Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise is always an up-to-date vitamin snack. The best recipes for salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise

Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise is always an up-to-date vitamin snack. The best recipes for salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise

In the season of fresh vegetables, we can afford to eat a varied, tasty, good. Perhaps the favorite most often purchased vegetables are cucumbers: they are inexpensive, they make excellent snacks and salads.

And if you have gotten a bit tired of the traditional cucumber and tomato salad, you shouldn’t miss the moment of available products, it’s better to add new dishes to your recipe box, for example, various cucumber and mayonnaise salads and other ingredients.

Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise - general principles

Mostly this salad is designed for everyday table. But added to the dish other ingredients: tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, meat, cheese, mushrooms, eggs, will make the dish worthy of any special occasion. No more than a salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise will be at a picnic.

The process of cooking a non-cheater: cucumbers are thoroughly washed, peeled. Here is an important point: if you bought greenhouse vegetables or summer cottages, you are sure of the quality and youth of the fruit, then it is better to leave the peel - there is a well of vitamins in it. Purchased cucumbers in the shops should definitely be soaked in cold water for a while, and then cleaned - this way you will save the vegetables from nitrates.

Next, cut the cucumbers. It is good to try the vegetables before cutting, it happens that one cucumber gets into the salad with bitterness, which in the end spoils the whole dish. Depending on the recipe, cucumbers are cut into slices, slices, crescent, straws. But to rub the vegetable is not recommended: grated cucumber loses its inherent taste, crunch and freshness.

Mayonnaise can be used and shop and home. When purchasing this component, carefully read the composition, it should not contain a variety of preservatives, dyes, thickeners and other "chemistry". The benefits of fresh cucumber salad and artificial mayonnaise are questionable. It is better to cook the mayonnaise yourself, the more difficult there is nothing: beat well enough, stir and insist a minimum of ingredients: eggs, vegetable oil, some sugar and salt, any acid (lemon juice, vinegar) and to taste mustard, herbs, greens or other optional components.

1. Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise “Grouse's Nest”


• 2 chicken legs;

• half a dozen eggs;

• 5 medium potato tuber;

• onion head;

• Fresh cucumbers - 250 grams;

• dill, parsley - on the floor of the bunch;

• 15 grams of salt;

• 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise;

• half a cup of vegetable oil;

• quail eggs - 4 pieces.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the chicken legs in hot salted water and cook until ready. Cool, separate the meat from the bones. Grind meat.

2. Cut the onion into crumbs and soak in hot water for five minutes in order not to taste bitter. Water is drained, onions are washed.

3. Peel the potatoes, grate them for Korean carrots, fry them in small portions in a pan with sunflower oil (pour the butter so that it completely hides the potatoes) until golden brown.

4. Wash cucumbers, peel off, if necessary, cut into strips.

5. Boil hard-boiled eggs, separate the yolks from the proteins.

6. Squirrels three grated with fine teeth.

7. Dill, wash my parsley, chop finely.

8. Mix a small portion of fried potatoes with cucumbers, chicken meat, proteins, onions, add some salt, mix with mayonnaise.

9. Put the finished salad in a salad bowl, sprinkle with herbs, make a small hole and lay out the remaining fried potatoes around this hole. And in the hole itself put boiled quail eggs (in the absence of quail eggs, you can put egg yolks in the hole).

2. Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise with tomatoes


• 2 cucumbers;

• 3 fresh tomatoes;

• 50 grams of mayonnaise;

• onion head;

• fennel greens - a bunch floor;

• a pinch of salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Tomatoes and my cucumbers, wipe with a dry clean cloth.

2. Cucumbers cut into semi-circles, tomatoes - slices. Onion clean, wash, cut with the thinnest straw.

3. My dill, grind.

4. Mix all the vegetables, add dill, add mayonnaise, mix well again, add some salt to taste.

5. Put the salad in a portioned deep plate, served on the table.

3. Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise with eggs


• cucumbers, eggs - 2 each;

• parsley, dill - half a bunch;

• lettuce greens - three leaves;

• a pinch of salt;

• 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Washed and dried cucumbers, cut into semicircles.

