Charlotte on kefir - 5 best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook different types of charlottes on kefir.

Charlotte on kefir - 5 best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook different types of charlottes on kefir.

Not every recipe of charlottes contains kefir in the list of ingredients for the dough, although the baking on it turns out just great. Let us recall this fermented milk product and consider how to properly prepare five very tasty charlottes on kefir.

Products for charlotte on kefir

Ingredients for making charlottes on kefir are selected according to the baking recipe. If we consider the usual recipes, then the standard set of products for charlottes on kefir: flour, eggs, butter, sugar and salt, fruits, berries or nuts (for the filling), well, kefir. Charlotte can be prepared on the purchase or home-made yogurt. For the preparation of homemade kefir will need boiled milk, leaven and time reserve of 10 hours. For 1 l of milk you need to add 1 tbsp. l leaven.

Charlotte on kefir with apple jam and pears

Cooking charlotte with jam and pears is completely easy. Therefore, you can pamper your family with pear pie every day. Family tea with baked charlotte for kefir for half an hour will be the perfect end of the working day. In addition, a charlotte with pears can be quickly prepared for breakfast.


For pear charlottes on kefir, you must have kefir. For baking, you will need about half a liter of kefir. You will also need apple jam (200 g). If you do not have this jam or you do not like it, then replace it with any other or favorite jam. Preparing our lazy charlotte, you can not do without 2 eggs, 200 g of sugar, soda (5 g) and 50 g of vegetable oil, two pears.

Additional ingredients: honey, walnuts, cinnamon and raisins. They are added to taste.

Method of preparation

Pear charlotte on kefir was called lazy for a reason. After all, to cook this baking, you do not need much strain. You will need to pour kefir in a bowl, add soda, jam, pears (cut into small pieces), eggs, butter and sugar, as well as additional ingredients (except cinnamon). Do not forget to leave a little nuts, sugar for powder and butter for lubricating the molds. In general, to make the dough for pear charlotte on kefir, you need to put together almost all the ingredients and stir them well. Nothing to rub, whipping is not necessary. What is not lazy charlotte? The dough should be thicker than that made from pancakes. It is necessary to pour it into a mold smeared with fresh oil and sprinkle on top of the charlotte with cinnamon, nuts, sugar. Instead of sugar sand, you can use powdered sugar. Pear charlotte falls into the preheated oven. It is baked at t 160-180 ° C from 30 to 35 minutes.

Cherry Charlotte on kefir with almonds and candied fruits

Charlotte with almonds and candied fruits is prepared for a short time, but it requires more expensive purchase of ingredients than pear pie. Well, not only budget dishes should be full of people - sometimes you need to eat something. So let's prepare for ourselves the favorite this unusual cherry charlotte with candied fruits, which some housewives call English.


You need to prepare: 200 ml of kefir, 150 g of butter, potato and wheat flour (the first is 250 g, the second is 2 tbsp.). For the cherry charlotte still need: 250 g of sugar, 5 eggs, 2 tbsp. l ground candied fruits and almonds, as much rum. Well, what is a cherry charlotte without cherries? These fruits in candied form, you will need a pound. Be sure to see if you have soda, salt, vanilla sugar and lemon peel. Each of the last components need 1/2 tsp.

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs with vanilla sugar and sugar. Add softened butter, lemon zest, salt, kefir, soda and potato flour to the whitish foam mass. Mix everything, and then throw in the dough crushed candied fruits and almonds.

Now it's time to prepare the cherry for dipping into the dough. They should be cut, sprinkled with wheat flour and sprinkled with rum. After that, cherries can be poured into the dough.

Mix the mass, put it in the form, and then put the dough in a preheated oven. Bake cherry charlotte for 40 minutes at t 180 ° C.

Apricot charlotte on kefir

Let's make a yummy charlotte with apricots on kefir. Many housewives make dough for apricot pie with yeast, but you can do without them. The main thing, without which we can not do, preparing an apricot charlotte on kefir, so it is without kefir and apricot. The remaining products for the preparation of charlottes are the same available as those already mentioned. Therefore, such a charlotte can also be considered a budget, as well as a pear. True, to make it a little harder than a lazy cake. Ingredients

In addition to 250 ml of kefir and 1 kg of apricots, take a pound of wheat flour, 300 g of margarine, three yolks, sugar (100 g), a teaspoon of soda. For powdering charlotte you need about 150 grams of powdered sugar.

