Adjika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter: reserve, you will not regret! A variety of recipes adjika of tomatoes without garlic for the winter

Adjika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter: reserve, you will not regret! A variety of recipes adjika of tomatoes without garlic for the winter

Not everyone likes garlic, but it is necessary to stock up adjika for the winter! Adjika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter is different, there are many ways to make it, so you should try each one. Cooking sauce is easy, adzhika is stored for a long time, so you can safely preserve it and leave the seals for the whole winter.

Adjika can be prepared in a mass of ways, even for fans of non-acute products there are recipes. We will tell you how to make adjika delicious without adding garlic.

Adjika without garlic for the winter - general principles of cooking

Wash all products before starting stocking. The best option would be to soak them in plenty of water. One, two hours of such a “bathroom” for vegetables will be quite enough.

The recipes suggested below differ from each other not only in the way of cooking, but also in the ingredients. Be sure to prepare everything on the list, including the main: tomatoes, peppers and spices.

Peppers should always be cleared of seeds and cores removed. This is done so that the bitter seeds do not clog the taste of adzhika.

Tomatoes should be boiled over. And even better if they stay in hot water for at least 10 minutes. Then you can easily with a knife or fork to pry the peel of a tomato at the base and separate it from the vegetable.

And remember that the bright color of adzhika gives only the addition of hot, hot pepper, when you add it, periodically try it, otherwise you can overdo it. Put pepper in small portions.

Abkhaz adjika


• Tomatoes - 3 kg;

• Sweet red pepper - 1 kg;

• Red pepper - 150 gr .;

• Sugar - 3 tablespoons;

• Table salt - half a glass.

Method of preparation

Carefully separate the tails from the tomatoes, and cut the core in sweet peppers, make sure that there are no unwanted grains on the walls of the peppers. Now prepare the meat grinder and pass the sweet and hot peppers through it, then add the tomatoes. If tomatoes give too much juice, and you see that the texture comes out too watery, get rid of their cores.

After processing the vegetables, add salt and sugar to them.

After the sauce is ready, leave it for at least one night in the fridge. Stretching the adjika over time, check the fluid level in it, if it exceeds the norm, try to carefully drain it.

Now sterilize using a water bath jars, in which adjika will be stored and pour the sauce. Adjika is ready, this method of preparation involves storage in the refrigerator or cellar, where she can stand all winter.

Tomato adjika with horseradish root

Horseradish is a rather specific ingredient, and most often it is used as an independent product and in salads, its piquancy and originality will give adzhika a pungent aroma.


• Two kilograms of ripe tomatoes;

• One bag of ground black pepper;

• Kilogram of Bulgarian pepper;

• Fresh horseradish root;

• One cup of 9 percent vinegar;

• A glass of salt.

Method of preparation

Before you start cooking, prepare the main vegetable, the tomato. How to do this, you can learn the basic principles of cooking.

Now proceed to the main stages of cooking adzhika. To do this, carefully clean the root of horseradish, clean the red pepper as we told earlier.

To make adzhiki from tomatoes without garlic for the winter, mince tomatoes and sweet peppers through a meat grinder, then gently and in small quantities begin to pour black pepper, check the taste of adzhiki. After that, chop the horseradish root.

Now mix all the ingredients and gradually add vinegar, then carefully add one cup of salt. Set aside adjika for a few hours, pre-wrapped in plastic wrap, containing the sauce.

After a while, drain the waste liquid and spread the adjika into the cans. This sauce is beautifully kept all winter. Banks can be closed with ordinary nylon covers.

Adjika - zucchini sauce

Experimenting with adjika can be exactly the same as with other dishes. We recommend experimenting with cooking adzhika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter.


• One kilogram of tomatoes;

• Two kilograms of zucchini;

• 250 milliliters of sunflower oil;

• 2 tablespoons of salt;

• One glass of sugar;

• 0.5 cups table vinegar;

• Hot pepper (take to your taste);

• Two bunches of greens.

Method of preparation

Turn tomatoes into pasta. To do this, peel them and turn into a mash with a blender. Add some pepper and salt to the paste.

Now cut the stalks from the zucchini and peel them well. Prepare the grinder. In order to make zucchini easier to pass through a meat grinder, pre-grind them. Leave the ground vegetables for a while.

Now, through the same grinder, spend the hot peppers and add a bunch of greens to the gruel, the best option for the Abkhaz sauce is cilantro or parsley.

Combine the resulting tomato paste with the zucchini. After you mix everything thoroughly, add sugar, salt and vegetable oil.

Start cooking the sauce over low heat, gradually increasing it. Stir the mixture to prevent it from burning. After the adjika boils, continue cooking for another 30 minutes, do not forget to stir. At the end of cooking, add hot pepper with vinegar and chopped with herbs.

