Pizza dough with milk is a tasty basis for a tasty dish. Cooking a variety of pizza dough with milk: lush, soft, crunchy

Pizza dough with milk is a tasty basis for a tasty dish. Cooking a variety of pizza dough with milk: lush, soft, crunchy

Who does not like juicy, delicious pizza with an unmatched filling and a delicious base. And if the filling is more or less clear: for pizza, you can take what is in the fridge: sausages, mushrooms, meat, vegetables, cheeses.

That dough does not always work the way I would like. Change the situation and get a really tasty basis will help selected recipes for pizza dough with milk.

Pizza dough with milk - the general principles of cooking

Thanks to the use of milk for kneading dough, the finished pizza is especially tasty and nutritious. But you need to start the kneading process, taking into account the peculiarities of the preparation and the required number of ingredients for such a test, otherwise you may not achieve the desired result.

The main ingredients of the dough are milk and flour itself. Milk can be fresh or sour, flour must be sifted.

Next, the dough can be made yeast or yeast-free, yeast for the dough can be taken, both fresh (pressed) and dry.

Also in the composition often include eggs, sunflower oil. Sometimes butter or margarine, baking powder, sour cream, sugar and other ingredients are added.

The dough can be airy and fluffy, and can be thin, crispy. Pizza is baked mainly in the oven, in the oven, it is permissible to use a pan for cooking pizza and even a slow cooker and microwave.

Recipe 1. Quick pizza dough with milk


• two glasses of flour;

• two eggs;

• half a cup of milk;

• 50 ml of sunflower oil;

• a teaspoon of salt.

How to cook:

1. Sift the flour twice, mix it with a spoonful of salt.

2. Pour the flour on the table top for kneading dough, make a recess in the center.

3. Whisk in an egg bowl until lightly foamy.

4. Pour in, continuing to whisk, sunflower oil and milk.

5. Slowly pour the egg mixture into the flour funnel, stirring actively the resulting mass. 6. We knead the elastic, elastic dough which is easily departing from hands.

7. We roll a ball from the finished dough, wrap it in a film, remove it for 15 minutes to the side.

8. After take out, once again knead and roll out a thin layer.

9. Put any favorite stuffing on dough, bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Recipe 2. Yeast pizza dough with milk


• six glasses of flour;

• two glasses of milk;

• 100 grams of pressed yeast;

• two eggs;

• 50 grams of margarine;

• a teaspoon of salt and sugar.

How to cook:

1. First of all, we start the yeast for fermentation: crumble the yeast in a deep bowl, grind with sugar, pour two tablespoons of warm water, add two spoons of flour, mix the mass. Leave the yeast at room temperature for 15-20 minutes, until the mass starts to foam.

2. Pour the milk into the saucepan, heat it, but do not bring it to the boil.

3. Margarine melt in the microwave or in a water bath.

4. Beat eggs by adding salt.

5. Mix the fermented yeast with milk, beaten eggs and cooled melted margarine.

6. Pour into the resulting mass in small portions of the sifted flour, knead elastic dough.

7. Roll up the finished pizza dough ball, leave, covered with a dry towel to raise for 1 hour.

8. During this hour, be sure to crush the dough a couple of times, so that the base for the pizza will end up airy.

9. We shift the risen dough onto a floured tabletop, crush, roll out with a layer of 3-4 mm.

10. We shift the layer on a greased baking sheet, lay out the stuffing, send for 30 minutes in the oven.

Recipe 3. Yeast pizza dough on milk without eggs


• two glasses of flour;

• two tablespoons of yeast (dry);

• 250 ml of milk;

• tablespoon of sunflower oil;

• a pinch of salt;

• tablespoon of sugar.

How to cook:

1. Mix yeast with sugar, pour two spoons of warm milk.

2. While yeast reach, mix milk with salt. 3. Pour the yeast mass into the milk, mix.

4. Gradually add flour, while stirring with a spoon, as long as possible.

5. After pouring in vegetable oil and knead the soft, not sticky to the hands of the dough.

6. Cover the dough with a towel and remove for 40-60 minutes in a warm place.

7. After crushing, roll out, lay out the stuffing, bake.

Recipe 4. Pizza dough with sour milk


• three glasses of flour;

• 40 ml of sunflower oil;

• two eggs;

• half a liter of sour milk;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• teaspoon of soda.

