Lard in onion peel - quick salting! Secrets and recipes of cooking bacon in onion peel with garlic, adzhika, mustard, liquid smoke

Lard in onion peel - quick salting! Secrets and recipes of cooking bacon in onion peel with garlic, adzhika, mustard, liquid smoke

Preparation of bacon in the husk - an accelerated method of salting.

It allows for a short time to get a delicious and fully finished product.

In addition, it acquires a bright, orange-brown color and looks like smoked meat. And if you add a little liquid smoke - then from such fat in general it will be difficult to break away.

Well, where are we husks?

Lard in Onion Peel - General Cooking Principles

Salo can be taken fresh or already laid in the frost. Of course, the fresh product is appreciated more. But cooking in the onion peel is a great way to use what lies unnecessarily. Wash the pieces, sand the skin. If you can not clean off damage or blood spots, bruises, it is better to cut. The skin can not be removed, it will hold a piece.

Usually fat is boiled in onion peel with water. Also added salt, spices, herbs, put liquid smoke, imitating the aroma of smoked meats. Then the pieces are left to cool in the broth so that they acquire a more saturated color and salt out inside.

Ready fat dab:

• garlic;

• different types of pepper;

• mustard, adzhika;

• aromatic herbs and spices.

Then sent to storage. The most convenient way to tightly wrap each piece with foil and put in the freezer. There the product will remain fine for 3-4 months.

How to cook husk

Not all husks are suitable for cooking. Salo absorbs aromas very well. Therefore, it is better not to use the upper husk soaked with soil residues for boiling. Otherwise, after cooking, the product will have an unpleasant taste. Choose a clean, smooth, not rotten husk. We wash it thoroughly, and only after that we will use it. Usually in recipes quantity is measured by handfuls.

Ordinary boiled fat in onion peel

The hot method of cooking bacon in onion peel allows you to enjoy a fragrant snack the next day. It is easy to cook, but it turns out tasty and beautiful. Another plus is that the product is soft and tender.

Ingredients • 0.8 kg of fat;

• 0.15 kg of salt;

• litere of water;

• 3 handfuls of husk;

• 6 cloves of garlic;

• 2 bay leaves;

• a mixture of peppers.


1. Immediately cut the pieces of fat right for us, wash, and deliver aside.

2. Put the husk in a saucepan, add water, boil for 2 minutes.

3. Add salt, throw bay leaves. You can add pepper and peas. Mix and immerse previously cooked lard.

4. Now it needs to be boiled for 10-25 minutes. Who loves soft fat, he cooks longer. For a more rigid product and similar to salty lard, 10 minutes is enough. To prevent lard from rising to the surface, you can put a smaller diameter saucepan with a load on it.

5. After cooking, without removing the load, turn off and leave to cool for 10 hours.

6. We take out the pieces, spread on paper towels, give the liquid to drain.

7. For now, let's take some garlic. Teeth clean, grind and mix with a mixture of peppers. But you can use one type, also suitable for special seasoning fat.

8. Rub fragments with fragrant mixture, wrap in foil and put in freezer. After an hour you can cut into slices and take a sample.

How to cook fat in onion peel with liquid smoke

This recipe allows you to get a fragrant fat with a smoke haze without a smokehouse. Many people think liquid smoke is a harmful product, but we are not going to drink it in liters and we need 2-3 spoons.


• up to 1.5 kg of fat, can be in one piece;

• 2 handfuls of husk;

• 1 tsp. red pepper;

• 1 tsp. black pepper;

• 8 tablespoons of salt;

• garlic optional.


1. Put the washed husk in a saucepan with a liter of water. Immediately add salt, liquid smoke.

2. We clean a piece of bacon with a knife and also send it to the saucepan.

3. Put on the stove and boil for 30 minutes. If on a piece there are a lot of meat layers, then extend it to 40 minutes or even an hour. Focusing on the product itself, the thickness.

