A cake with condensed milk and sour cream is a delicacy that everyone likes. Recipes for cakes with condensed milk and sour cream

A cake with condensed milk and sour cream is a delicacy that everyone likes. Recipes for cakes with condensed milk and sour cream

Each family has its own recipes making cakes and most often they include ingredients such as sour cream and condensed milk.

After all, the combination of these two ingredients gives baking a unique and delicate taste.

Condensed milk and sour cream are considered as one of the main and popular products in the confectionery business.

They are added to the dough, they make cream or make decorations for cakes. These ingredients blend beautifully with nuts, banana, kiwi, lemon and other foods.

Today hostesses make cakes mostly for holidays. The reason for this is that a lot of time is needed to prepare this yummy. But if the hostess has proven and easy recipes, then cakes become frequent guests on the tables. Below you will find the most interesting and quick to prepare recipes for cakes with sour cream and condensed milk.

Cake with condensed milk and sour cream - general principles of cooking

• For a sponge cake, bake at once one big cake and divide it into pieces.

• Beat eggs with sugar for at least 15 minutes. They should turn to foam.

• Bake a cake for no more than 35 minutes. Do not open the oven during cooking, otherwise the baking may be blown away.

• Allow the finished biscuit to cool.

• Place vanilla and other similar additives in the dough at the end of cooking.

• Get sour cream for cakes with a large percentage of fat.

• Before cooking, pour off excess liquid from sour cream.

• Sift all dry ingredients before cooking.

• Be sure to let the finished cake soak for half an hour in the fridge.

Two-color cake with condensed milk and sour cream


• 110 g of butter;

• a glass of sour cream;

• spoon baking powder;

• two spoons of cocoa;

• half a glass;

• bag of vanilla;

• three incomplete glasses of flour.

For cream:

• 1.5 cans of boiled condensed milk; • walnuts;

• 820 g thick sour cream;

• two spoons of brandy.

For glaze:

• three spoons of cocoa;

• three spoons of sour cream;

• two spoons of sugar.


1. Shake sour cream and condensed milk with a blender for cream. Pour brandy there. Fry the walnuts in a dry frying pan and chop them. Add nuts to sour cream with condensed milk. Stir and remove the cream for half an hour in the fridge.

2. For the cake, whip soft butter with sugar. Then add the sour cream and whisk again.

3. Mix baking powder, flour and vanilla in a bowl. Add this mixture to butter with sour cream. Knead the soft dough and divide it into two parts.

4. In one of the parts, add cocoa and mix thoroughly.

5. Dark and light part, again divide in half. You should have four pieces of dough.

6. Spread alternately each piece of dough on a baking sheet, covered with parchment, and using your hands, lightly pressing, give it a circle shape.

7. Bake each cake for 9 minutes at 200 degrees.

8. Finish the cakes. If they turned out to be different in diameter, then take a large flat plate, place it on the cake and cut out the sticking edges.

9. Spread the prepared cream on each cake. Spread the cakes alternately on a plate, alternating between light and dark.

10. In a saucepan, mix cocoa, sour cream and sugar. Heat this mixture, mix and pour it while it is hot on top of the cake.

Quick cake with condensed milk and sour cream


• 240 g sour cream;

• 140 g margarine;

• bank of condensed milk;

• 190 g butter;

• two glasses of flour;

• chocolate chips.


1. Put margarine, sour cream and flour in a bowl. If margarine harsh, then wipe it through the grater. Knead the soft dough.

2. Divide the dough into six equal parts.

3. Roll each piece into a thin cake.

4. Bake each cake in the oven at 200 degrees for five minutes.

5. Cool ready cakes. 6. Mix softened butter with condensed milk using a mixer. It should be a smooth and gentle cream.

7. Alternately in a flat bowl lay the cakes, greasing each cream.

8. The edges of the cake and smear the remaining cream.

9. Decorate the top with chocolate chips.

Cake with condensed milk and sour cream “Alenka”


• condensed milk jar;

• 155 g sugar;

• two spoonfuls of baking powder;

• 210 ml sour cream;

• three eggs;

• yes a glass of flour.

For cream:

• 180 grams of butter;

• incomplete bank of condensed milk;

• vanillin;

• prunes.

For impregnation:

• two cups of water;

• three Art. spoons of sugar.


1. Beat up sugar and eggs until fluffy.

2. Pour sour cream and condensed milk into the egg mixture. Stir.

3. Add the sifted flour and baking powder. Gently mix everything with a spoon and pour it into an oiled mold.

4. Bake the dough for 40 minutes at 200 degrees.

5. The softened butter cream beat up with condensed milk.

6. Boil sugar with water for impregnation. Add cognac or liqueur if desired.

7. Cool the finished sponge cake and cut it lengthwise into two parts.

8. Saturate each cake with sugar and water.

9. Pour boiling water over the prunes and hold it there for five minutes.

10. Put one cake, brush it with cream and distribute the prunes cut into strips.

11. Put the second cake over the top and also grease it from all sides with cream.

12. Sprinkle the top of the crumb from the edges of the cake and decorate the remaining prunes.

Cake with chocolate, condensed milk and sour cream


• 220 g butter;

• a pair of glasses of sugar;

• two eggs;

• a spoon of soda;

• 220 g sour cream;

• flour.

