How to cook mulled wine at home? Recipes homemade mulled wine: apple, classic, non-alcoholic

How to cook mulled wine at home? Recipes homemade mulled wine: apple, classic, non-alcoholic

Mulled wine is an alcoholic anti-alcohol drink characterized by high temperature, delicate aroma and exquisite taste.

With its roots, the origin of mulled wine goes far back in time, there are still references to the fact that in ancient Rome this drink was prepared with the addition of various spices to it, but without improving the taste and properties, the heating process.

The best option for the preparation of mulled wine is the choice of red dry or semi-dry non-fortified wine, as well as spices and spices.

It is the bouquet of these components, as well as the heating of this drink that improves the beneficial properties of wine and sponsors the human body with a variety of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

As a result, mulled wine gives vigor to the human body, raises its immunity, warms in bad weather and nourishes it with this fragrant and tasty drink.

General principles and features of making mulled wine at home

Unfortunately, mulled wine, a recipe that was previously prepared at home and taken from primary sources has been lost, but the general principles of preparing this source have reached our times.

• For more piquancy, it is recommended to add spices and spices to mulled wine, but they should not be ground during cooking, which will spoil the taste of the drink.

• It is advisable to boil the spices in water, thereby saturating it, and then strain it through a sieve.

• Mulled wine can not be boiled, because the drink, namely its base wine, loses its useful qualities and properties when boiling.

• It is necessary to warm the components of mulled wine over low heat, with constant stirring.

• The basis for making mulled wine is a weak, dry red wine, to which you can add brandy or rum if desired.

• As soon as mulled wine reaches a certain temperature (no more than 80 degrees), the drink must be removed from the heat and allowed to infuse. • Mulled wine can be saturated with sugar or honey, as well as various fruits that improve the taste of this drink.

• In order to feel the unrivaled aroma and taste of mulled wine to the full, it is recommended to drink it only infused and hot.

Recipe 1. Classic mulled wine recipe at home


• Vintso red (dry) - 750 gr.

• Water - 1/4 cup.

• Sugar - 30 gr.

• Nutmeg (ground) - on the tip of a knife.

• Carnation - 7 pcs.

Cooking Method:

Spices need to be immersed in water, put the pan on the stove and bring the broth to a boil. Then it is necessary to boil the broth for 2 minutes over low heat, and then insist about 15 minutes under the lid closed.

Next, you need to pour the wine into the pan slightly to warm and add to it a decoction of spices. And then add sugar, which will give the drink the necessary sweetness. As soon as the heating temperature of the drink reaches 80 degrees, it must be removed from the fire.

Fruit and dry biscuits can be served with the drink.

Recipe 2. Traditional mulled wine recipe at home


• Vintso (red) - 1l.

• Honey - 1 tbsp. spoon.

• Sugar - 40 gr.

• Carnation - 7 pcs.

• Ginger (fresh) 5 gr.

• Pepper (fragrant) - 3 pcs.

• Nutmeg - pinch.

Cooking Method:

All the necessary spices should be poured with some water, put on the fire and cooked at a temperature of 80 degrees for a few minutes, not allowing the broth to boil. Since during the process of boiling, the available essential oils evaporate.

Next you need to heat the wine, add honey, sugar and ready-made concoction based on spices. The resulting texture should be brought to a temperature of 70 degrees.

Such mulled wine is the best remedy for colds.

Recipe 3. Fruit mulled wine recipe at home


• Red wine - 1 bottle.

• Sugar - 150 gr.

• Orange.

• Lemon - 1/4 part.

• Apple - 1 spoon.

• Carnation - 5 pcs. • Pea (sweet) - 5 pcs.

• Cardamom - a spoon without top.

• Nutmeg - a spoon without top.

• Cinnamon

• Vodicka - 1 tbsp.

Cooking Method:

All available fruits must be thoroughly washed and rubbed with a towel. Then you need to cut the fruit into slices.

Then in a saucepan, you need to pour water and bring it to a temperature of 50 degrees. Then in warm water you need to fill cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and pepper.

The broth must be constantly stirred with a wooden spoon until the temperature of the liquid rises to 70 degrees.

Further, this broth will need to be poured into small portions of wine, while reducing the fire to a minimum.

Then to the existing consistency, you need to add sugar, orange.

After 8 minutes, the drink must be removed from the heat, put honey in it, mix thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes to infuse.

The resulting mulled wine can be decorated with a slice of lemon and a slice of apple.

