The quick cake “Dairy Girl” is a delicate homemade dessert. A selection of cakes "Dairy girl" in the oven and pan

The quick cake “Dairy Girl” is a delicate homemade dessert. A selection of cakes

Thin biscuit cakes, a combination of delicate creams, light, milky and creamy shades - this is the real “Milky Girl” cake.

Cakes are cooked so sweet that you have to reduce the amount of sugar in the cream. A minimum of products and almost no hassle, and most importantly - no long soaking, so if you need a recipe for a quick cake, choose “Milk Girl”.

Cake “Milk Girl” - general principles of cooking

• Thin, biscuit-type cakes for the cake are almost always baked in the oven at 180 degrees. In rare cases, blanks are cooked in a pan on the stove.

• The dough is cooked very simply and consists of four, maximum five ingredients available. Its main components: flour, eggs, whole condensed milk and baking powder. To improve the taste, it can be added sour cream or kefir.

• The “Dairy Girl” cake got its name not only for its delicate taste, but also for its light color. Therefore, the dough is never tinted, but only slightly flavored with vanilla.

• Bake five or six shortcakes. Rare, as for fritters, the dough is applied with a thin layer on parchment, along which the contours of the future cake are outlined with a pencil. Plates or containers with a diameter of up to 26 cm are used as a template. You can also use any shape of suitable diameter, at the bottom of which parchment is placed. In this case, the edges of the cakes are neat and do not require alignment.

• The surface of the baked cakes is sticky, so they are not stacked, and laid out on a grill or pure parchment to cool.

• Non-sweet creams based on sour cream, cream, cottage cheese or cream cheeses, such as Mascarpone, are used for coating. For sufficient impregnation on each cake of the recommended size takes no more than two tablespoons of cream mass. Impregnation cream, like dough, never tint. The exception is the creamy mass of creme brulee, boiled condensed milk gives it a slight creamy tint. • Cake decorate at its discretion and taste. Its surface can be coated with chocolate icing or sprinkled with cocoa powder. Most often, special, well-preserved, creams are prepared for decoration.

• The “Milk Girl” cake does not require additional curing to soak. Even if it is cut and served immediately after blotting, it will be gentle and soft.

The classic version of the cake “Milk Girl” on condensed milk with butter cream


• whole condensed milk, Gostovskaya - 1 bank;

• two eggs;

• 15-gram pack of baking powder for the test;

• a glass of white baking flour.

For cream:

• 2/3 cup of powdered sugar;

• 400 gr. cream, not less than 22% fat.

To chocolate icing:

• two spoons of milk;

• dark cocoa powder - 3 tbsp. l .;

• 80 gr. “Peasant” oil;

• refined sugar - 125 gr.


• half a cup of peeled nuts.


1. Add condenser to condensed milk, pour in loose eggs and stir vigorously.

2. Pour the flour sifted on a fine sieve and mix thoroughly with a whisk, breaking the lumps with a light beating.

3. Spread parchment on the bottom of the round shape and place a little more than two spoons of dough on it. Using a spatula or spoon, spread it over the whole area and place it in a hot oven. A thin cake is baked quickly, literally in five minutes it will be ready.

4. Invert the form and immediately remove the paper from the hot blank. At least five cakes should come out of cooked dough

5. Beat the cream with the addition of powdered sugar. Do not pour all the powder at once, mix it in parts, constantly increasing the mixer speed from minimum to medium. Properly prepared cream should be lifted behind the whips of the mixer, forming a semblance of small pointed rocks.

6. Coating the cooled cake layers with butter cream, form a cake. Smear the sides too with cream, and leave the top uncoated, it will need to be coated with icing.

7. Pour the milk into the saucepan and put on medium heat. When it warms up well, add chopped cocoa, granulated sugar, stir and leave to boil. In the end, in an almost boiling glaze, add pieces of butter and, stirring until smooth, remove from heat. 8. Pour slightly cooled glaze onto the upper, not missed, cake and gently level with a spatula or knife. Sprinkle the sides of the cake with finely chopped nuts.

Simple recipe for “Milk Girl” cake with meringue and custard in a pan


• standard can of high quality condensed milk;

• teaspoon of soda;

• a pound of high-quality flour;

• vinegar - 1 dessert spoon;

• one egg.

