Tincture of grapes at home is not wine! Recipes fragrant and bright tincture of grapes at home

Tincture of grapes at home is not wine! Recipes fragrant and bright tincture of grapes at home

It is considered that only wine is made from grapes. In fact this is not true. For wine making you need a lot of berries, but they are not always available. Do not despair if the harvest is not pleased.

From a small amount of grapes you can make an amazing tincture. Fragrant drink will please gloom in winter and will certainly find its place on the table.

Tincture of grapes at home - the general principles of cooking

For tincture, you can use any kind of grapes, but most often it is illiquid. Overripe, cracked, slightly depressed berries can be used, but in no case should there be any traces of rot or mildew. It is also important to thoroughly dry the grapes after washing, as the raw water in the drink is also not needed. Prepared grapes are mixed with the rest of the ingredients in a jar. Usually additionally comes granulated sugar or syrup.

What else can be added to the tincture:

• other berries;

• different fruits;

• dried fruit or nuts;

• honey;

• spices, herbs, roots.

As the basis of alcohol most often used vodka, as the most affordable and common drink. Moonshine can be used, the berries perfectly mask the specific aroma. But professionals believe that the highest quality tinctures are obtained with alcohol. If you can get a good product, you can safely use it.

Simple tincture of grapes at home

For regular tinctures use Isabella grapes and other similar varieties. This is a bitter option, so sugar is added in small quantities for depth of taste.


• 1.5 liters of vodka;

• 3 tbsp. l Sahara;

• 2 kg of grapes.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the grapes, dry them in a natural way, spreading the bunches on a towel.

2. Pick berries from the twigs, pour into the jar. In the traditional recipe they do not need to knead. But if you want to speed up the process, you can chop each berry with a toothpick or needle. 3. Add sugar.

4. Pour the prescription vodka, immediately close the jar with the grapes lid, shake well.

5. Put on 4 weeks in a dark place.

6. Every 3-4 days tincture needs to be shaken.

7. After 4 weeks, the vodka must be filtered from the grapes, poured into bottles, left in a dark place for another 2-3 days.

Grape tincture at home with vanilla

To prepare such a tincture of grapes at home, only white varieties are used. Dark will not go well with vanilla, but you can take in half with pink berries.


• 1 kg of white grapes;

• 120 grams of sugar;

• 500 ml of water

• 2 vanilla pods;

• lemon;

• 1 liter of vodka.

Method of preparation

1. Boil water with sugar, boil for a couple of minutes.

2. Carefully wash the lemon, gently remove the zest. It is important not to cut off the poor crust that will give bitterness to the tincture. You can use a vegetable knife. Remove the peel to shift to the bank.

3. Add vanilla pods.

4. Pour in the hot syrup, leave to cool.

5. Wash the grapes, dry them, put them in the cooled syrup, the branches need to be removed.

6. Add prescription vodka to the tincture. Just pour on top.

7. Close the jar, shake vigorously.

8. Put in a dark but warm place. Fit a regular kitchen cabinet or table. Leave for a week.

9. Remove the tin of tin, shake vigorously for two minutes. Return back, leave for another 3-4 weeks.

10. Strain the tincture first through a colander to get rid of large pieces of dried peel from grapes.

11. Put a piece of sterile cotton wool in the funnel. Filter tincture, that is, remove all unnecessary small particles.

12. Pour the grape drink in the bottle, close the good lids.

Sweet tincture of grapes at home

Variant of sweet liqueur, which will especially appeal to women. For cooking, you can use different varieties of grapes, even mix several species. For such a tincture of grapes at home you need only three ingredients. Ingredients

• 2 kg of berries;

• 1 kg of sugar;

• 1.4 liters of vodka.

Method of preparation

1. Wash berries in advance, remove them from brushes, put on a towel and dry thoroughly. If you first remove the berries and remove the tassels, then when rinsing, they will collect excess water, we do not need it.

2. Pour two handfuls of grapes in a dry jar, sprinkle with sugar. Add another layer of grapes, sprinkle with sand and so on. Should finish the sugar.

3. Pour the berries with vodka or diluted alcohol. The strength of the drink is not more than 45 degrees.

4. Close the jar, put in a warm place. Even better in the sun. Ideally suited for this recipe sill. Stand for a week, shake the jar daily, so that all the berries are moistened with an alcohol base.

