Beetroot soup with meat: in the heat, and in the cold delicious! The best recipes for cooking hot and cold beetroot with meat

Beetroot soup with meat: in the heat, and in the cold delicious! The best recipes for cooking hot and cold beetroot with meat

If you do not like beets, it means that you have never tasted beetroot.

Beetroot soup with meat is a tasty dish that will quench, warm in winter frosts or refresh you in the summer heat, depending on the recipe you choose.

Beetroot with meat - general principles of cooking

Beetroot meat can be prepared from any type of meat: beef, pork, chicken, turkey. From absolutely any parts: rich hot soup - we take meat with layers, ribs, meat on the bone; cold light soup - choose brisket, lean tenderloin.

In any case, first of all cook the meat, putting the selected pieces in a saucepan with cold slightly salted water. Ready meat is taken out, cooled, cut into portions. We filter the broth itself: it will come in handy to us in the hot dish, not in the cold one. Broth can be left and cooked later on it any other dish.

Next, let's beets. Choose sugar bright maroon vegetable varieties. Fans can use and beet tops. Beets can be pre-cooked or baked whole, and then, cut, add to the soup, or chop sauté it in vegetable oil.

Also with others that are part of the beetroot soup with meat, vegetables: potatoes, carrots and others: you can boil them in advance and put in ready-made form or stew in cooked broth.

The composition of the hot beetroot besides meat and the beet itself may include potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers, greens and other ingredients. In the cold beetroot with meat add cucumbers, boiled eggs, garlic, a lot of greens.

Variations of cooking in a lot of really, we chose the best of them, you just have to evaluate.

1. Hot beetroot with meat and vegetables


• 1-1.5 liters of meat or chicken broth;

• boiled meat;

• Bulgarian pepper in large sizes;

• beets;

• carrot;

• a tomato; • potatoes;

• bow;

• garlic;

• salt;

• ground black pepper;

• fresh greens;

• sour cream.

Cooking process:

1. Cook until cooked meat broth from any piece of meat you like. To add flavor and flavor add finely chopped Bulgarian pepper.

2. On the grater, rub the beets of small sizes, carrots.

3. Ripe tomato is doused with boiled water. With it peel, crushed cubes.

4. To boiled meat add large potatoes, diced.

5. In a pan with vegetable oil spread grated carrots, beets, finely chopped onion and tomato. Stew for five to seven minutes.

6. Garlic finely cut. Add it to the ingredients in the pan, mix.

7. After a few minutes take out the meat. Vegetables are added to the broth. Salt.

8. Meat is cut and added back to the pan for about 5 minutes. Beetroot ready. The dish is served with fresh herbs, sour cream.

2. Cold beetroot soup with meat


• 500 grams of meat;

• 2-3 beets;

• 6 potatoes;

• 500 milliliters of kefir;

• 6 eggs;

• 5 cucumbers;

• green onions;

• dill;

• salt;

• a teaspoon of vinegar;

• lemon acid.

Cooking process:

1. Meat is washed, poured with water, salt, pepper and cook. The finished meat is taken out, crushed.

2. Beets are peeled, cut into small sizes. Put in a pan with water. Salt. Vinegar or lemon juice is poured in (the main task is to preserve a bright color). Prepare beet broth.

3. Potatoes are washed, boiled in uniform.

4. Eggs boiled hard boiled.

5. All prepared ingredients cool, clean, cut into small cubes.

6. Cucumbers, green onions, dill washed under running water. Greens are crushed, cucumbers are cut into cubes of small sizes.

7. Prepared foods are put in a large saucepan. They add boiled beets with ready broth.

8. Ingredients pour broth. It is recommended to use filtration, eliminating the beetroot soup from the appearance of excess fat.

9. Fill beetroot kefir. The dish is cooled in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

3. Beetroot soup with beef and beef meat


• 2 liters of water;

• 400 grams of beet tops;

• 4 potatoes;

• carrot;

• bow;

• eggs;

• beef;

• 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• half a glass of sour cream;

• salt;

• pepper;

• Bay leaf.

Cooking process:

1. Beets finely cut.

2. Potato peel. Cut into slices.

3. Onions and carrots cut into cubes.

4. Beetroot is added to pre-cooked boiling beef broth, after 6-8 minutes onions and carrots (pre-fried in vegetable oil), after 10 minutes - washed peas, potatoes. Pepper, salt. Cook about half an hour.

