Mousse cake with mirror icing is a shining dessert! Cooking delicious mousse cakes with a mirror glaze

Mousse cake with mirror icing is a shining dessert! Cooking delicious mousse cakes with a mirror glaze

Mirror glaze (gloss) is not only beautiful, but also very modern. Now, confectioners are moving away from tasteless mastic, greasy oil colors, preferring minimalism. Luminous coating looks just charming, it can be used on any cakes and pastries, but most often they are covered with mousse desserts.

Mousse cake with mirror icing - general principles of cooking

Mousse is a gentle and light gelatin cream foam. The basis is usually dairy products: cream, yogurt, condensed milk. Preparing the mass is quite simple, you only need to melt the swollen gelatin and beat the rest of the ingredients with a mixer, sometimes heat something. Mousse can be used as a stand-alone cake, but more often they make a biscuit backing. Sand and puff pastry for the base will not work, as you need a gentle addition that does not require any effort when cutting.

What you need for a biscuit:

• eggs;

• flour;

• sugar.

There are options for dough with fats, sour cream, cream, with boiling water. But since the cake is needed thin, you can not bother with complex recipes. The easiest egg sponge suit, soak does not need anything. By the way, you can take the purchased biscuit cake. It is thin, easy to cut.

The final touch of the mousse cake is a mirror glaze. There are a huge number of recipes, but some of them are too complicated, you need to insist, cool, something else to do with the mass. Below is a simple option that just happens. This glaze can be used immediately after cooking, cooling to the desired temperature.

Mirror glaze for mousse cake

The basic recipe for mirror glaze, which is suitable for any mousse cakes. It is very important to work with it at the correct temperature, namely 34-35 degrees. The product is good because it is beautifully stored and can be heated. Adding dyes, you can change the color.


• 150 g of glucose syrup;

• 75 g of water (for icing);

• 12 g of gelatin;

• 72 g of water (for dissolving gelatin);

• 150 g of sugar;

• 100 g of condensed milk;

• 150 g white chocolate; • titanium dioxide (optional).

Method of preparation

1. Soak gelatin in water, leave to swell.

2. Connect the water intended for the syrup, sugar, glucose syrup, which can be replaced with invert syrup. Boil.

3. Add titanium dioxide. If you cook without it, then the icing will be a little transparent.

4. Add loose gelatin, condensed milk, lay out white chocolate. Stir well.

5. Remove from heat, kill with a blender.

6. To avoid bubbles in the glaze, strain several times through a fine sieve.

7. If the glaze needs to be preserved, it is covered with cling film, but air is not allowed. That is, the film must be placed on the mixture itself, and not to stretch it on top of the pot.

Cherry mousse cake with mirror icing

You can use cherries or cherries. The glaze is prepared according to the basic recipe, you just need to add gel red dyes.


• 90 g cl. oils;

• 150 g of cream;

• 90 g flour;

• 0.5 tsp. ripper;

• vanillin;

• 25 g of gelatin;

• 300 g cherries;

• 250 g of yogurt;

• 140 g Sakh. sand;

• a pair of eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Beat two eggs with 90 grams of granulated sugar. The rest of the sand will go to the mousse. Pour in the melted but cooled butter. Add flour and ripper. Mix the dough into the form. Bake at 180 degrees.

2. Soak gelatin in 70 ml of water, leave to swell. The time is indicated on the packaging.

3. Whip the cream into the sugar that has remained.

4. Add yogurt to the cream. You can take any suitable taste: cherry, sweet cherry or a mixture of berries and fruit. Stir.

5. Melt the gelatin, add to the mousse. Stir.

6. Add cherries to the mass of berries, after removing the stones from them.

7. Put the baked and cooled biscuit into a detachable form, pour in mousse, put in the freezer for half an hour. Mirror glaze is used only on chilled desserts.

8. Prepare the icing, paint in pink or red, cherry color, as you like.

9. Remove the cake from the freezer, put it on the bowl, which will be a leg. Pour glaze, the temperature of which does not exceed 35 degrees. But also it is not necessary to cool too, otherwise there will be divorces.

10. Cut down the droplets with a knife.

Chocolate mousse cake with mirror icing

Who doesn't love chocolate? The recipe for a terrific cake under a mirror glaze, which will be appreciated by all the sweet tooth. Korzh preparing for him almond.


• 30 grams of almond flour;

• 90 grams of sugar;

• 90 grams of chocolate;

• 50 grams of flour;

• two eggs;

• 90 grams of oil.


• 50 grams of water;

• 12 grams of gelatin;

• 85 grams of chocolate;

• 400 grams of cream;

• two yolks;

• vanilla.

Chocolate mirror icing:

• 10 grams of gelatin;

• 210 grams of sugar;

• 80 grams of cocoa;

• 150 ml of water;

• 70 grams of chocolate;

• 0.1 liters of cream.

Method of preparation

1. Melt the chocolate and butter, remove and cool slightly, you should not overheat the mass.

2. Beat the sugar and eggs into the foam, add the melted mass, pour in both kinds of flour, stir.

3. Pour the sponge cake into the mold about 20 cm.

4. Send the almond cake in the oven, bake until cooked. Then cool thoroughly, remove from the form, remove the parchment and bring it back.

