Royal cheesecake (step-by-step recipe) - an exquisite cottage cheese dessert. Royal cheesecake in a slow cooker: a step by step recipe

Royal cheesecake (step-by-step recipe) - an exquisite cottage cheese dessert. Royal cheesecake in a slow cooker: a step by step recipe

This curd dessert will not leave anyone indifferent, even those who do not like dairy products.

Royal Cheesecake Step-by-Step Recipe - Basic Cooking Principles

A cheesecake is a round cake with a hollow in the center where the filling is placed. But the royal cheesecake has nothing to do with traditional pastries. The only thing that unites them is cottage cheese.

King cheesecake is rather an open pie with cottage cheese. Traditional cheesecakes baked from yeast dough, and royal - from the sand.

For the dough take cold butter, flour and baking soda. Cut butter with a knife with flour, add soda and grind everything into crumb, gradually kneading a homogeneous dough.

The filling is made from cottage cheese, whipping it with eggs and sugar. It should be air homogeneous mass. To make the filling tender, instead of sugar, you can use powder, and whip the proteins separately into a dense foam, and only then add to the curd mass.

They make the foundation of shortbread dough. To do this, it is distributed across the bottom and sides of the baking mold in a thin, even layer. Put the curd filling on the cake and put it in the oven for forty minutes. Dessert bake at 200 degrees.

Cooking cheesecake can be not only in the oven, but also in the slow cooker. This modern appliance in the kitchen replaces not only a stove, but also an oven.

Prepared cheesecake before serving cool. You can decorate with pastry crumb, fresh or canned fruits, berries, coconut chips, etc.

Of course, you can experiment by adding one or another ingredient to the filling to get a new taste.

Royal cheesecake, step-by-step recipe which allows you to cook a real masterpiece of simple products. This dessert is truly royal, from which everyone will be delighted without exception.

Recipe 1. Royal cheesecake classic step-by-step recipe


Half a kilo of homemade cottage cheese;


100 g cream margarine;

vanillin - bag;

four chicken eggs;

half a teaspoon of baking soda;

one and a half glasses of granulated sugar;

one and a half cup of white flour of the highest grade;

30 grams of starch or semolina.

Method of preparation

1. Start cooking royal cheesecake step-by-step recipe with a filling. Take the cottage cheese. It is advisable to use a home product, it is not so granular, which means that the mass will be homogeneous. If you use store cheese, you must grind it at least twice through a sieve. Of course, the product must be fresh, so when choosing pay attention to color and smell. Before you buy cheese, you must try it. It should not be sour.

2. Add sugar to the curd. You can use ordinary crystalline, but it is better if it is powder. It, by the way, can be made independently. It is enough to grind sugar in a coffee grinder.

3. Now add vanilla, starch and literally a pinch of salt. Starch can be corn or potato. All thoroughly mixed until uniform. If you do not have starch, replace it with semolina.

4. We drive eggs. There is a small secret here: if you want the filling to be truly tender and resemble a soufflé, separate the yolks from the proteins. Pound the yolks thoroughly with a small amount of sugar until white and send to the curd mass. Protein whisk whisk or mixer. To make them whip faster, and get a thick foam, add a drop of lemon juice or a pinch of salt before whipping. The resulting protein mass is spread in a curd filling and mix with a spatula. We do it carefully to keep airiness.

5. After the filling is ready, proceed to the preparation of the dough for the base. Take the required amount of flour. Be sure to sift it. It is advisable to do it twice. This will get rid of small debris, as well as saturate the flour with oxygen. 6. Pour half a glass of granulated sugar into the sifted flour. Stir.

7. Pre-margarine put in the freezer. This is done so that the fat does not melt quickly from the heat of the hands while kneading the dough. Chop cold margarine with a knife and send in flour. You can also chop it into large chips with a grater.

8. We begin to quickly grind the flour with margarine in your hands, until you get a fine crumb.

9. The bottom of a round deep form is covered with parchment. He will not allow baking to stick to the form, and it will also be easier to remove the dessert from it.

