Fritters on milk - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pancakes in milk.

Fritters on milk - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pancakes in milk.

Fritters on milk - general principles and methods of cooking

Fritters themselves can be counted among the products of the national Russian cuisine, but the most interesting thing is that for a long time the dish was - and the name was not. Small thick pancakes, which were fried in a large amount of butter, were called whatever you like, but not fritters, and only in 1938 began to use the exact name. The history of this product has evolved in different places in different ways. For example, in St. Petersburg they were made with filling, in Moscow with a large number of baking.

The main difference is the form - in the pan fits a few pieces of high pancakes, which rise and increase. As for the content, they are baked from yeast and non-yeast dough, on milk, kefir and other dairy products. Flour can be wheat or buckwheat, barley, oat, and higher, or lower grades.

In addition, there are excellent recipes for potato, millet, semolina, and with the addition of vegetables or fruits. Any of these species can be baked even just in water, and preferably in sour or fresh milk. In the latter case, in non-yeast variants, it is necessary to quench the soda with acid, or add baking powder. If the pancakes are fried in a small amount of butter, you can grease them with butter to improve the taste.

Milk Fritters - Food Preparation

In the finished form pancakes will have a thickness of 5-10 millimeters, a delicate texture, denser than pancakes, but softer than the dough for donuts. The oil is heated in the pan, its layer must be at least 3-5 mm. If you do not like too fat pancakes, lay them on a napkin. When yeast is not used, milk should be mixed with citric acid or vinegar and add soda. Pancakes are served with jam, sour cream, confiture, condensed milk, etc. Vegetable fritters are prepared in the same way.

Milk Fritters - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Fritters in milk with oatmeal

These diet fritters, oatmeal, with a small baking content - they are tasty and healthy. Ingredients: flour (1 cup), cottage cheese (1 cup), lemon zest (1 spoon), sour cream (1 cup), salt, egg (1 piece), sugar (3 spoons), butter for frying (100 grams), oatmeal (1 cup), ground flakes (0.5 cups).

Method of preparation

Stir the oatmeal with flour and pour over 2 cups of hot milk or water. Leave for 15 minutes. Sift flour, add baking powder, sugar, salt. Cottage cheese mix well with egg and sour cream, add olive oil and lemon zest. Mix cereal with flour and add mass. Leave for 20 minutes for swelling. Put the mass on a well heated pan, then turn it over. Reduce the heat and cover the pan with a lid. Pour the dish can be milled in a blender with berries and sugar.

Recipe 2: Fritters on milk and semolina

There is nothing tastier at breakfast than mouth-watering ruddy pancakes - see for yourself, bake a whole mountain. You can use dry yeast, flour of the highest or first grade and semolina - this is the easiest and most delicious.


Ingredients: milk (1 liter), semolina (500 grams), yeast (1 sachet), butter (100 grams), sugar (3 spoons), salt.

Method of preparation

In half the milk, pour the semolina and yeast. Stir and brew put on fermentation in a warm place. After increasing the volume of dough, add the yolks, whipped with sugar, (remove the whites in the refrigerator). Pour in the milk and pour in the rest of the flour. Stir to avoid lumps. Leave for some time to ferment. Fry, beautifully spreading on a hot frying pan with vegetable oil, until rosy color. Fritters turn out gentle, equal, are good with sour cream and jam.

Recipe 3: Yeast Fritters on Milk

Yeast dough is easy. But it takes extra time to ferment. Yeast can take any. The main thing. That they were fresh and had the ability to increase the dough in size.

Ingredients: milk (500 grams), egg (1 pc.), Sugar (1 teaspoon), yeast (1 teaspoon), salt, sugar, vegetable oil, flour (3 cups).

Method of preparation

Yeast dough is prepared according to the general principle - we first dilute the yeast in warm, but not hot milk, then add a little flour and leave until it rises twice. After about 15 minutes, add an egg and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Flour is poured into portions, constantly stirring so that lumps do not remain. In appearance, the dough should be uniform and thick, but so that it drains from the spoon. We leave it for fermentation - it can take about 2 hours, the dough can double in this time, bubbles appear on the surface. We bake on well heated pan. Such pancakes with honey or currant jam are good.

Recipe 4: Quick Fritters on Milk

An excellent option for making a quickie is a recipe for fritters in milk and soda or baking powder. Elementary simple operations are on the shoulder even for young hostesses; components of the ingredients can always be kept in the fridge in reserve.

Ingredients: milk (500 grams), sugar (3-4 spoons), eggs (2 pieces), vanillin, soda (quench with vinegar, about half a teaspoon), vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Pour milk and eggs into a bowl for whipping dough, add salt and sugar and slaked soda. Beat with a mixer or whisk. Slowly add the vanilla and sift the flour in portions. You should get a lush smooth dough consistency of thick cream. Leave the dough in the form of heat for 15-20 minutes, if there is no heat, then put the bowl in another container filled with well warm water. Fry as usual - laying out a few pieces in the pan. Turning over to the other side

Cover and make a small fire.

Fritters on milk - useful tips from experienced chefs

Fritters in milk with fruit are prepared in this way. A fruit additive is introduced into the dough - apples, pears, plums, pumpkin or other fruits cut into small flat pieces. Put the pancakes on a platter and put in the microwave for 5 minutes. Serve with syrups or jam, honey, sweet applesauce. The same method can be used for cooking pumpkin and carrot fritters in milk.

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