Pork shawarma - royal fast food! Recipes homemade shawarma with pork and vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, cucumbers

Pork shawarma - royal fast food! Recipes homemade shawarma with pork and vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, cucumbers

Lavash is tasteless and bland in itself, but the dishes from it are simply amazing. Especially if it is a shawarma with meat.

It is not necessary to run somewhere and buy this creation.

It can be very easily and quickly cooked in your kitchen, it will turn out very tasty and satisfying.

Pork shawarma - general cooking principles

Shawarma meat is used without bone. The flesh is cut, fried in a pan. But you can take the remnants of kebab, cook pork on the grill or bake in the oven. In addition to meat, filling involves the addition of other products.

What is added to the shawarma:

• vegetables, salads;

• cheese;

• eggs;

• mushrooms;

• greenery.

We must not forget about the sauce, which gives the dish flavor, spiciness, makes it juicy and appetizing. Prepare it from mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, ketchup. Add garlic, herbs, various seasonings. You can use ready-made sauces like “Garlic”, “Cheese”, “Tartar”.

How to roll shawarma

Stuffing in pita can be wrapped in different ways.

Shawarma is prepared open, closed, in the form of a roll or envelope. The method of folding depends on the recipe, the size of pita and roasting.

If the dish is roasted on a griddle or grilled, it is better to make shawarma closed.

If you use homemade pita bread, it is often impossible to make an envelope because of the size. In this case, it is more convenient to make a roll or roll with one open edge.

Shawarma with pork and carrots in Korean

A simple recipe for delicious shawarma with pork. It needs ready-made Korean carrot, purchased or homemade salad. You can take a carrot with any additives, to dilute the taste using fresh cabbage.


• 200 g pork;

• 150 g carrots;

• 70 g of mayonnaise;

• 100 g cabbage;

• 30 g of ketchup;

• 1 onion;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 1 clove garlic;

• spices;

• 2 pita bread.


1. Cut the pork into strips, put in a pan with two spoons of butter and begin to fry. As soon as the meat begins to produce juice, we will cover the pot for five minutes with a lid and stew. 2. Cut the onion into thin half-rings, add to the meat, fry together until rosy color. Salt to taste. You can pepper if the carrots are not sharp.

3. We shift the Korean carrot into a colander, letting the juice drain a little.

4. Chop the cabbage into small strips, wipe hands and combine with carrots. Stir.

5. In mayonnaise lay out ketchup, add garlic, if desired, season the sauce with fresh or dried herbs. Stir.

6. Put the cabbage and carrot on the pita bread first. Divide the salad in half, enough for 2 servings.

7. Top lay pork fried with onions.

8. Cover all with mayonnaise sauce with ketchup and garlic.

9. Fold the shawarma with an envelope, transfer it to a dry frying pan and fry the pita bread on both sides for a minute. Eat immediately.

Shawarma with pork, cheese and Chinese cabbage

This recipe uses hard cheese. But you can take and processed cheese, too, will be delicious. If there is no Peking cabbage, you can make shawarma with pork and white-vegetable.


• 100 g pork;

• 80 g Peking cabbage;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• 50 g sour cream;

• 0.5 cloves of garlic (more);

• 0.5 tsp. mustard;

• 0.5 carrots;

• greenery;

• 2 spoons of ketchup;

• 1 pita bread.


1. Beat a piece of pork with a hammer. If necessary, cut into two plates. We fry on a greased griddle on both sides, like chops.

2. Cool the meat, cut into strips. Add ketchup, salt and mix with meat. Let it soak a little.

3. Shred Beijing cabbage, add greens and one grated carrot.

4. Sour cream combined with mustard, add garlic, any seasoning and salt. Stir.

5. Put the Beijing cabbage salad on the pita bread and cover with sour cream sauce.

6. Grate a slice of cheese, spread over sour cream.

7. Top lay out the pork, smeared with ketchup.

8. We twist shawarma with an envelope. If desired, fry on a grill or in a dry frying pan, but not for very long, as Peking cabbage is very tender.

Shawarma with pork and pickled mushrooms

For this shawarma, you can use mushrooms to your taste. All of them will be perfectly combined with meat. From these products you get two large portions. Ingredients

• 200 g pork;

• 80 g of mushrooms;

• 100 g cabbage;

• 1 tomato;

• 0.5 carrots;

• 2 pita bread;

• 0.5 bunch of greens;

• 4 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 2 spoons of ketchup.


1. Cut the meat into slices, season with salt. Put on the essence of a greased pan, fry on both sides for 3 minutes, moderate fire. Then remove, cool and cut into small pieces.

2. Cut the cabbage into strips, rub or carrot into strips, add chopped greens. Salad salt, pepper and mnem hands to highlight the juice.

3. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup.

