Sausage doctoral home: recipe and technology. We are preparing a doctoral home-made sausage - an alternative to shop-proof

Sausage doctoral home: recipe and technology. We are preparing a doctoral home-made sausage - an alternative to shop-proof

We live in a time when natural materials are getting smaller. Unfortunately, this also applies to food.

Industrial production is so fond of a variety of additives, dyes and substitutes, that it does not hurt to study the ways of preparing some favorite foods at home, for example, doctor's sausage. At first glance, this will seem too complicated. But here will help modern kitchen appliances. It is quite powerful and is equipped with a variety of devices that will simplify and speed up the process. Therefore, cooking sausage doctoral home in time and complexity does not differ from work on other dishes of home cooking.

Such a product is guaranteed to contain only high-quality meat, not its waste.

In the sausage doctoral home there are no various flavor enhancers, impurities, dyes. It justifies its name, because it is perfectly absorbed by the body and supplies it with the necessary proteins and fills with energy.

Homemade sausage - general principles of cooking

Cooking doctoral home-made sausage begins with a selection of meat. It must be absolutely fresh or chilled.

The best meat is young. Therefore, do not choose pieces that are too dark in color. This is probably the meat of an elderly animal. But too light shade should protect from the purchase, because it can be the result of the use of hormonal drugs.

The composition of sausage doctoral home includes pork and beef.

Pork choose bold. An oshek and subtrivok will approach.

The fat content of pork should be about 40%. If the meat is bought in the store, then this indicator is written on the label.

Beef is selected without fat. It must be pulp.

Immediately before cooking sausage, the meat must be cooled. Then it is easier to cut and pass through a meat grinder. Meat should be not just chilled, but slightly frostbitten. Its optimum temperature is from 0 to -2 degrees. Cardamom, nutmeg, salt and sugar are added to the homemade sausage. As a rule, it consists of 99% of meat and 1% of spices. Compulsory constituent sausages should be milk (fresh or dried) and eggs. But since the product is homemade, then with spices and other ingredients can be fantasized. The main thing is that this high-quality meat was more.

In addition to food, you will need:

meat grinder;


sharp knife;

dishes of large volume, for example, five liters;

cotton twine;

sausage casing.

The process of making a doctoral home sausage consists of several stages.

1. Cooking minced meat. Meat must be minced twice or thrice through a meat grinder by selecting a grill with the smallest holes.

2. Formation of meat mixture. All spices, eggs, milk or ice are added to the mince. Everything is processed by a blender to obtain a pasty mass. Then it is left in the refrigerator for an hour.

3. Preparing casings for sausage. Two types of them are most often used:

  • artificial: collagen, protein shell. It is sold in the form of liners 15 m long. It is necessary to wind off the required amount (30-35 cm), cut off, soak in warm salted water (tablespoon of salt per liter of water). Hold for a couple of minutes and rinse. To put on a nozzle for stuffing sausages.
  • natural - pig trunk. They should be washed very well in brine and dried before packing.

The end of the shell must be firmly tied with cotton twine, departing from the edge by two centimeters.

In some recipes, the shell may be:

Package for roasting;

Baking and food paper;

Foil and plastic bags.

4. Sausage stuffing. Sausage casings are carefully filled and secured with twine on the other side. The resulting loaf can be tied up in two more places.

5. Cooking sausage doctor's home. This process takes place in a saucepan, the diameter of which must be greater than the length of the sausage loaf. Water heats up to 70-75 degrees. Boil the sausage in hotter water can not, because the meat protein is folded at 45-50 degrees, and then the process of pasteurization of the product. The most important thing in technology is the state of protein. If it overheats, the product will fail. Duration of cooking is about an hour.

6. Cooling sausage loaf. The hot sausage loaf is lowered under cold water for a few seconds. It is then cooled at room temperature and sent to the refrigerator for at least six hours.

You can make sandwiches from homemade doctor's sausage, fry it well, add it to salads.

1. Original Sausage Doctor's Home

The prepared product is soft and delicate in taste. Quality meat provides the usefulness and satiety of a sausage sandwich.


• 0.700 kg bold pork meat.

• 0,250 kg of beef pulp.

• One egg.

• 0.200 l cold milk.

• One teaspoon of sugar.

• 20 grams of cooking salt.

• 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom.

• Three Art. Spoon beet juice.


Turn sliced ​​meat into minced meat. Put it in a blender. Pour sugar, salt and cardamom. Pour in almost a glass of cold milk and drive an egg.

Turn on the blender and turn the mixture into an emulsion. It takes about three to four minutes.

For color add beet juice.

Emulsify the pigskin. To do this, you can use a special nozzle in a meat grinder.

Tie the prepared semi-finished product with string along and tie on both sides.

Cook in water heated to 70 degrees for about an hour.

2. Homemade sausage for sandwiches

A delicious and delicious sandwich is made from sausage. You just need to put a small piece of it on fresh bread, and on top of it you can put a tomato and cucumber ring.


