Solyanka with pork: variations of traditional soup with pork, cabbage, mushrooms. How to make solyanka with potatoes and rice?

Solyanka with pork: variations of traditional soup with pork, cabbage, mushrooms. How to make solyanka with potatoes and rice?

Solyanka is a special kind of first-course traditional for the Russian table. Saturated meat, slightly sour soup perfectly saturates and gives real gastronomic pleasure.

Solyanka with pork is thick, rich, beautiful in pitch. Various ingredients are used to make it. Solyanka can be cooked with cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes and even rice.

Choose a recipe to your taste.

Solyanka with pork - general principles of cooking

For meat solyanka need a piece of pork. This may be a fillet, and meat on the bone, and ribs. Pork is boiled and on the basis of the resulting broth prepare a hodgepodge. It must be thick - this is the main feature of the soup. That is why the ingredients in the solyanka with pork should be a lot.

This hearty meal can be prepared in two fundamentally different ways:

1. boil the pork and then add the rest of the ingredients to the resulting broth;

2. simmer the pork together with the components of solyanka in a large bowl, that is, without boiling.

The second version of the hodgepodge is more dense - the spoon is worth it! This gives the dish a special flavor and unusual serving.

Solyanka with pork “Meat expanse”

The richest in taste, the nourishing version of the solyanka with pork is made from several types of meat products. Together with the cucumbers traditional for this soup, olives are used, which will give the dish a piquancy and oiliness.


• four hundred grams of pork;

• two hundred grams of boiled sausage;

• two hundred grams of ham;

• three pickled cucumbers;

• medium sized onion;

• a bank of pitted olives;

• four bay leaves;

• a bunch of fresh parsley (can be replaced with dried);

• black pepper peas (5-7 pieces to taste);

• salt;

• some vegetable oil;

• Two spoons of thick tomato paste.


Pork in a large saucepan, cover with clean cold water, start cooking the usual meat broth. When the water boils, throw in the black pepper, bay leaf, remove the foam with a spoon.

Boil the broth on a slow fire for half an hour.

Ready broth strain, remove the meat and cool.

Carefully cut the ham, sausage and boiled pork meat.

Chop the onion, cucumber and greens.

Open a jar of olives, cut the olives in half, do not pour the liquid.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry the onion with the tomato paste and cucumbers.

Ten minutes later, put the zazharku in broth, cook at a slow boil for ten minutes.

Put the meat base, chopped greens and olives, pour the liquid out of the jar, bring to a boil.

As soon as the broth boils, turn off the fire and let the hodgepodge infuse.

Solyanka with pork and vegetables

The original version of solyanka with fresh cabbage and vegetables is a cross between the first and second courses. Unlike ordinary soup, this solyanka with pork turns out to be very thick, and there is no need to cook broth at all. You need to prepare the dish in a very large pan or thick-walled pan. Simple and very tasty!


• kilogram of pork;

• a glass of broth or water;

• one large tomato;

• kilogram of fresh cabbage;

• large carrot;

• bulb onion;

• two bay leaves;

• a tablespoon of tomato paste;

• some vegetable oil;

• fresh or dried herbs.


Cut the dried fillet into small cubes.

Grind carrots and onions.

Heat the sunflower oil, fry the meat in it first.

Ten minutes later, put onions and carrots in a frying pan, fry for another ten minutes.

Cabbage very finely chop, then mash your hands.

From a tomato to remove a skin, to cut into small slices.

Put cabbage, tomato, tomato paste into meat with vegetables, pour broth or water.

When the liquid boils, make the fire minimal, add laurelle, a mixture of peppers, chopped greens and salt to your taste.

Simmer until cabbage is completely soft.

Solyanka with pork and sauerkraut

Sauerkraut can also make a harmonious pair of pork meat. Get a very interesting taste. You can often indulge such household saltworms both in winter and in summer, if stocks of salted cabbage have not been eaten since last autumn. You need to cook it in the oven, so you will need a pan without wooden and plastic parts. Ingredients:

• a pound of pork;

• large onion;

• big carrot;

• two large cucumbers;

• a glass of broth;

• bay leaf to taste;

• a tablespoon of tomato paste;

• vegetable oil.


Grate and chop the vegetables as described in the previous recipe.

Cut the meat into small pieces.

In oil, fry the onion with tomato paste, cucumbers and carrots.

Put the meat, fry all together for about ten minutes until the meat slices are browned.

Rinse sauerkraut thoroughly, squeeze.

Grind pickled or pickled cucumbers.

Put the cabbage slices and cucumbers into the pan, pour the broth, salt.