10. Approximately the third part of the crumb is left, and the rest is laid out in the form and distribute it along the bottom and sides, pressing it with your hands. It should be the basis of the same thickness. You can for some time put the form with the base in the freezer.

11. Put the curd filling in the prepared base and level it with a wooden spatula. Sprinkle on top of the deferred crumb of margarine and flour.

12. Put the royal cheesecake in the oven for forty minutes. Be sure to warm it up to 200 degrees in advance. Readiness is checked with a wooden skewer or with a regular match. To do this, we pierce the cake with it and remove it, if it is dry, the cake is ready, and it can be removed. Take out the cheesecake from the mold and lay it on the grid. Cool, chop and serve with cold or hot drinks.

Recipe 2. Royal cheesecake step-by-step recipe with cocoa in a slow cooker


cottage cheese - half a kilo;

half a teaspoon of baking soda;

two tablespoons of cocoa powder;

butter - 60 g;

half a glass of granulated sugar;

semolina or starch - 30 g;

a glass of flour and sour cream.

Method of preparation

1. Cooking royal cheesecake step-by-step recipe begins with the filling. Take the cottage cheese. It is desirable to use a home, it has a more uniform structure. If you are cooking from a store product, be sure to grind it through a fine sieve, or place it in a blender container and smash it until homogeneous. This is done to ensure that the filling is uniform and tender. Grains of cottage cheese should not be felt in it. 2. Add sugar to the curd and rub well, so that the crystals begin to melt. You can replace granulated sugar with powder. In this case, it will not be necessary to rub for too long. You can make the powder yourself, grinding the sugar in a coffee grinder.

3. Put baking soda and starch in the curd. You can use corn or potato. If you have neither one nor the other, you can replace it with semolina.

4. Beat in the egg. You can immediately drive it into the cottage cheese, but it will be better if you divide it into yolk and white. Pound the white yolk with sugar and place in the curd mass, and whip the protein with a mixer in a dense, stable foam, and only then add to the filling. Stir gently with a wooden spatula to keep air bubbles.

5. The filling is ready. Now start cooking the dough. To do this, combine the egg with sugar and whisk. This can be done with a conventional whisk or mixer. Beat until the sugar crystals dissolve and the mass doubles.

6. Now add sour cream to the egg mixture. You can use the product of any fat content. But remember, the fatter the sour cream, the calorie get dessert. Stir until the eggs are combined into a uniform mixture.

7. Put soft butter and baking soda. Continue stirring until the oil disperses completely. To make the butter soft, remove it from the refrigerator about a couple of hours before cooking. If there is no time, and the butter is solid, you can rub it on a grater, or melt it in a water bath, cool, and only then add to the dough.

8. Now add flour and cocoa. Stir again to obtain a homogeneous, lump-free batter. Flour for dessert should be top grade. Be sure to sift it to get rid of small debris and saturate with oxygen. Cocoa use only high quality. It is also desirable to sift. 9. Grease the capacity of the multicooker with creamy fat so that the baking does not stick to the walls.

10. Put the dough in it and smooth with a spatula. Gently, thinly pour curd filling in the middle, or place it over the entire surface of the dough with a spoon.

11. Close the instrument cover. Set the time for an hour. Turn on the baking program. When the sound signal informs you that the cooking is finished, switch the appliance to “warm up” mode and leave the cheesecake for another 20 minutes.

Royal cheesecake step by step recipe - tips and tricks

  • Royal Cheesecake A step-by-step recipe allows you to make a classic version of the dessert, which can be varied by adding dried fruits, nuts or citrus fruits to the filling.
  • You can use fruits, berries, and citrus fruits. Fruit and citrus peel and cut into slices. Berries and fruits are beautifully laid out on top of the filling.
  • Before serving, be sure to cool the cheesecake, and only then cut it.
  • Use homemade cottage cheese to make cheesecakes.
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