4. Slice the tomato slices, mushrooms as well.

5. Expand both pita on the table.

6. Divide the vegetables in half, put on the cakes.

7. Now halve the meat, cover the vegetables on top.

8. Pour the cooked sauce over the pork and place the chopped mushrooms.

9. On top distribute a slice of tomato.

10. It remains only to wrap the pita bread in any convenient way. You can fry the dish in the pan or eat immediately.

Shawarma with pork, cucumbers and pepper

The dish for this recipe is relatively easy, but tasty and juicy. Unusual sauce, prepared on the basis of natural yogurt.


• 100 g pork;

• 1 pita;

• 2 spoons of natural yogurt;

• 1 tsp. soy sauce;

• 1 cucumber;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• 2 sprigs of dill;

• 50 g cabbage;

• 1 clove garlic;

• pepper, salt.


1. Wash a piece of pork, wipe and chop small straws. Season with salt, pepper, shift to a dry frying pan and cook over low heat, stir occasionally.

2. Making the sauce. Combine natural yoghurt with spices, chopped dill and soy sauce. Add one crushed garlic clove, but you can do it without it. Stir.

3. Pepper is freed from seeds, chopped straws, also cabbage and cucumbers. You can take cabbage or any other kind of cabbage. Season vegetables with spices.

4. Combine the meat with a spoon of sauce, stir.

5. Combine the second part of the sauce with vegetables and mix them too.

6. Put vegetables, meat on pita bread, then salad again. Roll up the stuffing in the cake and the dish is ready!

Shawarma with pork and egg pancake

The option of a hearty meal with pork and high protein content. The sauce is based on sour cream, but you can substitute yogurt, as in the previous recipe.


• 1 pita;

• 110 g pork;

• 1 egg;

• 1 spoon of ketchup;

• 100 g cabbage;

• 1 tomato;

• 2-3 tablespoons sour cream;

• 1 tsp. oils;

• 2-3 sprigs of parsley;

• mustard to taste;

• spices.


1. We beat a piece of meat so that it prepares quickly. Fry on the stove with a drop of oil until done. We remove.

2. Grease the pan with the remaining oil. Beat the egg, pour it over the heated surface and fry the pancake. Remove and cool.

3. Shred cabbage, mix with chopped greens, add chopped tomato.

4. Cut the egg pancakes into strips, put them to the vegetables.

5. Meat is also cut, add to the total mass.

6. Combine sour cream with mustard, spices, garlic. Stir.

7. Fill the filling with the sauce.

8. Lubricate a small section of pita with ketchup, put the prepared salad on it, spin the shawarma in any convenient way.

Shawarma with pork and pickles

A very spicy option, tasty and unusual stuffing for shawarma with pork. Such a dish just nowhere to buy! If the cucumbers are very salty, then you need to carefully add spices.


• 200 grams of fatty meat;

• 300 g of soy sauce;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 1 tomato;

• 2 pita bread;

• 100 g salted cucumbers;

• 50 g of ketchup;

• 0.5 pepper;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• 40 g of mayonnaise;

• greens, seasonings.


1. Cut the meat into cubes. Pour soy sauce over pork, add seasonings and stir. Leave to marinate for ten minutes.

2. Put the pieces in the heated oil, fry for about fifteen minutes. Then take out the fat in a bowl.

3. Cut the pickles and tomato, chop half of the pepper. You can use a green or red vegetable.

4. We rub cheese, we add to vegetables, we mix.

5. Lubricate the pita with ketchup, sprinkle with chopped greens.

6. We spread vegetables with meat, you can fill everything with mayonnaise at once, it will be more tasty.

7. Spin the roll or envelope. 8. We shift the shawarma to the grill, fry the pita bread on both sides.

Shawarma with pork and home-made potatoes

Home recipe shawarma pork. The dish is not quite normal, as it is prepared with potatoes.


• 1 pita;

• 100 g pork;

• 100 g of potatoes;

• 50 g marinated cabbage or pickled cucumber;

• 1 spoon of ketchup;

• 1.5 spoons of mayonnaise;

• garlic clove;

• a tomato;

• spices, oil.


1. Cut the pork into pieces, season with spices, fry in a frying pan with butter until done.

2. Take out the meat. Cut potatoes into strips and fry after pork in the same oil. Also remove, you can put all at once in one pot.

3. Add the pickled cabbage or chopped cucumber.

4. Cut the tomato, send in the total mass.

5. Mix mayonnaise and ketchup, put the garlic and spices. We fill the filling.

6. Twist the pita bread, form a tight bundle. Be sure to fry on both sides on the grill or just in a dry frying pan.

Pork shawarma - tips and tricks

• Stuffing can be prepared in advance, so that then quickly spin into pita bread. But salt the vegetables should be immediately before the formation of shawarma. Otherwise, they will release the juice.

• Instead of ketchup, you can use tomato paste for the sauce. It is necessary only to dilute it with a small amount of water or soy sauce, season with spices, garlic.

• Pork will taste better and cook faster if marinated for a while in spices or in ordinary soy sauce.

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