Beef shurpa - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook beef shurpa.

Beef shurpa - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook beef shurpa.

Beef shurpa - general principles and methods of cooking

Shurpa is an oriental dish. This thick meat soup is traditionally made of lamb, but many also use beef for this. In order for the shurpa to come out more rich, meat is taken on the bone, but the pulp must be quite a lot. The soup is very satisfying, so it can be served instead of the main course.

Beef shurpa - food preparation

Beef must be washed and cut into fairly large pieces. If indicated in the recipe, the meat is separated from the bones. Chop clean vegetables, but not very finely. Cut potatoes into cubes. It's pretty simple.

Beef shurpa - cooking utensils

For the preparation of shurpy, both a cauldron and any other thick-walled pan or just with a thick bottom will work.

Beef Shurpa - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Homemade Beef Shurpa

This is an easy version of shurpa, which carries the benefit for the whole organism and does not require much effort, despite the fact that it turns out to be incredibly tasty and appetizing.


1,300g of beef;

2 carrots;

1 Bulgarian pepper;

5 medium potatoes;

3 small bulbs;

2 tomatoes;

bay leaf or basil;

dill, cilantro, green onions;


spices (red and black pepper, zira, coriander).

Method of preparation

From meat, cut into large chunks, boil the broth for an hour, not forgetting to remove the foam when boiling it. We also plant one onion, one carrot and bay leaf or basil. After 20 minutes, remove the vegetables from the broth and dip into it the rings of carrot, onion, and a third of the spices. Cook for another 20 minutes and place tomatoes cut into quarters into a shurpu. After another 10 minutes - potatoes. After it is cooked, we throw the Bulgarian pepper (slices), greens, seasonings and salt to taste. After another boiling, boil for 10 more minutes and set aside. Let it brew for about 15 minutes and can be served.

Recipe 2: Uzbek beef shurpa

Shurpu is prepared in Uzbekistan, both on weekdays, and on large Muslim holidays, such as Kurban Khayit, Ruza Khayit and Navruz. It is quite nutritious and tasty dish, especially if it is cooked on the fire. Since, in most cases, we do not have such an opportunity, we will cook it in an ordinary saucepan with a thick bottom. When using fantasy, the shurpa should be very attractive to our stomach.


300 g of beef ribs, tubular beef bones and the beef itself;

4 medium sized bulbs;

5-6 medium potatoes;

2 green bell peppers;

3 carrots;

50 g of Uzbek peas;

4 garlic cloves;

on 1 table. lie seed and cilantro seeds;

0.5 table. lie basil, lotus and curry;

parsley dill;

coarse salt.

Method of preparation

Rinse beef, ribs and bone thoroughly in cold water. It is advisable not to cut the meat into pieces. Put everything in the pot, add water. After boiling remove the foam and cook for about an hour on a small flame. Even during the laying of the broth, it is also necessary to add 3-4 finely chopped onions and laurel, salt (1 table. Box), mix.

While the broth is boiling, rinse the pre-soaked Uzbek peas. Cut carrots, potatoes and onions into four slices.

10 min. until the meat is ready, throw the Uzbek peas into the broth and boil for 20 minutes. Then put onions and carrots, and cook for another 15 minutes. When they are half ready, throw the potatoes, cook for another 10 minutes. In the meantime, sweet pepper, garlic, and mix seasonings (basil, curry and lotus) and five minutes until the soup is ready, toss them into the pan. Boil everything until complete readiness, remove from the stove and let it stand for a while. When serving, add chopped fresh herbs to each plate.

Recipe 3: Beef Shurpa with Tomato Paste

This recipe is a little adapted for those who do not like large-cut onions and carrots. Ingredients

600 g beef brisket (on the bone);

200 g carrots;

200 g onions;

800 g potatoes;

2 table. lie tomato paste;

ground black pepper;

vegetable oil;


Bay leaf.

Method of preparation

Meat must be separated from the bone. Pour the water over the bone and boil for half an hour. Chop the onions, chop carrots on a fine grater. Cut the potatoes into small cubes.

Proceed onion and carrot until half cooked in vegetable oil, add beef pieces, tomato paste and fry everything for 10 minutes. The fire should be average.

Vegetables from the pan to throw in the broth and bring it to a boil. Add potatoes, bay leaf. Salt, pepper and cook for another 20 minutes. Delicious shurpa is ready.

Recipe 4: Armenian beef shurpa

It differs from other types of shurpy in that for it the meat is pre-fried, from which the soup becomes even more piquant.


A pound of beef;

8 potatoes;

2 onions;

2 carrots;

2 table. lie tomato puree and vegetable oil;


ground black pepper;

fresh greens.

Method of preparation

Boil the meat in plenty of water. Onion slices cut into half rings on vegetable oil. Cut boiled meat into pieces, fry in oil, mix with onions. Add diced carrots to them, tomato puree and fry for another 6 minutes. Next, the products from the pan should be shifted to the pan and pour the broth remaining from cooking beef. Bring to a boil, add potato wedges, pepper and salt. Boil for another 20 minutes. Add fresh chopped greens to the finished shurpa.

Beef shurpa - tips from experienced chefs

If chickpea is used to make shurpa, it must be soaked for 12 hours before cooking.

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