Salads with canned peas - the top five recipes. How to properly and deliciously prepare salads with canned peas.

Salads with canned peas - the top five recipes. How to properly and deliciously prepare salads with canned peas.

Salad with canned peas - general principles of cooking

A huge number of products with which it is easily combined, delicate and even sweetish taste of green peas make it very popular as the main ingredient of many dishes, including salads.

Canned food is not the most wholesome food. However, in canned green peas, most of the nutrients with which it is so rich are preserved: vitamins, protein, minerals, fiber. Therefore, the most zealous hostess must have in stock a couple of jars of this product - just in case. They always help out, especially if it is necessary to make a salad in a hurry.

Salad with canned peas - preparing food and tableware

To succeed in the dish, it is important to learn how to choose green peas correctly. When buying canned be sure to pay attention to the composition. Water, sugar, salt and green peas - this is a complete list of components of the product, made by an honest manufacturer. If the list includes preservatives - this is not the peas that will be useful to you.

For the salad will suit green peas of the highest or first grade. Table variety is better reserved for soup - there are too many crumpled grains in it.

Canned pea salad recipes:

For example, we give a number of salad recipes, which will be very useful for many housewives who want to diversify the menu of the weekday. These are the easiest and easiest recipes to help you quickly build a delicious salad, even returning tired after work.

Recipe 1: Salad with canned peas

The presence of vegetables makes a salad with canned peas useful, and smoked sausage fills it with a special taste and aroma, giving even more satiety. A set of products that is required for it, you can take with you and arrange a dense snack at a picnic or during a hike. Ingredients Required:

- smoked sausage (200 g);

- potatoes (3 pieces);

- Bank of green peas;

- carrots (1 piece);

- two bell peppers;

- One egg yolk;

- two articles. spoons of sour cream and lemon juice;

- green onion (2 pieces).

Cooking Method:

Boil carrots and potatoes, peel and dice them.

Baked sweet peppers in the oven, cut into strips.

Also, into strips, cut and smoked sausage.

All combine in the same bowl, add green peas.

In order for a salad with canned peas to acquire an original taste, you need a dressing. Combine sour cream with lemon juice, egg yolk, add salt and pepper.

Dress up the salad.

Recipe 2: Salad with canned peas and smoked chicken

This is a universal recipe - such a salad with canned peas will help an inexperienced young hostess, will help to adequately meet and feed the sudden guests. A jam with bread crumbs can be placed on the table - let everyone add to his plate.

Ingredients Required:

- Bank of green peas;

- two fresh cucumbers;

- Smoked chicken fillet (500 g);

- dill;

- half loaf;

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Start better with crackers. Cut the loaf into cubes, dry in the oven.

Cut into cubes chicken fillet, cucumbers.

Finely chop the dill.

Add chicken, cucumbers, green peas, and dill into a bowl.

Season with mayonnaise, mix.

Add the croutons before serving, otherwise they get wet. And this salad with canned peas is good because it is crunching ruddy white crackers in it.

Recipe 3: Salad with canned peas and ham

Easier than this salad with canned peas, and come up with difficult. Ingredients for it can be found in any refrigerator, you can always buy them on the way home. It is cooked quickly, while it is easy to quench your appetite. Tired at work, no time to cook - remember this simple recipe and act! Ingredients Required:

- eggs (3 pieces);

- 200 g of green peas and ham;

- one onion;

- green onions (4 pieces);

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Boil eggs, cut into cubes.

Wash the green onions and chop them finely.

Onions to cut into thin rings.

Ham cut into cubes.

Lay out on a plate.

Start with onion rings, then alternately: ham, green peas, on it - green onions, eggs. Each layer is covered with a grid of mayonnaise.

Recipe 4: Salad with canned peas and tomatoes

Another recipe, ready to help out even the hostess, tired of the kitchen, even the inveterate bachelor. A can of peas, a couple of tomatoes and eggs - and a light salad with canned peas appetizingly appeals, inviting you to breakfast or dinner.

Ingredients Required:

- onions (2 pieces);

- Bank of canned peas;

- eggs (2 pieces);

- vegetable oil (4 tablespoons);

- Vinegar (2 tablespoons);

- tomatoes (2 pieces).

Cooking Method:

Boil eggs, cut into cubes.

Grind two onions.

Fold in one bowl eggs, onions, peas, diced tomatoes.

Mix the vegetable oil with vinegar, fill the dish.

Salad with canned peas to serve ready - quickly and easily!

Recipe 5: Salad with canned peas and cheese

This version of the salad is extremely simple. The only thing you have to do is boil eggs, and even children can. The remaining ingredients need only chop and combine. Take note, the salad will help you out in any situation.

Ingredients Required:

- Bank of canned peas;

- cheese (200 g);

- eggs (3 pieces);

- a can of sardines in oil;

- mustard;

- Bulgarian pepper (1 piece);

- mayonnaise (5 tablespoons);

- red ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

Boil eggs, cut into cubes.

The remaining ingredients need to chop: chop the cheese and pepper into cubes, mash the sardines with a fork. To mayonnaise add two tablespoons of mustard, ground pepper, mix.

All prepared products (cheese, pepper, peas, sardines, eggs) mix in a bowl, season with sauce, mix.

Salad with canned peas - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Prefer green peas, placed by the manufacturer in a glass jar. In such a container it is available for viewing, and you can check if there are any impurities there. At the bottom of the jar should not be a white precipitate. But too transparent fill should be alerted - there may be preservatives in it.

Try to buy peas, released in the summer - it canned fresh, just picked. And the one that the producer made in winter or autumn is made of dry, soaked and steamed peas.

Getting green peas in a tin, look, that on it there was no damages, swellings.

Do not be alarmed if the fill turned out to be muddy. This is not a sign of damage to the peas, but only a signal that there is a lot of starch in the product. Drain the liquid, rinse peas with cold boiled water.

Green peas are very useful: lowers cholesterol, removes slags, stimulates the gastrointestinal tract. But we must not forget that he has and contraindications. Should refrain those who suffer from colitis, urolithiasis, prone to flatulence. Excessive consumption of such delicacies as juicy and tender green peas can cause bloating, intestinal obstruction.

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