To custard:

• sugar - 200 gr .;

• half a liter of milk;

• two eggs;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• butter - one pack.

For meringue:

• single egg white;

• white fine sugar - 100 gr.


• milk chocolate bar;

• big banana.


1. In order for the baked cakes baked in the pan to be well absorbed by the cream, it will be necessary to coat them with warm ones, so the preparation of the cake should start with custard.

2. Mix the beaten eggs with milk, add flour, add all the sugar and mix thoroughly. A whisk may be needed to break the lumped flour. Put the mixture on medium heat, bring to a boil, stirring vigorously, and then boil down to a thickening at the very minimum heat.

3. Remove from heat, immediately add butter and whisk. The cream will turn out to be rarely, as it should be. Cover the container with the cream mass with a lid, wrap a not too thick towel and set aside.

4. Beat condensed milk with egg, add hydrated soda and mix. Pour in a third of the flour and stir well again. Gradually introduce the remaining flour, knead hands nekryutoe dough.

5. Divide it into eight pieces and roll out each one in a 25 centimeter circle. Prick the dough in several places with the teeth of a fork, then, alternately spreading on a dry frying pan, bake cakes.

6. To ensure that the blanks are baked evenly and are not burnt, set the heating to medium. The cooking time for the cake is no more than five minutes, about two and a half minutes on each side.

7. When the first cake is baked, using a suitable-sized plate, align the edges and immediately coat with cold cream. Top carefully lay out the sliced ​​banana in thin slices. 8. Next, lay the next freshly baked cake and, too, brushing it with cream, put the banana slices. Do not forget to trim the edges immediately after baking.

9. In this way, form the entire cake. Smear the sides and top of the dessert with the remaining cream and put it in the fridge. Temporarily leave two spoons of cream.

10. While the top layer hardens, cook the meringues. Beat the pre-chilled white sugar with sugar into the foam and put it in the pastry bag.

11. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, deposit the protein mass on it in small circles and dry at 110 degrees for half an hour.

12. Melt the chocolate bar, mix it with the cream aside and put a random pattern on the sides of the cake and its top, and immediately attach the pieces to the chocolate.

Cake “Milk Girl” with a gentle curd cream (on condensed milk with sour cream)


• two eggs;

• two spoons of fatty kefir;

• a tablespoon of ripper;

• 400 gr. natural condensed milk;

• Baking flour - one glass.

For cream:

• 300 gr. elastic low-fat cottage cheese;

• vanilla powder - 1 bag;

• incomplete cup of powdered sugar;

• butter - half a pack.

For clearance:

• dark cocoa powder.


1. Slightly whip the eggs with a whisk, pour in condensed milk and kefir, stir.

2. Add flour, sifted and mixed with a ripper, and then thoroughly whipping, prepare a rare dough.

3. Select a sheet of parchment paper to fit a large baking sheet and draw two identical circles with a pencil. As a template, use a plate or a 20-centimeter form.

4. Place two spoons of dough in the middle of each circle and distribute it as evenly as possible, trying not to go beyond the line. For convenience, you can take a small spatula or a long, wide knife.

5. Place the baking tray in a preheated oven and bake for exactly 8 minutes. In the same way, prepare the remaining cakes.

6. Do not lay out blanks in the stack, they can stick together. Cool directly on the parchment by gently pulling it from the baking tray onto the table.

7. Whip curd on the sieve with the addition of powdered sugar and, without stopping the process, add the softened butter to it. Enter it in small portions, no more than a tablespoon at a time. At the end add some vanilla. 8. Liberally blot the cooled cakes with cottage cheese cream and fold them into the cake. Align with cream the sides of the dessert and sprinkle cocoa on top.

Cake “Milk Girl” on condensed milk with sour cream and two cream creams


• two eggs;

• 380 gr. a bank of uncooked condensed milk;

• vanilla sugar - two teaspoons;

• first-class flour - 200 gr .;

• half a pack of high quality oil;

• dough ripper - 2 tsp.

For cream interlayer:

• half a liter of 35% cream;

• 200 grams of fat, ungrained curd;

• three spoons of powdered sugar.

