Seasoning from tomatoes for the winter: the tomato flavor of summer in the fridge. How to cook seasoning from tomatoes for the winter

Seasoning from tomatoes for the winter: the tomato flavor of summer in the fridge. How to cook seasoning from tomatoes for the winter

Tomatoes are an ideal product for making winter seasonings and various sauces.

Many housewives love to harvest them for future use - after all, tomato dishes remain fresh and able to preserve the taste for many months.

A few spoons of this sauce are a great addition to meat, potatoes, spaghetti, rice.

With the help of additional ingredients you can achieve any taste: make the seasoning spicy, sweet, spicy, similar to lecho, etc. Everything is limited only by the fantasy of culinary masters.

Tomatoes seasoning for winter: general cooking principles

There are dozens of nuances in the preparation of this sauce, as well as additional components that can complement or significantly change the flavor of the seasoning. However, the basis of all recipes is a single principle of preparation.


• Red ripe tomatoes. They must be completely ripe, but without signs of over-ripening, otherwise it may spoil the taste.

• Pepper large sweet. An alternative option is apples. A sauce made from tomatoes alone is rarely prepared, as a rule, one more ingredient is added.

• Garlic. If the seasoning is to be spicy, add the horseradish root to the garlic.

• Sugar, coarsely ground salt, fragrant mixture of peppers, clove blossoms and other dry additives to taste.


1. Rinse the fruits of tomatoes. Remove all defects from the peel, “barrels”, cut the stem.

2. Dry. If the seasoning does not involve heat treatment, wipe the tomatoes with a paper towel and make sure that there are no traces, threads, fibers, etc. on the peel. All this may prevent the product from being stored for a long time.

3. Turn the tomatoes and other vegetables in the meat grinder. As an option: finely chop or rub.

4. Mix all ingredients except garlic into a common quenching container, mix and keep on low heat for about 20 minutes, you can 30. At the end of cooking, put garlic in a saucepan. 5. Put the seasoning in the pre-sterilized jars, wrap the lids and cool.

6. Store better in a cool place - basement or refrigerator.

Classic tomato seasoning for winter

The easiest recipe for seasoning. Equally well suited to meat, poultry, fish.


• ripe tomatoes for juicing - at least four kilograms;

• ground horseradish - half a glass;

• sweet pepper - half a kilo or kilogram;

• two spoons of coarse salt;

• four spoons of granulated sugar;

• garlic


1. Tomatoes to turn in the meat grinder. In order for the output to have two liters of juice, it is necessary to grind at least 4 kilograms of tomatoes.

2. Horseradish, pepper and garlic heads grind separately.

3. Put the pot with tomato juice on the fire. Pour salt into it with sugar.

4. Immediately, as soon as boil, turn off and put the garlic, pepper, horseradish. Stir.

5. Expand on banks. It is possible to use not only standard half-liter jars, but also screw ones, from under coffee, other sauces, etc. The finished seasoning has excellent properties for long storage.

Spicy tomato seasoning for the winter

This seasoning has a rich savory taste and is suitable for most dishes. It is the hot sauce among the hostesses that is most popular. Spicy seasonings have many titles. Somewhere it is called “the light”. Other options are “Cobra”, “Gorloder”, “Khrenovina”.


• a kilo of very ripe red tomatoes;

• garlic cloves about 100 g;

• pod bitter, better than red pepper;

• coarse salt, sugar, a mixture of dry peppers, depending on desire.


1. Tomatoes cut into pieces. Put down on a grater (large) and rub very gently. The peel remaining at the end should not be thrown away. If the skin is thin, you can scroll the tomatoes in the meat grinder along with it.

2. Pour the resulting mass into the container to extinguish. Put on the fire (weak). Boil. 3. Keep on fire to the desired thickness. If prolonged winter storage is not expected, five minutes of boiling will be enough. It must be remembered that in the process of cooking the volume of the mass will greatly decrease.

4. Cut the garlic, hot pepper, mix them with dry spices and salt. Add it all to the tomatoes.

5. Transfer the seasoning to the jars. Keep where it is dark and cool.

Spicy apple seasoning from tomatoes for the winter

A large number of components give this seasoning a peculiar taste. Best eaten with beef meat.


• kilogram of red tomatoes;

• onions - a little less than a kilogram;

• squash or small pumpkin;

• one and a half kilograms of apples;

• two garlic cloves;

• a tablespoon of mustard seeds;

• table salt and sugar - two spoons;

• 3-4 tablespoons of ground red pepper;

• a small piece of cinnamon

• a glass of vinegar 8%.


1. Wash tomatoes and pour boiling water and then dip them in cold water. This will help remove the skin from them. Peeled tomatoes cut into pieces.

2. Cut the onion and pumpkin. Pumpkin (or squash) pre-peeled. Garlic divided into plates.

3. Fill all cuts with salt and sugar and refrigerate. Let stand at least a few hours.

4. Remove the core from the apples and cut the fruit into small pieces.

5. Spice folded in a bag of gauze. Put it in a common saucepan.

6. Cook vegetables with apples for several hours until the mixture thickens.

7. Pour the jars to the brim, wrap the lids, put upside down until completely cooled.

Tomatoes seasoning for winter: homemade ketchup

Ketchup, to taste is not inferior to the one we used to buy in the store, you can cook at home. And the content of nutrients in it will be hundreds of times higher. According to this recipe, it turns out slightly sweet. If you add hot pepper, then the output will be ketchup for kebabs.


