How to cook fish fillets in the oven is tasty and easy? A selection of recipes from fish fillet in the oven: with potatoes, in foil, originally

How to cook fish fillets in the oven is tasty and easy? A selection of recipes from fish fillet in the oven: with potatoes, in foil, originally

Fish is one of the most useful products in the world.

Rich in protein, in which it is not inferior, and sometimes even surpasses meat.

In addition, fish has a lot of healthy fatty acids, and here it is exactly ahead of meat products, because their fat is not so useful, and often harmful.

In addition, there is a huge variety of fish for every taste and preference. Many people are embarrassed that there are bones in the fish.

Currently, however, retailers offer a large selection of fish fillets - this is boneless pulp.

You can cook whole fish fillets yourself.

There are lots of original and simple recipes for baking fish fillets in the oven.

General principles of cooking fish fillets in the oven

Dishes from the fish fillet in the oven - quick, healthy and tasty. So that none of these principles are violated, you need to follow some rules.

1. You can bake any fish fillet.

2. Frozen fish do not have to be defrosted until soft. Simply hold it at room temperature for an hour.

3. Often, before baking, fish is fried, which gives it an additional rich flavor.

4. Be sure to evaluate what kind of fish you have. Fatty varieties can be baked with a minimum of additives just on the baking sheet. More lean fish requires butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, cream, otherwise it will turn out very dry.

5. Fish can be baked simply on a baking sheet, in any dish - a cauldron, a roaster, a special refractory form, and also in foil or in a sleeve.

6. Often when baking in the oven, fish fillets are combined with certain products. Usually it is vegetables, sometimes mushrooms. A wonderful ingredient to fish when baking is onions. No less popular lemon slices or lemon juice.

7. Condiments will help to enrich and emphasize the taste of fish fillets in the oven: black pepper, white pepper, sweet-scented, hot, and dill, ginger, thyme, coriander.

Serve baked fish preferably with sauce. Perfectly fit sauces based on butter, cream.

Fillet of lean sea fish in the oven with onions and tomatoes

For this recipe, the simplest and most common varieties of sea fish are suitable - pollock, cod, hake and similar ones. To preserve the juiciness and add tenderness, the recipe uses tomatoes and cream. Cheese coat will help preserve the juices of fish and vegetables, as well as complement the taste.


1 kg fillet of lean fish

2 large onions

500 gr. tomatoes - about 4 pieces

500 ml of cream - can be replaced with a mixture of milk and sour cream or mayonnaise in a 4: 1 ratio

200 - 300 gr. hard cheese

salt, and ground black pepper to taste.

Method of preparation

Prepared fillet divided into chunks of medium size, if required.

Put in a greased form, prisolit, pepper.

Spread onion, cut into thin rings or half rings. If desired, onions can be pre-fry, it will add flavor.

Place slices of thinly sliced ​​tomatoes on the onion. Salt and pepper again.

Pour the cream or milk mixture.

Sprinkle with cheese on top.

Place in oven on medium heat. If the top cheese is too hot, you can cover with foil.

Hold for 30 minutes. Carefully check the readiness of the fish, if not enough - hold it again.

Serve with rice, potatoes. Fish with tomatoes and onions in cream turns out quite juicy, so there is no need for a special sauce.

Fillet of pink salmon or salmon, baked in the oven with potatoes

Depending on the type of red fish, this may be a more festive, sumptuous dish - with salmon, and a simpler option with a pink salmon, suitable for a family dinner or lunch. The method of preparation is the same. In any case, it is a tender, tasty, satisfying and at the same time not difficult for the stomach dish.


1 medium pink salmon or 1 kg of finished fish fillet

5-6 potatoes

2 large onions

2 medium carrots

100-150 gr. mayonnaise, it is possible to replace the sour cream

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

salt and seasoning to taste.

Method of preparation

In 2 tablespoons of butter, fry the onion, chopped finely or in half rings, add carrots, fry until golden brown.

If the fish is whole, cook the fillets. Cut into pieces. Put in a pan, greased. Sprinkle, sprinkle with spices. Peel potatoes, cut into slices or strips, mix with mayonnaise.

Potatoes can fill the entire baking sheet, laying out the fish on top. Or only a part, and the pieces of fish fillets lay next.

And in fact, and in that version on top of the fish lay roasted vegetables.

Cover the baking sheet with foil and send in the oven at medium heat for 40-60 minutes. Orient on the readiness of potatoes - it bakes longer than fish.

Serve with sour cream, cream sauce or any other.

A simple recipe for fish fillets in the oven - tilapia with lemon juice

According to the legend, freshwater fish tilapia is the same one that future disciples of Jesus Christ were catching, and it was with five such fish that the savior fed many people. Legends are legends, but the fish is really very tasty and easy to prepare. Especially if the fillet of this fish is baked in the oven with a minimum of additives.


1 kg tilapia fillet

half lemon

2 large onions

clove of garlic

200 gr. Parmesan cheese

100 gr. mayonnaise

10 olives or pitted olives - optional

tablespoon of vegetable oil

salt and spices to taste.

Method of preparation

Put the layers of fish fillet on a baking sheet of butter.

Salt, sprinkle with spices, sprinkle liberally with lemon juice.

Between the pieces of tilapia decompose olives or olives, but you can do without them.

Apply strips of mayonnaise to the fish.

From above spread out salted onion cut in half rings.

Cover with finely grated Parmesan.

Put in the oven on medium heat, the dish is prepared very quickly - 20-30 minutes.