4. Cool the piece without removing it from the brine. You can leave all night. More salt than you need is not absorbed.

5. We get, wipe dry. Remove from the surface sticky pieces of husk.

6. Mix peppers, if desired, you can add another teaspoon of smoke. 7. Rub the prepared lard, wrap with cling film and ready! For a more accurate slicing the product must be cooled in the freezer and can be served on the table.

Aromatic fat in onion peel at home

Recipe for flavored bacon with Provencal herbs, paprika and other spices. It will turn out much more tasty if the fat is with meat layers. The amount of onion peel at its discretion, the greater it is, the darker and more beautiful is the finished product.


• husk;

• 0.5 kg of fat;

• 1 tsp. sweet paprika;

• 1 tsp. Provencal herbs;

• 6 tablespoons of salt;

• litere of water;

• 1 head of garlic.


1. Husk must be well washed, pour a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. Cool, pour the broth, the husk must be pressed and discarded.

2. Add salt, again put on the stove.

3. Salo cut into long pieces, a width of not more than 5 centimeters. That when cutting it was possible to cut simply transverse slices.

4. Dip the pieces into the boiled pickle and boil for exactly 10 minutes. Remove from heat.

5. We put the oppression and leave for 12 hours.

6. We get, we wipe.

7. Clean the garlic head, add Provencal herbs, sweet paprika, for the spice you can add pepper, black, red or a mixture. We connect everything.

8. We rub the pieces of bacon from all sides and pack one into the foil one by one, put it in the freezer and at any moment there will be an aromatic snack at hand!

Pickling bacon in onion peel

It turns out that lard can not only be boiled, but also salted in onion peel. This product also turns out beautiful, has an original taste, but more solid and elastic.


• 1 kg of fat;

• 6 tablespoons of salt;

• 40 grams of husk;

• Bay leaf;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 5 peppercorns;

• 5-7 cloves of garlic.


1. Immerse the husk in a liter of water and boil for at least 10 minutes. Do not let the mixture seethe actively.

2. Now cool, remove and press the husk. But you can simply filter.

3. Put the salt and cook the brine for 3 minutes. Cooling down. If you put salt with the husk, then a part will settle on it, the litter will not be sufficiently saturated.

4. Cut the bacon into cubes, put in a jar. But too tight is not necessary. We throw peas pepper and bay leaf. There also peeled chives, and so that they give more flavor, you can crush them with the back of a knife. But no need to cut. 5. Fill with cold brine cooked lard. This is very important, otherwise the liquid will become cloudy. Since we are preparing in the bank, the pressure is not needed. But if you decide to salt in a saucepan or a barrel, you will definitely need a load, otherwise the pieces will constantly rise.

6. We maintain our salting for 2 days at a normal temperature of 18-22 degrees.

7. Then put in the fridge and leave for another 3 days.

8. And you're done! Lard can be left in brine and take out the pieces as needed. Or immediately pack hermetically in cling film or foil, send in the freezer. You can also rub them with spices before.

Fat cooked in onion peel in a slow cooker

Multivarka can do everything! And even cooks bacon with onion peel. Do not believe? And you try. She is especially good at cooking brisket and other similar pieces with lots of meat layers.


• 3 leaves of laurel;

• 1.5 kg of fat;

• 150 grams of salt;

• 1 handful of husk;

• garlic head;

• spices.


1. Pieces of bacon need to prepare. To do this, cut it so that it fits in the multicooker container. But do not shallow. If 2 pieces fit in, then we cut into two parts, well, or 4, the product bends and it can always be turned in the right direction.

2. Put half of onion peel on the bottom of the multicooker (one handful). On it we put pieces of bacon.

3. Put the rest of the husk and bay leaves on top.

4. Take a multi-glass and get water. It will take 5 glasses. Add salt to it, stir until dissolved.

5. Pour the brine into the slow cooker.

6. We close our assistant and prepare one hour for the fire extinguishing program. If you need to specify a product in your multicooker, then put the meat.

