A tasty snack for a wedding is the most important element of a solemn feast. Delicate, spicy, fragrant and elegant wedding snacks

A tasty snack for a wedding is the most important element of a solemn feast. Delicate, spicy, fragrant and elegant wedding snacks

The wedding table is different from any other by the abundance of dishes, which are dominated by snacks. They catch the eye, whet the appetite. It is very important to prepare different types of food, so that each guest can find something to his own taste.

Wedding Snacks - General Cooking Principles

If the wedding is large, then snacks can be made from red caviar, salmon, good varieties of ham, cheese and sausage. These products can be used for sandwiches, tartlets, various salads. With them it always turns out tasty and elegant. If the budget is limited, then delicacies will have to be slightly diluted or replaced completely.

From which you can prepare snacks for the wedding:

· Various pickles, mushrooms;

· Eggs, hard and processed cheeses;

· crab sticks;

· Fresh, boiled vegetables;

· Meat, poultry.

Of these ingredients are prepared salads, cuts, filling for tartlets, pita bread, filling for sandwiches. To festive table looked elegant, do not forget about the greens, which should be a lot. For decoration of meat and fish snacks, you can use beautifully chopped vegetables, citrus.

Snack for Raffaello Wedding

Unsweetened version of a very delicate and delicious wedding snack with the name of a popular candy. For the preparation of “Raffaello” it is better to use two types of cheese: hard and melted, it will be more delicious.


· 100 g of crab sticks;

· 60 g of processed cheese;

· 2 eggs;

· 50 g of hard cheese;

· Mayonnaise, spices;

· 10 nuts;

· 1-2 cloves of garlic.


1. Boil hard-boiled eggs. Cool, peel, grate finely in a bowl.

2. Grate hard cheese and garlic to eggs, add melted cheese. If it is not very soft, then you can also rub it.

3. Add mayonnaise, stir, should get a thick mass. Salt and pepper to taste, you can not add them at all, as the salt is contained in the cheese, and the sharpness in garlic.

4. Grate crab sticks in a separate bowl, it is better not to defrost before. 5. Divide the mass into 10 parts, roll the balls by placing one nut inside. You can use hazelnuts, almonds, walnut kernels or peanuts. Sometimes olives or olives are used instead of nuts, which can also be done.

6. Roll the balls into crab sticks, cover with a thick layer.

7. Transfer “Raffaello” to a dish with greens. Can be used as decoration for salads.

Appetizer for pita wedding with salmon

Lavash rolls are very popular in everyday life, you can wrap any stuffing into thin flat cakes. But if the appetizer is prepared for the wedding, then the filling should correspond to the event. Instead of salmon, you can use another red fish.


· 2 medium sized pita;

· A bunch of dill;

· 350 g of creamy soft cheese;

· Some mayonnaise;

· 2-3 eggs;

· 350 g salmon;

· 0.3 lemon.


1. Cut the salmon into very thin slices so that there is enough fish. Sometimes it is frozen in advance in the chamber.

2. Squeeze out the juice from the third part of the lemon, sprinkle the pieces, gently rub, while setting aside.

3. Boil eggs, peel. Grind in any way. You can chop with a knife or grate.

4. Add greens to the eggs, stir.

5. Put the creamy soft cheese and squeeze out a bit of mayonnaise to make a creamy mass. Thoroughly pereteret, you can kill a blender.

6. Spread both pita on the table. Trim the rounded edges to make rectangles.

7. Lubricate the cakes with melted cheese, dividing the mass in half.

8. Arrange the pieces of salmon. If it is cut thinly, then the maximum area of ​​sheets will be closed.

9. Carefully roll up the rolls, put in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

10. Take a sharp knife, cut the convolutions at an angle into pieces, about two centimeters thick.

11. Arrange the rolls on plates with greens, serve a snack to the wedding table.

Snack on Stuffed Eggs Wedding

Eggs can be stuffed with a variety of products, but for the wedding table it is better to cook with red and black caviar. The number of products is arbitrary.

Ingredients · Boiled eggs;

· Red or black caviar;

· Mayonnaise;

· Soft cheese;

· Mustard;

· salt and pepper;

· Some greens.


1. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool in water, peel and cut into halves. Remove the yolks, while leaving the squirrels.

2. Grate the yolks, add to them melted cheese, chopped greens and carefully grind. If the mass is thick, then add mayonnaise. For taste we put pepper, mustard. If the cheese is fresh, you will need salt.

3. Fill the prepared half eggs.

4. Moisten a spoon, smooth the surface.

5. Sprinkle the stuffed eggs with red or black caviar. Put on a dish decorate with fresh herbs.

Snack on the wedding “Stuffed Sticks”

Another option for wedding snacks with crab sticks. It is important to choose those types that unfold, so that you can put the stuffing.