5. Cooking chocolate mousse. Gelatin soak in water. Grind the yolks with sand, add vanillin.

6. Heat the cream, add a spoon to the yolks, stir constantly. Then put on the stove, heat the mass to 85 degrees. Add gelatin, chopped chocolate pieces. Stir until dissolved, can already be removed from heat.

7. Beat the mousse with a mixer, pour over the biscuit cake. Put the cake in the freezer.

8. For a mirror glaze, soak the gelatin in water (40 ml). Sugar with cocoa, cream and the remaining water to boil, remove from heat, add broken chocolate, then gelatin, stir until completely dissolved. Strain.

9. Remove the ring from the mold, transfer the dessert to a plate or a circle, substitute something under it for elevation. Pour icing on the cake, which is 35-37 degrees, on the cake.

Creamy mousse cake with mirror icing

The recipe is simple and quick mousse cake with cottage cheese and mascarpone. Glaze can be prepared in any color according to the basic recipe, it can be found just above. The basis of a simple cookie, that is, you do not need to bake.


• 25 g of gelatin;

• 500 g Mascarpone;

• 150 g of cream; • 130 g of powder;

• 70 ml of water;

• 250 g of biscuits;

• 100 g of oil 72%;

• 3 tbsp. l chopped nuts.

Method of preparation

1. Mix gelatin with water, leave for at least 15 minutes.

2. Grind cookies with butter, add nuts, stir. Put in a detachable form, distribute even cake, put in the freezer.

3. Beat cream and powder, add mascarpone to them, vanilla to taste.

4. Melt the gelatin, pour into the mousse, beat again. Put the mass on the cake. Put in the freezer again, hold for 3.5-40 minutes.

5. Pour over the cake with the icing prepared according to the basic recipe.

Mousse cake “Coffee flavor” with mirror icing

Chic version of a mousse cake with two flavors and a mirror glaze. Biscuit is preparing the most common. Glaze is made according to the basic recipe, you can paint in any color.


• a pair of eggs;

• 65 g flour;

• 80 g sugar.

Coffee Mousse:

• 0.06 liters of milk;

• two yolks;

• 0.15 liters of cream;

• 30 g Sakh. sand;

• 10 g of coffee (ordinary instant);

• 10 g of gelatin (an additional 30 grams of water).

Caramel mousse:

• 0.1 kg sah. sand;

• 15 ml of water;

• two squirrels and one full egg;

• 25 grams of flour;

• half a liter of milk (3.2 whole);

• 20 grams of gelatin (additional 50 g of water);

• 0.1 liters of cream;

• 1 tsp. creamy oils.

Method of preparation

1. To a cool foam, beat a couple of eggs with sugar, cover the flour, pour into the form. Cook a sponge cake at 200 degrees, since the layer is thin. Cool it down.

2. For coffee mousse pour gelatin with water, let it swell.

3. Combine instant coffee with milk, heat on the stove, but do not boil, add the yolks pounded with sugar, warm slightly, remove the cream from the heat.

4. Beat cream into foam. Add gelatin to coffee cream first, stir until dissolved, then cool, add cream. Stir and pour on the cooled cake. Put in the freezer.

5. Soak the gelatin for the caramel mousse.

6. For caramel, pour 50 g of sugar into the frying pan and pour in 15 ml of water. Put on the fire, boil to amber color. Add butter. Stir and pour hot cream. Remove the caramel from the fire.

7. Mix egg and protein, add sugar and half of milk. Boil the second part, pour a thin stream into this mass, warm it all on the stove. Stir, the mixture should be thicker. 8. Add the gelatin to the cream, quickly stir, put the caramel. Stir again. Beat the mass with a mixer for a couple of minutes.

9. Put the caramel mousse on top of the frozen coffee layer. Put in the freezer for half an hour.

10. Prepare a mirror glaze, pour over the coffee cake.

Mousse cake with mirror glaze “Strawberry”

A variant of cottage cheese mousse cake without a base, that is, you do not need to bake the cake. Strawberry berries can be taken fresh or frozen. Mirror glaze pink or red.


• 500 g of cottage cheese;

• 0.3 liters of cream 33%;

• 80 ml of water;

• 1 tbsp. powder;

• 250 g strawberries;

• 25 g of gelatin;

• mirror glaze.

Method of preparation

1. Grind the cottage cheese or grind in a combine.

2. Pour gelatin, let it swell.

3. Beat rich cream until cool foam, gradually add fine powder. Optionally pour into the mousse mass dye.

4. Add melted gelatin. Put rubbed curd. Gently whip the cream at low speed, you do not need to do this for a long time.

5. Add strawberries, stir and shift the whole mass into a silicone mold.

6. Put in three hours in the refrigerator.

7. Carefully remove the mousse cake on a plate, pour over the glaze prepared according to the basic recipe.

Mousse cake with mirror icing - tips and tricks

• Mirror glaze can be prepared in advance, it is well worth a week in the refrigerator. You can also clean up unspent balances. If not enough for a cake, then you can cover another dessert, for example, a cake.

• It is better to heat frozen glaze in a water bath, regularly checking the temperature. In no case can not overdo or boil, it will negatively affect the quality of the product.

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