Send to the oven for an hour (temperature 190 °), covered with a lid.

After an hour, remove the lid and hold the hodgepodge in the oven for another ten minutes, so that the top is slightly baked.

When serving, add fresh herbs to the plate.

Solyanka with pork and potatoes

If you add potatoes to the hodgepodge, the dish will be more nourishing. Not quite traditional, but also very tasty.


• medium head of fresh cabbage weighing up to two kilograms;

• seven hundred grams of pork;

• kilogram of potatoes;

• large bulb onion;

• three cloves of garlic;

• fresh vegetable greens to taste;

• two tablespoons of tomato paste;

• vegetable oil;

• large carrots.


Cut pork meat into small pieces.

Fry meat slices in a heated pan, trying not to overdry meat.

Peeled potatoes finely cut into cubes.

Put the pork in the pan, add the potatoes.

Pour a glass of water, salt to taste, simmer on a small fire under the lid.

Very thin, with a sharp knife, chop cabbage.

In a skillet, heat the butter, drop the cabbage and fry until browning.

Coarse grate carrot.

Dice the onion.

Separately on a small skillet fry carrots and onions.

Twenty minutes from the beginning of the stewing of meat, put in a saucepan cabbage, tomato paste, carrot and onion zazharku.

Stir, salt to your taste, massage for another ten to fifteen minutes. At the end, fill the hodgepodge with chopped garlic and dill, parsley, basil.

Give the soup to infuse and serve.

Solyanka with pork, rice and mushrooms

Delicious nourishing solyanka with pork, cooked according to an unusual recipe, is worth it to cook it from time to time. Unusual, beautiful, and most importantly - delicious.


• kilogram of pork;

• four hundred grams of any fresh mushrooms;

• large onion;

• half a piece of cabbage (up to a kilogram in weight);

• two tomatoes;

• one third of the head of garlic;

• three hundred grams of white rice;

• seasonings (saffron, herbs of Provence, pepper);

• oil for the pan.


Finely chop the onion, cabbage and carrots.

Fresh tomato cut into small cubes, after removing the skin.

Washed mushrooms cut into pieces.

Fry the pork in vegetable oil.

Pour cold cuts of cold meat with clean water so that it is covered with liquid (you will need one and a half cups).

Put a tablespoon of salt, stew for twenty minutes until half cooked.

Wash rice well.

Meanwhile, cook in a separate frying pan frying (onions, tomatoes, carrots).

Season the stir fry, stir, fry for three minutes and put in the meat.

There add the sliced ​​mushrooms, mix, simmer for five minutes.

Add half the cabbage.

On cabbage evenly put half of the entire volume of rice.

Repeat layers of cabbage / pic.

Pour water so that the top was not more than five millimeters.

Add a pinch of saffron, whole chives.

Stew after boiling water for five minutes.

Give the solyanka pork brew for another five minutes and serve.

In the plate you can decorate with fresh dill or parsley.

Solyanka with pork and tongue

Beef and pork tongue is considered a delicacy. If you add such meat in a hodgepodge with pork, you can enjoy a pleasant flavor combination of various meat ingredients, not as sharp and figurative as in the first recipe.


• three hundred grams of smoked or cooked smoked pork (you can take the knuckle);

• two boiled tongues (it is better to take swine, but beef will do); • three liters of broth;

• three pickled cucumbers;

• large carrots;

• two tablespoons of tomato paste;

• a jar of pitted olives;

• lemon;

• a mixture of ground peppers, salt, seasonings to your taste.


Prepare a frying from grated small carrots, tomato paste, onions.

Boiled tongue and smoked meat cut into small cubes.

Return the broth to a strong fire, when it starts to boil, throw meat, tongue, vegetable zazharku.

Reduce heat, salt to taste.

Cut olives into halves or circles.

Gently chop the cucumbers, simmer on the water in a skillet.

Add olives cucumbers to the hodgepodge, boil all at a slow boil for ten minutes.

Scald lemon, cut in half.

Squeeze the juice from one half of the lemon, pour it into the soup, season with pepper and herbs.

Cut the other half into thin slices.

Serve a soup with pork, putting a spoonful of sour cream and a lemon slice in each plate.

Solyanka with pork - tricks and useful tips

If the hodgepodge is prepared by the method of quenching, without boiling the broth, you can take the meat with small streaks of bacon. This will give the dish a great juiciness and tenderness.

If the taste of sauerkraut in the hodgepodge seems too sharp, you can combine it in equal parts with fresh cabbage. In this case, first laid fresh cabbage, and only then - washed fermented.

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