Delicious and elegant decorations - simple canapes on skewers. On the holiday table: simple canapes on skewers: ways of serving

Delicious and elegant decorations - simple canapes on skewers. On the holiday table: simple canapes on skewers: ways of serving

In most cases, it turns out that all the necessary products in the house are there, but it is not possible to assemble a beautiful composition - there is not enough creative imagination, and when the guests are about to appear on the threshold, then think of how to submit the simplest canapes on skewers, on the festive table, hurry and vanity interfere.

Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table - basic technological principles

For cooking small sandwiches, it is very important to have a huge imagination, or at least a photo of ready-made recipes for simple canapes on skewers for a festive table, the benefit that such pictures on the Internet are a sea!

But, do you have any skewers and bread in the kitchen? Then calm down and remember that for sure there will be a piece of cheese and butter in the refrigerator, or a piece of bacon and cucumber. And a few small tomatoes and eggs, by chance, will not be found?

In short, there is still something in the refrigerator, even if they did not prepare for the arrival of the guests, but according to Winnie the Pooh’s rule, they decided to add variety to the morning hours of their friends.

The main thing is calm, the presence of bread and skewers, and it does not matter if the bread is stale, it is even for the better. The advantage of cooking canapés is precisely that it takes very little time to prepare them, and only maximum organization is needed.

With the necessary tools and devices, it is possible to get out of any similar situation not only with dignity, but even to “wreck” applause. For example, metal figured notches for cookies will be very helpful. Take toaster bread and cut out the base for canapés with the help of grooves. What is not creative?

Do you have a blender and a pastry bag or a syringe with nozzles? Fine! Take the butter and perebite it, at least with dill or parsley, add canned sprats or herring caviar and deposit this oil on the cut bread figures from the pastry bag, securing the star-shaped nozzle on it. Done!

Similarly, you can cook pasta from boiled eggs, cheese and garlic with mayonnaise, or from eggs, fried liver and onions. Pick up combinations of what is at hand. If you don’t bake cakes and cookies at home and decorate them, then pastry tools will still come in handy: they are cheap and help out at the right moment. It would be ideal, of course, to also have a carving kit: then guests would come only for sandwiches, not expecting from the hostess any complicated dishes that require a large investment of time and money.

But some simple shapes can be cut with a regular knife. Just need to knives were carefully sharpened. Moreover, the canapé is a small sandwich weighing no more than 80 g, therefore all the ingredients for its preparation should be very small, including bread, and such “jewelry” cutting can be made only with sharp knives.

The dimensions of a single canape do not exceed 3.5-4 cm. Placing several ingredients at once on such a small area is not an easy task. Each component is cut out in such a way that its area completely covers the previous layer and does not protrude beyond the edge of the base. It is also monitored that the thickness of each layer is the same: it is necessary not only to comply with the rules of aesthetics, but also from the point of view of the taste combination, the predominance of one component over the other will break the harmony.

In cases where curly cuts and canapés are used, cocktail skewers and other decorative elements are used to fix curly pieces on the sandwich for convenience. For example, a flower cut from an egg with an olive in the center: piercing an olive with a skewer sandwich is fixed to the breadboard base. They eat such canapés also with the help of cuts.

Canapes are served at the rate of 5-6 pieces per serving, putting them on a dish or a vase decorated with a napkin. In some cases, when appropriate, the dish is pre-decorated with large leaves of fresh lettuce or other greens.

Bread for canapes is better to choose a rectangular shape, so that it is more convenient to cut it. Although it all depends on the form of snack sandwiches. The crusts need to be cut, so with each preparation of simple canapes on skewers, a supply of breadcrumbs for meatballs or other dishes will be replenished for the festive table: not only due to the crusts, but also from the trimmings left over from round or other figured forms. The thickness of the bread should be no more than 0.5 cm. Often the bread for canapes is dried with a toaster or fried in the oven or in a pan, adding butter and spices. Canapé croutons can be prepared for the future, which significantly speeds up the process of their direct preparation. Only store fried spices with oil in the refrigerator, in a sealed package, for up to a day. It is better to use such bread blanks immediately, and croutons without oil and spices can be stored in the kitchen cupboard, but also tightly closed, because the bread is hygroscopic and easily absorbs extraneous odors.

