and small shops - an essential attribute of urbanized technopolis residents.

Salad with pineapple and ham - the basic technological principles

It is unlikely that there are people who absolutely do not know how to cook salads. The technology of salads from the nineteenth century, when the “salad boom” reached its apogee, did not undergo significant changes, which cannot be said about expanding the list of products used in cooking. If, almost at the dawn of civilization, in the times of the Roman Empire, only some leafy vegetables and spices were included in the salad, now, you can make a salad from almost any edible products known to humanity.

Technological chain, procedure, can be built into one general scheme:

Selection of ingredients - preparing them for cutting, including washing and sorting vegetables, then cutting, and finally - preparing the sauce or dressing, followed by combining all the sliced ​​products. Actually, the sauce or salad dressing is the final touch, combining into a whole the whole gamut of tastes.

If you take as a basis any specific products as an ingredient for making salad, then you need, first of all, to pay attention to their belonging to a certain food group, then to the texture of the product, its optimal compatibility with any ingredients from the same product line, or from parallel groups.

The next question is the preparation of selected ingredients for cutting lettuce, which is prepared both from raw ingredients and from boiled, stewed, pickled, salted, and so on. Among the many recipes, salads with pineapple are very popular. The taste of pineapple - quite peculiar, with a characteristic, not like any other fruit. The same can be said about its flavor. Therefore, it is hardly possible to replace the taste of pineapples in a dish, as is sometimes done in other dishes.

Also, trying to cook a salad with pineapple, liked somewhere at a party, besides the salad recipe itself, do not forget to ask the person who prepared it, which pineapple was used in the salad: fresh or canned? The taste of pineapple compote is significantly different from the taste and smell of fresh fruit.

This fruit also quickly became famous for its fat burning properties. The presence of papain and bromelin in pineapple fruits should also be considered in the preparation of salads. These substances act destructively on the structure of the protein. Therefore, salads, which include meat and pineapple, are recommended to be prepared immediately before use. Also, do not store such salads, because the active ingredients of an exotic fruit turn the dish into a little appetizing, softened biomass. In addition, if a salad with pineapple and ham, in addition, may be filled with mayonnaise, then its storage is not allowed in principle.

But do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to try a delicious salad with pineapple, which is perfectly combined with such products as chicken, ham, meat, vegetables, cheese.

Its addition gives the dish a piquancy, and it acquires a unique taste due to its juicy and loose texture, sweetish taste and unusual, exotic aroma.

Recipe 1. Salad with pineapple and ham


Apple, green (sweet-sour) 300 g (net)

Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

Pineapples (canned) 350 g

Leek 50g

Celery (root) 200 g

Cooked Ham 450 g

Mayonnaise 75g

Cooking Method:

Peel the eggs and cut into cubes. Cut ham and pineapple into slices. Peel celery and apples, and, cutting them into thin straws, combine with the total mass. Also add chopped onions and mayonnaise and mix well the finished dish.

Recipe 2. Salad with Pineapple and Ham

This salad is very simple to prepare and very tasty. Almost every hostess has ingredients for him, and his lightness and special taste will not leave indifferent guests.


Canned corn 400 g

600 g ham

Pineapple 350g

7 eggs

Greens (onion, parsley)

Mayonnaise dressing


Put the boil eggs, and while they boil, proceed to cooking. Take the ham and cut into small, even strips. Pineapple cut into cubes, as well as boiled eggs. Wash the herbs and, chop it, add to the salad, then pour the corn. Season everything with mayonnaise and mix well.

Recipe 3. Salad with Pineapple and Ham

The excellent combination of pineapple with a variety of other products allows you to cook extremely tasty dishes. The vegetables used in this salad will give the dish freshness and will always remind you of summer, the ham will increase its nutritional properties, and the pineapple will add special notes of piquancy.


Olives, black 250 g

Cucumber, fresh 300 g

Boiled ham 450 g

Hard cheese 150g

Garlic 30g

Corn, sugar 1 can

Canned pineapples, rings 1 bank

Tomatoes (dense, fleshy) 250-300 g

Mayonnaise (non-greasy) 50 g

Sour cream 15% 70-75 g


Pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers and ham cut into small cubes. Ring a single pineapple leave for decoration. Cut the olives into small pieces (rings), chop the garlic, and rub the cheese on a fine grater. All ingredients, except cheese, mix together with corn, sour cream and mayonnaise. Put the salad in a dish and sprinkle with cheese. Put a ring of pineapple on top and a few olives, cut into thin rings. Along the edges you can put small cubes of a tomato without a core, so the salad will come out not only tasty, but also beautiful.

Recipe 4. Salad with Pineapple and Ham

This salad combines a variety of colors, which makes it very interesting. The taste of this salad creates an unusual combination of ingredients. Composition:

Walnuts, 150 g

Boiled chicken fillet 300 g

Marinated champignons 300 g

Raisin, dark 50 g

Pineapples, canned 350-400 g

Red pepper, salad 250 g (net)

Ham, pork (boiled) 250-300 g

Greens 120 g

Mayonnaise (for dressing)


First pour the raisins with boiling water to steam. Then dice the peppers and pineapples. Add the chicken fillet and ham, cut them into strips. It is advisable to use small mushrooms, but if you took large, then they can be cut into slices. Finely chop the greens and chop the nuts in a blender or on a grater. Add prepared raisins, season with mayonnaise. Salad can be beautifully presented by putting it in a ring. To do this, put a glass on a large dish and place the ready salad around it, then remove the glass. You can also sprinkle the edges of the plate and put some raisins around the salad ring.

Recipe 5. Salad with Pineapple and Ham


Canned pineapple cubes 200 g

Pepper, red (salad variety) 150 g (net)

“Iceberg” (or other large leaf salad) 100 g

“Parmesan” 150 g

Roasted ham 300 g

Olive oil 100 ml (including for frying)

Spices (Provencal herbs) 30 - 50 g

Juice, lemon 30 ml

Balsamic vinegar 10 to 15 ml


To begin, prepare a dressing. Take vinegar, herbs and oil, and mix them. Then take a large dish and lay salad leaves on it; Place ham sliced ​​on top, thinly chop the Bulgarian pepper and then put small pieces of pineapple in the next layer. Pour all cooked dressing. Rub parmesan on a fine grater and sprinkle on top of the salad.

Recipe 6. Salad with Pineapple and Ham

Always preparing for the long-awaited holiday, the hostesses carefully choose not only what to submit, but also how to make the delivery exquisite. The highlight of this salad is its unusual design. It is the pineapple used in the dish that will give it a unique taste and festive mood. Composition:

Eggs 6 pcs.

Potato 6pcs.

Ham, raw smoked 350-400 g

Whole pineapple (medium size) 1 pc.

Onions, red (not sharp) 70 - 100 G

Mayonnaise 50g

French mustard 20 g

Olive oil 30 ml


Boiled potatoes and eggs cut into small cubes. Then add the shredded onions and ham cut into strips. Pineapple cut into equal halves and remove its contents. The extracted part of the pineapple cut into small cubes and add to the rest of the mass. For the sauce, mix the butter, mustard and mayonnaise. Mix the salad thoroughly and fold into the remaining halves of pineapple peel.

Salad with pineapple and ham - tips and tricks

  • Please note that the final taste of the dish depends on the way the salads are cut. Depending on the method and size of the cut, you can get completely different dishes.
  • Those ingredients, the taste of which in the salad should be emphasized, are usually cut into smaller pieces.
  • Raw salad ingredients are sliced ​​just before serving. They should not be kept sliced ​​in the light. Products with a more delicate and loose texture are cut larger than dense ingredients.
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