Which spices are suitable for chicken, and which categorically cannot be added to it

Which spices are suitable for chicken, and which categorically cannot be added to it

The hen is the queen on the table of the modern man. This bird has long jumped meat by popularity, replaced it in a variety of recipes, and it is much cheaper. Chicken is served with main dishes, soups, sauces, kebabs, meatballs, chops and even dumplings. It is worth taking care that their tastes are a little different. What spices to cook the bird?

Spices for chicken in the oven

There are seasonings that you can safely add to the bird, they will definitely not spoil it. These spices are introduced when stewing, boiling, serving. But the dish in the oven requires a different approach. Especially if the bird is cooked without coating. Pieces of spices should not burn, char, spoil the flavor of the dish. Therefore, they are either crushed into powder, or used in large form for pickling, and before sending the birds to the oven is removed.

What spices are suitable:

  • Paprika. You can pour the powder into the marinade or rub the carcass before planting in the oven. Paprika does not burn, but gives a beautiful color to the crust and a pleasant sweetish taste.
  • Allspice black, hot red pepper. These spices are added in crushed form to your liking. White pepper also goes well with chicken.
  • Thyme. It fits perfectly to white meat, you can rub the breast under the skin, gently pushing it away. Or mix with butter and shove well, you get a juicy and flavorful breast.
  • Rosemary. It is more suited to dark chicken meat. You can just put a few twigs under the bird, that will be enough.
  • Fresh or dry garlic. They rub the bird outside with it or add slices to the marinade. It must be remembered that dry garlic is more concentrated, it needs less.
  • Cumin, coriander. They fit the chicken, but not everyone likes it. It is also important with such bright spices not to overdo it.

By the way, the classic chicken seasoning is curry. It can be used for marinating, baking, or you can choose some ingredients from the composition to your liking, mix.

Spices for boiled chicken, soup

Cooked chicken meat is not as aromatic as it is from the oven or from the pan. Therefore, it is desirable to cook it with spices. They are surely added if the bird is intended for jelly, aspic, salads appetizers. Sometimes cooked chicken consumed on a diet, in this case, without spices, just not enough.

What to add when cooking chicken:

  • pepper, but with peas;
  • whole laurel litas;
  • roots, vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, parsley);
  • dill seeds, can be twigs;
  • a clove of garlic.

At the very end, you can add dry spices to the pan, for example, curry seasoning or a mixture of Provencal herbs. With them you can not boil, just pour and turn off the stove. If the chicken cools in the broth, it will be much tastier than a bird pulled out of the water at once.

Good advice! If the broth will not be used for other dishes (soup), then you need to pour as little water as possible and add more spices. Then the bird will surely please with taste, it will not go into the broth.

How to fill chicken soup

If the chicken is cooked for soup, then it is not necessary to add such a large amount of spices when cooking broth. You can restrict the onion, a piece of carrot, one leaf of laurel. After cooking, the broth will need to be drained. In the finished soup spices are added at the end.

How to fill the dish:

  • allspice, better to just crush a few peas;
  • mustard seeds;
  • dry rosemary;
  • coriander seeds;
  • dried or fresh herbs.

If the soup is made from good bouillon chicken, then by itself it will turn out to be fragrant and beautiful yellow in color. However, the shade can be affected. If you get a gray and nondescript broth, it is worth it to add a little turmeric, or sprinkle the dish with sweet ground paprika.

Spices for grilled chicken

Grilled poultry is cooked in different ways: in the oven, on the grill, electric grill and even in the microwave. Regardless of the option chosen, you must first marinate it. Otherwise, nothing tasty will not work. For the marinade, you can only use dry seasonings or a mixture of them with wet bases (kefir, mayonnaise, soy sauce, honey, wine, etc.).

What spices to use for grilled chicken:

  • rosemary;
  • basil;
  • coriander;
  • dry or fresh garlic;
  • pepper of any kind, you can mix;
  • mustard seeds.

If you want to give a spicy aroma and taste, you can pour a little nutmeg or grated ginger root. It is not necessary to use all the spices listed at the same time. It is enough to add 2-4 species. Much also depends on the marinade base. If you use soy sauce or wine, then you do not need to clog their natural taste.

By the way, before sending to the grill, the bird needs to be wiped dry, shake off all the pieces of spices, you can lightly grease with oil to form a ruddy crust.

Spices for chicken in a pan

If the chicken is just fried, it is rubbed with chopped spices, possibly pre-marinated. If it is fried and then poured with sauce, vegetable juice, broth, then spices are added to the liquid, you do not need to rub the bird in advance.

What to add to fried chicken:

  • dry, fresh garlic;
  • basil;
  • curry or turmeric;
  • nutmeg;
  • black, white pepper.

If you plan to serve chicken fried to a ruddy crust with a cold sauce (sour cream with garlic, tartar, tomatoes, etc.), it is better to add spices to it, and only salt and pepper the bird.

What is not worth refilling the bird?

Chicken is combined with many kinds of spices, but some are better not to add to it. For example, be careful to be with a bay leaf. When cooking in a pan, you can throw. But you can only spoil a fried or stewed bird, an unpleasant aroma and bitterness will appear.

What else is not worth adding:

  • carnation;
  • barberry;
  • hops-suneli;
  • dried, fresh mint.

The chicken absorbs spices very well and marinates quickly. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it. If suddenly after cooking the taste seems weak, then it is easy to adjust it with sauce, greens, chopped garlic, mustard. With all this, the bird is perfectly combined.

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