What type of bread to choose for canapés depends on preferences or on other ingredients. Salted or fresh crackers can be used to prepare canapés, and in the case of canapés served as snacks for dessert wines, tea or coffee, or even dessert, you can use sweet cookies with fruit, chocolate or fruit butter. Having dealt with the bread, go to the other components of the canape.

It can be sausages and meat products, fish and fish products, cheeses, vegetables and fruits - almost everything that can be laid on the bread. Mandatory component - oil. However, butter is not always appropriate, given the principle of compatibility of products.

Italian “caprese”, consisting of tomatoes, basil and “Mozzarella”, is seasoned with olive oil. Snack sandwiches in baskets with salad ingredients can be seasoned with sauces, but it must be borne in mind that the wet sauce is easily absorbed into the sandwich dough base and, while moisturizing, can destroy the sandwich base. These sandwiches are prepared immediately before use. It is possible, in this case, to make blanks in advance, but before filing, store them in separate containers.

The same principle applies to vegetable and fruit fragments of canapés: too juicy elements are stacked on the canapes just before serving, excess juice is removed, so that it does not flow down from the sandwich.

Canapes are interesting not only for convenience and speed of preparation, but also for their external aesthetic appearance. A beautifully decorated appetizer decorates the table and creates a festive mood. Solving the aesthetic problem, select the ingredients for the canapés, guided not only by the principle of taste combination, but also by choosing a bright color range of the products used. Laying the components in layers on a bread base, alternate them so that each product stands out clearly against the background of another component.

1. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table and for breakfast


Fried white bread toasters - 20 pcs.

Eggs 4 pcs.

Processed cheese 300 g

Cheese, hard 200 g

3-4 garlic cloves

Lemon or lime 2 pcs.

Butter, sandwich 200 g


Oil (for frying), refined 100 ml

Mayonnaise (for dressing) 160 g


From white toaster bread, with the help of a metal, round dredging cut out circles. Heat the oil, refined in the pan, and quickly fry the prepared slices of bread (you can on one side).

Chilled bread rub with chopped garlic clove, combined with a spoonful of lemon juice. When the bread has cooled, spread it with butter, crushed with parsley (green oil).

Place a slice of hard cheese on each slice.

Prepare the pasta from melted cheese and boiled eggs with the remaining garlic, chopping up the ingredients with a blender to the consistency of the pasta, without large lumps. Season the eggs and cheese with mayonnaise, stir the mass until smooth. The resulting puree should not be too liquid, so that you can shape balls from it in two teaspoons, and they retain their shape. Gain the weight in one spoon, with a slide, and, using the second spoon, give it a round shape. If this does not work out, put on gloves, put a bowl of cold water next to the workplace and mold the balls with your hands, wetting your palms in water. But in this case, do not put balls of cheese and eggs immediately on the sandwich so that the water does not soak it. Let the balls dry on a napkin (use linen to keep the paper from sticking and not getting into the sandwich).

Slice the lemon into half slices, in the middle of each slice make a cut to the skin and turn the edges in opposite directions to form a wavy line. Secure the lobule on the sandwich and add sprigs or parsley leaves to topping (decoration).

Next, place the balls of cheese-egg mass, one large or three pieces, if the balls are small. Place the canapes on the dish and serve. Lemon slices can be replaced with cucumber or used together.

2. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table: herring snack


Small onions (onions) 10 pieces

Lemon juice, sugar, salt and beet juice (for marinade)

Herring roe 200 g

Butter, sandwich 150 g

Green onions (feather) 100 g

Cheese, hard 250 g

Eggs, boiled quail 20 pcs.

Salted herring fillet 0.5 kg

Borodinsky bread or rye

Mayonnaise 80g


Stir the butter sandwich with a fork and herring caviar.

Cut off the root part in each bulb and make longitudinal cuts, not reaching the bottom edge of the bulbs. Gently turn the formed petals in the opposite direction to reach the middle part of the bulbs. Remove 2-3 top layers of onion “petals” and put them in marinade made from water, lemon and beetroot juice. Add salt and sugar to the marinade; soak the onions in tinted marinade for about fifteen minutes. To prepare the marinade, you can use boiled or raw beets.

