Golden Key cake - a delicate creamy taste! Making a cake "Golden Key" at home

Golden Key cake - a delicate creamy taste! Making a cake

There is more about this cake of legends than there are recipes. They say that it is prepared incredibly difficult, then, according to rumors, the products do not get it, or they are worthless money. But in fact, the cake is not so complicated, and the products are quite accessible, in all respects.

Golden Key Cake - General Cooking Principles

• A mandatory component of the cake is condensed milk. It is this that gives the dessert a delicate creamy taste with a characteristic smack of Soviet toffee, for which dessert was named. There are many varieties of home-made “Golden Key” cake, and almost every housewife keeps a secret recipe. These cakes can be made with and without baking.

• The most common dessert for dessert is to bake biscuit or honey cakes, which are then coated with cream. The “lazy”, fast version of the “Golden Key” cake is made in a matter of minutes and cookies are used in cooking. Boiled condensed milk can be added not only to the cream, but also to the dough itself.

• Complement the cake with nuts. With small nut crumb bake cakes or mix it with cream. If you do not want to mess around for a long time with the design, the top of the dessert is also decorated with finely chopped nuts or their halves.

Golden Key Honey Cake with Butter Cream and Nuts


• seven eggs;

• one and a half glasses of sugar;

• two spoons, with a small slide, honey;

• dark cocoa natural (powder, no added sugar) - 3 tbsp. l .;

• two spoons of drinking water;

• a spoon of soda;

• flour of very good quality - 2.5 cups;

• table 9% vinegar;

• walnut cores - a full glass.

In cream:

• bank of caramelized condensed milk;

• a glass of crushed walnuts;

• bag of vanilla sugar;

• a pack of “Peasant” oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Spread eggs slightly and beat with white sugar. Dissolve the honey with two tablespoons of hot water and pour to the eggs. Add soda, whisk.

2. Gradually pouring the flour mixed with cocoa, cook a thin, thinish dough. Pour the nuts, mix. 3. The bottom of a small brazier, 25 * 35 cm in size, lay out the parchment. Pour a third of the dough into it and gently level with a spoon.

4. Place the baking sheet in the rack in a hot oven (180 degrees) and bake the cake for half an hour. Bake two more such cake layers and cool them well by placing them on a wire rack.

5. Lightly soften the butter in the heat cut into large chunks, add vanilla sugar and start to beat at low speed with a mixer. When vanilla crystals become imperceptible in the oily mass, switch the mixer to medium speed and gradually introduce caramelized condensed milk. Whisk to absolute uniformity.

6. When forming a cake, each cake not only smear with cream, but sprinkle with finely chopped nuts. Align the sides of the cake with cream, and cover the top cake with the rest.

7. Decorate the cake with the remaining chopped nuts and let stand for a few hours to soak.

Golden Key Cake with butter cream and brandy


• drinking yoghurt or kefir - 250 ml;

• 125 ml of refined oil;

• boiled condensed milk - 250 gr .;

• 375 gr. wheat flour;

• a glass of milk;

• two small sachets of crystalline vanillin;

• a teaspoon of dry fresh starch;

• natural cocoa powder, without additives - 2 tbsp. l .;

• three teaspoons of a ripper;

• half spoon “lemon”.

In cream:

• cream, the highest fat content - a glass;

• a tablespoon of powdered sugar;

• 200 gr. boiled whole condensed milk.

For impregnation:

• two spoons of brandy;

• whole ordinary condensed milk - 3 tbsp. l .;

• four spoons of water.

For registration:

• 50 gr. walnuts, peeled, nuts;

• tablespoon cocoa without sugar;

• 100 ml of natural Gostovsky condensed milk;

• half a pack of butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Combine yogurt (kefir), vegetable oil, and condensed milk in one bowl and whisk until a homogeneous frothy mass is obtained.

2. Add flour with a ripper, add vanilla sugar with starch, make thick dough. Top up with milk and, stirring with a spoon, bring to homogeneity, then whisk.

3. Divide the prepared batter in half, equally. Part of leave white, and the other stain in dark color, mixed with cocoa. 4. On the inner surface of a round shape, apply butter. Sprinkle the oil layer with semolina, shake out the excess and pour the dough into the container. It is convenient to take two identical shapes and bake both biscuits at the same time. But if it is impossible to do this, bake the light cake first and then the dark cake. Bake at a temperature of exactly 180 degrees for about half an hour, check the readiness with a wooden stick.

