Cake with poppy seeds is an unusual and incredibly tasty dessert. Simple and original poppy cake recipes

Cake with poppy seeds is an unusual and incredibly tasty dessert. Simple and original poppy cake recipes

Few pastries with poppy seeds are known to everyone, but not many people know that you can make a cake with poppy seeds. It turns out an original, beautiful and very tasty dessert.

Poppy cake - the basic principles of cooking

Cakes for poppy cake is better to use biscuit, so that the cake turned out to be light and airy. For this, the yolks are separated from proteins. The latter are whipped in a separate dish to a dense foam. Yolks are combined with sugar and whipped separately until a fluffy mass of white is obtained. Gradually inject the protein mass into the yolks, while gently mixing. Flour is combined with poppy seeds, mixed and injected into the egg mixture. From the resulting dough bake cake.

The cooled cake is cut in half or in several pieces.

For coating the cake using sour cream, cream, custard, or any other cream. You can cook a cake with two or three different creams at once.

In addition to poppy, you can add dried fruit or nuts to the cake.

You can decorate the cake with icing or a gelatinous layer.

Recipe 1. Cake with poppy



vanilla - 1 g;

eggs - four pcs .;

butter - half a pack;

100 grams of sugar;

poppy - 130 g;

flour - 100 g


vanilla sugar - bag;

egg yolks - six pcs .;

sugar cup - half a cup;

cream - two glasses.


butter - 50 g;

bitter chocolate bar.

Method of preparation

1. Separate the whites from the yolks and place in different dishes. Mix yolks with vanilla and sugar. Beat with a mixer until you get a white, airy mass. Beat the egg whites into a dense, resistant foam. Mix poppy with flour. Add whites of whipped whites and dry mix in turn. Knead gently.

2. Pour the biscuit dough into a form that is oiled and ground with flour. Bake forty minutes at 180 degrees. Remove the finished cake from the oven and cool without removing it from the form. Then pull it out and cut it into four pieces.

3. Spread white and vanilla sugar with yolks until white. Pour the cream in a saucepan and boil. When the cream begins to boil, remove them from the heat and pour in a thin stream of yolk mass. At the same time constantly stirring intensively. Send to a low fire and cook, without stopping stirring, until thick. 4. Place the first cake in a detachable form, and pour hot custard on it. Grease the top with cream and leave to soak for several hours.

5. Turn the cake over on the dish. Melt the chocolate broken into pieces in a water bath and lightly whisk it with butter. Pour the cake with the resulting icing. Decorate to your taste.

Recipe 2. Angel cake with poppy



citric acid - pinch;

100 g of sugar;

st.l. powdered sugar;

a pinch of salt;

egg whites - five pcs .;

2 tbsp flour and poppy.

Orange Kurd

fresh orange - 150 ml;

50 g butter;

flour - tsp;

sugar - half a cup;

five egg yolks.


20 grams of granulated sugar;

250 g Mascarpone;

condensed milk - 100 g;

sour cream - 80 ml;

vanilla pod.

Method of preparation

1. Combine poppy, powder and flour in a bowl and mix.

2. Whip egg whites with salt and citric acid with a whisk, gradually adding sugar.

3. Once the proteins have turned into a stable air foam, gently mix in a mixture of flour and poppy.

4. Put the dough in a clean, dry form. Bake forty minutes at 180 degrees. Cool the sponge cake right in the form, removing it from the oven.

5. To make a Kurd, mix fresh orange juice with the rest of the ingredients except butter. Put the mixture on a slow fire and, stirring constantly, boil down to the consistency of thick cream. Remove from heat and add oil. Mix until smooth, cool and refrigerate.

6. Remove the cooled cake from the mold, cut it in half lengthwise and grease both parts with a cooled Kurd. Leave to soak.

7. Whip sour cream with sugar. Whisk mascarpone separately, adding vanilla seeds and condensed milk to it. Combine sour cream with mascarpone and mix gently. Spread the cream over the cake layers.

8. Put one cake on another. The remaining cream smear the surface and sides of the cake. Put in half an hour in the fridge. Decorate with chocolate chips.

Recipe 3. “Ministerial” Poppy Cake


Baking soda - third tsp;

four eggs;

flour - a glass;

poppy - 250 g;

kefir - 200 ml;

wheat flour - a glass;

granulated sugar - 250 g


100 g of cocoa powder;

butter - pack;

condensed milk - bank. Decoration

chocolate chips.

Method of preparation

1. Break eggs into a bowl and slightly shake with a fork. Pour poppy seed mixture and mix. Sent overnight in the fridge.

2. Pour sugar into the poppy mixture, pour in kefir and pour flour, sift it with baking soda. Knead the dough.

3. The form is covered with baking paper and lubricated with oil. Put the third part of the dough into it and bake for ten minutes at 180C. In the same way, bake two more cakes and cool them, laying out on a wire rack.

4. Put the soft butter in a saucepan, pour in condensed milk and add cocoa powder. Mix and beat, to obtain a light brown cream.