Bread, cheese and herring fillets cut into 0.5 cm thick slices. From bread and cheese with the help of the notch cut ovals. Spread the bread with a mixture of butter and caviar. Top with a slice of cheese on each sandwich. H

Chopped onion stalks, leaves of onion cut into 4 cm long sticks, collect 7 stalks in a bundle and tie each of them, on the one hand.

Cut a hole in the center of the oval canape and insert a bunch of green onions in it, turning and bending the stems in the transverse direction. Prepare 5 transversely sliced, thin fillet slices for each sandwich. On the desktop, put them in one row, overlap, and roll the tube, thus obtaining a flower.

You can roll each piece of herring fillet separately, with a cone, and put it on the sandwich, on the one hand, in the form of a five-leaf “flower”. In the center, in a bundle, place boiled beets, cut into thin straws, 1.5-2 cm long, so that it looks like the stamens of a “flower”.

Remove the onion “petals” from the marinade, shake the marinade and place the pink “asters” on the other side of the canape, opposite the herring “flowers”. Cut, in a zigzag, each boiled egg has a “blunt nose” and remove the yolks. Crumble the yolks in the center of the onion “asters”. In the center of the egg white, put half an olive, skin up and lay 2 eggs on the canape.

3. Simple canapes on skewers on the holiday table “Snails”


Hot Dog Bun


Spicy Tomato Sauce


Sausages, boiled

Hard cheese

Quail eggs


Black olives

Parsley leaves

Fresh cucumber

Beet Juice

Pasta bows

Cookies "Straw"


Boil quail eggs in plain water and paste “bows”, adding beetroot juice to it.

Mix the mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise and apply the cooked sauce on slices of sliced ​​bread.

Cut the cucumber with round plastic and put 3 pieces on each piece, with an overlap.

Cut boiled sausages lengthwise, in half and fold with a “snail”, leaving one edge, 2 cm long, free, fasten the rolled sausage with a skewer, and jokes under the base of the skewer bow made from boiled beetroot juice.

In the boiled egg, make cuts to insert “eyes” - from black olives, “nose and mouth” - from carrots and “horns” - from sausage slices.

Insert a piece of straw into the bottom of the canape and put the “head of the snail”, made of boiled quail eggs, on the upper end of the cookie; place the rolled sausage next to the “neck” of biscuits: this is the “trunk”. Attach a sprig of parsley over the “snail” as if it is peeking out from under a bush.

4. Simple canapes on skewers on the holiday table “Salute”



Chees Feta"



Cheese, cream

Salmon, dried

Yellow pepper

Toast Bread

Cream cheese


Cut the “asterisks” out of bread with a dredging dough and spread them with a layer of cream cheese, placing thin slices of red fish on top.

Feta cheese and prepared vegetables cut into large cubes and chop them alternately on skewers. In each sandwich insert 3 skewers with vegetables and cheese strung on them.

5. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table “Seahorse and Black Pearl”


Black olives

King prawns

Boiled eggs


Salmon or salmon


Sandwich butter


Cut mugs or ovals from bread; cut out stars of the same size from a salted, red fish.

Spread bread sandwich butter.

Eggs are cut along, in half and extract the yolks; mash the yolks with a fork and crumb sprinkle the oil layer of the canape.

We put “starfish” on small sandwiches, next to it is a half of egg white, into which we put black olive, and then we cover it with half of the second half of egg white.

With a skewer we prick boiled and peeled shrimp and insert these skewers in the canape. Cover the “ridge” with a sprig of dill - “seaweed”.

6. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table “Orchids”


Potato chips


Salad, curly




Shallots (stalks)


Onion stalks cut into long strips to make “leaves”.

Slices of bread and butter and cover with cheese slices over the entire surface of the canapes.

From thin slices of sausage cut 3 oblong leaves for each sandwich, take 2 potato chips and put them together with the “petals” of the sausage in the form of an orchid; Cut the strips from green lettuce leaves with scissors to fold them with a cone and set them in the center of each “flower” with a skewer: fold so that the wavy edges of the lettuce leaves are directed upwards, like a real orchid.

7. Simple canapes on skewers on the holiday table “Swans”


Roll, city

Cheese, cream (any)


Quail eggs


Salt, spices

Fresh greens (for registration)


Slice the loaf, cucumbers and sausages with thin transverse plates.

Cover the bread with a thin layer of cream cheese, put cucumber slices on each sandwich, completely covering the cheese surface.

