Comic books are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook juicers.

Comic books are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook juicers.

Cookbooks - general principles and methods of preparation

These sweet pies with cottage cheese stuffing are a real nostalgia for the Soviet canteen, where for 10 kopecks one could overeat plenty of them. Made from yeast-free dough, mixed with kefir, they had sweet curd filling. It is not at all difficult to repeat this now, with the only difference being that homemade juicers, or juicy, as they are called in Russia, are much tastier.

Do you think their name comes from juicy stuffing? And no! So according to Pokhlebkin's “Culinary Dictionary,” they called products made of rolled out pastry or simple dough, with a filling laid out on it and covered with the second edge, without pinching. Therefore, they can be cooked not just with cottage cheese, but with dried apricots and raisins, cherries, and even with potatoes. Sochen on sour cream is even tastier than kefir.

Pickups - Preparing Products

Keywords: cottage cheese, sugar, sour cream. First of all, we get cottage cheese. The market sells excellent homemade cottage cheese, but manufacturers try to sell it with a high content of whey. The filling is obtained in this case similar to porridge, so try to squeeze the cottage cheese well or buy initially drier options.

You can use and cottage cheese, which is on the verge of the expiration date, the main thing is that it was not moist. It’s not necessary to eat ready-made juicers right away - it’s better to wait a couple of hours - the fillings, as it were, start up the juice and mix with the dough, it turns out and becomes sticky - that’s what we remember from childhood.

Scoopers - the best recipes

Recipe 2: The Classic Classic

Delicate socniki on sour cream is a paradise for tea lovers. They are delicious just melt in your mouth!


Dough: butter (70 grams), sour cream (4 tbsp.), Flour (2-2.5 tbsp.), Salt, egg, soda (1/4 tsp.).

Toppings: curd mass (170-200 grams), sugar (2 spoons), egg white (1 piece), flour (1 spoon).

Method of preparation

Filling: whip the protein with sugar, combine with the grated curd and sour cream and flour. Dough: sift flour, combine with soda. Mix sour cream and sugar, add the egg and mix thoroughly. Beat with a mixer. Add the softened butter, flour. Knead dough and roll it into the reservoir (7-8 mm). We scoop out juicers - cut out round shapes with a diameter of 10-12 cm, spread the filling on half, put together the halves and grease with yolk. Bake at 220 degrees. In 30-40 minutes, the rosy ryniki ready.

Recipe 2: Cherry Pickers

You can use frozen cherries or any other berries - strawberries, currants, blueberries, and so on. Delicious juicers get a dose of vitamins, even if before that the berries were stored in the freezer.


Dough: butter (100 grams), egg (2 pieces), sugar (1 cup), sour cream (50 grams), flour (5 glasses), baking powder (1 tsp), ground cardamom, vanilla, egg for lubrication.

Stuffing: cottage cheese, (400 grams), sugar (1 spoon) frozen cherries (1 glass), egg (2 pieces).

Method of preparation

Sift flour and mix baking powder to it. Soften the butter and whip it with the eggs. Add vanilla or vanilla sugar and leave for 10 minutes. Stir sour cream, cardamom and gradually pour flour, knead the dough, which should be soft and slightly stick to your hands.

Put it in the bag and remove it in the cold. For the filling, separate the eggs and defrost the berries. Remove bones. We mix cottage cheese with vanilla and yolks sugar, gently add cherries and whipped whites with 2 spoons of sugar just before the formation of the pies.

We take out the dough, cut off small pieces and roll out the tortillas. We spread the stuffing and pinch the other side. We spread on a greased baking sheet, grease the product with an egg and bake for 30-40 minutes.

Recipe 3: Kefir Makes

This successful recipe can be used when you do not want a little easier diet, but you don’t want to give up baking at all. Simply replace sour cream with kefir, and add apples to cottage cheese!


Dough: egg (1 pc), sugar (0.5 cups), kefir (1 cup), butter (or margarine, 100 grams), soda, flour (3 cups).

Filling: 1 egg white, sugar (2 spoons), flour (1 spoon), 1 apple.

Method of preparation

Mixer, beat the egg and mix with sugar and soda. Add kefir and salt, softened butter and whisk everything. Gradually mix in the flour - how much will it take to make a soft dough. Leave it to ripen in the fridge so that it becomes more elastic and resilient.

Stuffing: mash cottage cheese and mix with sugar, add apples, diced into small cubes and whipped protein. A little flour - and mix everything thoroughly. Roll out the dough from the freezer, cut out a cup or a glass of the mug and make patties, grease with a beaten egg and bake. The aroma of apple juicers already for 10 minutes I fill the kitchen. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3: Juice with dried apricots or raisins

We associate cottage cheese with dried fruits - they can be added to almost all dishes. We will try to do this in otschniki. It turns out just great.


Dough: flour (2.5 cups), sugar (1 cup), sour cream (half a cup or a little more), butter (100 grams), egg (1 piece), salt, half a spoon of soda.

Filling: cottage cheese (150-20 grams), flour (1 spoon), sugar (1 spoon), dried apricots or raisins (150 grams), yolk for lubrication.

Method of preparation

Mix sifted flour with soda and add butter, sugar, sour cream, stirred egg, salt. The dough is kneaded until smooth. Roll out a width of 0, 7 - 0, 8 centimeters, cut out round cakes with a glass, put a large spoonful of filling on each of them and cover with the second half.

Filling: mix cottage cheese with sugar, add dried apricots sliced ​​into small pieces. Edge a little pinch. Bake as usual - on a baking sheet covered with paper. Top thoroughly grease with yolk and place in the oven for 2-30 minutes at 220 degrees. After finishing open the oven and let the finished products stand.

Comics - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Love surprises? Prepare mini juicers. The technology is the same, but the dimensions of the circles, blanks should be 2 times smaller - about 5-6 cm. It is good if there is a form with wavy edges - this is very beautiful and have no doubt - delicious!

In the same way, you can make unsweetened options for omen:

- with stewed cabbage (mix it with boiled egg and fried onions. If desired, add mushrooms to the filling);

- with potatoes (mash boiled potatoes with onions fried in butter, add fried bacon or cracklings if desired).

Another variant of the filling is boiled condensed milk with walnuts.

Have a nice tea party!

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