Now adjika is completely ready. Do not let it cool, begin to lay out the cooked tomato adjika without garlic for the winter in dry sterilized jars. After twisting, put the jars in a warm place until they cool completely. Now you can safely hide the sauce in the pantry, the quality of the contents of the cans will not deteriorate until the very spring.

Recipe for unsharp adjika

When adjika was not acute? This recipe means less spicy ingredients. Such adjika tomatoes without garlic for the winter really inferior in sharpness to other recipes, so everyone will like it without exception. Ingredients:

• 3 kg of ripe tomatoes (can be cream);

• Carrots 1 kg;

• 10 pieces of bell pepper

• 12 sweet and sour apples (it is better to take green ones);

• 4 spicy pepper pods;

• 150 ml of vinegar;

• 150 gr. Sahara;

• Sea salt 30 g .;

• A small glass of olive oil.

Method of preparation

First prepare the vegetables as stated in the general principles.

Take the apples: peel them and cut out the cores. Sweet pepper cut into two halves. Then clean the inner walls with water. Peel the carrots, cut into several small pieces.

Prepare a meat grinder and chop up all the vegetables in a chaotic manner. Gradually add bitter pepper, but try adjika, so as not to overdo it with the sharpness. If the tomatoes are too large, cut them in advance into several convenient for you pieces.

To boil the resulting mixture, use an iron pan, start cooking adjika. After the sauce boils, continue to stir it for an hour and cook over low heat. It is worth stirring adjika so that it does not burn, it is best to do this with a wooden spatula.

Before turning off the fire, for ten minutes until ready, add to the mixture olive oil, 150 milliliters of vinegar, two tablespoons of salt and sugar as much as indicated in the list of products. Do not forget to try adjika. In hot form, arrange the sauce in jars that are convenient for you, roll up and cover them with a warm blanket. About a day later adjika completely cool, and you can remove it for storage in the pantry.

Adjika from green tomatoes

Diversify Shepherd adjika can add green tomatoes.


• One bucket of green tomatoes;

• One glass of olive oil;

• One glass of salt;

• One glass of horseradish;

• Six hot pepper pods.

Method of preparation

The first step is to chop the tomatoes. Since they are green, the skin should not be removed from them, but cut off the stem. The whole dish will go through a meat grinder, so tomatoes are best cut for convenience. Now mince them and bitter pepper. Stir the resulting mush. If you are not a fan of very spicy dishes, reduce the amount of pepper. Adjika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter is a sauce, the preparation of which implies constant tasting.

Next, add the remaining ingredients. Mix everything again and distribute over dry, clean cans.

The taste of adjika will be sour and pleasant, the sharpness will disappear behind a hint of green tomatoes.

Adjika for experimenters

To enjoy the sauce of Abkhazian shepherds is very sophisticated approach to its preparation. At the time when adjika was invented, there were not as many products as they are now. Therefore, we can afford to slightly embellish the recipe for a favorite sauce.


  • Tomatoes of the variety “cream”
  • 4 sour-sweet apples,
  • 2 bell peppers.
  • Espelett pepper,
  • 1 tbsp. l dry pepper,
  • 1 pod of fresh hot pepper.
  • red wine (table) - 1 glass.
  • sugar 1 cup
  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt

Method of preparation

As always, before starting the cooking process, wash and clean the vegetables beforehand. Remove the peel from the apples and cut out the cores with a knife. Cut them into slices and add sugar, then pour in the wine, it should completely cover all the apples. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes.

Cut the pepper into equal pieces.

Move the apple-wine mixture and send to boil, make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved, and the mixture does not start to burn. Stir the fruit best with a wooden spatula or spoon. As dishes for cooking, you can use a cauldron or a thick-walled pot.

While we were arranging apples on the stove, we can spend time with tomatoes. Peeling tomatoes is not necessary if you have a desire to grind adjika at the end of cooking all the products, but this process is more laborious. Cut the tomatoes into 4 pieces. Now it's time to get back to the apples. Set aside the saucepan and turn the contents into a mashed potatoes using a blender. After that, put a kind of “cream soup” on the stove and add the remaining vegetables and other ingredients. Almost ready sauce bring to a boil and remove from heat. Leave the adjika in this condition for 20 minutes, let it cool.

While there is time, do the sterilization of cans. When the adjika cools down, run to the blender again, turn everything into mush.

Adjika from tomatoes without garlic for the winter - tricks and tips

Before cooking, always soak the vegetables, this should not be neglected, as you can preserve dirty unwashed foods.

For a high-quality recipe, choose tomatoes carefully, do not forget that they are the basis, which means choose fresh, ripe and already completely reddened vegetables.

Choosing a bell pepper, and this ingredient is present in our blanks, buy only red vegetables, the green color of the pepper will ruin the whole picture, becoming dirty brown after cooking.

Adjika is a very hot sauce, so be careful with the addition of bitter pepper. Wear gloves at this point, or immediately after you are done with it, wash your hands with water and then rub your hands with olive oil.

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