Boil the eggs and peel them. Cut each egg in half, lengthwise, and then, taking out the yolk, one half of the protein, also cut in half. One or two eggs, depending on the number of sandwiches, set aside to cut the swan necks out of them: cut the eggs along thin enough straws to insert a curved strip into the stuffed egg, between the “wings”. Slice the olives into slices.

Mash yolks and cream cheese with a fork, adding spices. Put the mixture in whole halves of eggs. Along the stuffed half of the egg, first place 2 slices of olives, on both sides, and on top of the olives, place quarters of egg whites, imitating the wings of swans.

For each sandwich, “plant” 2 “swans”, decorating them with any leaves of fresh greens.

8. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table “Rozochek”


White bread toasts

Sandwich butter

Cheese “Doublet”

Smoked sausage

Fresh cucumber




Prepare a bread base for canapés: spread butter into small, round slices of bread and put on them a fan of two kinds of cheese, cut into long, isosceles triangles, suitable in size to a sandwich basis.

Cut small fresh cucumbers lengthwise into thin slices. Each plate bend in half and fasten them with skewers of 3 pieces, pin the cucumbers at the edge with a skewer to the narrow part of the fan.

Lay the halves of the smoked sausage slices overlap by 5 pieces, roll them up and fix them with small sandwiches at the base of the sandwiches, forming “roses” and attaching them to the cucumber topping elements.

In the middle of each rose, place half an olive, decorate the canape with sprigs of parsley or other greens.

9. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table “Dessert”


Amaretto syrup (or any liqueur)

Chocolate 200 g

Milk (for melted chocolate) 50-70 ml

Jam, cherry and apricot (thick) 150 g

Cream, whipped 300 g

Fresh mint leaves

Sweet, sweet roll


Cakes and cakes can not bake, and make canapes, which to taste will not give in to sweet pastries in anything, and create a festive atmosphere for ordinary tea drinking, not taking a lot of time.

Slice the sweet loaf. Divide the whipped cream into three parts. Leave one part white, and add the juice of cherry and apricot to the other two, or use food coloring. Take a pastry bag with an “asterisk” nozzle and through it pour on each piece of dessert canapé cream of a different color, decorate the edges of sweet products with chocolate, deposit it through a foil cinnamon, in a thin stream. Decorate the little “cakes” with fresh mint leaves.

10. Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table - caprese in Italian





Basil, green

Garlic, salt, spices


Olive oil


Place thin Ricotta slides on thin slices of toasted bread, fried in olive oil with garlic, half of “cherry” halves around the cheese, and olives cut into small rings and spiced basil around the slices of tomatoes.

11. Simple canapes on skewers on a festive table of ham and liver pate


Sliced ​​Boiled Beef

Liver pate with onions


Boiled carrots


White bread


Cut the bread with isosceles triangles, with a base of 2 cm. Butter the slices with butter.

From the boiled slices of veal, build tapered rolls, fastening each with a skewer.

Fill meat buns with prepared pate and place them on triangular slices of bread.

Cut the topping in the form of a flower from a boiled carrot, and the leaves from the cucumber plates. Decorate the canapes and lay them on a plate lined with an elegant napkin.

12. Simple canapes on skewers on a festive table with red caviar


Rye bread

Oil 82.5%

Salmon caviar

Dill, chopped

Lemon Slices


With a notch cut out slices of rye bread, arbitrary shapes of canapes and spread them with oil, then putting them on each slice of lemon rolled into a cone, fixed with a skewer, and filled with a spoonful of red caviar. Garnish with a sprig of dill.

Simple canapes on skewers on the festive table - useful tips and tricks

  • Use the remaining pieces of meat, cheese eggs, or other products to make pies, minced meat.
  • For example, cutting cheese and eggs can be blended to a pasty consistency by adding mayonnaise and garlic.
  • Such a mass can be spread on bread and you will get a sandwich.
  • If you make a ball out of the same paste with two teaspoons and roll it in coconut chips, such a ball, fixed with a skewer on a canape with cucumber and cheese, will become a very beautiful and harmonious addition to a small sandwich, expanding the range of snacks served one more type of canape.
  • Similarly, you can do with meat and sausages. Delicious sauces and mashed potatoes for other dishes can be made from the scraps of vegetables left over from the preparation of sandwiches.
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