5. Pour cold cream in a pre-cooled bowl, add powdered sugar in several small portions and whisk. Then, continuing to whisk, in a spoon, add cold condensed milk. The cream will be ready when the marks from the corolla will not disappear.

6. For the impregnation of the cake mix, mix the whole condensed milk with cold boiled water and brandy.

7. Cut the cooled biscuits into two parts, spread the cakes on the table and soak them with prepared impregnation. Then on each place three spoons with a slide of cream and form a cake, evenly spreading the creamy mass during the molding. Carefully level the sides with the remaining cream and gently level it with a silicone spatula.

8. In a coffee grinder or blender, chop the nuts. Cover the sides of the cake with nut chips.

9. Beat the butter with condensed milk. Split the cream mass in half and color one part with cocoa. With white cream, apply a thin sparse mesh on the surface of the cake, and make dark edges with openwork edges.

A simple recipe for the Golden Key cake made of biscuit cakes on eggs with butter cream


• six eggs;

• 80 gr. thickened homemade cream, or butter;

• wheat flour - 115 gr .;

• a tablespoon of dark cocoa;

• 190 gr. fine sugar

In cream:

• standard bank of whole condensed milk;

• tablespoon of brandy;

• bag of crystalline vanilla;

• powder from natural cocoa - 1/2 tbsp. l .;

• pack of butter, high-quality oil.

For impregnation:

• 130 gr. sugar;

• spoon of brandy;

• 120 ml of drinking water.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the dough for white biscuit. Break three eggs into a bowl, add 90 gr. sugar, lower in the capacity of a water bath and beat, while warming up, to increase in volume. When the fluffy mass rises, increasing about three times, remove from heat. 2. Gently stirring, gradually enter 40 grams. melted butter and flour - 90 gr. Do not whisk, do not interfere with circular movements, but only movements directed from the bottom up, otherwise the pomp will be broken.

3. Cover the bottom of the form with parchment and pour the white dough into it, put it in the oven and set it to bake when heated to 180 degrees. On average, the preparation of biscuit cake does not take more than half an hour, but it is better to check the readiness after 25 minutes. A known method is to pierce a toothpick biscuit. If its surface remains dry, it means that the cake is ready.

4. In the same way, prepare a dark biscuit. By adding cocoa to the dough, reduce the amount of flour to 50 grams. Mix cocoa powder with sugar.

5. Place the finished cakes on the grid and leave for ripening for eight hours. Can be used immediately, but after complete cooling.

6. Prepare the impregnation. Prepare syrup from sugar and water, then cool it well, and enter brandy.

7. Cut biscuits lengthwise, in half, you get four korzh. Spread them on the table, cut up and soak in brandy syrup.

8. Whip up the softened oil in a warm room until homogeneous. After that, without stopping beating, add condensed milk to it. The cream will beat up better and will be lush if the milk is introduced gradually, adding a couple of spoons. Add vanilla and brandy at the end.

9. Divide the finished cream mass into two parts and color one with cocoa powder in a dark color. It is desirable to scatter the filler in a cream through a strainer, then it will be easier to stir.

10. Place a dark-colored sponge cake on a flat dish and brush with light cream. Put the top dark sponge cake on top and again mix it with light cream. In the same way, lay out the light cakes. The sides of the cake should be leveled with a dark cream.

11. On a top light cake, apply, squeezing out of the pastry syringe, a thin mesh of white cream mass. Decorate it with dark cream, forcing it through a nozzle of a larger diameter with teeth.

12. Place the prepared cake to soak in the cold for two hours.

Sour cream cake “Golden Key” with condensed milk boiled


• two glasses of sugar;

• two standard metal cans of condensed milk;

• two spoons of soda;

• 470 ml of heavy cream;

• one and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder, without sugar;

• three glasses of wheat flour;

• four eggs;

• 400 ml of rare 15% sour cream;

• table vinegar;

• simple syrup from sugar and water for impregnation;

• bitter chocolate - a 100-gram tile.

Cooking Method:

1. Intensively beat the eggs with added sugar, put the sour cream mixed with boiled condensed milk, flour, and beat again. At the end, add vinegar baking soda, mix. Pour half of the dough into a separate bowl, mix it with cocoa.