7. After the stove reports the end of its work, do not forget to turn off the heating. Just leave the fat, without opening the lid for 10 hours.

8. Remove from brine. And according to the standard scheme: drain, rub with chopped garlic, spices, pepper and put in the freezer.

Salted bacon in onion peel with mustard

Mustard gives lard a very pleasant taste, makes it more aromatic and tastier. In addition, it prevents damage to the product. And he can calmly lie for several hours in the heat without brine. This recipe is quick, as the product does not need to be cooled in brine and can be used on the day of cooking. Ingredients

• 0.9 kg of fat;

• 1 spoon dry mustard;

• 0.5 liters of diluted mustard;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 3 tablespoons of salt;

• a handful of husks;

• 1.5 liters of water;

• pepper, garlic to taste.


1. Dissolve the salt in the water, put the husk, immediately add the dry mustard. Stir.

2. Wash a piece of fat, you do not need to cut it. Put in the pan. If it is long, then we bend as we need. The main thing is that the water covers it.

3. Now we take a saucepan of a smaller diameter, put a small load in it and put it on our lard.

4. Turn on the stove and cook. If the fat thickness is up to three fingers, then 40 minutes is enough. If the fat is thicker, then cook 50 minutes. As much, if on a piece there are a lot of meat layers. The product should be soft enough and easily pierced with a knife.

5. We get the product from brine, cool.

6. Mix mustard with chopped garlic. Hot snacks fans can add more peppers. Well, for the color you can pour sweet paprika.

7. Rub the pieces, put in the freezer for 20 minutes and it's done! Salo can be chopped and consumed.

Lard in onion peel with adzhika

Another hot cooking method is boiled bacon with onion peel. But he will need a dry acute adjika. You can buy it in the department of spices. It can be coarse or finely ground, it does not matter much, any one will do.


• 1.5 liters of water;

• 1 kg of fat;

• 1.5 tablespoons adjika;

• 1 head of garlic;

• 70 grams of husks;

• 1 cup salt;

• sheets of laurel, pepper peas.


1. We fill in a pure peel with water, we send on a plate, we give to boil and only after that we add salt.

2. While preparing the decoction, prepare the fat. Skoblim knife skin, wash, cut into pieces.

3. Dip the bacon in the solution, add half a spoon of adzhika, bay leaves, 2 cloves of garlic and cook for exactly 8 minutes.

4. Remove, put the oppression and leave the fat for a day, it should be well salted.

5. Grind the remnants of garlic, mix with adzhika, you can add a couple of drops of liquid smoke.

6. Rubbing the pieces and done! It is advisable to cool them before use. You can keep lard in such a brine for several days, you can take it with you on a trip and not worry that the product is gone.

Lard in Onion Peel - Tips and Tricks

• If you pickle fat in the brine, and it starts to grow cloudy, then get down to business right away! Do not let the product disappear and fade. We take out the pieces, rinse, put in a saucepan, put 0.15-0.2 kg of salt, pour in a liter of water and boil for half an hour. You can add husks, any spices and herbs.

• Large pieces of bacon and those on which a lot of meat should be pierced in several places before cooking. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the inside of the product will not be prepared or will not be sufficiently salty.

• The fresh aroma of garlic is the most expressive and appetizing. Therefore, you can pack and freeze the welded, but not rubbed pieces of bacon. And before use, cover with garlic and other spices.

• If there is stubble left on the fat, then the pieces need to be burned well over a gas stove, a fire or just lit by newspapers. Then the carbon with bristles is scraped off with a sharp knife, and the product is washed. Another way to get rid of the bristles on the skin is impossible.

• Fat with layers is valued more than without them. But we must remember that it is stored worse. Therefore, if the product has a lot of meat, then you need to increase the time of cooking or immersion in the brine. Otherwise, the product will begin to fade inside the piece and disappear all.

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