2. Boil eggs hard-boiled in slightly salty water, cool in cold water.

3. Cut and dried lettuce leaves cut into thin strips. Salad can be replaced with tender Peking cabbage.

4. Wash parsley, finely chop.

5. Eggs cleaned, chopped.

6. In a deep bowl, mix cucumbers, eggs, parsley, salad leaves, add some salt, mix with mayonnaise and sour cream.

7. When serving, spread in a salad bowl, decorate with dill sprigs.

4. Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise with canned green peas


• cucumbers, eggs - 2 each;

• canned peas - jar floor;

• parsley - bouquet floor;

• green onions - 3 stalks;

• mayonnaise - 40 grams;

• 15 grams of salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash green onions, parsley, cucumbers with slightly warm water, wipe dry with a towel.

2. Cut the onion into thinnest rings, finely chop the parsley, cut the cucumbers into medium cube or thin strips.

3. Boiled and cooled eggs finely cut with a knife.

4. Open a jar of green peas, pour out the liquid, spread the floor of a jar of peas into a deep cup, add cucumbers, eggs, all greens, mix with mayonnaise, add some salt.

5. We spread in a salad bowl and served on the table.

5. Salad with cucumbers and chicken ham mayonnaise


• chicken without fat ham - a small piece;

• one cucumber;

• three eggs;

• a piece of Dutch cheese;

• sweet pepper pod;

• 5 sprigs of parsley;

• sour cream - 40 grams;

• mayonnaise - 30 grams;

• a pinch of salt;

• grain mustard - 30 grams.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all we prepare the dressing: boil hard boiled eggs, cool in cold water. In a small cup, mix the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, grated one egg yolk, add some salt, put in the fridge for a few minutes to infuse. 2. Wash the sweet pepper, take out the seeds, cut it in two halves, wash the cucumber.

3. Ham cut into cubes, one half of sweet pepper and cucumber - thin strips, three egg whites and 2 yolks, three cheese grated.

4. All prepared ingredients are divided into five equal parts.

5. On a flat dish lay out layers of five identical slides, consisting of ham, mayonnaise in the form of a grid, cucumber, eggs, sweet pepper, cheese.

6. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley all the laid out slides of products, put on the surface one tablespoon of prepared and infused dressing.

7. When serving on each serving plate, lay out the salad using a wooden spatula.

6. Salad with stewed cucumbers and mayonnaise


• fresh cucumbers - 9 pieces;

• eggs - 4 pieces;

• 30 ml of vegetable oil;

• black pepper powder, salt - on a pinch;

• dill - five twigs;

• mayonnaise - 1 cup;

• sunflower seeds - two handfuls.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash fresh cucumbers, wipe dry, peel the skin.

2. Cut the cucumbers in two halves, take out the pulp with seeds.

3. Cucumber pulp with seeds put on a sieve to run off the juice (juice set aside, it is still useful).

4. Cut the peeled cucumber halves into strips approximately one centimeter thick.

5. Spread cucumbers on a frying pan heated with sunflower oil and simmer for a few minutes, add some salt and pepper.

6. To the cucumbers, pour cucumber juice into the frying pan and simmer for another fifteen minutes.

7. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool, cut into four parts.

8. Cucumbers remove from heat, cool and drain the liquid.

9. In a deep salad bowl lay out stewed cucumbers, eggs.

10. For the sauce, three sprigs of green dill wash, dry them on paper towels, finely chop. In a small cup, mix mayonnaise, dill, a small amount of cucumber juice, add some salt, pepper, and stir well.

11. In a dry pan, fry the peeled seeds until golden brown. 12. Pour the prepared salad with sauce, sprinkle with roasted seeds on top and spread dill sprigs nicely.

Cucumber and mayonnaise salad - tips and tricks

• All that can be consumed fresh is put in a salad without heat treatment, while other products first need to be boiled, fried or baked.

• Add spices and salt to the dish, if it is not a layered salad, it is better just before serving to let the salad drip.

• Mayonnaise dressing can be made more tasty by adding chopped greens, crushed nuts, and spices to mayonnaise.

• Greens lying in the refrigerator will look fresher and juicier if released before cutting for 10-20 minutes in ice water.

• Onions strongly bitter, which can spoil the delicate taste of the salad? Blow it with boiling water, bitterness will go away.

• If ordinary cabbage is part of the salad, it is more convenient to chop it with a special knife, but Peking cabbage along with salad leaves is recommended to be torn by hands.

• Salad with cucumbers and mayonnaise is good because you can safely experiment by adding different ingredients, replacing one product with another, etc. Put herbs, spices, dried fruits, nuts, spices - all this will only improve the taste of your salad. Enjoy your meal.

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