2. Bake two biscuit cakes: dark and light. Before filling the dough with the form, rub it with butter and lightly flour with flour. Bake strictly at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

3. Cool the finished cakes, and cut in half. So that the bottom is not damp, cool the blanks only on the grid.

4. Whip the cream until fluffy and, without ceasing, beat, in a spoon, put condensed milk into the cream mass.

5. Soak the cut cakes with sugar syrup and quickly but gently assemble the cake, well pasting the blanks with butter cream. You can additionally lightly sprinkle the cream layer with grated chocolate.

6. After leveling the sides and applying a thin layer of cream on the top of the cake, rub chocolate over it through a small grater.

The easiest honey cake “Golden Key” with nuts and brandy


• tablespoon of brandy;

• beet sugar - 1 cup;

• two spoons of honey, liquid;

• two full glasses of flour;

• walnuts - 150 gr .;

• five eggs;

• standard bag ripper dough

For cream:

• spoon of brandy;

• bank of condensed caramelized milk;

• creamy, preferably 82%, butter.


• 100 gr. almond chips.

Cooking Method:

1. Very small, chop nuts with a heavy knife. It is not necessary to grind coffee grinder or blender, excessively fine crumb thicken the dough. Separately put butter on a plate and leave to soften. 2. Beat the eggs with vanilla sugar and sugar. Do not rub, namely whisk, as you need airy white foam. Add the nuts and mix gently with a spoon. Pour liquid honey with brandy and mix gently again.

3. Flour the flour a couple of times with the ripper and, gently stirring, enter it in parts into the honey mixture.

4. Place a sheet of parchment on the baking sheet, grease it with vegetable oil and pour a third of the creamy dough. Evenly distribute it with a rectangular layer, slightly less than a centimeter thick, and put it to bake. Honey Korzh will be enough for a quarter of an hour with 180 degrees exposed.

5. Drag the baked piece to the parchment on the table and leave to cool. Bake two more cakes. After you bake the last billet, calcine the almond chips to a light golden color and turn the oven off.

6. Prepare a cream of softened butter and boiled condensed milk. At the end, pour brandy, stir or a couple of times with a mixer.

7. Putting the cake layers in the cake, mix it well with cream and cover it with the remains of the top and sides of the product. Sprinkle the surface of the dessert with roasted chips and leave to warm for one and a half hours for impregnation.

Lazy Golden Key cake made from biscuits with nuts under chocolate icing


• natural butter - one pack;

• Bank of Gostovskaya condensed milk;

• 300 gr. peeled walnut kernels;

• any non-crisp biscuits - 800 gr.

In the icing:

• refined sugar - 50 g .;

• a glass of low-fat sour cream;

• four spoons of dark cocoa powder;

• “Farmerskoe” oil - 50 gr.


• walnut halves - a handful.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat a dry frying pan over medium heat. Put the walnuts and fry, stirring, for three minutes, cool.

2. Prepare small crumb from cookies: smash it with your hands or roll it with a rolling pin, folding it into a bag.

3. Mix the soft butter with a mixer until homogeneous and gradually mix the boiled condensed milk, without ceasing to beat. Then add the crumbled cookies and mix, this time, with a spoon. 4. Put the butter base on the dish, shape the cake and place the fried walnut kernels on top.

5. Mix sugar, sour cream and cocoa powder, and put on a slow fire. Stir vigorously, bring to a boil, immediately lower the heat and boil until noticeably thickened.

6. Pour hot glaze over the cake, cool and place in cold for two hours.

Golden Key Cake - cooking tips and helpful tips

• When preparing dough for dark cakes, mix cocoa with sugar or flour. It will not collect lumps.

• When cooking the glaze, add cocoa powder to the bulk, sifting through a sieve, or pre-crush its lumps, if any, with a fork.

• For creams, take only high-quality boiled condensed milk. If the product contains vegetable fats and other unnatural supplements, the creamy mass will not beat up well.

• Condensed milk can be cooked by yourself. Place a tin can with whole condensed milk in a large saucepan filled almost to the top with water. On an intense fire, bring the water in the saucepan to a boil, drastically reduce the heat and continue to cook for two hours. Do not forget to regularly look for water, it should not boil, otherwise the bank will “explode”. Add water as needed. Cool boiled condensed milk first in the water and pan, where it was boiled, and then substituting for cold water.

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