In cream for decorating the cake:

• two large spoons of powdered sugar;

• fat, at least 35%, sour cream - 1.5 cups;

• 150 grams of creamy, high-quality cheese.


1. Melt the butter at the lowest heat or in a water bath, cool it.

2. Pour the eggs into the bowl and vigorously beat them into the foam together with the vanilla sugar.

3. Add butter that has cooled to air temperature, add flour and, knead with a spoon, cook the dough. It should not be liquid or excessively thick. Focus on the density of fresh homemade sour cream or the texture of the dough for fritters.

4. Using the description in the first and third recipe, bake five shortcakes in the oven, and leave them to cool by spreading them on a clean sheet of parchment.

5. Take the ring from the split form a centimeter less than the baked cakes and with its help squeeze out the circles, thereby cutting off the slightly dried edges.

6. At the minimum speed of the mixer, whip cold cream until lightly foaming. Then, gradually increasing the speed to the maximum, pour sugar powder in small portions.

7. As soon as there is a clear pattern from the rims, stop whipping and gently mix the curd into the cream through the sieve.

8. Set aside one of the cakes, put two spoons of cream on the rest and distribute it. Then fold them in an even pile, place the un-smeared cake on top and press down lightly. Cover the sides of the dessert with a thin layer of the main cream.

9. Prepare a cream for decorating dessert. Beat the chilled sour cream with powdered sugar, similar to the recipe of the main cream, which greased cakes. Add cream cheese and once again go through the mixer, achieving homogeneity. 10. Lubricate the top of the prepared cream mass, level the sides with an additional layer. When removing cream residue from a culinary bag, apply an arbitrary pattern on the surface of the dessert.

Strawberry Cake “Milk Girl” with curls of custard protein cream


• five baked cakes in the oven according to any recipe above.

For impregnation:

• fresh or frozen strawberries;

• 150 gr. cream, 22%, or a little more fat;

• a glass with a hill of icing sugar.

In the custard for decoration:

• a glass of sugar;

• proteins of four eggs;

• bag of crystalline vanilla.


1. Before the formation of dense spiky vershinok whip cream. Pour the icing sugar and whisk well again. Do not overdo it, with prolonged whipping cream can exfoliate!

2. Slice the strawberries in thin longitudinal slices. If you use frozen berry, thaw it slightly before chopping, and then put the plates on a colander and let them soak until they are completely thawed.

3. Place the cake on a serving dish, gently level two tablespoons of butter on it and place the strawberries on top. Cover the pieces of berries with a thin layer of cream mass and place another cake on top, lightly press down. Processing in this way, collect all the cakes. Top and sides of the cake, just lightly grease with cream. Clean the cake in the cold.

4. Add plain and vanilla sugar to the whites and start beating. Within a minute, transfer the bowl to the water bath and continue to beat another ten minutes, increasing the speed to the maximum. Make sure that the bottom of the bowl does not come into contact with boiling water.

5. Remove the bowl of protein cream from the stove and continue beating until the glossy cream mass is completely cooled. It will take no more than five minutes. At the end you can add a little pink dye.

6. Put the protein cream in the pastry bag, place the star nozzle on it and drop the large curls over the entire surface and sides of the cake.

A simple recipe for a gentle cream with the taste of creme brulee for the cake “Milk Girl”

Another recipe for neutral sweetness cream. About half a liter of cream mass is obtained from the specified amount of products. This is enough to coat the cakes from one portion of the dough according to any of the described recipes. For the design of dessert, you can prepare an additional cream that holds the shape well or simply increase the portion.


• fatty, 35%, cream - 300 gr .;

• 400 gr. caramelized condensed milk.


1. Add boiled condensed milk to cream and whisk with a mixer at moderate speed until air mass is obtained.

2. It is advisable to soak in advance the cream and condensed milk in the refrigerator, then the cream will beat up better.

Cake “Milk Girl” - technology tricks and useful tips

• To make the edges of the finished cakes not need to be leveled with a knife, use a baking mold and do not forget to lay out the bottom with parchment.

• The paper should be removed immediately while the blanks are still hot, otherwise it will be almost impossible to do so later.

• A cake made according to any recipe is small. Its weight is not more than 1.7 kg. To get more voluminous, weighing up to three kilograms, simply double the rate of products.

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