Simplicity is not to the detriment of quality - cod dishes in a slow cooker. With vegetables, sauces and just fried cod in a slow cooker

Simplicity is not to the detriment of quality - cod dishes in a slow cooker. With vegetables, sauces and just fried cod in a slow cooker

Cod and multicooker is a deservedly beloved product and a relatively new, but very popular “wonder-pot”.

Well, if you cook fish in such a device, you can not only gain time, but even combine a couple of recipes together and get quite unusual dishes.

Cod in a multivariate - general principles of cooking

• You can buy cod only in frozen form. And that means that before cooking it will need to be properly thawed. It is recommended to defrost the fish only naturally, in the air, putting it on a dish or in a bowl.

• Thawed cod (carcasses, fillets or steaks) are thoroughly rinsed with a stream of cool running water and lightly patted with a paper towel. After that, all the fins are cut off from the carcasses and the entrails are removed. Then re-rinsed, thoroughly washing the abdomen from the remnants of the viscera, and proceed according to the recipe.

• Cod in a slow cooker is steamed, baked, roasted or stewed. Fish meat itself is somewhat dry, so the fish is cooked with vegetables or in sauce. To make the pieces of roast cod juicy, fish is dipped in batter before frying.

Cod in a multi-cooker with green nut sauce


• two large cod steaks;

• three tablespoons of good pure oil;

• small onion;

• three peeled garlic cloves;

• half a glass of water or fish broth;

• three sprigs of fresh parsley (without stalks);

• 100 gr. peeled almonds.

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-rinse the steaks with cold running water and gently scrape the remains of the scales from the skin. Wipe dry with a towel or napkin.

2. Pour olive oil into the slow cooker and warm it well in frying mode. Then dip the steaks in the butter and fry on each side for three minutes, in the same mode. Remove the fish, transfer it to a deep container and cover with a lid to cool it.

3. Cut the shredded onion into small pieces and transfer to the oil remaining after frying the fish. Stirring constantly, fry the onions for about three minutes. 4. Pour in water or broth, add finely chopped parsley, chopped almonds with a knife and continue cooking for five minutes.

5. Then pour the sauce into a small container and smash it well with a blender. Salt, pepper to your taste.

6. Slice the cod pieces into a clean cooking bowl, cover with whipped sauce and cook in stewing mode for seven minutes under the lid.

Cod fillet in a stew multicooker


• medium cod fillets - 4 pcs .;

• one small lemon;

• head of bitter white onion;

• three black pepper peas;

• a small leaf of laurel;

• on a small pinch of ground paprika, pepper and thyme.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix all the spices in one plate. Add some fine salt.

2. Thawed dry fillets thoroughly topped with cooked spicy mixture. Put the fish in a wide bowl and let stand for about half an hour.

3. Pour about one and a half liters of cold water into the main bowl. Dip in it a leaf of Lavrushka and peas.

4. Lubricate the steam container with non-aromatic vegetable oil. Spread the cod fillets on it and moisten abundantly with fresh lemon juice and then with vegetable oil. Onion cut into large slices, carrot divided with a knife along into six parts. Transfer the vegetables to the fish and place the container on the bowl.

5. Close the lid and turn on in the “Steaming” mode for a quarter of an hour.

Baked cod in a slow cooker with simple vegetables


• white cabbage - 300 gr .;

• one large tomato;

• sweet Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc .;

• average carrot;

• one small young zucchini;

• half a kilo of cod (fillet).

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop cabbage and rub carrots in long strips. Onion, bell pepper pulp, tomato and peeled zucchini, cut into half cubic meters.

2. Place a layer of cabbage on the bottom of the cooking bowl, place a carrot on it, then onions. Spread zucchini and chopped tomatoes on top of it.

3. Pour three tablespoons of boiled water into the vegetables, and sprinkle with olive oil or refined vegetable oil on top. 4. Cut thawed fillets into portions and spread them over the entire surface of the vegetable “pillow”.

5. Close the lid tightly, set the “Baking” option on the panel for forty minutes and turn on the slow cooker.

6. The finished dish is served independently or with mashed potatoes.

Stewed cod in a slow cooker with vegetables and tomato - “Dream”


• 700 gr. cod fillet;

• 200 ml of fish saturated broth or boiled water;

• one large carrot;

• one red sweet pepper;

• 50 gr. parsley root;

• 100 gr. thick, unsalted tomato;

• 20 gr. celery root;

• large onion;

• 30 ml of 3% table vinegar;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• two umbrella carnations;

• 1/4 tsp. cinnamon powder;

• Medium sized lemon and fresh herbs for serving.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel and chop the celery and parsley roots with a knife. Choose seeds from pepper. Rinse it with water, cut it in half lengthwise and cut into strips. As soon as possible, finely chop the onion and rub the carrot with a grater with medium-sized cells.