For cream:

• 480 g of boiled condensed milk;

• 80 grams of roasted nuts;

• 90 g butter;

• 40 g dark chocolate.


1. Remove the butter from the refrigerator beforehand and keep it at room temperature for half a day. 2. Beat eggs with a blender. Then add sugar and whisk again. Should get the most fluffy foam.

3. Add sour cream and butter to the egg mixture. Continue to beat.

4. Stir flour with soda and add this dry mix to the egg. Knead medium soft dough and put it in the fridge.

5. Divide the dough into three equal parts. Roll each piece into a rectangle.

6. Bake each cake alternately on a baking sheet, pre-making holes on the dough using a fork.

7. Cook cakes for 20 minutes. Set the temperature to 200 degrees.

8. Cool the finished shortbread. Then lay them on top of one another and cut off the unwanted edges.

9. Put the edges back on the baking sheet and put it back in the oven, they should dry out so that they can be easily crushed.

10. For the cream, melt the chocolate, add boiled condensed milk and butter to it. Stir the ingredients thoroughly.

11. Peanuts clean, chop and add to the cream.

12. Grease each breadcake, alternately laying on top of each other, mixed with cream.

13. Decorate the top with grated chocolate and crumbs prepared in advance.

Cake with condensed milk and sour cream "Prague"


• two glasses of flour;

• a cup of sugar;

• a pinch of salt;

• three spoons of cocoa;

• a spoon of soda;

• a spoon of lemon juice;

• half a can of condensed milk;

• three eggs;

• 195 g sour cream.

For cream:

• four spoons of cocoa;

• half a can of condensed milk;

• 190 g butter (cream).

For impregnation:

• 45 ml of cherry jam;

• 190 ml of water.

For fudge:

• 160 g dark chocolate;

• 65 g butter (cream);

• Four spoons of boiled water.


1. For the test, beat the eggs together with the salt in a container. Add the same sugar and whisk something fluffy.

2. Pour into the same container condensed milk, soda, slaked with lemon juice and sour cream. Whisk everything thoroughly.

3. Pour into a liquid mixture of cocoa and flour. Gently mix the dough with a spoon. It should turn out average density. 4. Bake a sponge cake in the oven preheated to 200 degrees for half an hour.

5. Allow the finished biscuit to cool, and then cut it into three cakes.

6. For cream, beat butter with a mixer until fluffy. Add then condensed milk and cocoa. Beat until smooth.

7. For the impregnation, mix the jam with water.

8. Place a ring on the plate for assembly. Put the first one on the bottom, soak it and spread half of the cream.

9. Repeat the same with the second cake.

10. Soak the third cake, but do not lubricate the cream.

11. To soak, melt the chocolate in a water bath. Add water, oil and mix.

12. Remove the ring from the cake and drizzle it over the top with fondant. All neatly level.

Pancake cake with condensed milk and sour cream


• 900 ml of mineral water;

• egg;

• 290 g of cookies;

• can of boiled condensed milk;

• flour;

• 190 ml of milk;

• four bananas;

• Spoon of salt;

• 180 g sour cream;

• two spoons of sugar;

• breadcrumbs;

• half a spoon of slaked soda.


1. Take a bowl and pour mineral water into it. Add egg, salt, milk and sugar. Beat the ingredients with a whisk.

2. Gradually pour flour into the dough, it should turn out to be liquid and without lumps.

3. In the almost finished dough, add sunflower oil and soda.

4. Bake alternately in a pan every pancake until browning.

5. Using a blender, chop half of the bananas.

6. To soften boiled condensed milk, put the jar in hot water and hold it there.

7. Grease the pan with sunflower oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

8. In a separate container, mix the chopped banana with sour cream.

9. Place a pancake in the pan and grease it first with boiled condensed milk and then with whipped banana with sour cream, then sprinkle with chopped cookies.

10. So form the whole pancake cake.

11. Top the pancake also grease with condensed milk and sprinkle with cookies. Bake the cake in the oven for a quarter of an hour. 12. Let the prepared dish cool and then decorate the top with banana slices.

Cake with condensed milk, sour cream and banana cream


• jar of condensed cocoa;

• a cup of flour;

• one chicken egg;

• three spoons of sour cream.

For impregnation:

• four tablespoons of vodka;

• incomplete cup of water;

• a glass of sugar.

For cream:

• jar of condensed milk;

• 265 g butter;

• One ripe banana (mashed).


1. Mix with a mixer sour cream, flour, condensed milk, egg and soda.

2. Put baked cake, which, after cooling down, divide into two parts.

3. Soak the skewers boiled with sugar and vodka with water.

4. Blend butter, banana and condensed milk for cream.

5. Put the first cake, grease it with cream on all sides. Also act with the second cake. Spread the cream evenly around the edges and top.

Cake with condensed milk and sour cream - tricks and tips

• Soak cakes with plain sugar syrup.

• To prevent the cake from sticking to the form, pour the dough on parchment paper.

• Decorate cakes with any fruit, nuts or dried fruit.

• Pre-heat all cake ingredients at room temperature.

• To make the cakes flavorful, add a spoonful of brandy or rum to the cream.

• If desired, decorate cakes with inscriptions made with a special pastry bag and cream.

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