Recipe 4. Non-alcoholic mulled wine recipe at home


• Currants (fresh, frozen) - 1.5 tbsp.

• Ginger - 4 plastics.

• Cinnamon (sticks).

• Cloves - 4 pcs.

• Badian - 1 pc.

• Water (boiling water) - 1,200.

• Honey for everybody.

Cooking Method:

First you need to defrost the berry and pound it with the help of tolkushki By the way, you can easily use grated currants with sugar for making mulled wine.

Ginger should be cleaned, then cut and chopped using, for example, a rolling pin by rolling.

It is necessary to boil water.

Next you need to put berries, spices in a thick-walled pot, pour boiling water over them, cover the pan with a towel and infuse ingredients for an hour and a half.

Then the resulting mulled wine needs to be drained and to taste honey added to it. Serve mulled wine with chopped apples in porcelain or ceramic mugs.

Recipe 5. Apple mulled wine recipe at home


• Vintso (white, dry) - 1 bottle. • Limonchik 1/2 pcs.

• Raisin - 60 gr.

• Almond (peeled) - 30 gr.

• Honey - 2 tbsp. spoons.

• Sugar - 40 gr.

• Apples (dried) - a handful.

• Juice made from apples - 0.5 l.

• Pepper (sweet pea) - 1 pc.

• Portion of ginger root.

• Cloves - 3 pcs.

• Cinnamon - 2 pods.

Cooking Method:

Rinse lemon, apples and raisins in warm and clean water. Then in the estimated capacity you need to pour the juice, add the zest, grated on a small grater, raisins, apples, cloves, pepper, ginger, and put on fire all the components, cook them for 10 minutes.

Then add sugar, wine to the drink and bring it to a temperature of 80 degrees. Then add honey to the resulting texture and mix all components thoroughly.

After at the bottom of the glasses you need to put a few raisins, almonds and cinnamon. Strain the resulting texture and pour into glasses hot.

Recipe 6. New Year's mulled wine recipe at home


• Vintso (red) - 0.75 liters.

• Water - 750 ml.

• Apple (large).

• Orange (large).

• Honey - 1 cup.

• Tea (black) - 30 gr.

• Hibiscus tea - 30 gr.

• Carnation 5 pcs.

• Cinnamon.

• Nutmeg nutlet - at the tip of a knife.

• Anise - an amateur.

• Cardamom - an amateur.

• Ginger - according to taste.

Cooking Method:

It is necessary to pour some water into a saucepan, bring it to a boil, put the fruit into slices of boiled water and ginger.

Then you need to add spices, tea (hibiscus) to the fruit and continue boiling the ingredients for a few more minutes.

Then pour the wine into the pan, add the remaining fruit, and honey.

Further, all components must be thoroughly mixed, heated and removed from heat. For some time, mulled wine should be infused.

Drink to the table served hot.

Recipe 7. Mulled wine recipe at home (preparing a drink in a slow cooker)


• Vintso (red) - 0,7l.

• Lemon.

• Carnation - 5 pcs.

• Pepper (peas) - 5 pcs. • Cinnamon - an amateur.

• Honey - 60 gr.

Cooking Method:

From carefully washed lemon squeeze out the juice and pour it into the bowl of the slow cooker.

Then you need to add spices to the juice except cinnamon, pour in wine, add honey. Then on the slow cooker you need to set the heating mode to 45 minutes, and after the time has passed, leave the drink to infuse for another 10 minutes.

Next, mulled wine must be drained, poured into cups by adding a little cinnamon and fruit.

Cooking mulled wine at home - tricks and useful tips on making this drink

• In order for the drink to turn out fragrant and tasty it is necessary to add fruits to mulled wine, but here the most important thing is not to overdo it and not turn the divine drink into compote.

• Spices in mulled wine is better not to grind, as the drink from this becomes cloudy.

• Creating mulled wine, apples and oranges, as integral components, must be cleaned, as they are treated with wax and other chemical components.

• This drink is best prepared in small portions, as the reheated mulled wine loses its flavor, as well as its taste and health qualities.

• An excellent snack for mulled wine will be biscuits, pies, fruits, as well as meat made in the open air.

• For the preparation of mulled wine it is better to use thick-walled dishes for 2-3 liters, it can be larger, but not metal because of the possibility of oxidation processes.

• In the manufacture of mulled wine from the use of fortified wines is better to refuse. Since when heated, this wine exudes an unpleasant alcohol odor.

• Mulled wine is not washed down, it is simply savored.

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