Pork with cheese and tomatoes is a separate dish and addition to the side dish. The best recipes of pork with cheese and tomatoes

Pork with cheese and tomatoes is a separate dish and addition to the side dish. The best recipes of pork with cheese and tomatoes

Pork with cheese and tomatoes is a great way to cook meat for lunch, dinner or a festive table.

To prepare such a dish is simple, but the taste and the result will be pleasantly surprised.

Pork with cheese and tomatoes - basic cooking principles

For this dish take pork ham, spatula, loin or brisket. Meat is washed under a tap, dried with napkins and cut into arbitrary pieces. Then the pork is salted, peppered and left for half an hour.

The baking sheet or heat-resistant form is oiled and spread on the bottom of the pieces of pork.

Tomatoes are rinsed, wiped with napkins and cut into circles. Tomatoes are better to take fleshy and dense. Tomatoes are cut into slices or slices and spread over meat. All plentifully sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake the pork in the oven for half an hour.

In addition to tomatoes and cheese, other vegetables are added to the dish, and even exotic fruits.

Pork can be baked in a whole piece, stuffed with tomatoes and cheese.

The dish is baked in the oven, cooked in a frying pan, grill or multi-cooker.

Tomatoes will make the meat juicy and tender, and melted cheese will give the dish even more flavor.

Recipe 1. Pork with cheese and tomatoes


  • nine slices of pork;
  • 50 g of flour;
  • three eggs;
  • sunflower oil;
  • two fresh tomatoes;
  • kitchen salt;
  • a bunch of parsley;
  • 150 g of hard cheese.

Preparation Method

1. For this dish take pork neck. Slices of meat slightly repulsed.

2. Whip eggs with a whisk with salt, add flour and continue to beat until smooth. Put the slices of pork in batter, mix and leave for two hours in the refrigerator.

3. Now we fry the meat in hot sunflower oil on both sides until golden brown.

4. Cover the pan with foil and spread roasted pork slices tightly together.

5. Tomatoes wash and wipe with a napkin. Cut in half and cut into thin slices. Spread tomatoes over pork.

6. Rinse greens, shake off excess liquid and finely shred it. Sprinkle meat with herbs and grated cheese. Cover with foil and send to the oven for 20 minutes. Cooking pork at 200C. Served with a side dish of vegetables or cereals.

Recipe 2. Pork with cheese and grilled tomatoes


  • one and a half kilograms of lean pork carbonate;
  • garlic;
  • three tomatoes;
  • parsley;
  • 500 g of mozzarella;
  • a handful of basil;
  • 500 g of feta cheese;
  • vegetable oil;
  • 100 ml of natural yogurt;
  • chili;
  • 50 g of tomato paste;
  • rosemary.

Preparation Method

1. We wash the carbonate, dry it with napkins and cut into length in thin slices, half a centimeter thick.

2. My tomatoes under the tap, wipe with a napkin. Cut mozzarella and tomatoes into circles, a centimeter thick. Feta cheese cut into bars.

3. Now prepare two marinades. For the first, mix tomato paste with yogurt, add rosemary, finely chopped chili pepper, pepper and salt. For the second, the parsley and basil greens are rinsed, dried and minced. A couple of cloves of garlic skip through the garlic press. Chili peppers finely crumbled. We shift the prepared ingredients in a jar and pour vegetable oil. We interrupt everything with an immersion blender to a uniform consistency.

4. Put a slice of pork on the table. Put a slice of feta on the edge and wrap the roll. Lubricate the marinade from yogurt. Next rolls do, putting a circle of tomatoes and mozzarella. They are coated with marinade with basil.

5. Rolls are placed on the grill and grilled on both sides until golden brown.

Recipe 3. Pork with cheese, tomatoes and “Exotica” potatoes


  • eight potato tubers;
  • ground pepper;
  • 600 g pork;
  • table salt;
  • orange;
  • vegetable oil;
  • two kiwis;
  • a piece of butter;
  • medium bulb;
  • 200 g of hard cheese;
  • two carrots;
  • 100 g of mayonnaise;
  • large tomato.

Preparation Method

1. Wash pork tenderloin and dip with napkins. Cut the meat into slices, place in a bowl, pepper, squeeze the juice from one orange into it, salt it. Peel kiwi and finely crumble. Add kiwi to the meat. Put mayonnaise here and mix. Cover the dish with the meat lid and send for forty minutes in the refrigerator. 2. Peel potatoes, wash and cut into cubes. Fry half the potatoes in heated vegetable oil, salt and pepper, until half cooked.

3. Put the second half of the potato in a deep heat-resistant form. Remove the meat from the refrigerator, squeeze it from the marinade and fry in a mixture of vegetable and butter. Pork should be covered with an appetizing crust.