• 700 grams of pork neck.

• 250 grams of beef.

• Egg.

• One teaspoon of sugar.

• 20 grams of salt kitchen.

• 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg spoon.

• Pinch of coriander.

• Four ice cubes.


Meat pieces skip three times through the meat grinder. We salt, we pour out sugar and we drive in egg. We rub nutmeg. Add ice, sprinkle with coriander. Stir until ice dissolves. Reserve for an hour. Turn the stuffing into a pasty mass using a blender.

We spread on the parchment and form a sausage. We press the paper to the stuffing, so that the excess air is gone. It is possible for this to strike the preparation of sausage on the table. Wrap and twist the edges of the paper.

Wrap the sausage blanks with food film five or six times to prevent water from penetrating inside. We tied with string. Cook an hour in water 70 degrees.

Leave in a cold place to cool the sausage completely.

3. Argentine home-style sausage

The recipe contains saltpeter, preserving the pink color of the sausage. But thanks to premium meat, fragrant spices and seasonings, the finished product is fragrant and tasty.


• 1100 grams of pork bold.

• 400 grams of beef pulp.

• Egg.

• One teaspoon of sugar.

• 30 grams of salt kitchen.

• 0.5 teaspoon cardamom.

• Three garlic cloves.

• 4 grams of Chilean nitrate.

• Two Art. spoons of powdered milk and seasonings for sausages.

• Two teaspoons of black pepper.

• Seven ice cubes.


Grind the meat twice, cut into small pieces. Bring to a pasty state in a blender.

Salt, add sugar, saltpeter, chopped garlic and egg. Sprinkle with seasoning for sausages and black pepper.

Top with grated nutmeg.

Put on the minced meat pieces of ice.

Add dry milk. Knead everything well until the ice has melted, and the mince will turn into a paste.

Put the resulting mass in the refrigerator for an hour.

Prepare a collagen casing for sausages and fill it with meat paste. Tie with string on both sides.

Pierce the finished sausage billet with a needle in several places so that air bubbles are released.

Cook in the usual way in hot water.

The sausage should cool down, and then lie in the refrigerator for eight hours.

4. Homemade sausage with cream

The cream gives the sausage an airy and delicate flavor. Instead of the usual spices, pepper was added to the product, which made it moderately spicy. Ingredients:

• 350 grams of pork bold.

• 150 grams of beef pulp.

• Two eggs.

• Clove of garlic.

• 200 ml of cream.

• 30 ml of beet juice.

• Two pinches of pepper and salt mix.


Grind in a blender pieces of pork and beef. Add the protein of two eggs and continue to beat.

Pour in the cream and squeeze the garlic. Add the juice from the beets. Pepper and salt. Beat another two minutes.

We lay out the finished meat paste on the foil folded in half and wind it up. On each side we twist and cut off the excess. In appearance, the sausage billet is like a big candy.

We tie it up with twine in two places and put it first in one plastic bag, then in the second. We press to release the air, and send boil.

Cool the finished sausage and send to the refrigerator for six hours.

5. Homemade Scottish Doctor's Sausage

The whiskey present in the sausage did not affect its strength, but only preserved the delicate pink color of the meat.


0,200 kg top grade beef.

0.500 kg pork lean.

0,200 kg of pork fat.

0.150 kg of ice water.

Art. a spoonful of sea salt.

One hour spoon of sugar sugar.

Two pinches of black pepper.

30 grams of whiskey.


Mince prepared separately from each type of meat. We place it in different vessels.

Lay the beef in a blender, add half of the water, salt and turn into a suspension.

Then put all the pork, and fat, and lean. Add sugar, pepper, ice and the rest of the water. We pour in whiskey. Beat until a paste is pasty and homogeneous.

Then - all according to the technology: we stuff the sausage casing, we tie it up with a string and cook until ready.

Cool and can cook sandwiches.

Sausage Doctor's Home - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • The beetroot juice dims during the cooking process, no matter how much you add it. Therefore, to make the sausage pink, you can pour two tablespoons of vodka or high-quality cognac into the mince.
  • The shell should not be very tightly packed so that it does not burst during the cooking process.
  • The temperature of the stuffing in the cooking process should not rise above 12 degrees. To ensure this temperature, ice cubes or cold milk are added.
  • The taste of the finished product depends on the quality of minced meat. The softer, more uniform and more magnificent it is, the sausage will be tastier, juicier and softer.
  • In order not to overheat the water for boiling sausage, you need to follow: when it heats up to the desired 70-75 degrees, the first bubbles start to rise from the bottom of the pan.
  • It can be done differently: boil water and turn off the stove. After a minute, load the sausage billet and wait half a minute. Then start the stove and set the minimum fire.
  • Homemade sausage should be stored at a temperature of less than eight degrees and no more than two days.
  • The thicker the sausage loaf, the longer it will cook. Therefore, its optimal diameter is 40-42 cm.
  • The difference between a homemade sausage and a shop sausage is that it contains only natural meat and 0% chemical additives.
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