Manty in a slow cooker - this is the solution! Cooking mantov in a slow cooker with meat, potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms

Manty in a slow cooker - this is the solution! Cooking mantov in a slow cooker with meat, potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms

The multi-cooker does not allow to cook a large number of manti, as the basket area is limited.

In a miracle pot, you can cook no more than three servings, but it is very convenient to do so.

Manty in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

Any manti consists of dough and minced meat. It can't be any other way. The dough is used fresh in water. How to knead it, as well as the right amount for the multicooker, you can see in the first recipe below.

For classic cloaks used minced meat with onions, and these ingredients are laid equally in quantity. But more often they cook manti with vegetables. Among them, the leaders are potatoes and pumpkins, meat to them can also be added. All these recipes are below.

In a slow cooker cook manti on the program “Steaming”. Products are placed on a special basket, always oiled. Products should not fit snugly together. Before turning on, be sure to pour water for soaring.

How to sculpt manta

Manty in a slow cooker - this is the solution! Cooking mantov in a slow cooker with meat, potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms

For some reason, for some housewives molding manti seems complicated. In fact, everything is very easy, just perform a few alternate actions.

How to sculpt manti:

1. We take a flatbread with minced meat for the two opposite sides and pull up to each other, leaving the ends open. Make a seam in the middle.

2. Now we tighten the side to the central seam and weave them together, we get ears. Similarly, we hide the filling from the second side.

3. It remains only to connect the ears in pairs with each other. That's all!

It is not necessary to sculpt manti using the above described technique, although it is considered to be classic. If convenient, you can make envelopes. You can find manty in the form of bags, which resemble large khinkali.

Manty in a slow cooker with meat

The recipe for ordinary manta in a slow cooker with meat and onions. As it should be, these ingredients are taken approximately equally. From this amount of products it will turn out to make 7-8 pieces. Ingredients

• flour 1.5-2 cup;

• egg;

• 400 grams of meat;

• 4-5 bulbs;

• 0.3 glass of water;

• salt and pepper;

• A bit of oil to lubricate the basket.


1. Immediately make the dough, as he needs to lie down a bit. Mix the water with the egg, add a pinch of salt. Pour flour into a bowl, make a hole. Pour into it the prepared liquid and mesim. Do this until the dough no longer absorbs water.

2. Put the dough in a bag or just cover with a bowl, turning the pot upside down.

3. Have time to cook the stuffing. The meat must be chopped or chopped very finely. Often the housewives just use ready minced meat.

4. The bulbs are peeled, cut into thin pieces. Sent to the meat.

5. Salt and pepper, stir.

6. We get the dough. During this time, the gluten in flour was supposed to swell, the mass became smooth, more elastic. Divide it into 7-8 pieces.

7. Distribute the filling.

8. We sculpt manti. How to do this is written a little higher.

9. We shift in a greased basket from the multicooker, do not forget to pour some water into the container (preferably boiling water). You can salt it to steam more.

10. Put the brew for 50 minutes. We take out and rather send manti on the table while they are hot.

Manty in a slow cooker with pumpkin and meat

Another recipe of manti in a slow cooker, which is notable for its particularly juicy filling. Also the advantage of this dish is the relative cheapness, since less meat is used. We knead the dough according to the previous recipe, using 70 ml of water and one egg.


• 250 grams of meat;

• 40 grams of fat or oil;

• 100 grams of onions;

• 150 grams of pumpkin;

• salt and pepper.


1. As already mentioned, cook the dough according to the recipe above or use your own version. Clean for a quarter of an hour, so that it lay awake.

2. For minced meat chop the meat into small cubes, salt, pepper, stir and leave while in the bowl.

3. Clean the onion heads, chop in small cubes, pour over the meat.

4. Take a piece of pumpkin. The weight of the pure product without the peel is indicated. Cut it in the same cubes as onions. 5. Begin to stir well. From spices enough black pepper. If you wish, you can add garlic, sweet paprika, a little parsley.

6. We take out the pastry dough, divide into pieces, sculpt ordinary manty, but on top of the filling lay out a piece of butter or fat.

7. We shift in the tray from the multi-cooker saucepan, before that we grease the pan. It is better to use vegetable oil.

8. Set the steaming mode, pour boiling water into the cup immediately to reduce the time.

9. Cooking manti under the lid for 30-40 minutes, depending on the meat used and the size of manti.

Manty in a multicooker with potatoes

For these cloaks in the slow cooker meat is not needed. The filling is made from vegetables, but it does not spoil it at all. Knead the dough in the first recipe.