2. Mix all chopped vegetables.

3. Thawed, washed cod fillet cut into pieces of the desired size and place on the bottom of the cooking bowl of the multicooker.

4. Place the vegetable mixture on top of the fish and fill in the broth mixed with the tomato.

5. Add vinegar, oil, granulated sugar and salt to your taste.

6. Turn on the processor in “Quenching” mode and cook cod for 40 minutes.

7. Fifteen minutes prior to the completion of the program, lower the umbrellas, bay branch and ground cinnamon.

8. Transfer the finished dish from the bowl to the dish, decorate with thin lemon rings and sprigs of fresh greens.

Baked cod in a slow cooker with mushrooms


• 800 gram carcass of cod (plus / minus 100 gr.);

• 150 gr. small champignons;

• bitter onions - 2 heads;

• two large tomatoes;

• one third cup of vegetable, high-quality oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Thaw out the thawed fish gently with a knife, cut off the fins and remove the insides. Rinse with running water, especially wash the abdomen.

2. Cut sliced ​​fresh mushrooms into small ones and fry them in a slow cooker (“Frying” mode) until the moisture evaporates. Then add one chopped onion and continue to warm until softened. 3. Put the fried mushrooms in a bowl, cool and mix with coarsely shabby potatoes. Salt, lightly pepper and mix well, but gently.

4. Fill the cod belly with cooked minced meat and seal the edges with wooden toothpicks. You can sew a culinary thread.

5. Transfer the stuffed fish to the cooking bowl greased with vegetable fat.

6. Lay out large onion rings and slices of tomatoes around it. Pour the remaining oil over the vegetables and fish and start the slow cooker in baking mode for one hour.

7. Put the fish and vegetables out of the bowl and remove the toothpicks. Such a fish is good both hot and in a slightly cooled form.

“Bengal” cod in a slow cooker with cream


• frozen cod - 600 gr. (fillet);

• a small head of white bitter onions;

• spices and spices - to taste;

• 100 ml low-fat, liquid cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the onion from the husk, wash and chop into half rings.

2. Thaw cods well beforehand with cool water and cut into small pieces.

3. Move the cod into the bowl, pepper, lightly salted and start baking mode for 20 minutes.

4. After that, fill the fish with cream and continue cooking for another 40 minutes, but already in the “Fish” mode.

Golden cod in a slow cooker fried in batter


• half a kilo of frozen cod;

• 100 ml of refined (frozen) oil;

• three eggs;

• fine salt and favorite spices;

• 200 gr. any wheat flour;

• low-fat cow's milk.

Cooking Method:

1. From the carcass, or steaks of well-melted cod in the air, cut off all the fins and gently scrape the scales off. Cut off the tail and head and gut all the insides from the abdomen. Rinse the carcass thoroughly with water, dry slightly and cut into pieces of arbitrary size. Each piece is cut into two parts along the ridge.

2. Fold the fish into a large bowl, season with pepper, lightly salt and leave to stand for half an hour.

3. In a separate bowl, cross the flour twice, add the yolks whipped with salt into it and pour in the milk. Well whisk everything with a whisk until a uniform consistency, and then mix in whipped whites separately. 4. Pat the cod pieces on all sides in flour. Dip in cooked batter and immediately dip in hot oil in the “Baking” mode.

5. After the bottom is well browned, it becomes golden brown, turn it over and fry the other side in the same way.

Cod in a multivariate - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Be sure to scrape the carcass or pieces of thawed cod with a knife and rinse, otherwise small fish scales will remain on the fish.

• Dishes from thawed cod water will be dry. Pieces of fish after thawing in the microwave can break up during cooking.

• With whole carcasses be sure to cut off all the fins, they should not fall into the finished dish.

• If a cod fillet is required by prescription, you can prepare it yourself. For this, a well-drained, well-dried carcass is incised with a sharp knife from the side of the tail. After that, they bring its blade to the ridge and cut off the flesh, holding it with a knife over the spinal vertebrae. Then turn the carcass and cut off the pulp on the other side in the same way. The cut fillets are carefully examined for the presence of bones. Small bones choose tweezers.

• Steaks can also be prepared when cutting fish. For this, the prepared carcass of cod is cut across, pieces of the desired thickness.

• If cod pieces are required to be ground with flour or dipped in batter, be sure to dry them well before that. Breading and batter will cover the fish in a uniform layer. Flour will not lump, and the batter will not drain.

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