• two kilograms of tomatoes; • a quarter of a kilo of apples of any variety, preferably sour;

• Onions - a quarter kilogram or 200 grams;

• cloves, salt, cinnamon, salt, a mixture of dry peppers - to taste

• Table vinegar - a tablespoon;


1. Wash all vegetables and fruits. Cut off peel from apples.

2. Squeeze juice from tomatoes.

3. Apples and onions grind in a meat grinder. Mix this mashed potatoes with tomato juice and put everything on fire.

4. As soon as it boils, add the rest of the recipe. Fans of little can still put finely ground chili pepper.

5. Cook until mass gains the desired thickness. As the boil volume will decrease. In order to get about a liter of ketchup, it will take about 2 hours.

6. Prepare the banks and divide them into ready seasoning.

7. Wrap the caps, turn them over, cool them.

Seasoning from tomatoes for the winter with cucumbers

This recipe allows you to “kill two birds with one stone”: prepare both a tomato seasoning and prepare sharp cucumbers for the cold season.


• two or three kilograms of red tomatoes;

• Bulgarian fresh pepper - a kilogram;

• sunflower oil (preferably unrefined);

• small crunchy cucumbers, can be slightly unripe - 3-5 kilograms, depending on the desired volume;

• bitter pepper or horseradish (if you want spicy seasoning);

• Acetic essence, salt, sugar, garlic - to taste.


1. Grate the tomatoes. There also add all other ingredients of seasoning, except cucumbers and bitter pepper. There should be a more or less homogeneous mass.

2. Cook for about a quarter of an hour.

3. Cut cucumbers into circles. Put it in the pan with the pepper and do not remove from the fire for another five minutes.

4. Ready seasoning divided into portions, put them in jars and tightly wrap.

Raw seasoning from tomatoes for the winter with eggplants

This type of tomato seasoning for the winter does not require cooking over a fire, so it has some obvious advantages. Firstly, the dish is quickly prepared, and secondly, raw vegetables are much healthier than those that have been heat treated. The main rule: in order for it to be stored for a long time, the vegetables must be fresh and of high quality. Ingredients:

• tomatoes (red) - about a pound;

• Eggplant - depends on the desired volume, 3-5 kg;

• kilogram of sweet pepper;

• a pound of onion;

• parsley, celery or dill + garlic or horseradish - to the taste of each;

• vinegar.

The method of preparation is extremely simple: wash all components thoroughly, finely chop and mix. Eggplant to simmer, cool and add to the mixture. The result is a tomato-eggplant seasoning that looks like adjika. At the end of cooking, pour in the vinegar and leave it alone for a few days. When the dish is infused, lay it out in cans and close with plastic covers or under seaming.

In the same recipe, you can use green tomatoes, but then add eggplants.

Tomatoes seasoning for winter with plums

This kind of adjika from plums and tomatoes. It has an unusual taste with a slight sourness and a very attractive aroma. Ideal for meat. The addition of bitter pepper makes the seasoning slightly hot.


• tomatoes for cooking pasta - about a kilogram;

• ripe plums - two kilograms;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• 2 or 3 small chili peppers;

• sugar and coarse salt to taste.

Cooking methods:

1. Rinse the plums and remove the bones from them.

2. At the pepper cut tails. The more peppers, the sharper the seasoning.

3. Grate or scroll the tomatoes and cook over low heat until the juice has the consistency of the paste.

4. Plum, pepper and garlic mince.

5. Mix everything and cook for half an hour, stirring with a wooden spoon.

6. Distribute to banks, roll up.

Apple chutney: spicy tomato seasoning for the winter

The original recipe for sweet-sour seasoning from tomatoes for the winter. Thanks to the combination of tomatoes and apples with raisins, the taste of the sauce is pleasant even to children. If you do not add very sharp spices during harvesting, the seasoning will be especially tender. It goes well with cold meats. Ingredients:

• apples (it is better to take unripe) - a quarter of a kilogram;

• several small tomatoes;

• half a cup of raisins;

• half onion;

• pinch of ground ginger;

• wine vinegar, cloves, mustard and sugar to taste.


1. Peel the apples, cut them into pieces and stew on a small fire. You can add water.

2. To remove skin from tomatoes.

3. Cut the raisins, chop the onion finely.

4. Put everything in a common container and put it on fire. Stew for about an hour.

5. Pour into glass jars. You can eat immediately or close for the winter.

Tomatoes seasoning for the winter: tricks and tips

1. In order to boil the tomato mass for a lesser amount of time, the juice can be squeezed out and drained first, leaving only the mass.

2. Fresh tomatoes show their valuable properties much better if you add vegetable oil to them. This does not apply to fruits that are stewed and boiled.

3. During heat treatment, the amount of lycopene, a unique substance that prevents cancer, is increased several times in tomatoes. Those who eat tomatoes solely because of it should be eaten boiled or stewed.

4. If the tomato is dipped in boiling water and then immediately poured with cold water, the peel will burst and peel off.

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