5. Cakes are pierced in several places with a knife. We put the cakes in a pile, each generously greasing cream. The surface of the cake and sides are also coated with cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Leave in the refrigerator soak overnight.

Recipe 4. Tsarina Estelle Poppy Cake



5 g of baking powder;

five eggs;

half a cup of poppy;

egg white;

100 g of sugar;

flour - 100 g;

70 ml of vegetable oil;

2 g vanilla.


white chocolate bar;

a glass of milk;

juice and zest of half a lemon;

200 ml of 33% cream;

50 g of starch;

130 g of sugar;

egg yolk.

Method of preparation

1. In a separate bowl, mix all the dry ingredients.

2. Divide the eggs into whites and yolks. One yolk is placed in a separate bowl. Whip the whites in a dense, stable foam, gradually adding sugar. Then in the resulting mass, enter the yolks, vanilla and oil. Continue to beat a couple more minutes. Pour the dry mixture into the resulting mass and gently mix with a spatula until smooth.

3. Cover the form with baking paper. Lay out a third of the dough and bake at 180 ° C for ten minutes. On the same principle, bake two more cakes. Put them on a wire rack and cool.

4. In the meantime, prepare the cream. Mix starch with a spoon of sugar and two spoons of milk. Stir until smooth. Pour the mixture into a saucepan, add the yolk and white sugar. Constantly stirring, keep on fire until the first bubbles appear. Add the juice and zest of lemon halves and keep on fire for another couple of minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from heat and cool. 5. In the cream, add two tablespoons of sugar and whisk in a lush foam. Spoon into the cream custard, constantly beating.

6. Fold the cakes in a pile, each copiously lubricating cream. Also smear the top and sides with cream. Finely rub a bar of white chocolate and sprinkle the whole cake with chips. Leave it in the fridge overnight.

Recipe 5. Black Rose Cake with Poppy


hydrated soda - 10 g;

two eggs;

cocoa powder - 75 g;

sugar - two tbsp;

half a liter of sour cream;

flour - two glasses.


sugar - 75 g;

eggs - three pcs .;

flour - 75 g

Roll Cream

custard - 80 g;

poppy - glass;

125 grams of sugar.

Cake Cream

instant coffee - 50 g;

five eggs;

flour - two tbsp. l .;

sugar - 125 g;

butter - pack;

milk - 500 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Start by preparing the cake layers. Pound sugar with eggs until white, add hydrated soda, sour cream, cocoa powder and flour. Knead until smooth. Pour half the dough on a baking sheet and bake the cake at 180 ° C for ten minutes. Just bake another cake.

2. For making rolls, separate the whites from the yolks. Pound egg yolks with sugar and mix with flour. Whip egg whites into a lush foam. Gradually add them to the yolk mass and mix gently. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, brush with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put a third of the dough and bake for five minutes. Then, while still hot, roll up the cake and cool. Bake two more such rolls.

3. For cream, mix eggs with milk and lightly whisk. Add instant coffee, flour and sugar. Stir until smooth. Put on low heat and boil, stirring continuously, until thick. Then remove from heat, add butter and whisk.

4. Poppy steamed and rub it with sugar. Add to it three spoons of custard and mix.

5. Roll up the rolls, brush with poppy seeds and roll again. Smear the bottom cake with custard and place the rolls on it. Liberally grease them with custard, trying to fill all voids. Cover the second cake. Grease the surface and sides of the cake with cream and decorate it to your liking.

Recipe 6. Cake with poppy seeds, nuts and raisins


half a cup of raisins;

one and a half glasses of wheat flour;

half a cup of poppy;

20% sour cream - one and a half cup;

three eggs;

baking powder - 15 g;

one ? glasses of sugar;

walnuts - 0.5 tbsp.


50 g sugar;

125 g sour cream thick.


50 g butter;

100 g milk;

25 g of cocoa powder and granulated sugar.

Method of preparation

1. You need to cook three Korzh: with nuts, raisins and poppy seeds.

2. Beat an egg in a bowl, add half a cup of sour cream and sugar. Stir. Pour half a cup of flour mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder. Stir and add poppy. Stir once more. Similarly, prepare the dough for the other two cakes. In one, add the raisins, in the other nuts.

3. Grease the form with butter, put the dough in it and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. So bake all three shortcakes. Cool them down.

4. Combine sour cream with sugar, and rub it well with a spoon, send it to the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

5. Promezhte all the cakes with cream and collect them in a stack. Pour the milk into the saucepan, add cocoa and sugar. Put on the fire and, stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a thickening. Cool the icing and cover it with the surface of the cake. Decorate with nuts and coconut flakes. Let it soak for three hours.

Poppy Cake - Tips and Tricks

If you want the poppy to become soft, steam it for an hour in hot water.

To smetan cream became thicker, before lubrication, place it for half an hour in the refrigerator.

Before adding the poppy to the dough, mix it with flour. So it is evenly distributed.

If a pinch of salt or citric acid is added to the eggs, it will be easier to beat them.

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