5. Five minutes before the beetroot is ready, cool meat, bay leaf, and beaten egg are added to the soup.

6. Beetroot served with sour cream.

4. Beetroot soup with meat and sausages


• three hundred grams of beef;

• beets;

• carrot;

• milk sausages;

• bow;

• a little fresh and high-quality tomato paste;

• a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil;

• a few teaspoons of flour;

• half a lemon;

• salt;

• ground black pepper;

• Bay leaf;

• dill.

Cooking process:

1. Prepare meat broth based on beef. The finished meat is cooled, the pulp is separated from the bone, cut, spread again in the broth.

2. Cook the beets. Rub it on a coarse grater. Add to the broth.

3. Add tomato paste, onions, carrots, sliced ​​sausages. Pour the flour, previously diluted with water.

4. Broth is boiled for several minutes. Add lemon juice.

5. Beetroot meat served with greens.

5. Hot beetroot with meatballs


• 2 beets;

• one carrot;

• onion;

• celery root;

• 200 grams of beef;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• one egg;

• salt;

• pepper.

Cooking process:

1. Boiled beets are cleaned, tinder on a coarse grater.

2. Peel celery root.

3. Onions finely cut.

4. Carrots and celery tinder.

5. All ingredients are fried in a skillet using vegetable oil. 6. Boiled until tender meat is thoroughly processed with a meat grinder. In the minced meat add fried onions, egg, flour, water. Salt, pepper. All are mixed into a homogeneous viscous mass for cooking small meatballs.

7. In beef broth add roasted celery, meat meatballs. Beetroot cooked for about 20 minutes.

8. Add grated beets. Soup is left to boil.

9. Serve hot beetroot soup with meat and sour cream.

6. Beetroot with meat and garlic


• 500 milliliters of kefir;

• 2 big olives and wooden skewers for decoration;

• a couple of pinches of powdered sugar;

• 200 grams of boiled, divided into pieces of turkey;

• one big beet;

• garlic clove;

• sprig of basil;

• 4 tablespoons of grated cheese;

• a mixture of peppers;

• salt.

Cooking process:

1. Beets boil until cooked. Clean, cool, rub on a coarse grater.

2. Beets are mixed with grated cheese.

3. Finely chopped basil. Add to beets with cheese. You can use both fresh and dried basil.

4. Garlic is minced. Add to the rest of the ingredients.

5. Lay a prepared turkey.

6. Pour sugar powder, pepper, salt. Stir.

7. Pour fresh kefir. To the desired density beetroot diluted with mineral water.

8. Soup insist in the refrigerator.

9. Before serving, decorate with skewers with olives.

7. Beetroot soup with meat in a multicooker


• 300 grams of meat;

• litere of water;

• two beets;

• two potatoes;

• one carrot;

• onion;

• a tomato;

• a teaspoon of lemon juice;

• vegetable oil;

• spices;

• salt;

• bunch of greens.

Cooking process:

1. Meat washed, boiled until soft. When cooking, add salt.

2. Onions, carrots cleaned, crushed in a blender.

3. Sunflower oil is poured into the multicooking bowl. Throw chopped vegetables. Roast them for ten minutes in “Baking” mode.

4. Tomato washed, cut and added to vegetables.

5. Potatoes are washed, peeled, cut. Spread in a bowl.

6. Boiled meat cut, fried. 7. Pour all browned ingredients with meat broth.

8. Beets are washed, peeled, cut into 4 pieces. Add to vegetables, meat.

9. All stew for one hour in the appropriate mode.

10. After the allotted time has expired, the beets are pulled out, tinder and added to the soup.

11. Before cooking, add greens, lemon juice.

12. Beetroot served with sour cream and fresh bread.

Beetroot with meat - tips and tricks

• Boil the beets in a purified form, do not forget to add a little lemon juice or regular vinegar to the water, then the vegetable will not lose its bright color.

• All ingredients can be crushed in a way that you prefer: cubes, bars, straws, using a grater. The main thing is that all products are of the same form.

• Vegetables for beetroot can be boiled in three ways: cook in water in a saucepan on the stove, wrapped in foil in the oven, put in a bag in the microwave.

• If you are cooking beetroot with meat from beet tops, do not forget to cut off the hard core of the tops, using only soft leaves for cooking.

• The most delicious beetroot soup with meat is obtained from young beets. You can cook and from the old fruit, but then it is better to bake a vegetable before laying in the soup. Some cook beetroot pickles from pickled and frozen vegetables.

• This soup is much tastier, but if you managed to fill it with sour cream, keep in mind that the seasoned product is stored no more than 12 hours. Therefore, when cooking for the future, add sour cream only to the plates, not to the pan.

• Fresh greens and sour cream make the beetroot flavor with meat more tender and rich.

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