How to cook:

1. Pour sour milk into a deep bowl, add soda, mix.

2. Add the eggs and salt pre-whipped in another bowl. Mix well again.

3. Pour the flour, sifted twice in small portions. Actively interfere to avoid the formation of lumps.

4. In the end, it should turn out the dough to a consistency slightly thicker than on the pancakes.

5. Lubricate the deep mold with butter, sprinkle with semolina or flour, distribute the dough.

6. Spread on top of the stuffing, bake for half an hour.

Recipe 5. Pizza dough with sour milk and sour cream


• 600 grams of flour;

• 20 ml of sunflower oil;

• a tablespoon of baking powder;

• two eggs;

• one and a half tablespoons of sugar;

• 80 grams of sour cream.

How to cook:

1. Mix until homogeneous sour cream warmed with sour milk at room temperature.

2. Add soda, sugar.

3. Pour in sunflower oil, mix everything thoroughly.

4. In another bowl, beat eggs with salt, pour flour.

5. We start the dough kneading, gradually adding to the flour mass the milk mixture.

6. We should have a homogeneous, dense dough.

7. Roll out the dough with a layer of any shape, spread the dough on the dough, bake for 35 minutes.

Recipe 6. Pizza dough with milk for cooking in a pan


• 120 ml of milk;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 105 grams of sweet butter;

• a pinch of salt;

• sunflower oil; • one egg.

How to cook:

1. Sift flour with a slider on a dry work surface, make a “funnel” in the center of the hill.

2. Pour a little warm milk and melted, cooled butter into the recess.

3. Add the pre-beaten egg with salt. Knead the dough.

4. Roll the dough into a ball, wrap for 20 minutes with a damp towel.

5. Roll out the dough into the reservoir across the diameter of the pan.

6. Put the formation in a greased pan, fry for 5 minutes on one side.

7. Turn over, lay out the filling, cover the pan with a lid.

8. Cooking pizza for 15 minutes.

Recipe 7. Hearty pizza “Assorted” from pizza dough with milk


• 1 kg of yeast dough;

• 200 grams of savelata;

• 100 grams of boiled sausage without bacon;

• two sausages;

• 100 grams of minced meat;

• onion;

• 2-3 champignons;

• two tomatoes;

• two salted cucumbers;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 5 Art. l tomato sauce and mayonnaise;

• olives.

How to cook:

1. The dough must be suitable. If the ready-made dough lay in the fridge for a while, then you need to get it from there, at least two hours, so that it warms up at room temperature.

2. Put the dough on a floured tabletop, roll out a thin layer of baking sheet.

3. Lubricate the pan with butter, lay out the formation.

4. Thoroughly lubricate the formation with a prepared sauce, distributing it over all surfaces.

5. Put the minced meat in a pan with a small amount of butter, salt, pepper. Fry for 5-8 minutes until cooked.

6. All sausages: sausages, sausage, sausage, rub on a coarse grater and cut into thin strips.

7. Cut cucumbers into slices, mushroom slices.

8. Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, peels are removed from them, cut into thin circles.

9. Onion clean and cut with the finest half-rings.

10. Spread the minced meat over the sauce, sprinkle it with onion.

11. Sausages mix and sprinkle them onion, distribute.

12. On top of the sausages we put in a chaotic manner plates of champignons and cups of tomatoes and pickled cucumbers. 13. Sprinkle the pizza with grated cheese and sliced ​​black olives.

14. We expose a baking sheet in the oven heated to 200 degrees.

15. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Pizza dough with milk - tips, tricks

• Pizza, the basis of which is mixed from fresh or sour milk should be baked at a temperature not lower than 180 degrees. In another way, the base will not rise and it will turn out not soft and airy, but rather tough.

• You should not change the amount of the specified ingredients, and even if you are kneading more or less dough, add or subtract all the ingredients in the same quantity.

• To the edges of the base on the milk when baking do not dry out, be sure to thoroughly lubricate the layer with any sauces, and then pack the stuffing.

• Pour a baking paper form or baking sheet, then the pizza will not burn and will not stick.

• Do not forget that the longer the dough, the softer and more tender it becomes. And if you knead the pizza dough a few hours or a day before baking, then be sure to sprinkle the table with flour well when rolling dough.

• If you are preparing yeast dough in milk, note that dry yeast can be replaced by pressed yeast and vice versa. But when replacing a raw product with a dry one, reduce the amount of the ingredient three times and, accordingly, when replacing the dry one with a raw one, reduce it three times.

• Pizza dough with milk is universal and you can cook not only sausage, meat or mushroom pizza, but also vegetable and even fruit.

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