Chicken with cheese: salads and chicken baked with cheese in the oven.

Chicken with cheese: salads and chicken baked with cheese in the oven.

Today, in the shops of our choice, not only beautiful chicken carcasses, but also separate hips, wings, fillets and everything else, there is enough cooking space for imagination in the full sense of the word, and now in our kitchens chicken is a necessary product. Just imagine that only chicken hearts contain vitamins of group B, which are responsible for the normalization and production of hormones and vitamins; Vitamin A, which maintains good bone health, is responsible for vision, normalizes immunity and is a faithful helper in case of seasonal hypovitaminosis; nicotinic acid and vitamin PP, a decrease in the level of which leads to such a disease as pellagra; potassium, phosphorus, iron and copper. And with all this, 100 grams of chicken hearts contains only 160 calories. On this basis, it becomes clear - why any dish, in the number of ingredients which includes chicken meat, has gained such popularity. We, too, will now analyze a few recipes, and we will learn many interesting things in the technology of cooking chicken meat.

Recipe 1. Chicken with cheese in the oven

If you have not tried to cook chicken legs with cheese in the oven, now you have the opportunity to become familiar with the cooking technology in detail. So, prepare: chicken legs - 800 g; cheese - 200-250 g; mayonnaise homemade, freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Technology of preparation: first you need to rinse the chicken legs well, dry them carefully and cut them along the joint. You can remove the skin, and you can leave it - all at your discretion. Rub the legs with salt and pepper, grease them well with mayonnaise and set aside for 25-30 minutes. You can even prepare a crust in the evening to marinate all night. At the same time be sure to put them in the fridge! If you are against mayonnaise, then you can even do without it - just add salt and pepper. After the meat is well saturated with marinade, take a baking dish and brush it with butter.

Preheat your oven to a temperature of 180 * C and send the meat to bake for 40 minutes. Prepare the cheese, rubbed it on the grater. 10 minutes before readiness, open the door of the oven, select the shape and sprinkle pomegranate with a grated cheese. Send to the oven again and continue cooking. Under the influence of heat, the cheese will melt beautifully, forming a beautiful, fragrant, tasty and golden crust. Finished chicken, cooked according to this recipe, will adequately decorate any holiday table. Serve them on a beautiful wide flat plate, covered with fresh lettuce leaves. Top you can still sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.

Recipe 2. Chicken with cheese in the oven with a crust

Now we will try to cook the chicken in the oven with fragrant and golden cheese crust. To do this, prepare: chicken - 1 pc; sour cream - 200 g; hard cheese - 200 g; garlic - 4 tooth; sunflower oil salt and pepper to taste; fresh greens.

Cooking technology. Let's start with the carcass. Well, wash it under running water, dry it with a kitchen towel and cut it along the breast. Grind the garlic and rub it all the bird. Then rub it with salt and pepper. Let's set the chicken aside for 20 minutes, and during this time we will prepare the baking mold and turn on the oven. We set the temperature to 200 * C. Smear the form with vegetable oil, put the chicken upside down nicely and send it to the oven for baking for 40 minutes.

While our little bird is beautifully flush, we need to pour sour cream in a bowl and add grated cheese to it. Mix everything well, season with pepper and finely narzanny herbs. After about half an hour, open the oven door, take out the chicken and fill it with the prepared sauce. Again, send in the oven for another 30 minutes. During this time, the sauce will soak the meat completely, and a beautiful and ruddy chicken will form on top. Note! For baking chicken, you need to choose a form in which the bird would fit tightly together. If you take the form much more, then you will not get this result, because the sauce will blur in shape, and the meat of the chicken will not be able to fully soak. Put the prepared dish on a beautiful serving plate and decorate it with chopped greens.

Recipe 3. Chicken and cheese bacon

Now prepare a delicious salad, which will include chicken and delicious feta cheese. This is a Greek salad, the recipe of which was found in an old cookbook. Prepare: olive oil, smoked chicken fillet - 1 pc; lemon juice - 1.5 tbsp; garlic - 1 tooth; basil and oregano - to taste; sea ​​salt, tomatoes - 3-4 pieces; cucumbers - 1 pc; red onions - 0.5 heads; Bulgarian pepper - 0.5 pieces; olives - 15-20 pieces; Feta cheese - 150 g;

So, take the chicken fillet. If you do not find smoked chicken fillet, you can use the meat of the legs. Cut into cubes. Chop garlic and mix it with olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, basil and salt in a bowl. Cover it with a lid and shake well so that all the ingredients mix well. We take a large bowl and send in it cubes of smoked chicken meat, sliced ​​tomatoes, half rings of cucumber, a ring of red onions, stripes of bell pepper, black olives and cubes of feta cheese. Before serving, pour sauce. Salad is just super!

Recipe 4. Salad with chicken, cheese and pineapples

Each housewife can make this salad in a new way, using her family’s favorite products for this, but we’ll go through the most famous recipe. Products: hard cheese - 100 g; boiled chicken eggs - 3 pcs; boiled chicken fillet - 2 pcs; canned pineapple - 1 can; walnut kernels - 0.5 cups; mayonnaise.

How to cook this salad. We sort the boiled chicken fillet through the fibers and put it in a beautiful salad bowl with the first layer. Gently lubricate the layer with mayonnaise. After that, lay the layer with diced pineapple and smear again with mayonnaise. After that, we fall asleep all with grated cheese. On the cheese lay a layer of diced eggs and grease again with mayonnaise. Fry the walnut kernels in a skillet, let them cool and lay them on top. Now we will send the finished salad in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Garnish with pomegranate seeds and chopped dill.

Recipe 5. Salad with chicken meat, mushrooms and cheese

This salad is also prepared in layers. To begin, prepare the ingredients: chicken breast - 1 piece; onions - 1 pc; hard cheese - 200 g; champignons - 300 g; butter - 1 tbsp. l .; vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. boiled eggs - 3 pcs.

Let's start the process. First, boil the breast in salted water. Wash champignons, carefully cut them and fry in vegetable oil. At the end of the process add shredded onions and a little butter. Once the oil is dissolved, immediately remove the pan from the heat.

We will cool the boiled breast and cut it into pieces. Put the salad bowl in the first layer. Immediately on the chicken meat lay out fried mushrooms with onions. Grate the boiled eggs and spread them over a salad bowl. Top grease with mayonnaise and lay out a layer of grated cheese. Again, grease with mayonnaise a thin layer and decorate at its discretion. All salad is ready.

Recipe 6. Chicken, cheese and nuts salad

Prepare ingredients: walnuts, 0.5 cups; cheese - 100 g; chicken fillet - 250 g; eggs - 4 pieces; carrot - 4 pcs; potatoes - 3 pcs; mushrooms - 100 g; mayonnaise - 350g.

Separately, boil breast, carrot, eggs, potatoes and mushrooms. We take a flat dish and with the help of a grater, which we will keep on weight, first we rub half of the carrot, evenly distributing it in a layer. After that, in the same way we rub cheese, after - eggs, and finally, potatoes. Lubricate gently mayonnaise, so as not to destroy the layer. Over mayonnaise distribute slices of chicken fillet. Then lay out a layer of mushrooms, on top of which finely chopped nuts.

Now we repeat the layers in the following order: potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise, cheese and carrots on top. Ready to put the salad on all night, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, so that all layers can be well soaked with mayonnaise.

Secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

- For cooking salads try to use fresh produce.

- If you are preparing a salad, which according to the recipe you need to collect layers and soak with mayonnaise or yogurt, do not forget to let it stand for at least 1-2 hours. Ideal - all night!

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