Method of preparation

Mix flour with margarine, chopped into small pieces, and then add to them in a bowl whipped with sugar yolks. Then pour kefir there and add soda. Knead the dough, put it in the form. It should be oiled or greased. After spreading the cake on the bottom of the form, beat the dough with a fork. Bake it at t 160 ° C until half ready (about 20 minutes).

When the dough is baked a bit, put the halves of apricots on it with the bones removed. Apricots need to have a skin to the dough. After the distribution of the filling, put the charlotte on the kefir in the oven again and bake until ready (another 15-20 minutes), but at t 180 ° C. After cooling apricot charlotte, cut the cake into pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar on top.

Charlotte on kefir with lemons

Let's make a delicious lemon charlot on yogurt from yeast dough. To make a delicious lemon pie, you need a little more than 1.5 hours. This is not true for long, given that most of the time you will be doing other things, waiting for the dough to fit or lemon charlotte to be baked.


For the test: 300 ml of kefir and margarine (250 g), about 30 g of yeast, half a spoonful of (tea) salt, one article. spoon of sugar and flour (4 cups).

For the filling: a glass of sugar, 2 lemons, a large spoonful of starch.

Method of preparation

In the sifted flour throw margarine and grind it. Margarine should be slightly softened. Yeast, sugar, salt, add to kefir and stir. After that, pour kefir into fat crumb from margarine and flour. Mix the dough in the fridge.

While the dough is infused for about half an hour, you need to prepare the filling for our lemon charlotte on kefir. Making it easy. Grate the washed lemons (together with the peel) and mix them with starch, as well as with a glass of sugar. Attention: To prepare the filling for lemon charlotte is best from thick-skinned citruses.

When the dough is infused, divide it into two parts, slightly rolling each. The first layer is laid out on the bottom of a margarine-greased form. On top of it lay the filling, which we cover the second part of the test. So that the filling does not fall out on the baking sheet, the edges of both layers should be tucked up and zaschipnut. Pie does not need to be put in the oven right away, it should stand outside for about 10 minutes. After this time, place the lemon charlotte on the yogurt in the preheated oven. Bake the cake until tender at t 180 ° C.

Flower charlotte on kefir with apple

You can make a more creative floral charlotte on kefir from pieces of homemade apple roll. From the fact that cooked and cut roll visually resembles beautiful flowers, the charlotte is called flower. Such a charlotte is preparing for a little over an hour. Roll optional cook with apple filling. It can be made with prunes or dried apricots.


For the dough: a glass of kefir (200 ml), sugar (3 tbsp. L.), 1 teaspoon salt, 4 cups of flour and 250 g of butter. To make the flowers more voluminous, and baking - lush, you can add a teaspoon of soda to the dough.

For the filling: one apple, sugar (2 tbsp. L.), Egg white.

You will also need: a spoonful of vegetable oil (for smearing the molds), yolk to grease the cake itself, and cinnamon, which should be used as a powder. Cinnamon is enough to take half a teaspoon.

Method of preparation

Pound margarine with flour, add salt and sugar. Mixed ingredients pour kefir. Knead the dough, put it in a cold place so that it will infuse for about half an hour.

While the dough is resting, whip the albumen with sugar until a thick foam is obtained. In a separate container, rub the apple. Use a fine grater. If half an hour has passed, then take the dough. It needs to be rolled out like dumplings. After that, cover the dough with protein foam, put a grated apple on top of it and start forming a roll. The roll should be cut into pieces with a thickness of three centimeters. After smearing the form, spread these pieces to the bottom. They need to press tightly to each other. Before placing in the oven roll should be greased with yolk and sprinkled with cinnamon. Baking time - no more than 40 minutes at t 160 ° C.

Instead of kefir, you can use whey. However, in this case, your culinary masterpiece can no longer be called “charlotte on kefir”.

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