Sour cream cake cream - useful and versatile. How to mix ingredients in cream cream cake?

Sour cream cake cream - useful and versatile. How to mix ingredients in cream cream cake?

Everyone's favorite taste of childhood - sour cream air cream, which was so tasty to lick off your finger while mom turned in the kitchen.

Few people know that cooking this sweet is not so difficult, you just need to enlist the right ingredients, patience, accuracy, kitchen tools and a very small amount of time.

Recipe smetannyh creams can be very different. In the old and modern cooking books you can find dozens of recipes for making sour cream cake. This is a dietary option, and especially high-calorie, thick, which hardens within just a few minutes, and liquid, the purpose of which is to soak dry sandy cakes as much as possible. We present the five most popular cooking methods of your choice.

Sour cream - secrets of cooking

The principle of cooking is extremely simple: sour cream and additional ingredients are mixed in certain proportions.

The basis for achieving density is due to sugar. For this, he frays, and sour cream - whipped. So it was in ancient times, before the invention of the blender. Now it is enough to mix them with each other and whip at low speed in pure (initial) form.

The main thing - do not overdo it. The time to achieve the desired consistency always varies from 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Recipe sour cream cake (traditional)

This is just a proportional mixture of sour cream and sugar.


• Sugar: 1.5 cups (approximately 200 g)

• Sour cream - 500 g, always very fresh!

Cooking Method:

Pre-cool the sour cream in the refrigerator. So it will be better whipped.

Place it in a blender tank, or in a tall but wide enough bowl to work as a mixer. Start beating sour cream separately, slowly continuing a few minutes.

Add sugar.

Beating it all together until you get a fluffy and light mass, try with your finger, it should not be firm, and there should be no sugar particles in it.

Properly cooked crepe should not spread on a bowl, or drain on the finger (if checked).

Now you can soak them in cakes, decorate a cake or just serve in beautiful ice cream bowls with fruit and chocolate pieces.

Recipe sour cream cake (with walnuts)

You can also use any other kind of nuts. For example, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. However, the cheapest and most familiar - with walnuts.


• Nuts (walnuts or any other) - up to 100 g (approximately one glass).

• Sour cream - 700g. sour cream, if it is fat and fresh (about three or four glasses);

• Sugar - 1-1,2 glasses.

• Vanilla to taste (optional).

Cooking Method:

You must first dry and grind nuts well, bringing them to a powder, so the particles will not interfere with enjoying the taste of the finished culinary product.

Mix sugar and sour cream, beat well up to the most dense state (make sure that the cream does not turn into butter!). Then add ground nuts and mix thoroughly.

The cream is ready: you can, whatever you like, use creating culinary masterpieces.

Recipe sour cream cake (with gelatin)

When you need to achieve a dense and airy condition of the cream, which most resembles a soufflé, you can use it as an additional ingredient. gelatin. The main thing is to treat it correctly during cooking and not to increase it too much. Respect the proportions.


• Fresh sour cream - 300 g (1.5 - 2 tbsp.);

• 4-5 Art. spoons of powdered sugar (grind in advance); • 1 tsp. gelatin;

• Half a glass of milk or water (or you can dilute the dry mixture);

• Vanilla sugar to taste (up to 6 g);

• A couple of drops of flavoring and coloring agent, at your discretion (optional).

Cooking Method:

First of all - dilute gelatin. To do this, mix it with milk (or water) in a separate metal container and leave until it swells completely and evenly. This is usually from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on its type.

After the time has elapsed, put the container on a slow fire and warm it until it is completely dissolved. It is impossible to boil - gelatin will lose its properties.

After that, cool the liquid to body temperature.

In another container, mix sour cream, sugar and additional ingredients in the traditional way - in a blender.

At the end add the gelatin.

This is the perfect cream for cakes and desserts. Especially good with him are cakes on the principle of bird's milk. Pour the cream in the form and put in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, then pour the icing, cool, slice and enjoy.

Recipe sour cream cake (cottage cheese)

This recipe includes two options: with the addition of nuts and without. Both are very tasty and easy to prepare!


• Sour cream - 250g., Choose not too fat - 20% will be enough, fat and density gives cottage cheese.

• 200 g not too fat, the main thing - fresh cottage cheese.

• Sugar - 100 g (it will be better to grind it).

• 1-2 Art. l nuts at your discretion (can be replaced with sesame)

Cooking Method:

Stir cottage cheese and sour cream, carefully, slowly. Beat them with a blender (mixer can not handle). It is important at this stage to get a lot without lumps. To do this, you can pre-knead and rub the cottage cheese through a sieve.

Gradually in the whipping process, add the sugar powder to the mix. It is better to fry the nuts, so sour cream for the cake will be more fragrant and tasty. Grind, gently mix in the cream. It is better to use a cream for working with a cake after it has been standing for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.

Recipe sour cream cake (with lemon)

Lemon is an original additive to the recipe, it will give the cream an interesting taste with sourness, which will not be very pronounced due to the abundance of lactose in sour cream. In addition to this, the lemon gives a rather bright yellow shade to the cream, even without adding a dye.


• Sour cream - up to 2 glasses, choose with high fat content, for this you can mix with homemade cream.

• One and a half cups of sugar;

• Gelatin - 15-20 g. (One packet);

• One lemon.

Cooking Method:

Pre-prepare the gelatin. Let swell 40-50 minutes, and then it needs to be slightly warmed to dissolve.

Beat the sugar and sour cream (at an average speed of 7-10 minutes), and add sugar a little bit.

Add lemon juice and grated zest, and then gently introduce the ready cooled gelatin. Mix everything, leave for 15 minutes, then put on the cakes and be sure to refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Sour cream for the cake - tricks of cooking and use

  • Add each subsequent product to the base gradually, gradually pouring / pouring it into the bowl, where everything is whipped. It can be a mixer, and a blender, even a food processor.
  • Select minimum speed on the electrical device. If you beat too fast and powerfully - good sour cream (home) can turn into butter, and then everything will be ruined.
  • The store products have a smaller amount of fat in the composition, and how well cream or sour cream depends on the fat content. Experienced housewives prepare the cream, mixing in equal proportions of cream and sour cream, or store and market (home).
  • too fat and dense sour cream can be “diluted” evenly mixed in the same blender with a small amount of milk.
  • It is better to cool all the ingredients beforehand in the refrigerator or in the freezer (do not overdo it!).
  • use powdered sugar or preliminarily bring sugar to the desired state by rubbing it carefully in a coffee grinder.
  • It is necessary to choose the method of preparation based on what kind of cakes you will use. This is done so that the taste qualities of each ingredient of the finished gastronomic product are nicely combined with each other.

For biscuit cakes an average consistency is ideal, then the cream can be spread evenly between the cake layers and half a centimeter thick, so that it can fill the space between them and pass slightly into the cake itself.

For shortcake, it is best to achieve a more fluid state. The fact is that the dough itself after baking becomes dry, crunchy and brittle, sometimes even hard. Liquid cream can evenly soak all the crusts, soften them and mix with them. To do this, after blooming, it is better to leave it for several hours (ideally at night) to soak the sour cream over the cake in a place with room temperature. And in the summer - in the cool (the refrigerator will do).

Cakes of meringue (baked whipped protein) are best lubricated with a very dense texture, then the finished products will not disintegrate and will not be saturated with liquid and fat.

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