5. A week later, remove the jar from the window sill, just keep warm.

6. Tincture will be ready in about 1.5 months. You can determine the berries. If they brighten and give color, you can strain the drink.

7. Taste it. Little sweetness? You can still pour a little sugar, shake, leave for 2-3 days, then strain through cotton wool.

Grape tincture at home with spices

Option warming tincture of grapes, which is simple and quickly prepared at home. Here the ingredients are vanilla sugar, but still it is better to use the pods. Just do not always manage to find them on sale. This is a basic recipe. In addition to the spices listed in the list, you can use star anise, anise, different mint and lemon balm.


• 2 lemons;

• 10 grams of vanilla sugar;

• 450 grams of regular sugar;

• 2 cinnamon sticks;

• 1 kg of grapes;

• 1.5 liters of vodka;

• 380 ml of water;

• 8 carnations.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the berries, dry. You can take any grape varieties.

2. Pour the water into the pan, add the zest from two lemons, throw the cloves and cinnamon, boil for 5-6 minutes after boiling.

3. Strain the broth, return to the pan. Fragrant supplements throw away.

4. Combine water with sugar and add vanilla sugar. Stir, leave on low heat until completely dissolved. As soon as all the grains are dispersed, and you get a homogeneous syrup, you can bring to a boil. Cooling down. 5. Put all the grapes in the jar at once.

6. Add cooled sugar syrup.

7. Fill it all with prepared vodka.

8. Close the jar, shake vigorously several times.

9. Remove the tin with tincture on the windowsill, keep it warm for about 5-6 weeks. Periodically come, shake.

10. As soon as the berries are bright, pour the drink through a colander into another dish, then pass through a funnel with pieces of cotton or through multi-layer gauze.

Tincture of grapes at home with crushed berries

This tincture will differ from the previous versions in a very rich taste. Berry juice passes into the alcohol base. To knead the grapes will need a wooden pestle, metal objects, it is desirable not to use.


• 2 kg of grapes (any);

• 800 grams of sugar;

• 3 bottles of vodka.

Method of preparation

1. Berries to sort, rinse, dry and lay in a convenient for grind dishes.

2. Add sugar, stir.

3. Take a wooden pestle and carefully mash the grapes with sugar.

4. transfer the cooked mass to a large jar or bottle.

5. Add at once all the vodka. Close the jar or bottle, shake well, so that the drink soaked the berries all the way to the bottom, nothing fermented.

6. Remove tincture for 1.5 months.

7. Strain through cheesecloth. Use several layers, as in the drink there are a lot of small particles from mashed berries. Cake well squeeze. Due to the juice, the output of such a tincture is quite large due to the juice, and the fortress is relatively small.

8. Pour the drink into bottles, clean in a cool place.

Tincture of grapes at home “Cherry Romance”

The recipe for the simplest sweet tincture of grapes, but with a pleasant cherry aroma. Since these berries ripen at different times, we need only cherry leaves.


• 2 kg of berries;

• 25 cherry leaves;

• 700 grams of sugar;

• 2 liters of vodka.

Method of preparation

1. All berries wash, remove the twigs, dry. Cherry leaves also need to be well rinsed, dried, they do not need any additional processing. 2. Put some berries in a jar, throw a few leaves, sprinkle with sugar. Lay all the prepared berries and other ingredients with such layers.

3. Cover the products with vodka or diluted alcohol, put on a tight lid.

4. Put the tincture in a warm place for 5 weeks. Shake from time to time to lift the settled sugar from the bottom. It must completely dissolve.

5. It remains only to strain, and then filter the drink. Sweet grape liqueur with cherry aroma is ready! Pour into bottles, store.

Tincture of grapes at home - tips and tricks

• One of the most common mistakes in the production of tinctures - the use of cheap vodka. Even fragrant grapes are not always able to kill the fuzzy smell. If the drink is prepared for yourself, then it is better not to save.

• If the tincture turned out too sweet and even cloying, then you can squeeze lemon juice into it, it is combined with all grape varieties. It is best to first squeeze in a bowl, strain, only then add. After a week, it is advisable to re-filter the drink.

• It is advisable to immediately pour the finished tincture into small and beautiful bottles that you will not be ashamed to put on the table. From repeated transfusions and opening dishes, the quality of any alcoholic beverages decreases.

• Many tinctures are made with lemon zest, but orange peels also go well with grapes.

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