• 350 grams of potatoes;

• 250 grams of onions;

• pepper, salt;

• 50 grams of butter.


1. Peel the onions, cut into thin slices, in small cubes. Fold in the bowl.

2. Clean the tubers. Potatoes also cut into small cubes. Grater for stuffing in manti do not use. We shift the pieces of potatoes to the onions.

3. The dough should already be ready and laid. Divide it into pieces, as in previous recipes. Roll out thin lozenges.

4. Now you can salt and pepper the potato stuffing. If this is done earlier, the vegetables will release the juice, it will interfere with manti molding. If the filling is filled before and has already started to juice, simply lift the edge of the bowl and scoop up the filling so that the juice is collected from the opposite side.

5. Spread the potato filling in circles. Top put the pieces of butter. You can use pork or fat tail fat.

6. We sculpt products of classical or any other form.

7. Shifts on the multicooker tray.

8. Cooking potato dumplings as much as with meat. It will take about 30-40 minutes.

Manty in a slow cooker with cabbage and meat

Another option juicy and economical fillings for manti in a slow cooker. Cabbage is used only fresh and juicy. Cooking dough according to the first recipe. Ingredients

• 0.2 kg of cabbage;

• 0.15 kg of onions;

• 0.2 kg of meat or minced meat;

• spices.


1. Cut the onion into thin slices, put in a bowl.

2. Add minced meat or chopped meat to onions, season with spices.

3. Cabbage, too, cut into cubes, but not yet connected with the main mass.

4. We split the dough for the mantles, roll out the lozenges.

5. Go back to the cabbage. Add to non-salt and rub with hands to remove the volume of the filling. Strongly not zealous, juice a lot should not stand out.

6. Mix the cabbage with minced meat and immediately sculpt the manty.

7. Cook such products for half an hour. If chopped beef was used, the time can be increased to 40 minutes.

Manty in a multicooker with mushrooms and potatoes

Lean version of manti. For the filling will go absolutely any mushrooms, even marinated. We start the dough again according to the first recipe, since such a quantity will be required. You can cook such manti with boiled potatoes, boiling time will be reduced to 10 minutes, but much more tasty with raw vegetables.


• 3 potatoes;

• 3 onions;

• 0.2 kg of fresh mushrooms or 0.1 pickled;

• butter, dill, spices.


1. To manti in this recipe did not turn out dry, you need to fry onions and mushrooms in vegetable oil. Pour 5 spoons into the pan.

2. We throw two sliced ​​onions, cook a couple of minutes.

3. Add the chopped mushrooms to the onion and fry too. Cooling filling.

4. Cut the remaining onion into thin cubes, mix with mushrooms, add chopped potatoes, season with spices.

5. Sculpt ordinary manty, move to a greased basket from a multi-cooker saucepan.

6. Prepare such products half an hour after boiling water. It is better to pour boiling water so that it does not need to control the process.

Manty in a slow cooker with zucchini and meat (chicken)

Another option stuffing for manti. Since the zucchini is quite juicy, you can even combine it with chicken breast. Great idea to reduce calorie meals. The test recipe can be viewed above. Ingredients

• 0.25 kg of chicken or meat;

• 0.25 kg zucchini;

• 1 onion;

• salt and pepper.


1. As usual, begin cutting with meat. Twist or chop it to a smaller, more homogeneous mass.

2. Add chopped onion.

3. Next, throw the diced zucchini. In no case do not add salt, otherwise everything will float and sink in the juice of the zucchini.

4. We are engaged in the test. It should already lie down and become smooth. Divide, roll out cakes.

5. Quickly mix the filling with salt and pepper, lay it out on a flat cake and make products of the desired shape.

6. We shift manti.

7. Water at this point should already boil, pour in a slow cooker, also salt.

8. Install the tray with manti, close and cook for half an hour.

Manty in a slow cooker - tips and tricks

• Water will soar much better if you add a spoonful of salt to it. Manty will turn out to be more aromatic, if you add black peas into the water, except salt, you can throw bay leaves.

• Manty like fat, especially if they are cooked with vegetables. In addition to butter, you can add pork lard to them, but a particularly tasty dish is made with fat-tailed fat. It is with him that the dish is prepared in Asian countries.

• Fresh dough dries quickly, which complicates the molding manti. Therefore, do not keep it on the air. If this has already happened, the edges of the cakes are covered with a crust, then just grease them with water, the dough will soften.

• Real, juicy manti cooked with lots of onions. But what if at home it is not enough? Add chopped cabbage to onions, you can use zucchini, a piece of pumpkin. They are the same juicy and will not spoil the taste of minced meat.

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