4. Peel and grate the carrot. Put it on top of the potato. Spread roasted pork on the carrot. Top roasted potatoes.

5. Peel the bulb and cut into half rings. Fry until ruddy and put on the potatoes. Fry the second grated carrot to rudderiness, pepper and salt. Spread over the bow.

6. In a glass of water, add a spoonful of mayonnaise and shake well. Pour the mixed vegetables with meat. Top with sliced ​​sweet peppers and tomato slices. Make a thick grid of mayonnaise, and plenty of sprinkle with grated cheese. Spread the butter pieces.

7. Cover with foil and place in the oven preheated to 180 ° C for half an hour. Serve as a separate dish with vegetable salad.

Recipe 4. Pork with cheese, tomatoes and pineapples


  • 800 g of pork;
  • allspice;
  • a jar of tinned pineapple rings;
  • kitchen salt;
  • three medium tomatoes;
  • mayonnaise;
  • two onions;
  • 100 g of hard cheese.

Preparation Method

1. Rinse the pork under a tap, dry with a towel and cut into two centimeters thick. Beat each piece, pepper and salt it.

2. Slices lay tightly to each other in a deep refractory shape. Peel the onions, rinse and cut into thin circles. Put them on top of the meat and brush with mayonnaise.

3. Wash the tomatoes, wipe and chop them just like onions. Spread tomato circles on top of the onion.

4. Put the canned pineapple rings on top of the tomatoes and brush with mayonnaise again. Sprinkle all over with plenty of cheese. Put the mold in the oven for half an hour. Bake at 180C. Serve the pork with a side dish of potatoes or pasta.

Recipe 5. Pork with cheese and harmonica tomatoes


  • half a kilogram of pork;
  • allspice;
  • 200 g of cheese;
  • table salt;
  • two tomatoes;
  • garlic - three cloves.

Preparation Method

1. Cut the cheese into plates, three millimeters thick. Rinse the tomatoes and cut into slices. Peel and chop the garlic cloves into thin slices.

2. Cut a piece of pork into chunks, without cutting to the end, centimeter thick. Grate the meat with a mixture of salt and pepper. Pierce the pork in several places and put garlic plates in them.

3. Put cuts on a slice of cheese and a circle of tomato. Put the pork on a sheet of foil and wrap tightly. Place on a baking sheet and bake for an hour in the oven at 180 degrees. Then unfold the foil and bake for another ten minutes until golden brown.

Recipe 6. Pork with cheese and tomatoes in Roman


  • 700 g pork;
  • sunflower oil;
  • three medium tomatoes;
  • kitchen salt;
  • 250 g of champignons;
  • 100 g of cheese;
  • 200 ml of 20% cream;
  • 200 g boiled ham;
  • 30 g of ketchup;
  • 5 g oregano;
  • 5 g thyme.

Preparation Method

1. Pork pulp wash and wipe with a napkin. Cut the meat into large chunks and fry in preheated vegetable oil so that it grabs.

2. Rinse the tomatoes, wipe with a napkin and make a cross-cut on each. Wash tomatoes with boiling water and remove the thin skin.

3. Put the pork in a deep refractory form, salt and pepper. Cut half of the boiled ham into cubes and spread over the meat. Top decomposed peeled tomato slices.

4. Wash and cut the halved mushrooms. Spread over the tomatoes. Sprinkle with the remaining ham.

5. Combine cream with ketchup. Season the mixture with salt, thyme and oregano. Slightly whisk and pour the sauce over the contents. Cover with a sheet of foil and set for an hour in an oven preheated to 220 degrees. After half an hour, remove, remove the foil sheet and sprinkle liberally with grated cheese. Served as gravy with mashed potatoes or boiled spaghetti.

Recipe 7. Pork with Caribbean cheese and tomatoes


  • kilogram of pork;
  • freshly ground pepper;
  • large eggplant;
  • table salt;
  • two onions;
  • cheese - 150 g;
  • two large tomatoes;
  • garlic - two slices.


1. Cut the pork flesh into slices as thick as a centimeter. Each piece is pepper and salt.

2. My eggplant, wipe with a towel and cut into circles. Sprinkle with salt and leave for half an hour.

3. Lay the pork slices on a buttered deco. On top of each piece put onion rings.

4. Rinse the eggplants, dry them. Spread over the bow.

5. Put the tomato mugs on the eggplant.

6. Grind cheese on a fine grater. Squeeze garlic cloves into it and mix gently. Liberally sprinkle each piece of meat with vegetables and cheese. Bake forty minutes at 190 degrees. Served hot with vegetable salad.

Pork with cheese and tomatoes - tips and tricks

  • You can use any kind of cheese to make this dish.
  • Take tomatoes fleshy, ripe and dense.
  • To make the pork more tasty, marinate it beforehand.
  • Cheese can be finely grated or cut into thin slices.
  • To make the pork juicy, lightly fry it before baking.
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