· 400 grams of chopsticks;

· 3 eggs (boil);

· 150 grams of cheese;

· 2 cloves of garlic;

· Some mayonnaise;

· A small bunch of dill;

· Lettuce leaves for decoration.


1. Clean the boiled eggs. Take out the yolks. We rub them finely in a bowl. We set aside, they will be useful for registration.

2. Protein rub in another bowl, chop up the same cheese and garlic.

3. Dill greens chop finely, pour in squirrels. We add mayonnaise enough to get a thick cream.

4. Crab sticks should be left in a warm place to thaw. Then carefully deploy each.

5. Grease the stick inside with a thin layer of cheese filling and gently fold, trying not to tear the thin layer. We start this way all the sticks.

6. The edges of the rolls should be smeared with mayonnaise, about a centimeter on each side.

7. Sprinkle mayonnaise edges with grated yolk, it should stick.

8. We shift the stuffed chopsticks on a plate with greens. If the appetizer is served immediately, then put in the fridge.

Herring Wedding Snack

Ordinary herring can turn into a beautiful and very tasty snack for a wedding, you just need to arrange it correctly. Bread is preferably dark. Ingredients

· 2 herring fillets;

· 1 loaf of black bread;

· 200 g of oil;

· Lemon;

· Onion head;

· Greenery for decoration.


1. Bread cut into layers, then into four pieces, to make neat squares. Curved pieces better to immediately remove.

2. Fry the pieces on both sides in a skillet or dry them slightly in the oven.

3. Grease the cooled pieces with butter.

4. Peel the onion, it is better to use lettuce varieties. Cut into thin rings, disassemble.

5. Put on the oil a couple of onion rings.

6. Cut the herring fillets into small pieces, shift to the onions. The fish should not completely cover the surface.

7. Wash lemon, dry, cut into thin circles, then across. Half a citrus decomposed into sandwiches around herring. Rind is not necessary to remove.

8. Complete each sandwich with a small sprig of dill or a few leaves of parsley.

Snack for a wedding from pickles

Option wonderful wedding snacks, which is ideal for spirits such as vodka. The beauty is that this salad is quickly and simply prepared, does not turn sour. In the refrigerator it can be perfectly preserved for several days, if you do not add greens and onions.


· 500 g of salted or pickled cabbage;

· 300 g salted or pickled mushrooms;

· 4 cucumbers;

· Head of salad onions;

· 2 tsp. vinegar;

· 40 ml of oil;

· Greenery for decoration;

· 0.5 tsp. black ground pepper.


1. Onions cut into neat rings, sprinkle with onions. Leave aside for a while.

2. Slice the mushrooms into slices.

3. Cut the cucumbers into strips. If they are small, then you can make circles.

4. Combine everything with cabbage, add pepper and oil, stir.

5. Spread the cabbage on 3 plates.

6. Cut the greens, sprinkle the snack on top.

7. Onion rings disassemble one by one, spread out on top of a single layer over the entire area. The snack is ready! It is done simply, it looks elegant, it turns out delicious.

Snack for the wedding “Chicken roll” with prunes or dried apricots

The option is very interesting and tasty snack of chicken with prunes. It is perfect for a festive table. You can likewise cook rolls with dried apricots. Serve them in the form of heat, but it is better to cool and cut into thin slices. Ingredients

· 1.1 kg of chicken fillet (2 breasts);

· 4 cloves of garlic;

· 150 g of prunes;

· salt and pepper;

· 80 grams of cheese;

· 4 tbsp. l mayonnaise;

· 2 tbsp. l oils.


1. Rinse prunes, pour hot water, leave for 35-40 minutes, let it swell well. If this is not done, the product will draw moisture from the bird.

2. Chicken fillet cut across, but not completely. Expand, cover with foil and gently repel. It should not turn to mush, only increase in size.

3. Sprinkle layers with salt and pepper.

4. Lubricate one side with mayonnaise. The one that goes inside.

5. Grate cheese, lightly sprinkle.

6. Squeeze the prunes, chop finely, lay on the fillet.

7. Chop the garlic and sprinkle too. You can add a few walnuts here, with them, too tasty.

8. Fold the rolls, tie a thick thread so that they do not unwind in the oven.

9. Transfer to a greased form, on top of the chicken fluff oil.

10. Bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes. Then cool, remove the thread, cut into pieces. When serving, add herbs and vegetables.

Wedding Snacks - Tips and Tricks

· Wedding snacks should be elegant, so you need to responsibly approach the decoration. Even a modest dish can start playing in a completely new way.

· Not all people love garlic, hot spices or an abundance of greenery. Therefore, on the table you need to put snacks of various kinds. It may be possible to serve hot sauce in a separate bowl, it all depends on the snack.

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