Cherry jam: how to make cherry jam correctly

Cherry jam: how to make cherry jam correctly

Cherry Jam - General Description

Summer is in full swing! Fruiting shrubs and trees have already begun to give their juicy, useful fruits, it is time to think about home preparations. What could be better than to get a jar of jam in winter and enjoy the taste of the past summer! We present to your review sweet cherry jam, not only tasty, but also extremely useful.

After all, sweet cherry itself is a real vitamin-mineral complex, which absorbed a huge amount of vitamins (C, carotene, PP, group B); potassium and magnesium, which, like air, are needed by the heart muscle; calcium; gland; sodium, etc. Cherry jam is made from berries of any color, as long as they are juicy and ripe. However, experienced housewives recommend us such varieties of sweet cherries as Napoleon Black, Napoleon Rose, Francis and Trushen.

Cherry jam - preparation of dishes

Now it is necessary to approach the choice of dishes and equipment in order to keep the cherry jam preserved longer and not lose its beneficial and taste properties. To begin with, remember that it is better to make jam in stainless steel, brass or aluminum saucepans, the volume of which should vary from 3 to 7 liters. Larger containers are not recommended, because the berries are crushed under the onslaught of their own weight, and the jam will turn out too boiled.

In order not to spoil the color of the future jam, when cooking it is necessary to interfere with a wooden spatula, and foam should be collected with a stainless steel slotted spoon. We will pour the finished cherry jam in glass jars with a capacity of up to 2 liters. Do not be lazy to wash them thoroughly before filling, scald with boiling water, then turn over on a towel and dry until moisture is completely removed (banks must be completely dry!).

Cherry jam - preparation of berries

So, the dishes are ready! Now let's take a berry. Cherry jam is boiled with stones and, accordingly, without them. However, the aromatic and taste qualities of jams with bones are somewhat improved due to the specific almond flavor. In addition, the separation of the pulp from the bones is a laborious task, and not every hostess will have enough patience for it. If you nevertheless decided to figure out the jam from the sweet cherry without stones, it means that you will have to be reserved not only with patience, but also with special stones. These simple fixtures allow you to minimize the loss of juice and useful elements from the pulp.

Before cooking caraway jam with stones, we advise you to first pierce the fruit with a pin or treat the cherry with 90 degree boiling water for one minute, so that later the syrup can quickly penetrate into them.

Cherry Jam - Recipe 1 (seedless)

It is more expedient to cook similar jam from berries of light varieties, ideally from white cherries. The collected fruit is thoroughly washed under running cold water, allowed to dry slightly and is freed from all the bones with the help of simple devices (by the way, you can use an ordinary hairpin for this case).

In order to prepare a syrup, you need to take 200 ml of water and 1,200 grams per 1 kg of raw material. Sahara. Sugar is poured into cooked dishes, poured with water (cold) and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Add berries to the boiling mass. When the cherry jam boils, it is immediately removed from the stove and allowed to stand for ten to twelve hours. After this time has elapsed, the jam is again set on fire, kept to a boil, and then cooled. This procedure is repeated 3-5 times. Carrying it out last time, a pinch of vanilla and vanilla sugar is added to the cherry jam. Ready cooled dessert is poured into jars (1 liter), rolled up or closed with tight plastic covers.

Cherry Jam - Recipe 2 (with pits)

The raw material for this jam can serve as a berry of any kind. The spoiled, damaged fruits should be immediately discarded, and whole and high-quality ones should be washed and dried. We prepare the syrup according to the same principle as in the first recipe; only sugar will be taken 200 grams less by 1 kg of raw material. After boiling syrup add berries.

As soon as the jam will burst out and bubbles appear on the surface, remove it from the stove and proceed according to the recipe number 1 with the only difference: not 10-12 (as in the first variant), but 3-4 need to insist from cherries with stone. Ready dessert packaged in banks.

Sweet cherry jam - recipe 3 (seedless walnut)

For boiling, we need: 1 kg of sugar, 350 ml of water, 1 kg of cherries, lemon, 1/4 tsp vanilla, 300 gr. walnuts.

Prepare the berries and remove the bones from them as described above. Cut the walnuts into pieces equal to the bones (a little more) and put each piece into the berry of the sweet cherry. Next, prepare the syrup: pour sugar with water, bring the mass to a boil, not forgetting about frequent stirring, remove the syrup from the stove and pour the cherry filled with nut to it, so that the syrup completely covers the berry.

We leave to insist for three hours, then put on a low fire (the syrup should not boil so that the cherries do not fall apart) and boil the cherry jam until the fruit is transparent. 2-5 minutes before the end of cooking, add lemon juice and a little vanilla to the jam. It is advisable to pour the finished jam hot and close the lids tightly.

Sweet cherry jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

If you have children at home, they will certainly like candied fruits made from pieces of berries cooked in a syrup. You can give them a little sweet tooth instead of candy, it will be much more useful!

It should be said about the proper storage of sweet cherry jam. It should be stored in dark, cool and dry rooms at a temperature not higher than 8-12 degrees, preferably underground or in other places reserved for vegetable storage. A lower temperature contributes to the saccharification of jam, and a higher one enhances the absorption of moisture from the air, which leads to a rapid deterioration of the product.

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