Very tasty both hot and cold. Any garnish is suitable, it can be eaten simply with bread.

The easiest and most delicious fish recipe in the oven: mackerel fillets with coriander

Mackerel is a fish with a peculiar smell, so you should not cover it with “fur coats” made from vegetables or cheese. Best of all, if this fish will have a well-cooked crust. It is quite fat, so you can cook mackerel with little or no additives. The use of coriander seeds will add an additional flavor to the taste.


1 kg of mackerel

2 large onions 1 teaspoon coriander seed

salt, black pepper, preferably freshly ground - to taste

half lemon

1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Thawed and mackerel fresh-frozen mackerel: cut off the head, remove the insides, clean well from dark films.

Cut each fish length from front to tail, flatten, pull out the spine, select other bones. Usually there are practically none.

Spread the fish inside out, pepper, pepper, smear with lemon juice, sprinkle with coriander seeds.

Onions clean and cut into half rings.

Arrange the onions on the halves of fish carcasses, cover with the other halves.

The resulting fish put on a baking sheet, also prisolit on top, sprinkle with pepper, squeeze out lemon juice, spread out the coriander seeds.

Put in a baking sheet, pre-oiled, and send to the oven. The fish is cooked very quickly, just half an hour.

Mackerel itself is quite nourishing and fat, so the best side dish for it will be fresh vegetables or a light salad.

The original recipe for fish fillets in the oven: fish in potato scales

Before cooking the scales with fish scrape. And in this recipe it is advised to replace the real fish scales with potato scales. The taste of the recipe is the usual fish fillet with roasted potatoes, but the appearance is original. You can cook this dish for the holiday table.


1 kg fillet of any marine fish

6 potatoes, preferably oblong, so that you can cut across not too large plastics

1 egg yolk

3 tablespoons flour

1 teaspoon mustard

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

salt, black pepper to taste

fresh greens - dill and basil are best

cooking oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Peel potatoes and cut into slices as thin as possible, if you have a special grater - use it.

Mix yolks with mustard.

Fish fillets divided into large pieces - 1-2 per serving.

Drain, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in flour.

One side of the fillet - without the skin - spread with a mixture of mustard and yolk, put the circles of potatoes, slightly overlapping each other. Should resemble scales. Gently press them in and salt. In a well-heated butter, carefully put the fish fillet pieces of potato flakes down. Quickly fry until light ruddy on one side.

Put the slices of roasted fillet with potato slices in a greased baking sheet.

Each part of a little smear mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs and send in the oven for about 20 minutes on medium heat. During this time the fish should be ready.

Another simple recipe for fish fillets in the oven: red fish in foil

This recipe can be classified as monocomponent - here the main role is played by fish, flavored with various seasonings. And everything is concise, simple and surprisingly tasty. Garnish and sauce can be selected at the discretion, but the fish in the foil is beautiful and without everything, just with bread.


1 kg red fish fillet - chum, salmon, pink salmon

2 medium onions

salt, ground black pepper to taste

half a lemon

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Method of preparation

Cut a layer of fillet into small pieces. Salt, pepper to taste.

Peel and chop the onion.

Spread foil on a baking sheet, brush with oil.

Put the bow, put the pieces of fish on it.

Sprinkle fish with lemon juice and olive oil.

If the fish is not very fatty - for example, pink salmon, then take more oil.

Wrap the foil tightly and put it in the oven.

Over high heat, the dish is cooked for 15 minutes.

Served with greens.

Nice and easy: diet recipe for white fish fillets in the oven

Great for this recipe fits sea bass. Due to the creamy sauce, very nourishing meat becomes especially tender, and vegetables complement the taste palette of the dish. You can take a fish of another species. Fish fillets baked in this way can be used in dietary nutrition.


1 kg of fish fillet

1 lemon

2 onions

2 medium carrots

300 ml cream

150 gr. hard cheese

100 grams of white bread

salt and black pepper to taste

1 tablespoon butter

Dill greens or other optional.

Method of preparation

Prepare fish fillets, cut into medium pieces. Squeeze the juice out of the sliced ​​lemon.

Grate the fish with a mixture of salt and pepper.

Peel onions and carrots, cut onions into cubes or quarter-rings, carrot straws or grate.

Heat oil in a pan and fry onion, then add carrots. When the vegetables begin to redden, add a couple of tablespoons of water, a little salt and then some minutes.

Chop greens, grate cheese, cut bread without a crust into small cubes.

Mix in a bowl bread, herbs, cheese and cream, carrots and onions, salt and pepper.

In a greased form put fish fillet, pour the cream mixture.

Cook in the oven on medium heat for 20 minutes, check the readiness of the fish, if necessary, leave more.

A wonderful side dish for such a dish is rice, fresh vegetables.

Secrets and intricacies of cooking fish fillets in the oven

In order for fish fillet dishes to retain all the beneficial properties of the product and become the basis of a delicate nourishing meal, you must follow certain rules.

1. You should not salt the fish fillet in advance, it is better to do it directly before sending it to the oven. Otherwise the fish will be tough and lose a lot of juice.

2. Follow the recommendations for temperature and cooking time, taking into account the characteristics of your oven. In no case should fish fillets be overdone and dry.

3. If the fish is cooked with vegetables, then, putting it from the bottom, we get juicy tender stewed fillet. If the fish is placed on top of vegetables, then it will be baked on top, and its tasty juices will soak the “pillow”.

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